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Saturday, February 25, 2017


yes, i used a city name as the title. as something disturbing and disappointing is brewing in HONG KONG. a few years ago, HK police mass arrested protestors in the OCCUPY CENTRAL movement. Seven policemen including senior officials hauled an arrested protestor to a corner and beaten him badly.
last week, the seven policemen were sentenced to two yrs jail.
and then a mass rally was held in support of the policemen.
one of them likened themselves as Jews being prosecuted during
the holocaust.
The Jew rep in HK made a protest. but the matter is reported and people
starts to talk about JEWS suddenly.
a few months back, Taiwan high school students dressed up as hitler in school prom night.

this is disturbing, as it points to the dark energy of semitism is creeping into Asia.

not withstanding the fact that VX chemicals is used by North Korean outside of NK.
It would have called for military actions in Bush times. but everybody is quiet.

If the Devil is proven to exist, then everyone would flee to religion.
but no, Devil creeps silently, until it shows up right at the door step for a big surprise.

the opposition in China is mobilising thousands of retired soldiers into Beijing.
possibly as a guise for some clandestine activities against Xi Jin Ping.


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