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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3 Jan 2017 First Post of 2017

Welcome back for your first reading of Wallstreet Nostradamus in 2017.
I write as my intuition guides me and based on channelling from the Ascended Master and Guardian Angels. Not manifesting, just reading the future. No hate, no love, just telling the galactic story.

Over November, December 2016, we are getting more and more news and reports on UFO revelations. More sightings, more analysis. More discoveries of alien structures and phenomenon on Mars, Moons, etc.

In the reign of Trump, Mars exploration would be hastened. Colonies planned on Mars within a decade. And Grand Disclosure would come, when US government confirms sightings, unexplained events, etc. And vows a task force to pursue the topic.
In fact, corpse of Aliens would be revealed. Prompting the Question:

Is Aliens, our Gods, as told in ancient Egypt history, when 9 Gods descended from heaven to rule the land.
Were Aliens the Angels who has impregnated the daughters of mankind, and given birth to the new human hybrids ?
Did the Aliens created the matrix (computer simulation) that we live in, or are they part of the Simulation ? Is GOD a simulation ?

The concept of GOD would collapse in religion where GOD is centrepiece, and hence the demise of the Catholics Church. And sparks the renewed antagonism between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

As the Alien disclosure happened, the realisation that the cooperation between the Governments and the Aliens were for the harvesting of mono-atomic Gold for the exchange of superior technologies.

The hidden UFO hub in Antartic would be revealed, when the Alien transports the Gold to their source for energy and infrastructures.

The Chinese is busying accumulating Gold, as a barter trade with the Aliens when they finally arrive on the moon base with the 2020 Jade Rabbit mission.

Nonetheless, expect the Federal Reserve to continue suppressing Gold prices on the pretext to refill the US Gold vaults on the 7 year plan. (as was revealed in banks submission of traders chatter, traders colluded to target Gold at 1430)

In the near decade, the Inter-Galactic Council would be formed with member countries pledging their Gold reserves as the basis of representation on the Council to negotiate with the Alien species.

In the arrival of the Alien Era, expect all existing alliance groups to dismantle, starting with United Nations. In fact, Trump would not be keen to keep UN, and in fact want to charge rental on UN premises. Possibly WTO would be challenged by a China lead Trade Organisation, when WTO is literally a tax haven provisioning organisation. WTO is the safe house hiding the collusion between the China monetarist and western Dark Forces.

European Union would falls apart, when Italy finally decides a ITEXIT. The Nordics would want out as well. Hence France and Germany would be sponsoring a group of mid Europe nations and the Balkan states. there would be 3 forces: The NATO, the Europe armed forces, and the Great Persians alliance.

Nethanyahu has indicated, he would be a  friendly neighbour with the Arabs, in alliance with the Turks, Saudi, Emirates, and even with Iran at a distance,  to make the Great Persian alliance a reality. Russia would be allied with the Great Persian alliance, all in the name as the descendents of Abrahams and Soloman.

Nations would refrain from ground confrontations, always using Cyber, Drones and Aerial bombing, or may be naval warfare, when human loss are minimised. Mass killings as in World War 2 is not going to happen again. It is more like Syria everywhere. Mass exodus.

All types of Vodooism, Shamanic, Kabalastics, Magics weapons would be deployed on the political scene for assasination and espionage.

As for the monies side of things, monies become a non-issue, as countries can now print Digital Currencies, a hybrid Blockchain, where they control the source. Equities are not neccessary. On finer details, expect major IT companies to revamp their supply chain, when they abandon the tax havens in Ireland and Asia. Apple would be split into something like Apple Make and Apple Design. And the Apple Make would be sold to Asian manufacturers, the 4 PLs. Hence making Apple just an overvalued design company. Amazon would be relegated to back bench just as what happened to Nokia. Samsung is on its roll down from the peak. In fact, on the mind of the CEOs for Fortune 500 companies, they do not want their thousands of employees,  they just want their office, a small, lean workforce of VPs, and their billions dollars revenues. CEOs soon realise they work for themselves and the monies, not for the life of other humans, when regulation, labor unions become tougher in Trump era. In fact all NFP payroll would just be contractors and part timers.
Most illegal immigrants would be laid idle in US, and breeds crimes.

In the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster, expect a lot of clamour, events, like in a chicken farm. Airlines with Birds as their insignia would expect calamitic events. (Chinese traditions has it that Rooster antagonise Rooster). Advoid air travel. Stay safe.

For investors, it would be a year of Chicken Coop, stuck in a tiny manoevre space. Dips would be well supported, while rally would be profit taken. Great time for swing traders who can make the same profits again and again, beating momentum trading.

China. We are going to see the Democratisation of the China Communist regime. China would be ruled as a Nation, with non-party officials appointed by the people, and the Communist Party would relegate to secondary importance. Chairman Xi has eliminated thousands of corrupt officials, and to preempt their revenge (as China histories has repeatedly shown), he is going to institute the Democratic Nation institution and see that it runs smoothly for a term before he hands over leadership. The rule of Law would be above all, and the Communist Party would operate under the Nation rule of Law.

Already the Chairman Xi, his wife and the anticorruption Czar Wang has faced numerous, repeated assasination attempts. They are on a path of no return, if they relent, their families and 9 related families would be terminated by their opponents. Expect a lot, a lot of aided suicide, unexplained death of the party cadres, and perhaps some expatriate associates as well (billionaires, other nation government officials). All in the name of Espionage.

2017 is the year of Espionage. Matt Damon  (Jason Bourne) shot a movie called the Great War in China premiered in December 2016. The US government would reinstate Operation Treadstone, and activate hundreds of Jason Bourne. Expect a lot of umbrella injection death coming. Hence when you see somebody carrying an Umbrella on a sunny day, RUN.

There would be a lot of oppositions from countries who fear a Democratic China, which is the last step for a superpower China, who would then dominate the celestial space, with their ability to tap vast resources to build space stations, Mars base stations and even the Dyson Ring. Expect Free masonary, Illuminati, Templar, and the American and Russian intelligence apparatus to mobilise to infiltrate the China ranks. The battleground would be Hong Kong, a former British colony and the piggy bank of the Communist China. Mind you, Snowden first stop on his escape was Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, where RMB deposit draws more than 3% interest, has a trillions of RMB deposits. A rising HKD interest rate aligned to Fed reserve rate, would diminish the incentive to hold RMB, and hence triggering a mass exodus out from RMB.

The Federal Reserve, a private bank run by the Dark Forces (if you want to succumb the Devil, you need to know ITS name), would accelerate the hike, targeting the 3% rate in 2017, or getting close enough to trigger the RMB avalanche, which ever comes first.

China ancilles heel is a  weaking RMB, which would deplete its foreign reserve to the red line stipulated by the IMF (not too far away by today China holding of reserves).  Chairman Xi opponents (who hides in the China monetary agencies) would establish alliance with the Dark Forces (hence invoking the help of 72 fallen angels) to assault the RMB (ReMember Baal).

As the Communist China is agnostics, itself is GOD, expect a tough fight. China is hastening to establish its first Vatican bishop.

Again, from the Satellite, China territory resemble the greatest Rooster on Earth, and it would be a tumultous year for China in 2017, a clash of Western and China ancestral magical forces.

Japan. Abe is accelerating the inhabitation of the Japan Northern 4 islands by donating monies to Russia, when the Japan Eastern seaboard and water table are severely contaminated and eroding under radiation. Abe would announce plans for a mass migration of Tokyo and Eastern Provinces to the Western and Northern land. Remember when Putin was in Japan, Putin spent most of the time in South Western Japan prefecture of Nagano, and only a short stay in Tokyo. Since 2012 Fukushima Tsunamis, we are already seeing a lot of deformed sea creature throwing up the shores everywhere, often claimed to be new species, which in fact are genetically defect sea creatures. Interestingly, Tawianeese are ingesting radioative produce from Japan by the governmental accpetance of imports from the Fukushima province. If you are expatriate, and not wanting to have a star child, stay away.

The Rooster makes the first call at sun.

MSM would be decimated in 2017, when their call of FAKE NEWS, raise public weariness of main stream media.

Trade well, and preserve capital in this Mystical 2017. May the Force be with you.

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