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Saturday, December 17, 2016

17 December preparing for Trump

A month has passed. The market is giving a salute to Trump, by reaching records high in Centuries. Some just cannot bemuse that all the effort of 8 years of Obama Hilary toiling, is for Trump to harvest. And Goldman Sachs is essentially the winner. With the Squid now in charge of the Nation, and essentially the World at large. Goldman Sachs need no more bankers, brains in cabinet. They need Generals to lead in WARs.

The goal next is the control over world resources, minerals, to begin the conquest of the Planets. This is why Elon Musk is on board as well. Goldman Sachs, ruler of the Earth wants to rile over moon, Mars, Mercury, venus. That is how the Star Wars Republic empire is built.

Antarctic is the new earth space station, when all space exploration activities is shielded from the public.

China impending manned flight to moon has to be stopped. Goldman Sachs want itself to be the only representative from Earth, to negotiate with Moon species, for technology and mineral trade. Gold should be the mineral lacking by the Moon Species. That explains why Gold prices is vehemently suppressed for accumulation. Golman Sachs has set sight on China stash of Gold. Possibly Gold would be used to exchange for rule over Taiwan in negotiation between Trump and China.

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