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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

9 11 or 11 9

Reality is multiple parallel universe, inter twinning, never ending.
At some junction in time dimension, it flips onto another universe, much like we getting off a train onto another train in another direction.

So does Human reality, at this juncture, 9 11 (9th November), and incidentally it is the US Election Day after. We just flipped onto another Universe.

The flip is sublime, not detected by the mundane. Those Spiritual would know.

We are moving into a Universe/Reality where unthinkables happen in succession, Things that are not possible become possible.

(1) Aliens reveal its armada of Spaceships that have arrived into Earth atmosphere,
(2) Collapse of the Roman Catholics Church,
(3) Complete annexation of Hong Kong territory with military forces
(4) China becoming a country ruled by People
(5) Alliance of the Islam communities of Iran, Turkey, Saudi, Palestinians, Arab Emirates forming the Grand Persian Nations, which is allied with Russia. The next major war would be a replay of ancient Christian war.
(6) Illuminat, Freemasons, Knight Templars reveal themselves and operate as Nations.
(7)  Jew Exodus replay.
(8) Germany exit from European Union, closure of Schengans.
(9) Major quake sliding Japan eastern board quickly into the ocean trench.

And we are on Day One of the Obsolescence of Equities markets, because the objective of the Equities market is to generate Wealth, then why not get the Wealth from the Banks directly. And the Smarts Ones are already doing that. So the Equities market is just a prop.

American Main Stream Media, Hollywood would descend into Oblivion, when people realise the Media is not reporting but manipulating. Blogs like mine would become Main Stay Media.

Despite the Myth that once Demon reveals itself, everyone would flee to Christianity. On the contrary in the new reality, it draws the Human. Hence we see more and more Demonic Churches sprouting over Europe, America, Japan and even Asia.

We would see daily reports of major paranormal activities. Even the Devil is getting impatient. Cult Churches would spring into affluence and influence, seizing political and military clout, forming the Tribe, the Column, the Pillar.

Disappearing flights of major airlines would continue, more MH370. Even disappearance of Celebrities.

Things that people write in doomsday forum becomes reality,

If you can, flee yourself to another Dimensions, as what is coming is unbearable to the Human reality.

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