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Sunday, September 18, 2016

18 Sept Inferno Possibilita

no matter, how much we try to deny, hide, ignore, the wheel of time continues towards the END. The vision is now clearer, and more and more people are uncovering.
There would be no election this year, as November, the world would be in great turmoil, and no capacity to hold elections, there are more worthwhile things to do like defending the nation.
Despite the so called ceasefire, America has air striked hundreds of Syrian soldiers, Russian ally, over the weekend. When Russia swithces on its missle defence, the US planes flee.
While Russia is depleting its reserves, and the only way out is to conquer and confiscate. If not construct a dire world so that itself is no less poorer.
As for the elections, it does not matter who wins. There would be no result. Literally, no more incoming President.
If Trump wins, Russians would be blamed for cyber-rigging the vote counting. Trump would be denied Presidency.
If Hillary wins, Russians are going to deny it by shutting down the vote counting.
(Democracy would come to an end, when public at large realises that it is impossible to hold secure elections. The advancement of technology has destroyed democracy. This would open the way to Council rule, leading up to Earth Council and the Galactic Council)

And the current administration would gladly oblige. Hillary arch enemy Obama would declare a state of emergency in the face of cyber warfare with Russia. This coincides with numerous predictions (including Nostradamus' Quatrain) that the current 44th President is the last President of United States. and also according to St Bernabas gospel, Islam is the last reigning religion on earth, i.e. the Knight Templars would fail elegantly, yielding to the Persian forces.
Once again Europe would form the Knight Templar force, in the face of Russia, Turkey and United Arabs forces. And we live through middleages once more.
People on the streets would haul operators of the monies pit to the guillotine. Literally, we see guillotine erected across all streets corners overnight.
China would respond from the East, with a lockdown of Japan miltary forces, knowing so well that Japan could convert its nuclear plutonium storage overnight into weapons. South China Sea wold be impasse, denying Japan of its oil imports. And Russia wold seal off the artic routes as well. South Korea would lie low, and submit to North Korea newly acquired nuclear weaponry.
Watch Tom Hanks inferno. The movie was deliberately delayed premiering till Oct 18 2016.
The story of human extinction virus coincides with the outbreak of Zika Virus worldwide. It is now uncovered that the Brazilian strain of the virus is contaminated by the genes altering version to kill off Amazon's mosquito. And the strain circulating in America is now morphing into one that can spread by airborne fluid. And it is a machine learning virus, acquiring new properties as it grow.
As we are entering Autumn, the Zika would mix with Bird flu, Swine flu and become the virus that kills 1/3 of world population, as foretold by Inferno. ( you should be amazed by now, how THEY times the screening of Inferno)
And the meek is conditioned to accept the impending death, no protest, no voilence, just submit to death and enter the land of Inferno.
While the Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to disguise news, hide news, and report news to their favors and political affiliations, they are self-dstructing. As the people no longer watch news, read newspapers.
In the end, people reads free styled blogs, forums. Hence internet companies, Facebook, Google, would become the world next media companies, without publishing a single paper copy of newspaper, or TV shows, nor own any editors, newscast, actors, actresses.

This is one of the scenario in the parallel universe. for sure it is happening somewhere, and we call it the "Inferno Possibilita".

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