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Monday, September 12, 2016

12 September Hong Kong in turmoil

A HK legislator, Police Chief and one of the major Property Developer were filmed having a dinner gathering in a fine dining restaurant. HK Tycoon style of dealings this week.
No matter how much Chairman Xi has wished HK to be its daughter land, the psyche of the upper echolon is still colonial. They believe in the Empire rules.
the current HK Chief Executive Leung would possibly be convited in court (no matter who is the sucessor), once he loses his immunity, like his predecessors Donald Tsang. As Leung has far more enemies than Tsang. When you trek up  HK moutains trail, you can see hate messages of Leung inscribed on stones.
And Leung is not going to lose without putting up fight.

HK is often heralded as a leading democratic society.
But now with the election of a young pro environment activist Eddie Chu Hoi DIck, who is going to reveal illegal land deals in the rural Hong Kong. Rural Hong kong is the god forsaken place where Mafia rules, drug trafficking across China Borders.
It is rumored that the current Chief executive has connections to the HK mafia.

It is most unfortunate that HSI has a big drop today. The tussle for the next Chief Executive begins, which would involve a battle of the six big Hong Kong families. With jail time and premature departure in the cards

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