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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

28 June.DEXIT

DEXIT, the exit of the century. german far right is asking for the referendum.

despite the so called calm markets, european businesses are holding back projects, freeze hiring, pulling purchase ahead of the uncertainty.

have you exited?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

25 June EU is a money pit

Fox just interviewed some Brits spending holiday in Spain.
One said, EU is a money bits, billions gone missing, etc.

Indeeed, Immigration is not the only factor. EU is the mechanism to enrich the elite.

Compared to my last post, The Fed is laughable. Monies cronies. If the every nation is to arrest all these crooks, confiscate their assets and return to coffers, the world would be a better place.

Others would come, other nations would move forth with their referendum. With one small nation leading, testing the conversion of Euro back to national currency. Then EU is just France, Germany, Netherland, etc. Probably, Greece would finally exit and used to test the conversion out of Euros.

The Chinese have poured their ill-gotten wealth into British properties, Football clubs, and these are fast depreciating, some going by half their transacted price. This is deleveraging just by currency. Same goes for the vineyards in Bordeaux.

Rising on the horizon, would be an ugly war spreading onto the border of EU, with Russian and outer-EU militants. In other words, EU is facing internal terror and external aggression at the same time.

Baba Vanga has gotten it right in her 2016 predictions.

Trump would a popular vote in US.

Meanwhile China is building an underwater submarine base off the coast of Vietnam. Literally forming a Fortress China Sea. Sea trade plying through the Malacca Straits would plunge, and North Asia marine trade diverted through the Artic sea.

China party internal Anti-Corruption team has moved to inspect the Hong Kong China office, should see major party cadre arrested for corruption with HK billionaires. Major HK Billionaire charged for corruption, and assests freezed.

In 2017, the world would be vastly different from where we started in 2016.

Reverse of Globalisation is underway.