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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

29 March FED SF just said upside risk to inflation

John William just spoke to an Asian audience said that there are signs inflation is rising, risk of a faster rise. his default view is towards 2 percent by 2017. the current view is two hikes and three next year.

and if economy slows, he has no qualms of reversing to zero and redeploy QE.
literally, he says QE is awesome.

earlier he says there is a disconnect between the market and the economy.

US market is not designed fr negative rate. QE is better.

Bond correction is inevitable. all asset classes to be affected.

ok if inflation overshoots.

weaker USD is not the goal.

BREXIT after June FOMC is a risk indeed.
no concern, 

Friday, March 25, 2016

25 March Brussels thingy (Good Friday with the Full Moon)

This Brussels thingy is having an impact on European air travel. My European colleagues are now refusing to travel and wanna do only video conferencing, or virtual meetings.

The fact that they targeted Checkin queue is sombre, meaning that even sending off parties, non-boarding passers by may be affected as well.

Airport of the Future may be something like what they do in India, only boarding Passengers with documentary prove of identity, travel itinerary are allowed into the buildings. Perhaps the airline industry and airport administration would impose something like a Checkin Pass, only those with secured Checkin Pass are allowed into the building.

But most metropolitan airports are not designed for this, They are designed for mass crowd, shoppings, gatherings. That is why there needs to be a Rethink of the airline industry, you can secure the airplane but not the airport. There is always the weakest link there. And then may be the airport train and airport bus, etc. 

the origin of one of the attackers come from Turkey, who claim that they have deported him to Holland without informing the Holland authority. And knowing earlier that the Turkey Erdogen's son was involved in Crude Oil trade with ISIS. that is the greatest worry. 

The Merkel is now paying Turkey and Greece to hold off the immigrants. That reminds me of the Great Ottoman forces marching to the doorsteps of Europe continent. From sporadic attacks, the situation evolve into one that allows the opponents to gather in strength at the doorsteps, get training (training of all sorts: Ninjado, Chinese sword fighting, rock climbing, telepathy, tarot card readings for boys and gals from age 5 onwards) further indoctrinations and the promise of 70 virgins. 

The Future is Grim. and the only explanation is that the leadership is now possessed by the Dark Side, willing to sacrifice the millions and millions of lifes to relive the European History once more. The disintegration of the European Union would come soon, very soon.

As we Humans come to Earth to learn something pertinent, so does the Europeans to learn. And as such, we can only be by-standers, like HORUS watching the plan unfolds.

PS. I may sound like Trump, but without his pretty wife. And when TED discredits another woman, it is his end. TED is just another angel taking on human form, but not so successful with his weird look.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

18 Mar Monies is Spiritual

There is no war, but every day, one nation plots against another in small acts, that hurt one by one, not amounting to panic, so as to protect the market, their monies, which is in every countries.

First there is the street bomb in Istanbul and then a Dubai Air plane downed in Russia.

This is worse, as people let their guard down, when danger is around the corner.

For material wealth, nations fight, and for material wealth they hide their fight, bring innocents into harm.

Monies is spiritual, it is used to shape consciousness. so the few elites use monies to shape consciousness, to achieve god-like status, like Angel Lucifer.
the reverse is true, ones consciousness can control the monies, and then the handful elites, who are wallowing in guilt, filth and vice, in their weakest material forms.

This is necessary to arrest the handful elites and save the innocents.

the plan is clear, and may HORUS bless.

Friday, March 18, 2016

18 Mar Dexit the EXIT of the Century Germany exit the Euro.

One may ask what is Dexit ? It is the Exit not Brexit or Grexit. It is the exit of Germany from the European Union. After the Germany election, it is obvious that this is Merkel last term, like all her long standing precedessors, they all end up their last term in disgrace.
In Europe, it is about who get to the exit the fastest. Greece tried and failed, now languishing in disgrace. Britain going to but unlikely to exit, and that leaves Germany. Unthinkable but true.

Summer is coming, there is going to be more and more Syrian refugees. And Eurozone schengen would collapse. Germany is the only country with the administrative prowess to reissue its own currencies. It is better for Germany to leave Eurozone, and let the countries recover by devaluating the Euro to a more acceptable level, like 0.8 Usd to a Euro.

As foretold by the Bible, Trump is the antichrist, paved the way by the false prophet. He would be assassinated and survive with a mortal wound to the head, a scheme sponsored by the Jerkyll island elites under the guidance of their leader Seth. Trump is not part of the Freemason or illuminati, he is the devil under direct command of Satan. And he would seize the presidency of United states, no matter what people thinks. Satan would turn enough voters with anger that will emphatise with Trump.

Hong Kong Li Kah Shing has openly challenged the China government. Meaning if the China government is going to make any arrest of his people under the pretense of corruption charges, he would drop the Hong Kong equities by half. Though he worded it like urging the HK people to support China government. It is a veiled threat. Possibly he had prodded the current ongoing rally with his monies to pledge support to the China government. The recent rallies in all markets have been the investments of private equities, and so called own monies, when their monies have no better place to go.

In China history, example the Qin emperor who built the great China wall, conquered the six nations, and merciless prosecuted all the Kings, queens, princes, princess,  officers, concubines, families, servants of nine distant relationsions, to preempt any uprising. The same would be true of the closest thing to an Emperor in China recent history.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

13 Mar Turning Point (outside China)

Today, in press conference, China has officially announced that they have switched to a internal consumption model, no more relying on Export. i.e. It is no longer reliant on external markets. Meaning those who are not in China, they are screwed, the South Asia, India, Japan trade with China are screwed.

And the new Securities Chief has re-ascertained the doing way with the market short circuit. And the Central Bank have reaffirmed the substantial excess housing inventory. Also the amount of Bad Debt, the illegal borrowing for downpayment for real estate purchase.

China is stopping any credit card cross border payment of insurance bought in HK to disguise capital flight.

So China has decided to come clean, to be as Transparent as it come.

And China anti-corruption is moving into Hong Kong and Macau, and the Chief Executive of HK has blasted the credit downgrade, when he knows fully well their HK reserves is now controlled by China, no longer by the HK Monetary Authority. Literally, HK is empty coffers. He was sitted besides 2 PLA Generals in the annual congress. PLA is going to show a higher profile on HK streets. HK ability to defend the HK USD peg would be in doubt.

It means if you think you can save the market, you are most welcome.  And it is going to last a few yrs.

In Singapore, the sudden resignation of a member of parliament over sex scandal, is throwing the ruling party in turmoil, when a potential aggressive opposition member is waiting to take the seat.

Beware, the Ides of March, it is not going to be an easy ride.

The hunt for North Korea submarine continues, possibly heading in the direction of California.

Draghi has exhausted all his tools. Europe is about done. And there is nothing much left on Yellen, with only 2 hikes, 1 hike and then no hike.

The age of the Central Bankers have ended. and the next age of De-Globalisation is starting. World economies are reversing Globalisation, so as not to be taken advantage of.
We MAY be entering the age of the surrender of Central Bankers.

The movie "999" is premiering.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

11 Mar South China Sea after the solar eclipse over the sea

On 10 Mar, we had a rare solar eclipse lipse over the south China sea.
And I pondered, looking at the map, it becomes so obvious.
China is retaking the west islands, building cities, and then the south islands, which sit admidst the Conoco Philips oil rigs.

China is forming a horizontal blockage, stopping any traffic northwards, and open for itself a horizontal sea route to the United States from its hainan island, where its nuclear subs are.

All the Australian and American navies from Darwin ports would be stopped.

And the Chinese is accelerating the deployment during this lame duck rule of Obama.

A navy exchange in the gulf of Thailand is inevitable.

The elites gathered to discuss about the trump win. Evidence that a trump win is credible. They should be pulling out all investments double quick, under Federal Reserve hike no hike amouflage.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

4 February the W rally

Every chartist is looking at the W rally, as promised. Onwards to 200 days moving average. After G20, the funds got the promise from China central bankers not to engage in drastic move.
It is no longer equities market. It is debt market. Using equities to secure debt issuance. 

6 Feb Trump vs Ted

This month is a tough month for trump especially after 5 Feb when we switch is a new agricultural month. All Ted need is a Dragon to destroy himself, and Trump a Dragon to accomplish.
All in the hands of the Dragon, the fate of America.
With the Dragon, trump would be the most bad person.