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Saturday, February 27, 2016

27 Feb TX68 and 50 days moving average

Yes, all the Funds are now trying to push all indices above the 50 days moving average, including the Asia indices.
If the rally sustained, it would lead to a major short covering closing in on 200 days moving average. It is all possible in the very thin market.
Most retails have left the market, if not in it with a long position.

Seems like Soros proclamation at Davos, was a signal for a bottom. And these Funds are now pushing the market up.

Meanwhile, a near Earth asteroid is going to fly pass earth 44 km above on 5 March. It is TX68.

It may burst on the sky. According to my divination, it may drop in on the Eastern Seaboard of America. So far, no catastrophe is expected. Though it is one of the closest object in yrs with 100 ft in diameter. It mat just be a skyscrapper hurtling into Manhatten.

So fat it was noticed on Forums and no acknowledgement from NASA. It was removed from the spaceweather.com

Meanwhile, the China Central Banker is trying to calm the G20 Finance Ministers. RMB has been rallying, possibly to setup for more selling ahead to release monies for the Asia Infrastructure Fund, projects are expected to launch some time in April.

More Asian Infrastructure investment outside of the USD regime, means higher demand for Commodities coming forth. Commodties may just have bottomed for another rally.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

21 February Peter Leung

American is on the verge of breaking down, the silent Chinese community is out supporting their fellow Peter Leung, a policeman accused.

China would seize this opportunity to meddle in America internal affairs, to show its rule over all Chinese race. The America has no more effort to meddle in Syria, North Korea and south China seas. We are seeing a massive America retreat on the world stage before its internal fragmentation starts.

In the year of fire monkey, incidentally America is born in a fire monkey year as well, 1776. Which is not an auspicious sign. Massive protest by blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, would rage across the nations.

In the dark side, Trump and Obama are compatriots. One would start the fire, the other would dance.

With the first Santanic church setting shop in Columbia, we are going to see more churches springing up across America and Europe, alongside with more and more Mosque.

With more and more disclosures of Ufo on moon, and the impending China landing on moon. America and Europe has to figure out how to prevent China obtaining alien technology and collaboration.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

6 FEB The world is RICH

If you think DOOM, you are dreaming. Elsewhere in Asia, the people are basking in Wealth, and celebrating the Chinese New Year over next week.
In Singapore, rich people has to be taught how the poor lives: Poor simulation workshop.


The monies that Yellen has bestowed on the World, is still sloshing. Banks in Asia in shares buy back,

It is all wonderful land.

China has announced a major breakthrough in its Fusion technology. this gives Endless and safe energies. Meaning, China can generate energy like the Sun. Meaning, China would soon eclipse the planet Earth.

And China is going to land on Moon. Whatever is the RMB, China is winning.

Nothing much Kylie Bass and Soros can do, though they try to involve the help of Horus.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2 Feb.the end of the beginning

Now attention is focused on the China central bankers. Zhou who has been in position much longer than CHairman Xi is now blamed for the devaluation of Rmb. While the previous banker Tai is linked to his son in law humongous corrupt business network in Hong Kong.

Tomorrow morning, ET would be the arrival of the Chinese Monkey year. Get ready for a swinging good time.