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Thursday, January 28, 2016

28 Jan Nobody knows anything right now, but you do, so pls place your bet

so nobody knows anything, but there are lots of people placing their bet.
like shortting Apple after misguided.
and go long on Gold before FOMC.

the monies are still sloshing around.
China richest man, Wang, bought the historical bank building in Madrid, and complain the Spaniards of looking down on him.

When US list Facebook, Google, the Chinese were amazed at how the Americans make billions overnight, and China prints lots of monies and ship it to US to speculate on US equities, that gave rise to the new historical high in all indices. It was done is the full view of the Fed, with their consent. China funded margin financing exploded to new level.

The Chinese made the monies and took profit in 2014. And then the big clamp down came, the monies go into hiding.

Then the current clique of Chairman Xi started to follow Xi on his visits and invested in football clubs, chalets, buildings, everywhere from America to UK. and even built cities in Malaysia, Middleeast, in 2015. As the China government is actively selling RMB and buying all other currencies, RMB is intentionally sold down. The Chinese knows full well the path of the depreciation and masks it with some occasional ramp up to shake out the weak followers.

After Davos, The countries Finance ministers return home and started jawboning to defend their currencies, coffers. The Malaysia central bankers announced they have reserve surplus. The Chinese blasts Soros, saying any assault on RMB is futile. Essentially, only themselves and their cartels can sell RMB.

In the year of the FIRE MONKEY, it is the government playing tricks on the people, Monkey tricks.

But the Awakening has begun, and their believers are getting lesser and lesser.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

21 Jan so what? if Dow goes to ZERO

I look around me, it is all hustling and bustling. Consumers in Singapore are rushing to buy their new cars. Airports in HK, Shanghai filled with rushing passengers. Chinese New Year is coming in two weeks.
People is US and Europe is bracing for a new snow storm. nobody is paying attention to the market.
Only people with monies in the market would watch it.
Programmed Object #Y# is answerable to those with lots of monies in the market. #Y# is a fire person, having built her career in burning metals. she is entirely fixated on gold. In the year of the fire metal monkey, the extra fire would tilt her balance. her health is catching up, and this Davos snow would consume her. Programmed to terminate in June 2018 just 5 months after the beginning of another 10 year cycle.
On a long enough timeline, the Federal Reserve goes to ZERO.

So China Li says that he would intervene in market to support the market, I.e. Using people pension funds to keep buying Equities.
And Draghi hint at a rate cut in March. So Euro is literally useless with negative interest rate.

Euro is on brink of collapse as no countries would want to pay interest rate for keeping Euro.
And this would accelerate Greece and UK leaving the Eurozone. Once the cold storm is over, the pace would picks up and full blown in Spring. They call it the Europe spring, Grexit, Brexit, rape epidemic, more countries applying for exit and standing by their national currency.
China reserve would deplete accelerating with more currency and stock intervention.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

20 Jan 2116 on Mount SOVAD on a distant planet HTRAE

somebody wrote in MarketWatch:
If Hong Kong begins to look like just another Chinese city with Beijing calling the shots, why should investors differentiate?

Investors should differentiate by putting their monies in HK and leave it there, donate it. Answer.

Suspect: the monies fleeing include those of the indigenous six big HK families. Some of the families members may be abducted to go through some counselling, or so called Corrective Reform. The strategy is to abduct a few more to prove the New Normal, and quell any further dissent. 

Yes, this is 100 years into the Future on the distant Plant HTRAE location MOUNT SOVAD.

As the spiritual teachings and scientific proof as well, the PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE are co-existing. (from the angle of 5th Dimensions). Hence the Trinity, The Son, The Father and Holy Spirits are coexisting.

Humanoids look back at 2016 Davos gatherings, and lament that this is the start of the great human Destruction movement.
After 7 years of ZIRP, the world put 50% of human wealth in the hands of 60 people. Kicked off the perpetual terrorism cycle in human history. and heralded the end of Christianity and rise of the Islam domination.

Davos reported that 1 billions people are going to migrate from Africa to Europe, due to the bust of the Commodities, Oil cycle, Jobless and no food in harsh climate and barren land, the only hope is the North, the Europe Continent.
The same would happen for South America, people would march onwards to Mexico and then America. (this makes Trump wall inevitable).

in 2116, HUman history would classify the Federal Reserve as the organisation that single handedly precipitated the great Destruction.

Meanwhile, on DAVOS, every bankers are waiting for YELLEN annoucement of a pause in Rate Hike. This should give them a rest time, to figure out who to sacrifice to the coming crisis, the Governments, The Sovereign Wealth Funds, the Banks or the Billionaires. Increasing sign are pointing to the Billionaires. The Billionaires are not individuals, they are institutionalised as a legion, like the clan of the Lycans, Vampires.

China with its 400 Billion injection in 2009 created the current corp of corrupt officials. Another 400 Billions would destroy the current cadre and make Chairman Xi and his families on the gullotine. As the new generation of corrupt officials would no longer wait to be uncovered, they would seize first move advantage.

Evident abundant when Chairman Xi is humiliated when his officials bully a 16 year old Taiwanese singer into apologising for holding up a Taiwan flag in a TV appearance, and accuse her of being a Taiwan independence movement supporter. This happened on the day before the Taiwan presidential election, and resulted in the Pro-China incumbent party to lose the Presidency as well as the Parliamentary majority.

Secondly, the China government bungles up the abduction of the HK book publisher and gave ridiculous explanation, such as the Disappeared willingly travelled to China incognito to own up a car accident.

So, again and again, the Chairman Xi is humiliated by this small manoevres of his lower ranking officials. He, the one born in the year of PIG would be radiculed by his officials in the year of MONKEYS. Such MONKEYS are goaded by those who feed them, namly the tycoons and businessman.

It is time to put the Monkeys and the food providers on the Stake,
Hail, Chairman Xi, the Impaler.

There is no middle ground in China three Thousands years history.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

18 June The Press is DISHONEST. TRUMP wall

Trump is right, the press TV is DISHONEST. never shows the packed stadium, but also zoom to the lone protestors.
The jounalists and their pay master ought to face up the judgement soon.
dump the newspaper, switch off the TV.

now it is national level, FED unemployment rate 5% is phony. actual is 20 to 25%. FED numbers include those who look for jobs, not having jobs.

FED is having a credibilty crisis.

Friday, January 15, 2016

15 June EXTRA -->>>China to land on Dark Side of Moon in 2018

This is a no no for the Elite, because the secrets of the Dark Side would be Revealed. Aliens moon base would be uncovered, and the Elite would be all out to prevent that.
That means the Elite would want to catalyse a Regime Change in China, take over the leadership and halt the moon landing program. Or start a war to get China busy, and not able to devote resources for the moon landing.

Interestingly, this is announced soon after Obama SOTU address, when he declares America is the strongest nation on Earth, when the Joint Chiefs are obviously not happy.

If China makes contact with the Aliens and US alliance with the Aliens is in peril.

Get ready for a Rough Ride.

15 Jan the monies vault of Isix and the Devil in the House

It was said that the monies vault of Isix was blown to ashes in the recent air strike. This would force them to ask for hard monies in return for future oil transactions. If the gold are stored, it may just survive an air strike.
The smuggling of gold onboard India bound flights are rampant. As gold is too cheap now and the jewellers are having brisk business.
The bullion banks have been tactically shorting gold from their gold obligations with customers.
Antd possibly their gold positions are now overbearing due to the extended period of cheap gold.

Taiwan is having its election on the weekend. The anti China party is going to win. And this is going to upset China plan for a peaceful integration of Taiwan. Due to its recent abduction of hk residents, the Taiwaneese are wary. That means tension with China would escalate and the Taiwaneese businessman would be barred if not arrested in China. A war is inevitable by 2020.

And China industries are in bad shape, business owners abscond without paying the workers and vendors, MNC in China are avoiding paying vendors to cook their books. Mass protest with workers committing suicides.

Indonesia on the pretext of the Isix bomb attacks in Jakarta immediately lower interest rate on the same day. This sets a precedence for the world at large. In order for interest rate cut or QE, something dramatic has to happens. This sets up the psyche for the world, in anticipation for a recovery of their losses, the masses are hoping for a dramatic event. Using other people lives to pay for their monies. The billionaires are praying for a killing field to recover their investments. Literally, the devil is now in the House.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

13 Jan SOTU Still Waiting for Change ?

Obama still asking people for wait for CHANGE ?

ARAB Spring ? becomes EUROPE Rape.

All Bullshit

Monday, January 11, 2016

11 Jan GREXIT was just a walk in the Park

now it seems that GREXIT is all so simple,

internationally, people are calling for the resignation of MERKEL. Merkel would have a tragic end like most of her predecessors who overstay their welcome.
seems like now, even Sweden government is hiding its sexual assaults cases.
Muslim have already established strong enclave in most European metropole, and the people are anxious and restless, they want to see their Islamic state within their lifetime. How to do ? Mass procreation, let its people get into the transportation, police, military, media and even parliament. Draghi had even suggested spending Billions in the integration of the immigrants.

As St. Bernabas gospel has said, the last religion is Islam.

Since GREXIT is so simple, think shortly Greece would annouce a Exit since Europe is now a shithole.

China is forbidding banks from remitting out USD, and USD conversion. Then HK interbank borrowing skyrocketing. One of the HK banks is going to blow soon, SCB ? HSBC ?

it is baffling that the Europeans, Germans and French keep fixated on Assad, when their countries is facing criminals immigrants and rape epidemics
As Hilary emails reveal the US and the Allied were going for Libya Gold and Oil.

Further deduction, is that the IMF and EU is facing a crunch on their Gold balance sheet. They have to quickly crumble the Syria and grab the Gold.

Now Saudi is selling Saudi Aramco, (as foretold in my earlier posts). Reason Saudi oil is depleting. Hence the IPO price is the highest price it can go. Expect more assets sale coming from the UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc.

That also explains why OIL is forced lower by the Day.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

10 Jan The Future of EURO, Joan of Arc

As mass protest erupts across German cities, and then across all other Cities in Europe, European, AngloSaxons are coming to a wakening..

The World now needs a Joan of Arc, soon the world would see the rise of the 2nd Joan of Arc, and hence returning Freedom to the Countries and the People

The Woman in Europe are now pissed, being accused of being Promiscous after being raped by the Immigrants. And the government sympathisers begin to compare European man and Immigrant man, saying European mans are no better.

And that is Infuriating. The true European Man would rise to the call of Joan of Arc.

Let there be light, and may the Force be with all the awakened ones.

*** keep a cool mind, discernment ***

A silent rape EPidemic is sweeping the Nordic countries, muffled by the main stream media and European Union. Europe needs Joan of Arc once more to lead the crusade. when you are in Pain, cry for GOD.

Friday, January 8, 2016

8 January Pause and the Saudi Fire Sale and BREXIT

yes, with Soros coming out to scare the market, and HK Li KahShing saying 10% drop in property prices is ok, we should be expecting Profit Takings from the Smart Monies.

SPX should hold at 1950 and rally back towards 2000 in the next 2 weeks. Objective is to figure out who are still having the monies.

E.g. the citizens are asking their governments to support stock prices, citizens of Singapore is asking their Sovereign Wealth Fund to buy Equities. Interesting is that the country stock prices is a pool of stale water. The citizens simply hoard their Equities for Retirements.

Hence we should be expecting governments worldwide to directly intervene in Stock Markets using whatever they have left. I.e. emptying their ammunitions. The Plan of the New World Order would be to deplete the remaining cash, scaring the Nations into Actions.

Nonetheless, still adhere to the rule to trade half a day. Because there is nothing to anticipate, the END is known.

World tensions would accelerate, the radicals in Middle East would form a Islamic Alliance spanning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq.

The most important point is that Saudi Arabia oil is depleted in 5 yrs time, somewhere 2022. Hence the Royal Family is pumping all it can as soon as possible to collect the monies and run. Instead of having to wait till 2022, and try rationing, then it would be in a vulnerable position. This is done under the guise of sustaining market share.
It is more like grab everything and run.
Oil prices are driven deliberately down, bcos the market makers know the Saudi need the monies badly, no matter what is the Price. Oil can be at $1 a barrel, and Saudi is still selling.

When this truth is widely known, massive infighting amongst the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi for the monies. and mass insurgence when their People realise their nation is coming to an end. Imagine Dubai has to start paying market price for its oil to sustain the mega shopping malls and skyscrappers.

In fact, the next big round of selling would be from the Middle-East when the Saudi Funds liquidate their holdings in US companies and assets. Possibly impacting Malaysia and leading to its collapse.

Now it is widely known that the German Cologne Mayor is offering its citizens to the Altar of the Devils, for the sake of Procreation. And Helsinki has reported the same. Soon it would spread over European Cities like ZOMBIES armies. The difference is that these ZOMBIES do not kill. they want to Procreate. Shengans would break down to prempt the ZOMBIES invasions and BREXIT is a certain,

** But it is no pause for the HK Big Six families, they are going to liquidate their shares into HK Government fund Equities purchases. I.e. HK Government (the elite) using folks retirement funds to bail out the Billionaires. That is provided that the China monetarist are not corrupted as well. Otherwise, we are going to see secret arrest of HK Billionaires and gangsters warfare.

*** And it is no pause for North Korea, Now that China has orchestrated to the world that it is remote from North Korea actions, North Korea can have a free hand in its miniature Hydrogen bomb development, one that is 3 times more powerful than the Hiroshima. With a fat finger of Kim Jong Ean, a few of these may be lobed into Seoul in near future, like a canon ball. There goes my pretty Korean dancers. The US may announce a troop withdrawal from the DMZ soon, knowing this is inevitable, and no will to pre-empt the development, (the signal that the weeping President is trying to project, it is not bcos HE is sad, HE is sending a signal, a signal that resonates in every souls consciousness.) IT says times up dude, you are FUCKED.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

8 June China remove the circuit breaker

China is now removing the Circuit Breaker is removed, meaning it is free fall and followed by a good mighty bounce. S&P is still above 1900, no worries.

and the Implied Probability of a Fed Rate Cut is now real. Friday is a good bounce.

Yippe, buy on DIP.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

6 Jan NK Nuclear and Cologne mass procreation event and the HK Black Swan event

Japan nuclear threat crisis

without informing everybody, NORTH KOREA tested its new generation nuclear weapons. implication, NK is now running lose, and a mad man fat finger would lobe one hell fire ball into Japan. Clear and present danger. another Japan East megaquake is due anytime now.

Europe new Islamic empire

Cologne mass rape. the objective of importing immigrants into Europe is to cross breed, procreation. fullfiling the eventual objective of a Islamic European continent. the resurgence of the Ottoman Empire.

but it takes time. so to speed things up, mass mating events by the immigrants and locals would be regular happenings. in a decade, the muslim population would quadruple and the mothers converted as well. Somehow, Vatican would demise under its own weight.

By designating Germany as the primary breeding ground for the new Islamic race, it would spare it for any radicals incidents. Eventually, which Mother Alien creature would destroy its egg nests ?
(Watch ALIEN the movie). So the German bloodline would be offered on  the Altar for PEACE.

Hong Kong return to China

There is a new twist to the HK publisher abduction case. The Chinese were each holding Swedish and British passports. So the simple truth is that it does not matter which Nation passport you hold, as long as your ethnicity is Chinese, you are a part of the China Communist Party rule.

The Wife wanted to retract the missing person report, but was told that such report can only be retracted by the missing person in Person. 

To resolve this debacle once and for all, Hong Kong needs to return to China once more. China has promised to the HK residents 50 yrs of unchange rule from 1997. So the midway point is 2023. Hence by 2023, HK would have to be on the certain path of Assimilation into China. And that also marks the end of the 10 year rule by Xi JinPing. So from 2016 onwards, he has to lay the ground for HK assimilation, first to dismantle the monetary base of HK dollar, and its Finances. To have total control over the HK residents monies, including those of the HK Big 6 families.

China government enterprises would start to buy over the HK enterprises, much like the HKer bought over the colonial UK assets in HK way before 1997.

It would be done away from the limelight, stealthily, and firmly. Much like the recent kidnap of the HK residents across China borders.

Personally, I am for the eventual integration of the Chinese Dragon families, the Chinese are all offsprings of the Emperior HuangDi, descendents of the Dragons. Dragons do not care if you are Swedish Chinese, American Chinese, Eskimos Chinese or Martian Chinese. The Rule is Universal.


The HK parliamentarian for HK Finance committee, suggested that the missing Publishers went up North to China to solicit prostitutes. Which makes one wonder, how would the publishers circumvent the Border Control ?

I use my Spiritual Sensory power and found that the missing Publishers were absconded away by sea route, via a China controlled port in the Western tip of HK island, in the Kennedy Town. It is said to be the warehouse for Red Wines bound for China. It is also the dock for the massive shipment of Gold ingots into China.

The most important thing is that the HK Finance committee is feeling nervous. This is something they have not prepared for, the Unknown Unknown. It breaches the Status Quo, meaning Anybody (Billionaires, visiting offending foreigners, foreign spies )  can be squirrelled away from HK into China. AND it also implies that Edward Snowden when he was in HK for a couple of months, HE may have been sent off to China secretly as well. That also explains why he chose HK, when his target buyer is in China.

It is like UFO abductions. Expecting mass evacuation of Foreign Intelligence workers. HK is a big mouse trap.

Billionaires short of maintaining a protection force in this short period of time, would fall back to the MAFIA gangs in HK, with origins from Taiwan, Japan and China mainland itself, and even African and Blangedesh gangs. These gangs would be employed for intelligence and protection against the China plain clothes agents. With the PLA constrained, and the HK Police incapacity, turf wars amongst China agents, Mafia gangs, CIA, KGBs, would consume the society. 

One clue was a prominant HK gang leader was assaulted openly and widely reported in the news in December. And then suddenly disappeared before a reporter conference.

Hong Kong is scared. Really scared.

Monday, January 4, 2016

4 Jan China meltdown and a half day for Stock Exchange, Hooray !!!!

China had a meltdown, and trading halted shortly after lunch, and everybody, brokers, admin get packing home to resume their festive season.
that is the spirit, Human should live life as such, instead of hogging every pips.

Get a live, all exchanges just operate for half day, and everybody gets off work. Because you would still get your millions whether the exchange is 24 hours or just 4 hours.

In fact, Hedge Funds, HFT, Fed trading team should just step up the Tempo in 2016, whether it is a rally or a drop. The script does like this:

1st hour, position in opposite direction,
2nd hour, reverse and stage the 3rd wave
3rd hour, reach the pinnacle of wave 3 and complete the wave 4.
4th hour, Complete wave 5 in wavelets. rinse and wash

then the remaining hours, would just let the late comers get in or cut loss or take profit, etc.

the market maker trading team can just call it a day after 4 hours, and resume their leisure routine.

Even if you earn 1 million a day, it make no difference if you slog for 24 hours. Make 1 million a day in 4 hours, and then spend 10K and enjoy life !!!

Unfortunately the Asians do not get this privileges, they have to slog 24x7 till they drop dead at their trading desk.

Some juicy tips:

Some HK book publishers were kidnapped by the China government into China borders, without even a HK custom clearance. It was said that they are publishing the extra-marital affairs of Chairman XI. If it is unreal, why the over reaction.
Meaning the corrupt opposition, the Seth, is staging a comeback, like the Star Wars "The Empire Strike Back", possibly with some highly endowed individuals, like the Darth Vader.

And the richest man in HK, while visiting his late wife grave, was greeted by some people who claim to be his mistress, his bastard son. His lucky streak has just ran dry.

China official publications allow comments of its Central Banker, Stock Exchange chief talking about Banking crash.
and HK Billionaires Properties Developers, Henderson Land, Sino Land, Kerry Group, etc are liquidating their China assets holdings.

So the China government is going to alternate, Stock market drop with RMB devaluation. Like a zig zag move downhill, slow but steady,
the current SHCOMP is now at 3400, not too longer ago before Kissinger met Xi Jin Ping, it was hovering at 2200. Kissinger met the Finance and Anti-corruption Maestro Wang QiShan in December.

There are talks that a China traitor from the Ling family, revealed China nuclear armament trigger codes to the US government, probably that prompted the series of hotline call between Russia and China, Essentially, China nuclear shield is down (like the Death Star without the shield protection), that explains the aggressive posturing towards end of December. It is living on the Goodwill of United States of America not attacking it while mending its fences.

This look like Fear Mongering, but you know the Hedge Funds are mongering fear to trade their long positions.

In the year of the FIRE MONKEY, it is a Bonanza for smart Traders, and bane for lazy Hedge Funds. However smart you are, remember to work only half a day.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

3 Jan Fast and Furious. Trump revealed who created ISIS.

just three days into New Year, and what would rock the world is already shaping up.

Saudi, executed a Shitte clearic to spike Iran and America. On the surface, nothing is going to happen, underground, Iranian and Yemenian are going to mobilise forces in Saudi.
At the end of 2016, you would suddenly find the Saudi regime disposed off like Gaddafi.

Hong Kong, a couple of Books Publishers who was said to be launching a book on extramarital affair of Chairman Xi (RUMORS), has been alleged to be kidnapped by China undercover police across the China borders without any custom records.

This has great implications, any Hong Kong resident can be ferried secretly across the border. And that means members of the HK Six Big Families can be captured and sent across the border, and their assets, controlled by the China government.

Expect, the Six Big Families to start evacuation out of Hong Kong soon. Mass asset sales going to happen. Those assets were derived from the colonial British assets, and rightfully, it belongs to the China government. It was a strike of luck that the Six Big Families were able to seize those assets at fire sale price. Now it has come a full cycle.

Expect great pressure on the HKD. The HK Monetary reserves is now already under the China control Hence how far the HK government is willing to defend HKD is a questions, as the RMB is going to depreciate rapidly and RMB needs its fair share of reserves to prop up.

The first week of January is not going to be quiet. Those on leave would be scrambling back to work.

Get ready.

Now Trump is the official crusade against the ISIx.

Friday, January 1, 2016

1 Jan the start

As we are stating a new year,
a couple of significant things happened:

China is setting up a new missile military division, alongside army, navy, air force. It is going to focus on Nuclear warheads projection. It is trying to catch up with Russia.

China just passed law like Japan to authorise deployment of its forces overseas. Siginificant implications.

Russia sign into its doctrine that NATO is a threat.

Iran and US started bickering over Iran weapons program.

This is a prelude into a tumultous 2016, we should see it full blown sometime in March onwards.

SO it is a trading game for all investment class. First the Capricorn effect, to push up the market and then drop.

Nuclear weapons would be in the headline in 2016.

Humans are increasing sending out Vibes of WAR.