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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

28 Dec the lonely conspiracy theorist

It is lonely to be a Conspirarcy Theorist, you get ostracized at work, people say Bullshit. And then you get annoyed and bear hatred. So a notion manifest itself into reality. When a couple of people manifest, it is an possibility. When it grows into a crowd, it is Reality. and surveying forums, you do see a growing post about something dramatic, the end times happenings. Like the Earth would be zapped by a powerful beam from the Death Star.

Russia is closing Red Square. So travel to Russia is going to shutdown. And Iran is shipping its uranium to Russia for enrichment into weapon grade. Chinese Geomancy master has also foretold of great change in the year of The fire monkey. In the Chinese folklore, a magic stone morphed into a monkey which has great prowess, and messed up the entire heaven palace,and even the chinese jade emperor, the equivalent of Zeus, lost to the Monkey. Expect great upheaval in 2016. After the Winter Solstice in 22 Dec 2015, we are already in the year of fire monkey.'

Enterprises, companies are going to undergo big changes, massive layoff, bankruptcy, etc. still we are not in recession, as the nations and billionaires would spend their savings propping up the market. The fear of Recession is the terminal fear, that takes along with it life, war, disaster, crisis. Even upon your dead, there is no Recession. Btw, recession is now defined by the stock indices, not by economic statistics. Lucifer by possession of a Short position, aka the BIG SHORT entice human into Sins and betray the God.

Entire nation like turkey is sold to the devil. Facilitating trading of fugitive woman and chah boys. As part of the NATO and nearly European Union, the evil force is finding a Gap into the European psyche. Hatred, violence, vengeance, etc. as the St Barnabas gospel has said, the end of the world religion is MUSLIM.

Humanity is on the verge of collapse, sold to the devil literally by the Big Short.

As Star War 7 tell us, the awakening of Lucifer has begun.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

23 Dec The BIG SHORT

BIG SHORT premieres today. Brad Pitt says it may happen again. when compared to the Jargon Collaterised Debt obligations ,
Jim Cramer says Margin Call is the finest.

RMB is now official tender in Zimbawee, soon RMB wuld be everywhere in Africa.

there goes the almighty USD.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 Dec get ready for Russia Nuclear deployment

Turkey and NATO is closing the airspace to Russia, on the eve of the downed Russian jet blackbox revelation.
And the media, even for China main TV, CCTV, is talking about Russia deploying tactical Nuclear weapons. And before, that Russia can deploy EMP weapons to destroy the underground bunkers..

this is possible, once the terrorists are forced into a confined zone.

This would be a warning to NATO.

Things are coming Fast and Furious right before Winter Solstice.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

19 Dec US to export OIL

in the same week, that the Climate accord is signed, US is exporting OIL. The immediate effect would be abundance of supply, depressing prices, encouraging Fossil Fuel consumption and emission.
Hence the Climate accord is offsetted.

So far nobody has a straight answer for the tumbling oil prices. Some say, Saudi does this to eliminate US Shale Gases.
The real reason was the Syrian Oil that was used to sell at high the market price, a manipulation of sort. The Cartel behind this has to be identified.

Everyone is literally going on holidays already. Leaving behind the industrious China Central Banker team selling Treasuries everyday to support the Yuan. China Xi and Obama was on call this week, probably because of this and the North Korea Hydrogen Bomb announcement.

Rapid devaluation of RMB is expected, when the HKer throng the Banks to liquidate their Dim Sum bonds and their RMB deposits.

That would be the trade for Xmas and January.

Today got a DejaVu, every thing got to have an outlet, like humans, we ingest and excrete.
And the Markets have been ingesting, and now on constipation. It needs a dose of Diaroeha medicine.

Monday, December 14, 2015

14 Dec Paris climate deal and the Galactic Council

in the first place, scientist cannot ascertain if there is Global Warming or Global Cooling going on. Once a while, a scientist would give a research showing the world has cooled, due to sun spotless activities

So this whole gathering in Paris is a FARCE. An occasions for people to cheer one another over a sip of Bordeaux wine. Socialise and Romance.

India is going to turn on its big chimney, already it has signed deal with Japan for rail, and going aggressively into Nuclear Energy. More pollution as India industrialises as China had did for thirty years. So we have a Big Hot Chimney right underneath the Himalayans ice glaciars, the 3rd ice cap of Planet Earth after Artic and Antartic.

The ever lower Oil is an accelerator for pollution. And Oil is manipulated lower and lower each day to encourage consumption. And the Paris party did not address this.

Hilsenrath has come out to talk up not hiking in December. While China data is showing recovery in manufacturing (falsely).
Hike- > global real estate tumble, as mortgages get liquidated.
No Hike > the economy is actually in bad shape.

Hence it does not matter HIKE or no HIKE.

As for the China clampdown on corruption, I have been predicting every step of it accurately, see my previous post. Now the Warren Buffet of China has been arrested. We are going to see a slew of arrest of China Billionaires, and then extend to Hong Kong. Those Billionaires asset in China, HK, overseas would be seized to replenish state coffers.

As most sovereign nation are literally bankrupt, Billionaires asset totalling Trillions would be most welcome for respite. (Billionaires exist to fulfil a role, the sacrificial role in the next Revolution, It is easier to put a Billionaire on a gullotin than thousands of ordinary people). I goto conference, and already hearing young intelligent academics, entrepreneur vocalising that the Wealth is concentrated onto the few. It goto Religious Seminar, and hear highly accomplished masters saying the Billionaires can feed more than 50% of the Earth easily.

Expect Billionaires (in cartels) to organise Armies, by recruiting from Africa, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, stationed on some hidden islands and flown any time any where to negate government forces. Call it United Force of the Trillionaires (UFT), the precursor of the Galactic forces. These armies are not your regular soldiers, they are the lycans, vampires, armed with bionics, and spiritual powers. Power that kill with a glance and thoughts.

As for Trump, he is simply speaking from common sense, and it lures all the stakeholders of Muslim radicals (IsIx) into the open, namely the Western governments, the Saudi Prince. These people have been in cahoots earning monies through those God forsaken IsIx). The more vociferous the people against Trump, they are the one aiding/funding the Terrorists.

And it is in the news that the Terrorists are recruiting boys as young as 2 years old, from South East Asia. Hence this is going to be a multi-decade problem and growing. Possibly when Man land on Mars, it would bring along a IsIx element with it on MARS. Then we would have Councils of the Galaxy, galactic star wars. So you see, we are just peeking into the Future. And you should be proud as your Soul witness the beginning of the Galactic Council. The Trillionaires would be  the main funding support for building rivalry planets bases, and possibly a Death Star, then encircle Earth.

2016 is going to be the Year of Great Turmoil and Calamity, when God speaks nobody hears and God has to act.

Nostradamus lived in the slow age, his Quatrains take time.
Mine is Fast and Furious.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

9 Dec Page view 63666

I got 63,666 page views since this  blog started.

now Dupont and Dow Chemical are merging,
NXP and Freescale merging,

so we are seeing companies giving up the fight, and the owners are selling out to take profit.

Employees from the acquirer would be bargaining for better positions, from the acquired would be in fear. Either, Employees would be all slagging.

Nothing much to write about,....