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Saturday, November 28, 2015

28 Nov Gold at new low

As said months ago, China is taking action against its Financial Sectors moguls. Main securities companies stop trading on the exchange, chiefs arrested. and today an high level official in the Audit Office committed suicide in office.

Again, at this stage, the Bribee were all persecuted, soon it would be the Bribers turn, executives in the Private Sectors in Shanghai, Beijing and even Hong Kong would be arrested.

Hence, friendly reminder, it is about time to use home trip for Xmas and turn in all the keys to the Penthouse, cars, yatches, etc. Flee before it is too late.

Even Sovereign Wealth Funds in other countries are shifting away from China, going to London, Tokyo, to buy up Real Estate,

Next is the Turkey, glad that we are not the Turkey on Thanxgiving day.

The Stories go like this, Erdogen son has been buying ISIx oil and selling to the likes of major oil companies, Israel, Europe and even US. Hence when the Russian starts to attack the Oil trucks, (and US chip and pretend to act as well), Turkeys decide to give a warning shots to Russia. ,

Putin having so laboriously liaised with the US Military to advoid airspace friendly  f
, find itself sending its SU24 to ambush. Probably, the Russian pilot was confused, thinking that the Turkey plane was unaware of the arrangement, and would eventually backdown. The Russian pilots were given a false sense of security.

It was a chess move, US by doing nothing, No Action Talk Only (NATO) got Russia humbled. In fact, this reveals a major shortcoming of Russian jets. They are not as invincible as thought. Without any dogfight, and with full warnings, the SU24 is so vulnerable.

The US has scored a major victory after some Institute published a note saying the Russian can vanquish the US within days. Obviously not so.

Now with one of the Russian pilot held captive by the Syrian opposition, supposing ISIx. And if Turkey is so seek repreive from the Economic Sanctions, NATO, Turkey, France have to pleadwith ISIx to release the captive.

We are in the Fourth Kali Yug, the era of ALL DECEPTION. What we see, hear are all false.

Friday, November 27, 2015

27 Nov how to call a WAR ?

just like Economic Recession, it is called only after several Quarters of negative growth, and the Economists look at other parameters before it is called.

So War, is only called a War, when the Countries, People are deep in it, then the MSM, Historians would stand out and confirm it is WAR.

Watch what Putin not say, he would go to Stealth mode from now onwards. Submarines, suitcases, fanning out to the world.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

22 Nov Europe dinintegration

Europe is on the verge of Disintegration, with talks of revoking Shengans, install border control at all airports and train stations.

The radicals are linked through their subconscious, and there is a powerful thinker out there making all the moves. Forums has started linking the Terror to Illuminati and the likes. with symbolism linking the Eiffel Tower.

This unheaval is going to last through 2016, after it seems like GREXIT is no longer a problem. Actually the ECB is printing Monies to give it to Greece by the months.

Euro would accelerate to 0.8 to a dollar.

Advice to Europeans followers, switch out your Euros, you would be poorer by 30% in no time.

Meanwhile FED is calling for Emergency meeting, possibly with the health of its Governors and Chairwoman.

And people are calling for Glass-Stegall again.

The only way going forth for Governments worldwide is to confiscate the Wealth of the Wealthiest instead of having to rob the mass, which would cause riots and chaos.

A lot of Billionaires are going behind the Jail, and their Assets frozen. And China is already doing so, when its politucal opponents wealth in the Billions are seized. And lately, an underground Bank was raided and hundreds arrested. That is how China has the monies for a lot of its overseas purchases. It just redirect overseas Funds of those arrested into State projects.

Doubt with Russia, US and Europe would work in coalition. Russia objective is to seize Syrian oil fields, and then the Iraqi, that is why Hundred thousands of Russian troops are deployed.

As Pope St Francis has already revealed, now is World War Three in piecemeal, Bite size.

Last year, I wrote of a Psychic warning War would break out, indeed it happened.

As Humans descend into Fifth Dimensions, the Bright is getting Brighter and the Dark getting Darker.

Friday, November 20, 2015

20 Nov Now the End is clear.

watch this Ann Berhardt presentation on Sexuality in Islam.


one would realise, with the Syrian refugees, the entire society is breaking down. when Christians struggle with kindness and fear.

Read also the confession of an American soldiers on what they see in Afghanistan, Iraq on boys, girls sexually assaulted. One would realise amongst the hundred of thousands of the Refugees, despite them looking well groomed, educated there is the SERPENT within. It is the SERPENT within that is scary, not the weapons or ammunitions.

One wonder is there is a Band of Islam fat fingers on the keyboards, ready to launch crazy trades with billions dollars.

From 911, to Iraq, then Libya and now Syria, and onto the whole world, it is like a cancer mutating, Now we can say we are onto Stage THREE.

It is the END, my dear. Not some middle-east thrid world war, but THIS,.

20 Nov the Truth unfolds

now Russia is bombing the oil facilities and supply chain of ISIx oil trade. the ISIS has been the marginal force in depressing the oil prices, by selling Iraqi oil and Syrian oil at half prices. As the ISIx was trained by the US, the Russians were hesistant. Now there is all clear.
Essentially US grassroot support in Syria, Lybia and Iraq are entirely removed. It is now a elephant force without the guides.

Without these marginal sellers, the OPEC and Russia would ramp oil prices higher. So expect a dramatic climb in oil prices in 2016, back to 80, if not 120.

Europe is on the edge of disintegration, as the EURO is anticipating this. Without Shengans, EURO should be at 0.8 to the Dollar.

This is going to be a violent Christmas.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

11 Nov Fishy Fishy Gold

meanwhile, stock indices, forex are meandering, without much impactful move. But there is significant selling on Gold and Silver.

though retail demand for gold and silver is still alive, there is no frenzy.
But day after day, the Funds whack Gold and Silver.

possible explanation:
someone want to accumulate Gold and Silver at a lower cost. possibly some Bulllion desks are proxy to some sovereign buying. Noting that Argentina is selling to relieve itself of Debt.
China may have chartered a Asian Bullion Desk to suppress prices, while it is increasing its holding, shipping Gold from London to Shanghai daily.

the other explanation is the SPDR Gold funds are forcing their retails out of the Funds, as it physically does not hold as much as it declared. And this is illegal and warrant arrest. We should see some Gold Funds going bust soon.

Hence, stay out of Precious metals and accumulate Equities on Dip.
December rate hike is not happening.

Monday, November 9, 2015

9 11 Double the population and the upcoming Commodity Bull

last week, China lifted its one child policy, and that has immense implications, starting one year down the road.

Urban Chinese are not going for 2 children straightaway, but the rural Chinese are going to mass reproduce. And when there is not enough food and amenities for double the population, riots are going to ensue. Hence the stage is set for a Revolution of sort within 2 decades, possibly the leadership now would all be buried in coffins.

And China always has a change of leadership/dynasty when there are mass poverty, riots, etc. and hence you see regime change is always happening in human history.

What is wrong with a slowing China GDP ? when its workforce can be trained for quality. The environment can be nutured back to health with lesser industrialisation. the problem is that the Chinese government officials are now too scared or too lazy to do anything, when the Great Purge is still going on.

The Chinese government can confiscate the wealth of the richest, and deploy the monies to the people for food, healthcare, etc.

And the NEW WORLD ORDER is totally defeated in this aspect. While the NWO is planning for world population to cut by 2/3, the population is going to grow another 1/3. Lesser resources for the additional 1/3 people.

And that means the Commodity Bull is coming back in a BIG WAY, soon. Now is the time to accumulate agricultures, farmland, metals when the Funds are pushing the commodities down daily.

And the Maersk shipping liner CEO has just said that world growth is slower than what IMF is saying. i.e. the World governments are cooking their books, just to save themselves from working hard.

Humans has peaked, human are indulging in pleasure, social media, less innovative, and LAZY.
Cook the books, rack the indices higher and not much effort needed elsewhere.
The higher the indices go, the lazier are the human. To the extent that, there would be no fought wars, nations just surrender at the first bugle.

Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Nov Hedge Fund managers killed by China Police (clarified as Rumors)


the company concerned ZEXI came out to clarify the news of its HEDGE FUND MANAGER shot dead is false.

My take: Nonehtheless, YOU may be the NEWS.


The Chinese has outperformed US in Capitalism. It simply kills those who short the markets.

The partners in a China Hedge funds, ZEXI investments, one was arrested, another killed in the course of resisting arrest. It was reported in a Chinese site at local time 9:30 am.


The fact that this killing is known, is the Chinese authorities sending out a signal to the investment communities at large. YOU better heed this and FLEE. Leave the keys of your apartment and car behind, grab the FIRST CLASS ticket at the airline when you reach the airport before lunch. and FLY.

During the China stock market frenzy, the total number of new account applications within a month surpass the total of the rally in 2007. So you can see a HUMONGOUS amount of people saving and borrowings are stuck in the Shanghai Composite right now. And some Galiant White Knights are expected.

As I have said in my earlier posts, the cleansing of the China Bank and Financial cartels is happening. Urging all foreign bankers, fund managers to flee immediately. On Wallstreet, Bankers are assisted to suicide. In China, it is just a quick draw.

The current plan is for the FED to hike in December. However a twist would come. Yellen would be absent then, due to health issue, and the hike is deferred till she recovers, probably after another 6 months.

From what the FED knows, even a 0.5% hike would trigger the avalanche.

Holiday suggestion, for those who had a good rally run with the  "W", a good place to go would be Norway Tromso to see the Northern Light. This "W" has been well predicted. At Chartered Market Technicians meetings, the "W" was well said.

On hindsight, this China joining the SDR is a stalling strategy for the weakening of the Chinese Yuan. And the IMF, China and Media is playing this Charade.