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Friday, October 23, 2015

22 Oct stay calm and Rally !!!

yes, dooms on, stay calm and rally.

SPX 2066 here we come !!!!!

latest: Artic has a opening in the center with temperture at 9 to 10 degrees.

The Earth core is highly agitated. and spewing lava, the lava is finding its way to the artic, a major global Earthquake is coming mid Nov.

Note Venus and Jupiter is close proximity in less than 1 degree. Rogue scientist predict a reaction on Jupiter spewing Hydrogen at the Sun, and cools the Sun to bluish, and hence no Sun from 15 Nov to 30 Nov. right after thanxgiving.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

22 Oct chaos under the false calm sea

Despite the seemingly calm state with the lavish visit by China premier to UK, all is not well.

Microsoft windows 10 problem, wilikeaks Cia director. Biden, Boehner withdrawal seemingly point to some scandal. Rumors has it with Mexico drug monies, mingling with secret agents and politicians.

MNC cooking books by terminating employees and hiring as contractors immediately, and stop paying Vendors to jack their profits. And hence downstream small companies suffer, man in the streets dun get paid and the EXecutives run away with Xmas bonuses.

China plan is to transfer Nuclear technology and then learn to build the world largest large hydron collider, possibly many times larger than that of CERN. Oready reported.

China would then have monopoly over much of world Nuclear technology and the Plutonium stockpile. Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, China, Russia and Brazil would then form the new nuclear BRICS with the sixth generation nuclear reactors.

Just like China marketing its high speed rails overseas, it would have monopoly over the nuclear markets, helping south Asian, Taiwan, South America and even African nations with nuclear reactors. In fact Africa would be massively infested with nuclear reactors, exporting energies to the world. The  nuclear alliance would be led by retired president working for the China government.

Japan would be marginalized, waiting upon the Great Japan earthquake to sink the islands. Fossil fuels would be in demise, meaning Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE kingdoms would collapse and overrun by radicals.

Things would happen in raid successions. Clue, the current Pope is the last pope as prophecied by Nostradamus. And as told in St Beranbus gospel, the Muslim religion is the last religion on earth.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

11 Oct MH370 found ?


while we are waiting for the Funds to move the markets up to target. (UTT), I just spend time on this baffling claim that the MH370 has crashed into the jungles of Philippines.


and news about a Banker from Nordea Investment killing his son in an Asian city.
what is happening to the Nordic sovereign wealth funds ?


It gets so creepy nowadays.

Almost like the Earth has entered a portal, when the next Dimension is opening up with  gushing of energies into the 3rd physical dimension.

and a crash landing:


Weird, weird, ......while watching Edward Snowden on BBC. Perhaps Snowden should be give a Noble price. Snowden says he is fine if he is assasinated, as he feels blessed.

Google, Apple, Facebook provides backdoor to UK GCHQ to access anybody's communication in any country. Imagine Zuckerberg was asking visiting China's Xi Jinping to name his newborn kid with a Chinese wife. Imagine, how lame can the tech bankers go to ramp up Facebook.

With China already alienating: IBM, Oracle, Emerson, (去 IOU) is already well known in China tech circle, the list would grow.

As Lagarde is vying for a second term at IMF, the world would be a much peaceful state, a quiet Winter.

There should be a Noble prize for TRUTH.

With TRUTH, PEACE would come.

Without TRUTH, it is only WAR.

To add:
feeling the Vibes in the air is not alright.

Japan ABE is rumoured to be suffering from Colon Cancer, Janet Yellen suffering from some yet to declare illness, Hilary Clinton is obviously suffering bouts of Tantrums, psychological breakdown.

There are 2 paths to Enlightenment, Awakening, or to be a Saint, attain Buddhahood, etc.

As duality split from singularity, the path to rejoin Singularity, GOD, per see, has two. Either Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise. These people has chosen the Evil way. Everso, to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Soon a lot of so called Celebrities, would be overwhelmed by what they have done, and has to return their share.

As the world top 85 billionaires own 30% of the worlds wealth, it is payback time.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

8 OCT Everybody is faking it from now on, and it is not just yur wife

with interest rate hike baked in, this month or December. Banks are selling high dividend stocks.

IMF comes out to announce no crash for China. that means you know what.

another province chief, Fujian arrested for corruption. all the chiefs were summoned to Beijing and reprimanded for low GDP. so the chiefs decided to warn business owners to jack up revenue by 30%.

so business owners decide to buy paper receivables from overseas accomplice.

hence from now onwards, all China data are faked. In fact most govt would start faking data to mislead their people.

Friday, October 2, 2015

2 Oct Monies printing galore in South East Asia

now with China in a stealth debt crisis amongst its state enterprises and commodities, and with it still masking the data, and Japan Abenomics is failing fast.

It is now South East Asia turn to print monies. Thailand is planning to force banks to extend ZERO interest rate loans. Malaysia is setting up new Public funds to fund dormant companies ? Philippine going nowhere. Indonesia is turning south. Brunei oil industry is cash strapped with record low oil price.

The entire South East Asia train is heading downhill. And Palm trees and Banana trees would be harvested to make pulp for paper monies, aka Banana monies.

There would be a massive Financial crisis in South East Asia sometime 1st Qrt of 2016. Smart monies are already escaping, Heard of Asian billionaire borrowing 115 millions USD to beef up football club Valencia.

This is capital flight in disguise. Soon we would see Asian businessman taking free public monies and moving them abroad, enmasse.

Racism is on the rise. Malaysia, we have demonstrations by Red Shirts against the Chinese. In the last Asian Financial Crisis, Indonesian muslim was killing and raping the Chinese. And 3000 Syrian refugees (likely with some rogue elements) would land in Malaysia soon. Not to mention, Thailand has the China Ughurs problem, it was Ughurs who triggered the Bangkok blasts.

When Xi JinPing was at UN, he told of the Adam Smith Invisible hand and the visible hand. The Cybersecurity hacks from China is actually China unfolding US banksters manipulating China stock indices.

Now the Banksters are backing off from China, their next target would be South East Asia and may be even India.

We should see some strong Asian banks failing this time round. The Asia property superprime bubble is yet to burst. Upper middle class in Asian countries are heavily in debt over property speculations and still holding onto it despite miles deep in water. As the Banks cannot afford to foreclose on them.

Before Christmas, the teams would be moving in to set the stage for the reenactment of the Asia Financial Crisis. Then Asia cities would really be like Sleepy Hollow.