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Thursday, September 17, 2015

17 Sept indices broke out from the Triangular consolidation

most indices broke out, anticipating a rate hike announcement, to remove the uncertainty for the month.
INDU back into 18000 territory.


caveat:  Volume extremely low in China market. stay out of China.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16 Sept Right before FOMC rate hike

FED would hike in this Sept FOMC, reason: December is holiday season.

It would then issue statement, that the next hike after this first hike would be depending on the economy. And it keeps market guessing from one meeting to the next.

Effect: The Markets get into limbo, one day rise, one day dump.

And world finance ministers don like to get busy, guessing the next hike.

And this gives opportunities of Alternative Currencies. With RMB excluded from SDR within the next couple of years. China is now cooking the next alternative, instead of devaluing its RMB. The next would be the ACC, Asia Common Currency, backed by the Asia Infrastructure Bank, China and Russia alternatives to IMF and World Bank. It is a Gold backed Currency, guaranteed by the Gold holdings of China, India and Russia. Things are going to accelerate in the next few months.

Some hackers would throw out a damning email detailing that the FED vault is actually empty, i.e. the FED Gold are actually owned by commercial entities, with promised deliveries to China.

Of course, right after the announcement on 17 Sept, we are going to see a Rally next week, and another Gold Dump, trying to shake off all those weak retails. Retails holding of paper and physical Gold are at record low.

Stock market gains is nothing without the Currencies on hand.

HK tycoons have already liquidated their assets, and the China market is going down further, possibly from 3000+ back to 2000, where it started just a year ago.

With the UN assembly at month-end, Pope and China XiJinPing arriving into US. Donald Trump taking lead, UK Labour turning completely Left with Jeremy Corbyn, we are seeing a wave of Socialism sweeping across the world. And China would abandon its pursuit of American Capitalism and establish its new Communist Socialism.

The last of the Tetrad Blood Moon would herald the completion of the arrival of the Angel of Light, as predicted in the Bible and Jewish traditions. Spiritually, the human souls are making a U turn. To some, it is like the end of world.

So the game plans are now clearly laid. The Dark force seed the demise of Greece with Greece inclusion into Europe, then deliver the destruction of Muslim state like Syria, Lybia, Iraq. And now the mass exodus into Europe. Soon African nations, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asian nations would join the rank and flee to Europe. As St. Barnabas Gospel has written, the last religion is ISLAM. All these would happen in the life time of the current Pope, making the current Pope the last Pope as written in the Nostradamus Quatrains.

Advice, to retire into the Rockies, if not the Himalayans. You do not need all these.