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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

26 August Bicycle Parts and the HKD USD peg, and assault on MYR

There is now a mass arrest going on in China of financial and securities personnel. the MD of one of the largest China brokerages CITIC Securities is arrested.

Shanghai just had its devastating Typhoon, and the Chinese and expat executives are on their way to catch the first flight out of China. We are seeing more like people liquidating all their positions to convert to cash, RMB to buy USD.

And that explains China selling 100 Billion of US Treasuries, yielding USD to pay all its fleeing executives.

And its conglomerates are contemplating hiving out its Units and selling to raise cash. Hence Mighty Mighty China companies are now no longer able to sustain itself any longer, needs lots of Cash to keep itself afloat.

The Corporate Deleveraging has now begun in China. Even major China companies, like Lenovo, Baidu, Tencent (owner of WeChat), Alibaba would see troubles.

The late comers, the HK people scramble to cash out their RMB into HKD, the pressure on HKD would be so immense, that the HK government unilaterally announces a Depeg without even consulting the central China government. Expecting HKD to soar.

As for Commodities, we are into a new age. Drug traffickers, Mafia and shady business deals are trading in Diamonds, and Bicycle Parts !!! and more alternatives coming the way. They just want to get away from the attention, when Bitcoins was banned, Gold manipulated.
Real commodities would continue to be smashed, every time it rises.
Expect Blood Diamonds to be on the rise. Diamonds exchanges everywhere.

US raise or not raise rates, the damages are done. China super prime is going to explode. More assassination of Bankers, Centeal Bankers, Governments, Politicians on the way.

If you are one of the targets, flee to the Himalayans mountains, I would come to you to expedite your enlightenment.

While in Malaysia, the Prime Minister (whose Associates have grenaded a Mongolian model) continues his claim that the 700 million USD is a donation and not bribe monies. Switzerland is now setting up criminal investigation, and possibly with Interpol assistance to crack the Malaysian government electronics vault and their personal emails. With no credibility in place, and expecting executives to flee with whatever they have, Funds would liquidate all their holdings in Malaysia. Expect Malaysian Ringgit to come under attack from all fronts, cyber, rogue traders, Soros type, etc. 1 USD to 9.11 MYR is a possibility. Considering the fact that the Country is severely cursed (God Forsaken) with the MH370, MH17 and AirAsia crashes. Expect sudden disappearances of Politicians and Bankers (grenaded)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Asian companies owners rush to market to pick up stock. buy at will.

china commemtary urging govt to focus on fiscal measures, instead of monetary measures, by the national think tank.

Monday, August 24, 2015

24 Aug The Bangkok Blast and the World Market

The Blast may be an act of Cult ritual, to make blood sacrifices to the Erawan Buddha (Hindu God Brahma).
The bombers may be Ukrainians, who would probably be grenaded by now, and the hirers, some Rich Spiritualist tycoon who preside over Occult organisations. The second bomb laid to the river was dropped from Thaksin bridge. There are quite a few South East Asians politicians, Billionaires who wander Europe in search of "something", and the Occult has gotten onto them.

Brahma is the King of GODS. The GOD that rule even before Buddha times, it is like Zeus in Greek mythology. After Buddha attained Enlightenment and went into recluse, it was Brahma who persuaded Buddha to emerge and teach Dharma to the World.

The Thais erect the statue of Brahma to ward off strange occurrances at the hotel Erawan (the Hyatt Erawan hotel) as it is called now.

Many people from all over the world comes to the Erawan statue to offer prayers, seeking blessing from the Deity. There were interesting stories of HK actresses who had their wishes fulfilled after praying to Erawan, went to the statue and dance naked in return for the favour.

Many also went to seek prayers for having pregnancies. One of the dead lady was a Chinese seeking babies.

The Thais had quickly reopened the statue, 3 days after the Blasts. And people have come forth to offer their prayers.

The Blast coincided with the start of the World Market crash. Nonetheless most commoners do not bother with the crash, as they are confident of the governments, and life goes on.

This would set the stage for QE5, when FED would just announce the monies injection, without bothering with cancelling the expectation of Rate Hike. This explains why Gold is rallying. The crash would stop possibly by this week, and buying on dips for the next rally. This would fuel the next wave of corruption across the globe, when evil monies need to find a home. Humans are trapped in the perpetual cycle of Sin.

However, on a spiritual aspect, the cult worship of the "Erawan" statue is a concern. As the Evil spirits inhibiting the statue (despite the so called Cleansing ceremonies) is now drawing energies from the prayers, and trading with the worshippers. Hence forth Devil energies would sweep across the country and the region. The Dark energy is gaining strength. For the Spiritualists who manifest an Earth Ascension into the Fifth Dimensions and beyond, is feeding into this cycle, as Dark Energy gets stronger. And they themselves absolved into the Dark Side.

The evidence would be more violence, the growing in numbers and power of LGBT, more African nations would move to LGBT. Childrens are born to be enslaved and trained as mercenaries. As the Syrians militants are infiltrating Europe as part of the Greek revenge against Germany's extortion. And Merkel would be remembered as the lady who led to the destruction of Europe with violence, riots, across the entire continent in 5 yrs time. It is like Holocaust relived.

As the UN Tourism spokesman said, Travel always has risks. He is responsible for Tourism and you are responsible for your Life. Hence you are advised to stay put and stop all travel in this coming months of escalating violence.

As North Korea is ready with its missiles and submarines, beware of air travel around the Korean peninsula, especially those to Beijing, and Japan. The NK may just decide to shoot down an airplane instead of bombing Seoul. No country has sought war with a plane downed, e.g. MH17, Gadaffi, etc.

And the North Koreans army boys just want to do a land invasion to fulfil their lust for the South Korean porn stars. This is something worth dying for. And mind you, the South Koreans and US would simply retreat, after firing a few empty shells. All world land forces are just a show, after the arrival of Drone warfare.


Almost 50 submarines have already left the North Korean port and possibly on its way to the Japan coast, and positioning for missile firing towards Seoul, Busan, Osaka and Tokyo.
And China is now amassing its tanks on its borders, providing support in case US launch an attach from the North Western side.

Talks between North and South over weekends produce ZERO result.

Recently, Kim Joung Ean has killed a couple of his Ministers, possibly those who oppose war.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

19 August Silent Bear Market

Marc Faber has spoken, there is a silent Bear Market going on, and China growth is actually 2% not 7%.

So far, since the Industrial Revolution and then the Internet revolution, Human has not really moved often. Humans are sliding back in Indulgence and Deceit. Indulgence in Social Media, who is disruptive to Innovation, encourages materials pursuit.

Deceit, Internet is full of scams, hacker attack, and even the technological products are inferior. E.g. Hewlett Packard printers, full of scanners problems, sensor problems, and using this fault leads consumers to buy expensive replacement ink catridges. A full replace of the cartidges in a month would be the price of the Printers.

Human needs a big reset.

As for the Bangkok blasts, it is possibly a governmental, military intelligence ops to rid of some elements, in the disguise of a Terrorist attack.
The guy hunted down is merely a whites Backpacker hired. Evidently, when he left the bag, he called his employers for further instructions.
Amongst the dead and injured, probably there is the target. Kill many to hide one.

That points to ex-PM, Thaksin, and neighbouring governments, and even China rogue officials sponsoring the blasts. CIA, FBI, MI5, KGB all know, that is why they are awfully quiet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

18 August Bangkok The Four Face Buddha

Another blasts, this time, about 20 life taken in front of the revered Four Face Buddha, a transcendent form of the Hindu God Brahma. Those who mastermind this is going to be condemned to the lowest realm of Hell.

Chinese tourists have been flocking to Thailand, as China Chinese faces stiff resistance in Hong Kong. The China government by relaxing its travel rule have unleash the entire nation population onto the little Hong Kong district. Causing congestion, jams, escalating home prices and food prices as well.

Then after 3 years of unrest amongst the HK citizens, much to the benefit of tycoons who literally sing to the Bank with his tills ringing, the China government decides to restrict travel to Hong Kong.

And what happened ? the Chinese flocks to Thailand. They come in full plane loads throughout the year. And their spending have lifted the Thai military government.

The group has made three bombs with one exploded on the first night, and another thrown into the canal above Thaksin bridge (probably by a weak hearted bomber) today. Thaksin is the wanted ex-Prime Minister in exile.

And from the video capture of the first bomber, netizens have identified him as a Whites travelling backpacker. The Thai military denies this, as the implications are immense.

Noting that the Thai government is imprisoning a ex-PetroSaudi employee a Spaniard linking to the Malaysia Prime Minister alleged corrupt monies close to 1 billion USD transfer with the PetroSaudi. In a way the Thai is protecting the Spaniard from further harm.

So far the US and European governments are silent on this.

It either means the infiltration of the rogue Islamic terrorists into Asia, or battle of the clandestine governments intelligence operations.

You are advised to stay out of Asia for the rest of this year, and keep away where Chinese are crowded. It is so ironic, Chinese go Philippine sea resort, they got kidnapped by rebels, when they go Malaysia, they never return on Malaysian Airline MH370, now they go Bangkok, they get bombed. This is sort of a population control tool.

And the world has not seen the Wrath of Brahma.

When the Lion fate is opened, astrologically speaking, things are going to happen in quick succession.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

16 Aug Mass Reprisal coming following TianJin blasts

after I did my last post on my predictions following the Tianjin blasts, the Chinese government clamps down on internet forums within the Great China firewall, arresting bloggers, forum posters, etc, who claim of thousands of life lost, massive holocaust.

Let me state the facts, the blasts happen in an industrial district, whereby occupants are confined to those who dwell in the industrial dormitories. Thousands of life lost is not possible.

The blasts took place on 12 Aug before 11pm, on Chinese Bazhi Astrological terms, it is a unique combination of Month, Date and Time.


It is a fuel for a Heavenly fire. So it did not happen randomly. It was timed for the right moment. It happened in the district of TianJin called Beihai, the Northern Sea. When Fire and Water mix, your have explosion.

And as prominent Chinese media outside of China, The Epoch Times, reported that Chairman Xi is furious with the ex-Chairman Jiang Zhe Min, accusing his gang of plotting a coup and storing ammunition inside the Tianjin warehouse. As Jiang is besieged, his gang decided to detonate the chemicals to destroy evidence.

Now Jiang gang would start to exterminate human evidence, and execute mass assasination and assisted suicide in coming weeks, following up to the Communist Part meeting in September, before Xi travels to the US immediately after that. The most deadly agent ever alive on Earth, Agent 47 would be deployed to rid of those overseas. It would be even more exciting than the movies itself, targets include Billionaires, accomplice politicians in other countries, and last but not least Bankers.
Turmoil would spread to Shanghai as well.

No fury has the fury of Chairman Xi JinPing, the coming most powerful political figure ever existed on Earth. The Earth Czar, when China unveils its Black Power. Putin would just be a walk in Hyde Park.

You are advised to stay at home and refrain from travelling to China, and if you are there, pull out immediately.

The party is taking action against Jiang's son, who is an active figure in the China Telecommunications and Electronics industry, some say to the state of monopoly. A lot of executives in the mobile communication company, China Unicom has resigned. The Jiang's son has deep connections to the Semiconductor and Electronics companies in US.
So expect turmoil across the Tech sector in US, when executives exposed for illegal activities, sex for information, etc. And probably Tech executives sex romp in China are fully recorded.

Everybody subconscious are all connected, like the water in the Sea.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

15 August Toxic cloud contaminating water supply in Tianjin and Beijing, mass exodus from Beijing

It is a Holocaust,
It is like a Nuclear explosion, the impact is equivalent to a 2.9 Richter Earthquake. The toxic chemicals would be forming a cloud and float to the neighbouring Beijing city, couple with Beijing notorious smog, Beijing would be virtually un-inhabitable. The toxin would seeps into the ground water table.

Compared to Fukushima nuclear, the Tianjin explosion impact is immediate and all pervasive.

Expatriates in Beijing is now contemplating pulling out of Beijing, embassies are mobilising.

Stay out of Beijing till year end.

The China government is erreely silent on the event. It may be a act of sabotage by Xi JinPing antagonist. Xi is going to US in September. His antagonist may pop an uprising on US soil (with Westerners help) and in China concurrently.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Got furious when I read this news of a young intern having to camp by Geneva lake when doing intership at UNCTAD.


In the name of ZIRP, Federal Reserve has unleased gaZillions of dollars into the markets, only to be channelled into Private Bank Accounts of Politicians, Bankers, Industrialists, Celebrities and other crooks and cronies, that includes those pseudo international organisations, like FIFA, UN, WHO, etc.
( I have no angst against these organisations, only with the corrupt officials)

All these executives travel in style, with private jets, mile high club, lavish hotels, wine, dine, booze. As top notch luxurious hotels mushroom, more and more young people travel on backpacks, camp in the cold, eat little.

On my academic visit weeks ago to Oxford, London, I see young people, elderly parents, Indian IT professionals putting up in youth hostels bunkers, 20 pounds a night. Not to mention lots of homeless on Picadilly, Oxford street.

Corporations are reaping off their suppliers, and suppliers are reaping off their hires, all in the name of Profits, Revenues, while the executives spend lavishly on travel.

And you see politicians, travel excessively for meaningless meetings. Why do the EU has to travel so frequently for meetings on this GREXIT thingy ? Just because they want to earn their per diem, dine and wine at the European tax payers ?

And these has to be stopped.

I, Gandalf of the ancient world, summon ALL forces to this battle against the unscrupoulous, the filthy rich misers who force their hires to travel on the lowest fare, sleep in the bunkers, in the wild. Make those corporation executives pay for every dollar they reap off, if not vanish from this plane of living.


In Chinese astrology, this Friday is the first day of the Ghost month when HADES would open hell gates for its prisoners to visit the human plane to receive blessings, food, water. If you look hard enough, you would be clues, as in Greek astrology, the Lions gate is opened. And HELL, the lion CECIL was killed. Los Angeles Eliza Lam was dead in the water tank of HOTEL CECIL.
This reminds us of poor young people having to put up in cheap sleazy hotel.

And may this force from HADES join in the BATTLE OF THE BUNKERS.

And let the TRUMPETS blow.