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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Iluminati connection

Kissinger visited China in March and met Chairman Xi. In April we have the strongest Shanghai composite rally since 2007. and that has spilled over to Hong Kong. HSI is now at 28000 never before, since it was meandering at 22000 just weeks ago.

While China anti corruption move netted a lot of high officials. Interestingly, the bribers are missing. The bribers are the billionaires, who had a shady past.
China pension funds have heavily invested in China equities and were in peril of servicing its social obligations. Numerous attempt by the China central bankers to talk up the market failed last yrs, and now the market is rallying when China GDP is at record low.

The czar of China electric power, oil and military are all arrested for corruption, except the banking sector where the current anti corruption lead Wang Qizhan was the czar. Wang was the head of Bank of China.

What is going to happen would be shattling.

With large slush funds sloshing INDU, SPX, then SHCOMP and HSI  if this Funds can be harvested and used for the greater benefit of human, like forestation, medicals, peace, children, or even national welfare programmes, etc.

If monies is spiritual, then it can be transcended for a good cause, Trillion of dollars.