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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hong Kong and 25000 (remember Germanwing 9525)

when i visited HK recently, met up with some youngish stock traders, who were employees of Morgan Stanley, JP  Morgan, the smartest of their cohort. Some have great intuition and spiritual endowment. And they commented it is difficult to overcook stock investment, i.e. to lose monies. As the HK billionaires are air lifting stocks  collateral to borrow, margin finance for junk bonds which give them 5 to 6 percent guaranteed return. A favourite trade of private bankers.

hence the dash for 25000 HS index is having the entire participation of the HK retail on the street, with the aim at 30000.

some thinkthank of China government Peking University National Development Institute wrote an editorial piece, dispelling any prospects of RMB devaluation. and forcasting another bout if QE ahead of US election year in 2016.

what the world needs now is another Jerome or Adobola to short the market with 5 billions. Let say you lever up by 50 times, you get 250 billion short position, ready to reap gains of 1 to 2 trillion.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Singapore and the World

the whole world is waiting upon the fate of the esteemed Lee Kuan Yew. China sent its well wishes. and the market is hardly moving waiting in suspense.
watch out the Asian currencies, MYR, THB and IDR. let see if China would come to rescue and gobble up the cities. China has already moved on the beleaguered Venuzuela.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

18 March Fed day

significant global event. One of world historical person, Singapore founding father is going to pass away and join Lord in his glory land.
This coincides with Fed confirmation of launch of rate hike, the beginning into the realm of 9%.
and the coming Solar Eclipse and third Tetrad.

Monday, March 16, 2015

16 March Asia Financial Crisis

Now with all Asia emerging economies heavily in debt with historical social spendings, and daily support of their national currencies, and accelerated depletion of national reserves.

A crisis of century scale is now at the door step. And when the FED is going to continue QE, the market or the larger subconscious is resolving this Gordon knot with a snap.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 March Netanyahu

The whole world is listening to Netanyahu, shock to everyone, North Korea would have arsenal of 100 nuclear bombs in 5 yrs time.
Whole of Asia would be wiped out in no time, assuming Kim Jung En may already has A handful.

One wonder what has America done all this eight years.

That gives a clue as to the biblical predictions that the current pope is the last Pope. And Islam is the last surviving religion on earth, according to the St. Bernabus gospel.

Tomorrow 5 March would be a phenomenal full moon.