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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 Nov Bonus

yes, indeed it was opportune for the SPX to rise again to 2000, when the companies bought stocks at dip and gave it to employees as incentives on 30 Oct, it was a flip for the employees to sell it on 3 Nov.

now, everybody is waiting for the Xmas Rally. Was in Malaysia, and in their local tabloids, common folks read about governments printing monies, wide discontent. Banging on the US recovery stories, Sovereign Wealth Funds had no choice but to park their monies in US Real Estate.

While Japan dwindling population have left a lot of vacant houses, sometimes with corpse. While Cities dwelling are getting more expensive. Ebola news is now censured in Public Media. You only learn of Ebola at your death bed.

And the stock markets is getting so boring that a UK Banker murdered 2 Indonesian sex workers in the Wanchai part of HK. Bankers instead of getting suicided, are now turning to killings, to replace a lack of killings in the montonous HK stock market.