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Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Sept HK riots worsen

you can read all on www.scmp.com, watch HK market. HK six biggest billionaires tycoon families activated to defend the market as per their obligation to the Party. Skin the bears alive, as told.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 Sept Asia Chaos

Now, Japan volano erupted while there were hundreds of hikers in the vacinity. At least 33 dead.

And HK famous "Occupy Central" movememt has started. All my Banker friends and traders are flying back home, much earlier than last year for the Thanxgiving.
Young schooling childrens were arrested and hospitalised. Worst scenario ( as the Occupy Central movement spreads, and death/injuries happen, there would be condemnation from US and UK. US may despatch its USS Kennedy off HK western shores, while China piles in its Frigates, and mobilise its PLA soldiers onto the streets. Then Capital Control implemented to prevent to Funds from fleeing ) end quote Worst case scenario.

Incidentally, The China XiJinPing just met the HK Billionaires in Beijing, all real estate developers, last week, and now Occupy movement begins. The billionaires are from:

  • Cheungkong
  • Galaxy entertainment
  • Wharf
  • Kerry Group
  • New World development
  • Henderson land

And Singapore, a peaceful country, now has chaotic protests at the door steps of the banking districts. Not sure if the Bankers there have booked their flights ahead of worsening haze from forest fires.

courtesy of the Epoch times www.theepochtimes.com

courtesy of Asiaone www.asiaone.com

The leader of the Singapore protest was asking the Central banker for a refund of  the pension funds.
Not to mention, Iphone makers are in hot soup for the Bending Iphone. (Steve Jobs would be up there smiling away).
Complete chaos after China manage to fleece off Wallstreet with the Biggest IPO of its history.
In true traditions, Funds would flee Emerging Countries, especially Asia first.

All these, by virtue of Zero Interest Rate Policy, leading to corrupt governments world wide.

SPX and INDU has been jerked off higher and higher on lower and lower volume. How would it happen when some big honchos sell off or Brokerage goes bonkers ?

Anyway, I have switched off my Algo, in-case it goes crazy and loads up positions when everybody else is selling. Anyway, I am not alone, week ago, I saw a brokerage trader handing a pile of hard cash to a business insider. So there it goes........

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tax Free income. The Buck stops here.

First, colleagues and I was discussing about the recent rise in our tech sector companies to recent record levels. and selling our shares allocated would pay off the tax due. Time to spread to our friends. This is after all Fed's plan, rising stock prices, gain wealth to pay off tax, generating revenue for governments. And companies have been buying back shares to boost share prices for its employees. Well done.

Second, the Chinese Communist Party is now tightening its noose on former leader Jiang Zhe Min, and his sons, who are tech honchos in Shanghai. His sons actually brokered the massively expensive Siemens Maglev train deals, and other illegal land sales and purchases via HK. Jiang's sons have close tie to tech companies in US, which has substantial presence in Shanghai, especially Semiconductors and Iphones/Ipad support clusters companies.Shanghai is the last stronghold of corrupt Chinese officials.

And it is going to impact on US tech companies overall sales in coming quarters. It is time to bail out of Apple and tech sectors for now.

On Shanghai bourse, shares of companies go from 90 to 9 dollars in no time. and owners are still happy, because the true value of their companies is only 90 cents, and they have shorted their own stocks. Notorious Chinese stocks on NASDAQ would find their equivalent in the greatest thief of American stock history: Alibaba and its fellowship of thieves.

Its team of X-men are doing extra time trying to levitate the stock. Nonetheless, there are more powerful Himalayan masters out there.

With Bill Gross jumping ship from one junk to another, think it is time to bail out of all brokerages, another MF Global event may be on the Horizon.

Time to sell and take the monies and prepare for Thanx giving holidays. It would be nice to travel North to watch the ever magnificient auroras, or travel to Tibet in search of Shambala.

IF you read Steve Jobs last words, it does not matter if you have billions or millions on the death bed, it is the rolling of your life time movies that would leave you with a smile on the last breath.

Time to bail out of this Bernanke and Yellen induced hologram. They are in my Universe. The buck stops here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The looming Theft of the Century

yes, it is coming with the Alibaba IPO in the next one hour.

Alibaba is the great Arabian thief. And when Ma Yun conceive the name Alibaba, he was thinking to pull off the greatest theft of human history.
When I met him almost 15 yrs back, he was presenting in a investors forum. He was a English school teacher in China, and he handled the questions well. Some VCs were oready piling at the side of the stage waiting for him 15 yrs ago.

To survive, the Company has to curry favors with different political factions in China, and hence the major shareholders are mainly the Chinese political families, alongside some useless sovereign wealth fund.

As the world market is waiting for this, and the Octopus are circling for a bite. How would it fare in its debut ? As the Chinese political families who like their counterparts in China stock market would make their monies and run, especially with the recent spade of political anti-corruption clampdown in China. How to pull off a blackout when Facebook has already done so ?

Alibaba, which is a mystical name in Gypsies tradition, would cast a magic spell on the market. Literally like what Lucy has done in the movie, when she was strolling in New Year. She freezes time. And Ma Yun, besides attending to his golf and company meetings, has an intense interest in the mystic, the esoterics. He has recruited some Xman type characters, who can walk through walls, invisible and capable of inceptions, etc.

For sure the greatest Theft in human history would be pulled off and the world would be stunned.

Afterall, all of us living in a hologram. And the greatest Theft would not be the billions from Wallstreet but the theft of the consciousness of the world.

With Xman capabilities, the markets can be levitated as well as plundered, all with the flash of the mind.

The move in Gold and Silver is even more dramatic than GBP, all making recent years low. As the Shanghai and Singapore are launching physical gold exchanges. The government sponsored bullion banks are trying to smash the prices to entice retail and funds sale, so that physical gold can be bought at cheaper prices.
Like the Spaniards stealing the Incan silvers, US and European gold are shipped to Shanghai now directly in broad daylight.
Another theft of the century.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

13 August Double CME

well the CME Coronal Mass Ejection can't come at a most opportune time, when the Market is at its top. In the next few days, we should see major earth crust activities. The Iceland volcano would make the mother of all volcano eruption, and the entire Europe would be covered in ashes till next year spring. A miniature Ice Edge of sort has come.
Not to mention the Yellowstone Caldera is finally erupting as well. Triggering the much awaited slit earthquake, along St. Andreas fault.

Even if the entire Wallstreet is like Pompei city, the tradebots would still be running and pushing INDU to 30,000. And make sure you authorise a automatic transfer from your brokerage account to your bank account. All for the sake of achieving your greatest trade of the century after you have left this world.

Alibaba is essentially the vehicle for the Chinese race to capture the entire supply chain of the world. With all trading activities and hence secrets on its platform. The world is under its control. And the people who own Alibaba are the 2nd generation children of the China Communist party senior cadre. The Chinese were gripping that the Wallstreets made so much monies with Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. Now they have the chance to. All in the name of capitalism, Democracies, Communists, Fascist, all get their life blood from the Market.