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Sunday, August 17, 2014

17 August what is next ?

We should see the US market bobbling up and down in the next few months, with monies flowing into Asia market. In fact, sentiment in HK market is quite good with prospects of trading Shanghai shares directly in HK.

The funds would be propping up the indices to support the Alibaba IPO, one of the largest after Facebook.
Now Asian economies are printing monies to prop up their market. E.g. the Asian metropole Singapore is going to allow the public housing to be monitised, loads of monies would be flushed down the stock market. And these South Asian nations hope to prop up the China and US, Japan economies.

Fact, most of the Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds are made up of majority real estate at home. Moneitisation is good for real estate.

The only moment you know Ebola has reached your doors is when you are haemorraging in the hospital. As the media and world government have decided to stop broadcasting Ebola fatalities to halt panic.
For example, you may have the entire Wall Street work force down with Ebola, and the indices are still climbing via robo trading.

The Ferguson would be another distraction, so does the Ukraine attack on the Russian convoy. Interestingly The Russians are so quiet. Preparing for Winter ?

So it is a trading market, sell the rally, buy the dips, and diversify to Asian markets.

Friday, August 8, 2014

8 AUGUST dusting off

Ebola would be like a walk in the park. Russia would soon be dusting off its nuclear silos and putting its thousands of war heads on alert. and then suddenly, the world realise America is no longer what it used to be. It is like a castrated Eunuch.