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Sunday, July 27, 2014

27 July Gate of Hades, Satanic Ritual

now the internet forums are running amuck with tales of 27 July being the start of Judgement day, etc.

  • with Israel bombardment of Palenstine, thousands died,
  • 3 major flights loss within weeks, MH17, Algeria Air, Taiwan Fuxing.
  • ISIS now controlling most part of Iraq,
  • Libya in chaos, US fleeing,
  • North Korea firing missles again into waters near south.

We are in end times, the reason why it does not look like it to you, is because the Media controlled by the Bankers are hiding the news, while they themselves are making an orderly retreat.

In Asia, it is the hell gate opening day as well. Commercial activities in China cities would wind down to a halt. Not to mention paranormal activities and sighting more frequent.

E.g. the entire MH37 crew (in spiritual form) queuing up in Beijing Airport, or the MH17 flight lining up KL immigration counter.

To some, the END is already here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23 July Saturn coming out of Retrograde

The market is waiting upon the Wizard to give the next direction.

But the fact that we are coming out of Saturn Retrograde since 20 July, the direction is clear.
What was Yes, would be No. What was Up would be Down. What was Good would be Bad.

Despite how much monies the leveraged funds throw in, it is futile. No enough monies or wizardry can turn the Saturn around. And it takes years for Yellen to land on Saturn to do her magic.

While Saturn is making its turn, already we have 2 aircraft disasters, MH17 and now the Taiwan FuXing Airline GE222.

With the wind speed and more furious storm, worldwide. Planes can no longer withstand the storm. For your own safety, I urge all my followers to stop all air travel for the next 4 months, till Saturn completes its Retograde in November.

GOD has rage, you never seen.

Take your monies, go on a neighbourhood hike, do lots of meditation and charity.

And DO it NOW.

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