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Sunday, June 15, 2014

14 June Full moon, legless corpse and death galore

on a full moon, really did not feel like posting, but something very troubling is brewing in those Asian economies. The old people there are preparing to die, to buy their coffin, cremation in advance, but find that their monies are stuck with the government pension fund.



Really disgusted at how the big bully manhandle this frill god-fearing lady of 70 yrs old.

Those sovereign wealth funds are running out of monies, as their borrowing far exceed their collections. and the SWF fund managers are busy emptying the coffers buying up businesses of connected parties, and in the process stove away a sum for their retirements, like buying up castles in Britain, farm lands in Argentinia, etc.

In essence, the Asian SWF are broke. Pension funds peniless.

Meanwhile, on the full moon, in the little island city of Singapore, where Bankers get suicided, now we get legless corpose stuffed in suitcases.


Not to mention, daughter hacking mother to death, husband digging out wife's eyeball and throw ten floors down, death methods galore in the tiny island state of Singapore.

Today when I meditated, I saw Nibiru in vacinity, giant blue sphere. And day before, I had a dream, I was walking on the moon breathless.

With government bulling citizens, let Nibiru ramp into Earth and all share the same destiny.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 June "the bear is loose"

when Obama urge his countryman to buy stock, SPX bottom 2 weeks later at 666.

now he says the "bear is loose" today, when he slips away for a coffee.

so get prepared. Well, you can always catch the Fussball. The world would come to a standstill, Ukraineans would hold a truce, the Palestinians would hide behind the TV, and Putin would be staying up for the football.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 June No longer beautiful world....... in HK

While SPX is making new high everyday, and Hang Seng Index on a upward path. Life is no longer beautiful in HK.

On Tuesday, a man went up to his neighbour and shot a totally stranger,

On Wednesday night, a monther in depression stabbed her 1 yr old baby to death.

Countless cases of suicide, murder everyday in HK.

In Singapore, man hanged himself on a tree near the suicide reservoir.

A woman in her 50s hacked her month 70 yrs of age to death

Why are the ordinary folks in HK suffering ?
Are the unscrupulous billionaires having a fortress of magic to protect themselves ?

The higher the stock market goes, the more un-natural death happening. May be it is some barter trade that the Billionaires fund managers, corrupt officials having with the devil. The collateral per se

When will the Karmic moments descend upon them ?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

1 June Beautiful World continues

as notwithstanding Retail sales surprise drop, Sunday we have China manufacturing output increases, thanx to the the cheaper Yuan. Even when GDP is ZERO, the stock market would continue up. It cannot afford a drop as all billionaires, companies are in debt. They cannot afford a margin call with the Multi Trillion dollars of borrowings.

To trigger a drop, it needs a gungho like Odoboli, Jerome from SocGen, BNP, etc that is willing to take a bet of 50 billion to take out the massive stops. Hence barring a surprise astronomical or geological events, nothing is stopping the world to continue to be beautiful.

Now with the bickering in South China sea, where China is ramping up its oil exploration, the South East Asian nations is roping in US and Japan to counter China with a Code of Conduct (CoC).

The CoC I know is Clash of Clan, the computer game.

Diplomats and generals shutter around the world, wine and dine, open bottles of Red Wine, sampling world class cuisine in the Gotham city of Asia. And all they wish is the War of Words continue, to lengthen their stay and enjoy some shopping and even real estate as gifts.

Sometimes, I just wonder why China would goto this type of summit, knowing full well that it would be splashed. And now it seems the world has warned China against using force, and China has to comply.

Actually in the Sun Tzu Art of war, no move to counter all moves. Wait for the enemies to travel long distance to your fortress.

Hence China has to do, is to shutdown all travel outside its borders, barricade itself, and watch the World in Chaos. While it continues to deploy its ships and extract the oil off the coast of Vietnam and Philippine. All those Southeast nations would turn around and beg US and Japan to relent.

There is no War, the only war is in the movies, like the Edge of Tomorrow.