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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

28 May A Beautiful World

Yes, the rise is incessant. monies returning to USA. It only takes a little monies out of the blue to give the market a nudge up on its momentum. Remember weeks ago, Jim Roger, Marc Fabers were all talking about 40% market correction ?

Lots of my youngish HK traders are piling on futures and options on SPX, and shorting Gold, going for the prize of 1200 USD/ounce. And one of my young lady Buddhist guru has been giving her blessings for selling Gold. Low gold price has its prize, Hindu temples now capped with a Gold plated tops. Gold platings for Buddha statues are cheaper now.

Meanwhile it is all peace. Now Ukraine has a new conciliatory government, Putin has relented. The Pope has blessed the Israelites and Palestinians. India and Pakistan prime ministers have shoke hands. Thailand has a new military junta maintaining peace. China and Vietnam navies is playing kiddish water games on the sea.

It is a Beautiful World.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 May listless market

actually much ado about nothing, all short term tradings in all markets, forex, stock, etc.

one thing for sure, risk for emerging market is the highest in all times. Time for USD to return to its motherland.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

11 May An unadvoidable End

"All worldly pursuits have but the one unavoidable end, which is sorrow: acquisitions end in dispersion; buildings in destruction; meetings in separation; births, in death. Knowing this, one should, from the very first, renounce acquisition and heaping up, and building, and meeting; and faithful to the commands of an eminent guru, set about realizing the Truth (which has no birth or death)."


According to the Tibetan saints, it all ends in Sorrow.

Some rant from me,
In November last year, when I was in HK, I brought my Samsung Galaxy Mega bought in Singapore to the Samsung repair center for repair. The Samsung receptionist told me the that mine is a parallel import, and need to pay the actual street repair price. Essentially, he is accusing me of buying fake China parallel import goods. And the price of repair can buy me a new lesser brand.

I was fuming mad, especially making my way to queue up at the repair center before 9am. I really hated Samsung.

After 5 months, their Chairman is in hopsital for heart attack and their S5 chief designer resigned. Peak Samsung has happened.

Next, Apple is buying useless Heat Electronics. In HK, a pair of headphones from Heat sells for 20 HKD or less than 3 USD. Beat is using the Fake channel to push its products, i.e. sellings its products on roadside stalls, making people think they are buying fakes at cheap price, when it is actually real products. When I was in Guangzhou China 2008, street hawkers were selling genuine Xamsonite luggage at dirt cheap prices. If you cannot see your products, sell it WAY below cost, to push volumes (to provides evidence in shipments), and then do some creative accounting to jack up revenues. The entire revenues of US companies are all fake.

Essentially Apple is raising the valuation to make it look like they are buying jewels.

The entire TECH sector are all scam. It is going to end in Sorrow.

With the pending Alibaba IPO, it is going to be interesting, I would cover this next time.

Thailand going into Anarchy again, and India having a new government.

11 May Chaos is Order deciphered

I watched the movie "Enemy", as the character in the film said "Chaos is Order deciphered".

indeed has the pretence of Order wears off, Chaos is coming.

Now Crimea is handed over to Russia without a single battle, and with the silence acquience of Nato.
Putin has a celebration parade and then went to Crimea for inspection.And with the referendum in east Ukraine on Sunday, looks like Russia would have another pie handed over. This is Globalisation and ZIRP, it makes war a needless effort.

While Bloomberg now showcase posts from Zerohedge and Safehaven, shorts are obviously hard to come by in todays market. Almost everyone is on the long side, and the Funds have to learn to share out their profits.

China is now moving its oil exploration rigs into the South China sea, enraging Vietnam and soon Philippine. Next China would be rigging in the Japan sea. If your name is "US ally", you are leaning against a paper wall.

Soon, the world realise the so called most advanced armed forces of the world is just a bag of hot air.

Meanwhile, more bankers are suicided everywhere in the world. And the HK previously richest Tycoon, the Sung Hung Kee (SHK) family Kuok brothers are now brought to HK court for bribing the HK officials for properties deals.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

4 May The conviction the Century Pitchfork INDU to 18000

AS you can see this is the Conviction, INDU is heading for 18000 no matter what.
that is what the Hedge Funds are gunning for.

This is the Century Satan Pitchfork. Whatever is happing ,rain or shine, Ukraine or no Ukraine, Earthquake no earthequake, the market is heading there. Even when there is no more live human beings, the robots are pushing there.

4 May 2.5 tonne of what on MH370 ? + The LGBT Rally coming

LGBT Rally and the New World Order


If LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transvestite are an asset class, Goldman Sach, Morgan Stanley are loading up. And they are loading secretly in the Capital City of Singapore, the City where Heterosexual Bankers are suicided.
The global network of LGBT Bankers, Hedge Fund managers, Tycoons, Billionaires would be based in the Asian city. The Asian city is now showing the French award movie "Blue is the Warmest color".

As I have said, the New World order would be formed by 4 columns, 两极生四象, as mentioned in China YiJing.

Man-Woman (male dominance)
Woman-Man (woman dominance)

We have already seen Peak Human. By 2050, Heterosexuals would be a minority, hence it is time to load up LGBT.
2.5 tonne of undeclared item on the plane. Said to be of radio accessories ? Somebody smuggling high tech to China ? to the wrath of the nations ?
or was it a Shipment of Gold ? that the pilots want a share of ?

There are people in the cargo handling who knows, sooner or later the truth would be out.

It was rumoured that secret elements were selling US military equipments to China. Somehow those US equipments were of covert nature.