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Sunday, April 27, 2014

27 Apr The Awakening from a street fight in HK between a HKer and a China couple

well, while waiting for some more doom crunching for next short week.

HK is really doomed with the recent fiasco of a China couple with a kid in HK, the couple waiting long for a public toilet, and had to urinate the kid on the street, while a HKer passerby film the kid urinating, and they got into a fight.



China people go into HK for a few purpose

(a) Holiday, buying tax free luxury items, uncontaminated health products, baby powder, etc
(b) Conduct bank transactions, bypassing their domestics banks, and hence where all the corruptions, bribery, tax evasions starts. And these people would prefer to stay incognito.
(c) Entertainment, where merchants entertain the China government officials at will, with nubiles, models, artistes, etc.

Despite the big insurge into HK, the HK government is paying lips service to containing the surge as their developers, hotel owners need the monies. And the ordinary folks in HK suffer as a result.

And  the long May holiday is coming for China, and millions tourists twice the population of HK would descend into HK.

Not to mention,
the unburied and ungone deads have rose from the waters, mountains, forests and now marching over the mountain ranges and descending upon the city center in Kowloon and HK island.
We would witness more chaos, unrest, disruptions and evidence of Demonic prescense in HK.

For once, can China boycott HK and stop all visits like the Malaysia is facing the stoppage of hunded thousands China tour groups ?

In the end, it is all about somebody's else monies, that we are travelling, working, etc.

Even Gurus, Yogi, work for monies,
If we figure out the Divine design of "monies", then that would be the Awakening.

Along this line, and you know that the World Government has hijacked the function o the "monies" to turn the world. They are powerful force, with special divinic power asisstance. Hence we must constantly train, and practice to counter these negative influence, and wait for the Awakening.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

26 April Doom Galore

feeling really down, after reading,
Russia flying doomsday bomber over Northern Europe, O wants to snatch Putin's monies, Pope Francis accused of child rape, trafficking, association with the Ninth Satanic Ring, etc. And more and more Chinese high ranking officials are removed for corruption, China wants to denominate and trade Gold, Oil in Yuan. China, Russia setting up own trading platform.
You know what, before O visited Indonesia a few years ago, there was the hugh volcanic eruption of a dormant volcanoe, and now the sunk Korea ships and missing plane to welcome O to Korea and Malaysia. This is call sacrifices.

Months later, my Tarot read of the MH370 that went North still hold water. The British Immarsat probably came to a conclusion that is beneficial to spend monies on a fruitless ocean search.

It is May holidays again, enjoy the vacation while the paid doomsters are cranking up more doom,
let us count the Doom:

Dubai collapse
MFG Global
Euro crisis
Debt ceiling fiasco
and now Ukraine,

we need more DOOM for a new rally !!!!!
Nonetheless, has this feeling that some brokerage or banks is going Bust very soon. (besides the Russian ones).

Malaysia government reversing stance and say people never died.After paying off its cronies, and vendors in the fruitless search, and future searches, the Malaysian government realises it has no more monies, and Boeing is not going to pay a cent for a Malaysian pilot adventurous feat. Think the Malaysian Ringgint (MYR) is going to be par with its Northern neighbour Thai Baht (THB). And its Southern Neighbour Singapore, who is financing the Malaysian economy would probably goes along in the same direction.
And the Chinese are building a Suez canal across the thin Southern Thailand landmass, anything south of the Gulf of Thailand is going to become a slum in ten years time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

18 Apr The First Tetrad

The first Tetrad came, and what do we have ?

A sunken ship full of children, 200 missing and 28 confirmed dead, a plane missing with 239 people onboard. And then we have Ukraine on the brink of foreign force occupation.

To some, the END has come. Would you be next ?

The Korean cruise was reported heard a "Tud" and then sunk, was it a North Korean torpedo, much like when a South Korea warship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo and todate still denied by South Korea ?
Is it that we crave so much for wealth, the fear of losing it, that we advoid aggression by all means, while the aggressors keep coming, knowing we are all too weak for retaliation ?

Or is it the ruling echelons of the society fearful of losing their wealth, that they choose the easy path of advoidance and continue to sacrifice their followers to the aggressors ? It is much like the Tribal sacrifices during which children, woman, weak ones are slaughtered and offered to the aggressors to apease the demons.

In the event of war, the tycoons and political leaders are the greatest losers. Their large real estate holdings would be swamped and become relief camps, hospitals. The hoards of monies in the banks zerorised, their stock market holdings plunge and become debt. (and the Tycoons know it, they selling their stake in their empires and relinquishing their real estates.)

No matter if you are the Chairman of a biggest fund on Earth or a billion dollar trader, you have only ONE life. When awakening comes, you surrender your soul and wealth.

What are the world organisations, IMF, NATO, World Bank, BIS, United Nations, these are the preservation of wealth for the tycoons and political leaders. When the End come, these organisations would be replaced with the United Council of Earth (UCE), which return equality to all human beings, no Tycoons, no labourers.

What would happen to the Vaticans ? The Templars knights (those awakened ones) would regain the Church, and rule the religion with a Round Table of Knights, hence abolishing the Pope (making current St Francis, the last Pope in the Church)

The End would come when designated human beings attain awakening. When this troupe of awakened souls unite to lead the World. Hence, this is akin to the second coming of Messiah, when prophets arrive. There would be more Prophets, some true, some fake.

Humans would then regain Dignity, Truth and Honour. The End is coming, and GOD is giving the sign.

Dun you find it fishy that the world navies descended on the ocean, and announce they spot this today, and another tomorrow, and they hear a ping today and another tomorrow ? All those government leaders and navies chief should be hauled to the Hague for interrogations.
As my Tarot read has proved, the truth would never be known.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

6 April MH370 and the Demon onboard

now we get black box pings from the plane, why had not they deployed the ships earlier ? and seems the time is running out for the batteries.

what are those signals ? if not from whales, dolphins ?
from the underseas aliens ships ?

that is if my Tarot read that the plane moved North instead of South still hold water.

It seems that the Pilot(s) were devious enough to skirt the radar coverage of Indonesia to adviod detection. It just simply wanted to dump itself, instead of any intention to negotiate.

What is on the mind of the Pilot(s) when they are bent on matyrdoom, without giving an explantion to the world.

What was on the mind of the Demon who possesed them ?


Friday, April 4, 2014

4 April China bad luck

After the MH370 fiasco and Malaysia and China accused each other of messing the search, China came out and aplogises to Malaysia on Monday. And on Thursday, 2 female tourists among 70 tourist in a Sabah (a state of Malaysia) was hijacked by Philippine terrorists.

While the China Chairman Xi Jinping is touring Europe, its nationals are disappeared from Earth in great numbers. And China is going to dig a Suez Canal across the Thailand, Malaysia land mass. That means US interest in Asia would be threatened.

We can say Peak China is in, and it is going to go through multi-decades of adjustments.

If I am Xi JinPing, I would cut back on Chinese travelling out of the country and redirect consumption inland. Not to mention RMB is on its mid-term downward path.

China M2 is actally twice its GDP, exceeding Japan. A lot of the leveraged margin financing in US stock market now are actually monies from China. They are piling their profits into their levarage, to the displeasure of the US banks who wants a correction.