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Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March Tarot Read MH370 still hold water ( and its association with Eliza Lam incident) Demon Troop MH370

yes, my Tarot read from 3 weeks ago, still hold water, despite Satellites, Navies, Planes are fishing up rubbish from the sea.

And now Malaysia is reversing its stand, implying that the plane may not have crashed, and not all have perished.

My Tarot read points to a move to the North (towards Mongolia), rather than South. How the Doppler Effect reconcile that, let the engineers solve it.

The Emperor reversal points to a powerful figure. On the plane it would be the Captain, who has fallen wayward. While eventually, the Prime Ministers (Najib and Tony Abbot) would be discredited.

From the read of the Star card, some survivors may just be drinking mountain dew (From the Star card, the water pitchers). Probably 17 survived the crash, but may be 8 made it to a distance.

Spotting a plane in the mountain ranges of Himalayans and Western China is difficult. Probably, it would be found accidentally by some expedition groups years later, assuming no survivors.

As I have predicted on the 17 March, the Malaysia government is indeed stalling the search. Waiting for the Black Box beacon to expire, then MH370 would never be found.

If you cannot explain Elisa Lam, you cannot explain Captain Zaharie. If you explain Eliza Lam as having bipolar disorder, Captain Zaharie had bipolar disorder that drove him to do what he did. Zig Zag path, up and down, and then a plunge (footprints of the Devil). And it is too tempting to associate Eliza's plunge into a water cistern with the plane drowning in the ocean ( I believe it went North and landed near a lake). The Demon is getting more and more powerful. Imagine, coming face to face with the Pope St Francis, and full of smiles.

Do stay away from flights, as it may just happen again. Even if you fly private jet, you would not know if the Demon has caught up with your pilot. The Demon has shown its power, part of the Awakening that so many spiritualists, yogis and religious leaders are preaching. Even the Bomohs in Malaysia has to put up a farce to hide their utter fear.

Meanwhile, LA is going to face the Quake of the Century in the next full moon on the 1st TETRAD. Then the MH370 fiasco would just fade away. 5 quakes have now been felt in populated areas of LA.

Advice: STOP ALL FLIGHTS, especially in and out of Asia, as the cause is not identified (at least to common folks). Seems like the Demon has a liking for Asians and Chinese. Eliza Lam and the plane load of Chinese, etc.

Wait for tale of a plane load of ghosts queueing in Beijing Airport in front of closed custom counters. The ghosts think they have finally arrived, so did you. And for that matter, the 239 souls may just pop up at any international airport. Remind me of the Terracota warriors in China XiAn who has come to life. Demon Troop MH370, strength 239.

The biggest whale ever, just ditched on the beach in Hong Kong, WHALE in trouble, beware.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

29 March Imbecile

after 3 weeks, my tarot read that the plane may have landed in Mongolia still hold water. And all the navies, satellites, planes were deployed to discover the debris field off the shores of Australia. Now the world realise that our Ocean is essentially dead, with all sort of rubbish floating.

Satellites, planes and ships deployed to pick up chocolate wrappers in the sea, the world is now imbecile.

Monday, March 24, 2014

25 March Fiction

In Asia, retired political leaders write fiction, now, nation leader cook their own fiction on the fate of MH370.
Immarsat data works by pinging, and only able to "guess" if it is north or south. And so far the British authority has yet to reveal their methodology.
Because of the upcoming F1 race in KL, Malaysia has to give way at the expense of 239 souls.

There would be no rest for the passengers, they would appear at the Beijing airport waiting for custom clearance. The souls would be running amock in KL seeking justice.

Probably the Malaysia police have uncovered the mysterious call to the Pilot, and realised it was a political plot with pilot suicide, and had to close it off quickly.

24 March Globalisation and ZIRP

Globalisation has rendered nation helpless against aggression, i.e. they would rule out war. ZIRP has rendered the most powerful nation helpless against aggression. Amidst the fear of war, Crimea is now handed over to Putin smoothly.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 March Gift from FED

yes, Stanley Fischer said it:
And in an Asia metropolitan city weekend newspaper, you read about traders going clubbing and buying drinks by the bottles, not jugs or glasses. A simple night out would just be 5,000 to 10,000 USD at least.

Meanwhile, China is forcing Taiwan for a apparel industry trade deal that would enable china apparel manufacturers to boost exports, and the Taiwanese are seizing the parliament in protest. Police and Military is now moved in to eliminate the Students. Another episode of Beijing Butcher renaction of TiananMan.

China is on verge of crumpling, the PBoC is helpless and even hinted this week that some defaults are allowable.

Watch out, massive outflow from RMB assets.

Also UBS Private Banking in Asia recommends clients selling Gold. Expect another 50 USD drop in Gold from 1330 to 1250.

Ironically, the French claimed they have found wooden pallets in their search.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

22 March Malaysia Airline MH370 landed in Mongolia

Well, at least my Tarot read of MH370 towards Mongolia still stands. It may have landed near Mongolia if not inside, near a body of water, river, lakes, etc.

The debris found 2500 km off Australia may just be containers.

Interestingly, on the Northern arc of search, Northern China and Mongolia are excluded. Nonetheless, China should be flying its satellites over Mongolia now.
The lesson would be "You can kill, but you cannot hide".

The "pilot" made daring manoevres, twist and turn to make a statement. Those twist and turn do not represent a catastrophic cockpit, but a well organised cockpit which controlled its height and direction.

From the "Moon" card, there are 2 culprits altogether. The pack of "Wolves" literally. Would it be the Pilot and Co-Pilot ? Were they possessed ?

The "Hanged Man" card shows that the truth would never be known, i.e. no incriminating evidence would be found against the "pilots".

The "Emperor" reversal shows some prominent figure (Malaysian politician) fall from grace and also perhaps the most powerful person on the MH370, which is the Pilot being not uprighteous.

Read this:

Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March MH370 Tarot Read -> 777 towards Mongolia

Earlier Tarot read points to Plane landing on land, and to the North of last point of contact. 

The Moon card is telling indeed. There are symbols present in the flag of Mongolia. Knowing that the Malaysia Prime Minister Najib's aide was "rumoured" to be associated with the grenading of the Mongolian model (who was the go-between between the French arms supplier and the aide of Najib, then the Defence Minister). It was common talk in Malaysia that France held back information on the Mongolian girl in exchange for some sultanate treatment in deals.

The person who was piloting the plane is no ordinary pilot, who launch the plane up to 45,000 ft and then plunge to 5,000 and then zig-zag across the Malaysia peninsula and then tail a Singapore Airline flight across Indonesia (according to a commentator on the internet), Bay of Bengal, escaping radar detection and then taking a Northerly route towards Mongolia.

The Pilot is like the magician (see card "The Magician"). If the Malaysian thinks that the plane can reach Kazakhstan, then Mongolia is also possible. The plane may have crashed on its way after crossing Blangedesh and Tibet.

The reason why the "Pilot" did what he did would forever a mystery (as shown by the "Hangman" card). He was either a political activist gone mad over the prosecution of his idol Anwar, or the ex-lover of the dead Mongolian girl, or simply possessed by Demon.

The Plane may have flown inland and landed in a lake of some sort. 

However, as this may be politically motivated, the Malaysia government may stall any investigation. The Chinese may now scramble search planes over Mongolia.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

16 March The missing flight of Anwar MH370

now, it seems the human element comes into the picture. The Captain is perceived to be a supporter of the accused ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar, and this gives the drama a political angle.
May be they were lovers.
So he is adamant enough to shut off his copilot outside (who is a promiscuous heterosexual), and then launch the plane into 45,000 to kill everybody onboard. With himself conscious, he return the aircraft, possibly with intention of ramming the aircraft into Kuala Lumpur. He hesitated or he was struggling with a cockpit fire, then did some random moves, and before he lost consciousness, he set the course northward from he was, and the plane flew till fuel is exhausted if not on fire and plunged.

So he may be possessed by the DEMON. May be there was somebody significant onboard, spiritually, then the DEMON wants to get rid of.

As my TAROT has indicated, the truth would never be out to the public. Hence any scenarios are plausible.

Where the plane is, is no longer the top issue.

The most important is what are the nations doing next:

(a) China is going to move its entire armanda into Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal to protect its
outpost Coco island. Then we would have China navy backstop for Central Asia, support for the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

(b) Malaysia would face internal turmoil with more politcal activism. Obama may cancel its trip to Malaysia, when the whole nation is embroiled in protests about Corruption, Democracy. This is a nation where girls are grenaded by police and lights off at election counting centers.

(c) Asia nations would step up checks on pilots and boycott certain political wayward pilots, that may
trigger a backlash among the pilots and hence more suicide flights.

Advice, stay away from Asian airlines and travel destinations. It is a life and death decision.

Further, Syria Assad is very much strengthened and he would stage a retaliation. Iran and Syria would join forces, meaning, Saudi ruling regime would be in peril. The Middle-east, Qatar, UAE, Saudi would face the onslaught. Concurrently, Israel would reverse its dovish stance and invade palestine and rid of the Hizbollah and Palestine movements once and for all.

Russia and US would conduct proxy war in Ukraine and Crimea, that is the reason why US is releasing its Strategic Petroleum Supplies, to supply the warships of NATO.

By 15 April, the first TETRAD, all these would be apparent.

Now you realise that the show the EU, and US was putting up in January like the world is entering forever bliss, with Assad close to defeat, Israel and Palestine hugging one another, are all a concerted ploy. One day, all these officials would be sent to the gallows like in the French Revolution, wine, dine, f*** on tax payers monies, and cooking up illusions.

And you have been warned by the Nostradamus, because you subscribe to me.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

14 March MH370 may have encountered UFO, Alien attack on a human vessel.

The confusion of the Malaysia government and military points to the presence of other flying objects other than MH370, that has caused confusing radar footprints to the Malaysia military.

The UFO which may have "intercepted" MH370 flew across the Malaysia peninsular towards Pulau Perak, where it was last tracked. The Malaysia government proclaimed that the flying object which crossed the peninsular was a friendly vessel.

Other than the meteorite hypothesis from my Tarot card read. The other possibility is an unfriendly UFO encounter, which manage to vaporise the entire Boeing 777.

As the world governments have a common treaty that prevents any revelation of UFO and presence of Aliens, Malaysia government is stumbling.

The Aliens who make Moon their home are now making their presence felt as the Chinese has put their Jade Rabbit on the moon. In a way, it is Tit for Tat.

As a lot of conspiracy theorists have written, the world governments have to one day reveal the confirmation of UFO and Aliens presence on Planet Earth. With the attack on MH370, the time is drawing closer.

WWWIII may be just starting, it is the war between humans and aliens.

Think the Malaysia spokesman would crumble under pressure and reveal the presence of UFO.

Then that is the Revelation that humans are waiting for.

By the way, Ukraine is descending into Anarchy, things are accelerating towards the first Tetrad 15 April.
Whether it is UFO or Meteorite, or hijack, or pilot suicide. You better be prepared with 1 month warning.

The Malaysia government has officially called the unidentified flying vessel on the 3 March morning as UFO.

With the large China armanda, and US presence in the Gulf of Thailand, possibly the UFO suffered damages, and the military wants to get a share.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

13 March MH370 to be found on 15 March, Tarot Read

yes, seven days after the mishap, the plane would reveal itself. As in Chinese religious belief, the soul would return to the body after 7 days. On 15 March early morning, the plane would reveal itself.

I am sticking to my prediction.

A minute meteorite hit the plane, incapacitated the instrumentations, and the plane limb on towards the coast of Vietnam, and possibly landed in the jungles of a plateau. It may be a case of decompression from the hole hit by the meteorite and leading to hypoxia.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

12 March MH370 Tarot Read

The plane has turned back and flew at 1000 metres.

While the Bankers try to pump up the Ukraine news on conspiracy forums, doomster post, nobody is watching them. Just interested in the missing MH370 flight.

Meanwhile Ukraine Gold 33 tonnes is now moved to New York to replenish COMEX, to delay its bankruptcy for another month.

Looks like China has deployed its entire armanda in the Gulf of Thailand, total of 5 armed frigates, and 4 other support vessels.
China is fo

This year is not going down well with Southeast Asia, if you have monies there, you better extricate fast.

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 March MH370 Tarot read

Another attempt to read the Tarot.

The Magician card shows: 
A almost vertical plunge, and plunged into trees, bushes, not far from a plateau, water not nearby, possibly
into a island or further inland in Southern Vietnam.
Using another Zen method, the direction should be North of the last known point of the flight path. That means the jungles in Southern Vietnam. Again some people strawn onto the waters.

The Hanged man shows:
unresolved, in-conclusion to the public.

The Moon shows:
Involvement of astro objects. possibly a meteorite fragment that hit the plane. If the plane landed onland, then evidence of that would be forthcoming. The astro object possibly take out the cockpit instantly.

The Star (reversal) shows:
Some passengers may have strown onto the nearby sea off the coast. Possibly we can find some survivors.

The Emperor (reversal) shows:
Hundred of the Chinese onboard was returning from a Buddhist retreat by a self-proclaimed master. So far the media has been mum about this. This shows the great influence of the master and his followers on the media and governments. The Chinese were there to meet their karma with little warnings from their master.

The Hierophant:
Me, Nostradamus.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

9 March MH037 and its implication

now it is getting mysterious with the uncovering of 2 imposters travelling under an Austrian and Italian passport.

There are various conspiracies theories:
(a) hijack by the Urghars against the China government who were the imposters. An act of Terrorism
(b) Wing tip failure due to previous damage in 2012
(c) Engine failure, power failure
(d) Strike by flying objects, e.g. missles, meteorites
(e) Hijack by Aliens.

these imposters may just be agents working for drug trafficking, monies laundering or some esponage work against the China government.

these fake passports were definitely bought in Thailand, and the passports were originally stolen in Phuket.

Welcome to Asia, where everything is possible.

Meanwhile, the BlackWater merceneries are now in Ukraine. and Russian unmarked soldiers are fortifying Crimea. There would be no war between nations, but war amongst proxies. But the outcome are the same, home plundered, woman raped, man killed.

The world cannot afford a war, the market cannot turn back down, it has to go up.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

8 March MH370 Malaysian Airline plane MH370 crashed. Tarot read

Tarot read on MH370 crash
While the search party of military planes from Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore for the crash site of MH370, let me do a Tarot read.
Past: The World- the passengers were having a good time partying, not knowing end is near
Current: The Magician- Plane plunged almost vertically into see from great height (the infinity sign)
Future: The Hanged Man- The fate of the passengers in balance, because their bodies would never be found.
Strategy: The Emperor- Some people of great power would be impacted, fallen from grace
External: The Moon-this giving telling sign of some fallen objects from sky hitting the plane
Outcome: The Star- some people may be found alive, may be 17 and 8 survived eventually.

Is this a meteorite hit or a hit by some alien ET objects ?
rumoured that George Soros was on the plane. that would explain the Emperor in reverse.

Important: Can USD just crash as the plane has done ?
Obama visiting Malaysia.
Having this strange feeling that USD is about to collapse, and the Malaysian Ringgit and HKD would unpeg from the dollar.

A Malaysian airline plane crashed with half of the passengers Chinese nationals, mostly young adults born after 1980s and a pack of renowned Chinese artists, calligraphers and painters.
No distress signal.

Speculation: somebody who bought all the Chinese arts want to capitalise on the art pieces for gains. Yesterday, the most prominent Malaysian opposition leader Anwar was found guilty for sodomy. And not to mention years ago, a Mongolian lady model was grenaded into pieces. She was rumoured to be closely linked to the aide of current Prime Minister Najib, some say she was the in between for a arm sales between Malaysia and France.

The plane was found in the waters at the border of Malaysia and Vietnam airspace. Convenient location.

When it comes to lots of monies, anything is possible.

Otherwise, the plane entered into Bermuda Triangle off the junction of the Gulf of Thailand.

Meanwhile it is a rally alright, go long in stocks and shorts in Gold when it approaches 1360, profit taking zone.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 March The Putin Put

nobody believes the Russian.
Ukraine going back to US, and NATO is going to station massive forces in Ukraine in coming yr, the new cold front border.

Meanwhile, another excuse for market to scare the weak long to continue higher.