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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

26 Feb Monster University

Yes, the high has been exceeded. The margin accounts were taking profit along the way, but there are still a lot of Distribution. Hence expect an enlarged trumpet formation, sudden down moves for a few days and then up again, every new high is only one or two points higher. The margin accounts have paid the Robots to execute this holding pattern for the next couple of months.

So as forecasted, RMB is going to devalue significantly, meaning, those moms and pops in HK would be in a hurry to convert their RMB into HKD. Expect HKD to strengthen significantly, exceeding the strength of USD. Hong Kong has lost favour with Beijing, China is moving its APEC meetings away from HK into Beijing. And China wants to teach HKers a lessons, and perhaps put a brake on the Occupy Central fiasco.

Possibly China corporation would be pouring their reserve RMB into hard assets, commodities, another round of Commodity Boom is coming.

As wage expectation is so much higher now, and monies sloshing around, World Governments would start to hike inflations, so as to discount their income.

Do you know that FED governors graduate from Monster University ? they gotten qualifications of SCARER. And their proxies send people like DeMark (backed by billionaire), Marc Fable, Pretcher, and others Ellioticians, Mauldin, etc, to send free advisories if not blog propaganda to talk of DOOM. They need the short coverings to move the market higher in the absence of any retail buying.

Some has asked of my occupation, frankly, I wish the market would stay at current level till mid of next years, so that I can do a few more High Tech commercial deals when corporations are willing to spend at their record high stock prices.

Friday, February 14, 2014

14 Feb Full Moon and the coming Asteroid and the Fifth Morgander killed

As if we do not have enough DOOM, after 5th Morgander killed (self or otherwise), here is some doom for a Asian economy.


Indeed, the Asteroid is coming, hence expect an Euphoric rally in all Equities, Commodities, Bonds before 2029. Perhaps Nations ought to build seawalls of 5 stories high.

Implications: low lying countries would be submerged, especially those East Asia countries, even Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, Jakarta would be submerged. Hence expect the hype to talk about Exodus to come around end of this decade, perhaps round about 2015, people would be talking about fleeing those low lying nations.
Real estate in those low lying nations would be worthless.

Meanwhile, expect the rally to continue to exceed the high of 1856.

The cost of taking profit by those margin financed securities far exceed their cost and risk of pushing Equities higher. As the positions are in the Trillions, any selling would have detrimental effect, hence those accounts rather pay the HFT to ram the indices higher.

UNLESS, there is a capital control, and the Feds seize those accounts.

When would the KILLINGS stop ? the 13th Morgander ?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 Feb London Flood, Flee

yes, flee, London is flooding, watch the Flood.

Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Feb 40% retreat ??? or WAVE 5 Bull Rally

now it is full of bullshit:
IMPORTANT: Ongoing MARKET RALLY precursor to something very, very horrible[UPDATE :Time is short, markets to crash soon]

Marc Faber came out with a 40% retreat, then Tom Demark came out and talk of important levels, and the 40% retreat.

Well, it is good to entice some shortees, as the ramping out seem out of whack and too obvious without retail short covering.

Yellen is speaking, so pay some respect.

Chaos in middleast coming, Saudi king health in peril. And when a family hold all the liquor license, business rights to airlines, rails, utilities, power, and Crude, other families want a share in this dog-eat-dog or should I say Camel-eat-Camel world.

In Denmark, they fed the bodies of a giraffe to the lions. Public institutions running out of monies. Governments collapsing in Europe and the Rally in Europe DAX, FTSE ensues whenever there is Doom.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

7 Feb Currency pegs worldwide, all markets died.

There are multiple investigations going on worldwide into FOREX manipulations, not the China type, but traders.
It was LIBOR, now FOREX, then Commodities.

while investigations are going on, bank traders shun from any drastic moves, aka manipulations. hence all spikes
without any follow through, hence it makes central bankers easier to maintain currency pegs, i.e. EURGBP, SGDHKD, etc.
In Asia, SGD is touted as the Safe Haven currency, when Adelson makes daily earnings in SGD. And the SG and HK government
has mutuals to hold peg between the 2 currencies, which also peg to USD indirectly. All these make a break in USD strength
and weakness difficult, hence the Stock Market weakness in general. Hence the HFT are now reprogramming their algos
with all these Pegs going on with Central Bankers.

Soon PBoC also hold peg at 6.06 to USD, and the whole world is then under one monetary regime, and that makes
currency fluctuation meaningless, and we have a new monetary standard, called the Currency of the Council of United Earth,

1 CCUE is to 1 USD to 1.36 EUR, 1.56 GBP, 6.06 RMB to 1.28 SGD to 1250 Gold. Essentially the Banks can retire all forex traders.

Welcome to the Era of New Currency. AND then SPX would hold at 1780, and all markets come to a standstill.

Welcome the day all MARKETS died.

ADVICE: pull out all your monies from your trading account before another MF Global happens.

Just came back from Qatar, BUY CRUDE.

Checked Shinto Abe birthdate, he is condemned for this year, basically Japan can be written off. And Japan energy policy is in shambles. Soon lawyers would be raising charges against the Japan Prime Minister in California and beyonds, And there would be warrants out for his arrest, crime: killing humans in nuclear genocide.

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Feb New China Year

well, i have to take credit for having said that China growth would slow to 5 to 6%.
Indeed on Bloomberg, Lombard calls for China to slow below 5%. China growth is Debt Driven.

ICBC having bailed out the failed fund that was said to default on 1Feb, means the China Banks
are now officially shouldering the Credit Risks square on. Meaning CDS of China Banks would rocket
like what happened to Lehman, Citibank and then the European countries.

Chinese are all busy buying all real estates worldwide, and lately their appetite for Australian
properties have been announced world wide. Monies straight from the Chinese Banks into Australia real estate.

And China A shares ETF and derivatives are traded in some offshore Asian metropolitan city, meaning
taking profit on China banging can bring monies that you can take home.

May the thousands horses ride.

3 FEB China to slow to below 5% "China in Crisis Mode" I quote

last week, I called for China to slow to 5 to 6%, and Lombard today on Bloomberg calls for below 5%.
seems like my estimate is right.

China Banks CDS would rise, like Citibank, Lehman Brothers, in the early state of collapse. ICBC
just bailed out the failed investment trust that promised its depositors 12% interest. And there are
tens thousands of those trust in China !!!!

Hardworking Chinese deposited their monies with the Trust thinking of 12% return. The Trust loaned
the monies to corporates hungry for cash, if not to the Banks. Corporate chief then cash out the monies
and send their families abroad to Australia, London, California, Singapore, buying up real estate there.
Monies were never invested for production.

It is a chain, monies from one corporate to next corporate, chiefs cash out along the way.

A large portion of China A shares ET F and derivatives are traded in Singapore, meaning traders can
make monies on China ass rip and still takes their monies home.

The Ponzi game is China is up. And you are assured that there are lots of political enemies of current
Xi JinPing regime, like those rich tycoons are are implicated in bribes and evil deeds, who are bent
on defeating the current regime, and such tycoons have clandestine ties to the Morganders, and London
and US politicians. Expect the Media from CNN to BBC, RT, Aljazeera to hype on this China thing BIG TIME.

2014 is the year of the China Collapse, RMB would start to reverse course, triggering a massive exodus
of funds (that explains why PBoC prohibits any monies transfer for 9 days in FEB).

While writing, Puts on China iShares ETF is increasing, no worries we are still in early stage.
China is closed for this week.