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Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 January China spring festival evening show / Emerging Economies raising rates rapidly

it is a good rally, should bring SPX above 1800 for a continuation into 1900 in FEB.

Meanwhile Turkey is raising Interest Rate of all types across the board, denies it is Capital Control.
Expect India to be next, followed by Indonesia, Thailand, all latin american countries would follow suit.

On the eve of the first day of China lunar year of the wood horse, Beijing would stage a evening concert show nation wide and broadcasted worldwide to all Chinese communities. In this year the theme of communism china and military china is the strongest in all these years. We have ballerina dancing the steps of a communist peasant girl. We have militaty singers in all tribal dress singing heart boiling war songs with background of rockets, tanks and even glimpses of nuclear explosions.

The Chinese are not brashful of showing its will to go to War.

So we are going into a to China wide shutdown next week. And I am traveling to Persian gulf to secure some crude and distillates supplies ahead of geo turmoils.

So the trade has been to buy SPX on dips and short precious metals. We see a strong urge to swap silver for gold nonetheless.

30 Jan The Hooker Theory of Capitalism. I salute thee.

I write in simple English. Unlike those writers in Zerohedge or other blogs who write in codes, it is really difficult to understand them.

Now, I use an simple example to explain Capitalism in today's world, in relation to the death of the two Morganders in London today, and the market manipulations in general.

You went to a Hooker and gave her a really good time, and she even said that you are the BEST ever. Then she asks for tips. All you can say is that "I am very good in performing, but really bad with monies".

That sums up the situation with the High Frequency traders, aka market manipulators. They use supercomputers to churn out their algo and then did 24x7 of testing, deployed those algos and had to constantly guard against hacking and sabotage. They jacked the market up when it is needed, defended the bottoms, and pushed the market up Mount Everest. They are like the American soldiers who hold up the flags on the god forgiven island in Japan 2nd world war. And they make only peanuts. Compared to some casinos operator of a mediocre casino brand who become the wealthiest billionaire in Asia, or to some China entrepreneurs who launched their IPO amidst the rallies and cashed in their earnings on the first days. And lots of other Asian executives who thrive in the stronger economies earning big bonuses, and cash in with a new Ferraris or Lambo. And countless people in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing reverse their mortgages 20x, 50x and leveraged all their way in the artificial sustained QE environment. Owning a few dozens of properties and a garage full of Bugatis, Bentlys, Ferraris and Lambo.

I myself got a ride on the rally and made good long deals as well.

The Chief Morgander may be getting $20 million bonuses, getting scrutiny and criticism, while others just became a multibillionaire overnight silently, thanx to some heroic self inflicted deed of lower class Morganders.

When the Bank traders manipulated the Libor, they made peanuts compared to those real estate agencies, properties funds who gotten cheap loans to encourage properties purchases. In the course, earned multiplies of profits without one ion of guilt or wrong doings.

However some of these Heroes had to pay with their lives, like the two Morganders. In the course of shady deals, making a buck for themselves, the Morganders partake in horrific deals, and hence silenced when the deals are about to see light.

The whole story so far after China Chairman XiJinPing met the Big O was that, China would rid of the US treasuries holdings, divest them into US industrial properties, US companies, commodities, gold included. This is done through derivatives. China treasury bills is literally leased out to the Morganders and the Morganders convert them into purchases of US properties, etc. What China carries US Treasuries on its books to the tune of 2 Trillions are actually much lessers in the last yr. The Morganders in turn have to oblige to scoop up Gold, Commodities from the market at a low average price. Hence the Gold price has been suppressed to force the GLD retails investors to sell their gold holdings, and the Morganders get the physical bars from the SPDR or Ishares and then ship it to Hong Kong, via a red wine warehouse in HK, China ship the gold bars inland.
At a certain point in the future, China and US would flip the switch and suddenly China has no more US Treasuries but becoming the 3rd largest holder of Gold in the world.

And the media got wind of these deals, and the two Morganders are sacrificed.

Today Obama marks the milestone of the demise of "Made in China" and the rennaissance of "Made in USA". And the US tax payers would have to start to carry the final baton of the bailout of the Banks in 2009. US Tax Payers have to gobble the new retirement scheme with US Bonds which no nations wants. The deal is that hoping that the rennaissance of manufacturing in US would spur growth and make the US Bonds continue to be attractive to all parties. And at the same time to prevent the collapse of the USD. China is now on a cliff, the factories are leaving China heading back to US. And China domestic consumption is still not robust enough to offset exports. We are looking at a very precarious plunge in China GDP into the realm of 5 to 6%.

To end this, let us salute the Unsung heroes of the market jacking and laments their death.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

29 Jan Wave 5 and snowboarding skiing suicide => Bank Run coming

The wave 5 has begun, SPX going to 1900.
Asian local funds have come out to buy the bottom. Think at the Pinnacle, Jamie Diamond would be selling to Blankfein to some dumb
China funds which promised its investors 12% return.
Meanwhile, the China government is bailing out its defaulting Funds. Think once Chinese New Year is finished in 1st week of FEB, we are going to see a strings of Funds defaulting and saved eventually. Eventually all ended up in the Chinese Banks, ICBC, ABC, CCB, BOC. Think they would be downgraded to C minus by the end of 2014.

Meanwhile Bankers who returned from Davos, besides going to snowboarding, some are forced to commit suicide or suicided.
One Deutscher and one JP Morgander died this few days. Instead of execution at a faraway Asia metropole, it is cheaper to execute it on main street.

Meanwhile Barclay is rumoured to have thousands job cuts, while travel ban enforced. Execution in hometown.

It is a witch hunting season, I call it the Population Control Unit in operation. Better go snowboarding and slam down the mountains than hanged from the ceiling.

Davos is the meeting when the Bank CEO meet with their Freemason masters and cross out those staff that need to be facilitated to the Abyss Pit.

Solar flares coming around in next few hours. Expecting a string of Earthquakes coming.

Bank run coming, first China PBoC limiting transfer out of China for 9 days, then HSBC limiting withdrawal, Russian Banks, then some more central European Banks, Ukraine Banks, next ??

29 Jan Nothing to watch here, just a correction.

Just a correction. heard in the banking hall, one customer tell another that this market, you would not sell, but buy, yes.

Demons unleased:


This is the closest description of Demonic possession after last year January/Feb case of Elisa Lam in Los Angeles Cecil Hotel.

Unfortunately no photo or recordings.

Now am on way away from Davos, well it is said that the Big shots who return from Davos would be heading straight to the desk to press the BUY button. Well, really dun care. Am heading out to Salzburg for the Snowboarding holiday.

Till then, it is still a buy on dip for Equities. Janet would not disappoint the market. As for Gold, it is a sell. The rise has been so weak, incongruent with the fall in Equities.
Trading tip:
Short GOLD at 1250 to 1260
Target 1185, further out 1,000.

Monday, January 27, 2014

27 Jan The US banks stuck in mud in China


Haha, now the Morgans, JP, MS, GS, Citi, BOA, cannot liquidate their invesmtment in China with a ban
on Yuan trading for 9 days.

Essentially, nobody can transfer monies out of China. More corrupt officials and Bankers would be rounded up and their monies cannot flee. afterall, the shanghai new FREE monetaryzone is.just a trap.

however having said that, tbough asia markets have dropped. there is no panic. was in a local brokerage in an asian city. everybody camly looking at the screens. One fellow flings his hands up to visibly.project his vision of a rally coming. if yellen wish is to scare people to plead her for another QE, she has to do more scaremongering. so far this is a correction. 
one broker walked passed spoke of a reliable.tip; a water processing firm currently at eleven cents may go to twenty three cents.

in summary, quiet. THE MARKET HAS NO MORE FEAR.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

27 Jan Lots of DOOM

now we see a lot of doom.
Doomster toking up the FACTS.

Heard about
Deutsches Bank failure leading to domino effect
COMEX has no more GOLD, it is a fraudulent exchange
Shanghai premium on cash gold delivery would be 1000 USD/ounce,

BUT those guys talking about them are highly unstable, though armed with PhD, etc.

Watched 2 movies on my way back from Sweden, one is The Conjuring, the other is Prisoners.

Conjuring is about Demonologist and Pyschic summoning the Demon and beating it.

About Prisoners, it is about a Psychotic grandmother type hijacking children from their families and then wishing to turn their parents into DEMONS.

What the market plotters are up to, to convert the youngs who traded, invested into DEMONS.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

16 Jan SPX Wave 5

SPX indeed made a new high. Wave 5 now qualifies to "completion", it may just want to make it a bit higher for the 1.618 extension. Any time now.
Lots of chatter in market about Treasury yields, Pensions, etc.
Unemployment rate is definitely coming down, hiring continues in a ever shrinking labor base. Taper would continues, 10b every month.
It would take the FED 2 years to unwind. The Equities would just consolidate below current range. Nothing to see here.
Individual stocks may out perform.
Market consolidation would continues till the Triad moons are over, with a solar eclipse in between.

World government rushing to find monies for their pension payouts.

My HK friends are smiling again, with HSI ever approaching 23000.

By the way, be careful, dun end up like the dog below, held in the lift when the door slams and crushed to death.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15 Jan (FULL MOON) VIRUS ATTACK: CITIBANKers down with H1N1 in the City of Tax Haven and Bankers suicide.

I keep getting nudges from my colleagues from Hong Kong about BIZZARE HAPPENINGS in Singapore,

Last yrs, we keep getting Bankers who jump into the river and drowned, for no reason at all. I commented that for the US Bankers and Londoners to get rid of their rivalry, just sent their rivals on a Singapore posting.

We also had a German Dutchy who flew down from the 60+ floor of the Marina Bay Sands casino, courtesy of Adelson.

And another Russian guy who flew off 60+ floor of the Raffles City Swissotel, not far from the banking district.
and an American lady who fell from lower floors a few week earlier.

Numerous of their countrymen walked straight into the River or Reservoirs to drown away their casino debt. To the extent that any reports on drownings are banned. We can assume that hundreds got killed by drowning themselves in the reservoirs or boarding a craft and jumped off in the open sea.

You can type in the name of a major Singapore hotel, add the phrase death or suicide, and you would get one or more entries.
It is the island nation of suicide, like the Japan suicide forest. Except ghosts haunt the concrete instead of trees.

A mass riot by hundreds Indian laborers erupted last weeks, the first one in 40 years. and now the government is in bikers with London Times on the cause of the riot.

The nation Sovereign Wealth real estate fund manager paid a China hooker 500 USD to mate in his swanky Sentosa Cove bungalow and found her drowned in a waist deep swimming pool naked.

And day before, we got 2 security guards who are killed by fire on the 65th floor of a swanky Marina Bay suite condominium in the Banking district. Charred to the extent that DNA testing is required. They literally walked straight into the fire, and burnt alive. Only 20 of the 200 units are occupied, the rest are for properties speculators.

And today CITIBANK Singapore has 2 staff infected with H1N1 (SWINE FLU), eight other bankers on quarantine.

You can guarantee that the entire Banking district of the island nation would be on lock down.

Just to add: a dog got hanged in a lift in Singapore.

It feel like HADES.

A last read,

IT sure feels like Dubai, when expats leaves keys in their cars and condominium before they flee in the earliest possible flight.

15 Jan (FULL MOON) the False Prophet, New World Order, The first Trillionaire, Superprime Crisis, the United Congress of Earth and The High Frequency Sex

Iran has won, won the rights to weaponise its nuclear plutonium, without fighting a single war. And down goes Israel. Like in American corporation wherby conflict advoidance is the modi operandi, the nation is also in conflict advoidance mode, thereby sacrificing the interests of its citizens and allies.
This should fan a wave of bargaining by other nations with the more vulnerable America, like wanting for discounts in trade, more share of US domestic markets, US advance technologies, etc. America now is like the Qing dynasty before it accelerates to its downfall.
American Dollar as the world reserve currency is now in greater doubt, and on the verge of a downward plunge.

Israel Prime Minister says: only thing that could "save" Israel is for Kerry to win Nobel Peace Prize and "leave us alone."

Indeed, Israel is in a fairly good state, and anything further to that is actually cutting out Israel and give it to the Palestinians, etc. I am not Pro-Jew nor Palestine or whatsover, this is the FACT.

So you can see how these things would pan out. The False Prophet rising before Messiah arrives.

Now today is full moon day and this marks the bottom of the 4th wave pull back, and 5th wave rally would complete this intermediate term up trend. Mortgage your house, and buy up the market.
And my fellow HK friends were all too happy to buy up the Dip yesterday for this technology led rally.

In today's social media era, workers spend 40% of time on social emails, FB, google, etc. And hardware were purchased for social media, like a new IPAD to video chat. The contribution towards technology advancement, work improvements are minimal. In fact human productivity is eroding. Social chats lead to sex, and this is disturbing to a worklife, when people are day dreaming of all Kamar Sutra's pattern. (It is inbuilt in human's DNA to reproduce, whether you are a Reverend, or President. And GOD has given incentive to make Reproduction a pleasure event. And for that matter, it is not built into human's DNA to work). Hence do not work, and you would see that the labor base in all countries would be shrinking. Hence expect unemployment rate in US to fall into 6% pretty soon. False Statistics !!!!.

As said, with the passing of the bill to legalise same sex marriage in US, and soon coming to the door steps of every countries. We would see a human world in 3 poles: man to woman, man to man, woman to woman. This set the stage for tripolar world, conflicts everywhere. Peak Human as we call it.

Trading Ideas:
Bitcoins are here to stay, it is in its infancy. It is like Gold at 200 USD.
While Gold has another journey into 900 to 1000. Short Gold at current level for a swift move down.
And go long on Equities, especially technology for another leg up.
the funds are currently balancing their portfolios, rotating out of Equities into Bonds. and some into commodities. Expect this rotation to end soon, and the equities rally begin.

This rally should goto 1900-2000 for SPX. (U know what I mean)

Having said that, we are into the tail end of this multi year rally since 2009. Evidence that the Billionaires are slowly disposing of their investments. The Asia richest man Li Kah Sheng is selling off his office properties in Beijing with ease. Hence the next rally in global equities is a major distribution phase, whereby the Mega-Rich would cash out, and the rich and middle-class would be left to hold the snow, literally.

This report in Forbes has been vehemently denied by the local Central Bankers. What the Central Bankers did not admit are the massive properties speculation on their books. It would take a decade to unwind. 2008-2009 we have the subprime crisis against banks holding credit worthless citizens loans in Western nations. 2014-2015 we have the superprime crisis against Asian banks holding properties and business loans where the borrower has no intention of repaying. Unable to repay (in the case of US loans) and Unwilling to Repay (in the case of Asian Chinese loans) are the same at the end of the day. The borrowers just disappear into a Tibetan highland or Bolivia heavenly lake.

When business fails, they sell their empty factories to the nation Sovereign Wealth Fund. And the major of the Sovereign Wealth Fund is empty properties. And to churn, they tear down the empty office and build new ones, again going empty. But the tearing down and building would generate some economic activity of sort. And this is happening in leading Asian nations, not some backward, undernourished European cities. Printing monies to designated reciepient to generate huge wealth for annointed individuals and as a by-product generate some economic activities in real estate only.

And you know that is what would give rise to the first Trillionaire of the World, reap the monies of all Asia Central Bankers. The First Trillionaire would be conferred the honor of the Tri-Grand Master of the Freemasons, command the Illuminati and bestowed the key to the Templar treasure and the secret of Horus.

All traders on board, make up your mind, place your bet, no need to work any more and have lots of sex, the High Frequency Type.
Me, the Grandmaster, has achieved the pinnacle, repeated penetration without ejaculation, the ultimate goal of the Yogist, the Gurus, the Rabbi, the Reikist, the meditation practitioner, the CNBC hosts, the Prophets (you prophecise to have the next sex right ?) those who want to get close to GOD. And I think YOU should as well.

Central Bankers (and their eavesdropping minions) should just logout, follow what French President Francois Hollande does with France First Lover, and have lots of sex.

Californian citizens would come to the awareness that they are at the brunt of the Radiation onslaught since the 2011 Fukushima tsunamis. Radioactive debris is now recycled in the community. Fishes are showing hightened raiation level. It does not matter how much per litre of seawater there are radiation. It is one hot particle that get ingested that would distort your DNA and cause cell mutate into Tumors.

The next Pension Fund for Retirees would be the Pension for legal class action against Government for Negligence on Prevention of Fukushima nuclear fallout (the GNPK Fund).

The End Days scenario is almost visible now, a chain of Earthquakes around the world collapses the Nuclear Reactors and mass contamination on Earth. Then President of United States (current or future) would come forth to lead the World as the False Prophet, whereby countries would surrender their sovereignty. There would be one global command, one global congress: The United Congress of Earth UCE). There would not be need of any stock market as Monies are rationed onto corporations and businesses. Citizens would hold no more monies, but electronics allocations, like the Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin is the currency of the new world order. Freemasons would rule the World.
And the Aliens amongst us would rule, those with superpowers.

This is the cornerstone post by the Wallstreet Nostradamus on this First Full Moon of 2014.

Monday, January 13, 2014

13 Jan Bitcoins and Commodities

As you can see, even Bitcoins have caught up in this tiny Asian state. Bitcoin is here to stay and its value would rise to even 10,000 USD per coin in a few years times, as the monies printed by China and America starts sloshing around.

S'pore food joints score with Bitcoins

Incidentally, Indonesia is banning exports of its raw materials ores to China and raising its export tax on ores. The Chinese had gone on a safari trip to Indonesia since Xi JinPing last visit and snaps up everything including fish farms, iron ores, palm oils, etc. The China banks were all too ready to print the cash for any transactions. And those officials from the emerging market countries were given bribes to expedite transaction and allow sale at below market price.

It is market manipulations of sort. Not the type that manipulates the transactions on the exchange. Manipulations have gone behind the scene after Dodd-Frank. Exchange officials, trade officials participate in sale of Commodities at below market prices, and they themselves given a share of the discount. That explains the unusually tamed Commodities prices throughout all these years, when manufacturing, demand is at a tear from factories.

The losers are the emerging economies countrymen when their resources are sold at a discount, and only a selected few of their fellow countryman profit from the sale. Hence because of the ZIRP, it encourages distortion, unethical business transactions and tax haven, monies laundering among these emerging countries or developed countries in Latin America, South Africa, South East Asia, etc.

Today, the Hong Kong tycoons have come out to support the HK market but snapping up shares. Good sign. At least am sure my fellow HK colleagues are enjoying themselves in the office trading amongst their office routines.

Meanwhile, the Kaduri prophecy talk seems to be dying down. Good sign, at least it is not propaganda, it is REAL.

indonesia changed its mind. no ore ban for 66 of its firms. CHEAP ORE resumes. no commodity rally.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

12 JAN The pit of abyss

According to revelations,the locust aka devil minions would rise from the pit of abyss. Where might it be in modern times. The tarot card moon gives us a clue.

it is between two rising towers. in HONG KONG we have the IFC and ICC straddling across the VICTORIA HARBOUR. in recent.days HK is shrouded in extreme smog. and end times have begun, the locust are rising from the abyss heading for the mountain top.

12 Jan Ariel Sharon

Things are doubling quick. Ariel Sharon would be laid to rest on 13 jan, an ominous date. So quick, hardly time for mourning. Biden should already be on his way to airport now to take his trip to tell aviv. Pope franicis announced he would visit West Bank on 24 to 26 may yesterday. The Hamas are celebrating the loss of their arch enemy. Nothing from Iran so far while busily building weapon capable centrifuges, and probably have a miniature weapon in place.

It is as if like the Peace agreement promised by Kelly would happen soon some what in february.

Things would be unfolding in rapid fashion. Would the Beast come forth to claim pole position as the second coming of messiah .making HIMSELF literally the Christ to everybody in this world, the Catholics, the Christians, the Jews and the Muslim .as said in the Bible, the false prophet would appear before the Real Christ coming.

11 Jan The Kaduri prophecy. tribulations begin today 20140111

Significant event. Ariel Sharon has died. And Rabbi Kaduri has left a prophecy that the Messiah would return when Ariel Sharon pass away.
According to kaduri past prophecy, the Messiah has attached himself to somebody in Israel.

Stanley fisher has been appointed deputy Fed chair. A Freemason nonetheless. What are the Freemasons planning for the arrival or revelation of the Messiah.

The Egyptian god of hell Ossiris is said to return in the form of Horus a.k.a the Messiah. Accompanying HIS arrival, the legend or folklore has it that the Demigods would rise from the endless pit. They would bring torture, grief but not take the life of humans who do not bear the mark of GOD.

Remember the mark of Horus the all seen eye is on the United States dollar of America.

The greatest accomplishment of the BEAST had been to reach a coalition with Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, the atomic agency and the United Nations to keep the Fukushima situations under wraps since 2011 in Athens name of protecting the world economy and hence their reelection chances in office. now US eastern cities are popping up radiation alerts, china coastal waters are virtually deprived of fish supplies.
opportunities for citizens to get some monies is to raise class actions suits against major governments and TEPCO to get compensations.

Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Jan Hong Kong distress and H6N66 and MAX DOOM !!! Rally Ahoy !!!

got calls right in the early morning from my Hong Kong followers when the market dropped again.
It was a false alarm alright, as the market was bought up after lunch, and it made sort of a morningstar pattern which is bullish.

knowing the Hong Kongers all too well. The rich middleclass are all heavily into properties, servicing their monthly mortgages with little left for anything else.
Except the singles, working adults who are new to the job market, unable to pay downpayment for a decent properties, resort to stock trading to earn enough to get married. And they are now heaviliy invested. The entire psyche of the HK workforce is pinned on the Hang Seng Index.

Hence to keep stability in this fragile World Financial market, we urge the Funds (alpha, beta to godzilla) to come into market tonight and buy up the world, and then repeat the same to Hong Kong. Objective, we need to keep this generation of stock traders alive. Do not kill them.

Have mercy.

Meanwhile, Thailand is on the edge of a coup, Cambodia is having mass riots. Kim Jong Un of North Korea killed his uncles alive with dogs.

And that brings us to the impending sub-prime crisis of China.

Back in 2007, we have lots of unsalaried fellow citizens snapping up properties without an income backing, Banks were ready to loan.
Now in 2014, we have lots of scam businesses snapping up loans in China without any revenues to show, China banks were ready to loan and shit deep in debt.

Though the China banks have restricted loans, their accomplice are still getting loans to roll over loans every quarters. Their accomplices have no intention of repaying. The monies were siphoned offshore into HK bank accounts.

At the tipping point, China banks shares would be dumped and RMB would reverse course, then PBoc would start to stem the drop by selling USD and buying RMB. I.e. China would start to dump US Treasuries without a schedule. US Treasuries yields would rocket leading to a sudden rise in Interest Rate world wide. We are close to the tipping point, just short of one last Wave 5 rally in US Equities,
Hence when the Wave 5 rally completes, SPX would be in 1900, then the crash would start.

Trading tips.
Go long SPX at 1838, target 1890 to 1900

Short Gold at 1238, target 1140, next 1000.

Expect Yellen to come out this week to yak stability and more monies printing.
What happened to Bernanke ?

Down with H1N1 ?

While the Pandemic spreads in the Winter, the media would keep it under wrapps, and it spreads and spreads, via air traffic/land into Mexico, Canada, and then into Hong Kong, while China would continue its H5N1 spread under media blackout.
And then we have a wonderful combi of H1N1 and H5N1 give H6N66

What a laugh !!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Jan 4 No Doom from Dr Doom

Relax, Dr Doom said there is no doom today, despite Hang Sang dropped 500 points almost 2%.
Knowing the Asians too well, they would come back to office next week and start loading up on stocks with all the cash they have.

In fact, the Hong Kongers were making a wish for a rehash of 2003 SARS so that they can buy properties and stocks on the cheap.

Hence to crash the market, it has to be something even more sinister than SARS, something that the mass population is not expecting. Hence it is too unexpecting that the Dr Doom has nothing to say except to say that the market is all rosy in 2014.

Now from a Nostradmus point of view, the unexpected event would be the Fukushima radiation has reached the shores of Korea, China, Shanghai, Tianjin and even to the south of Hong Kong.

Just chatted with a Chinese fish merchant, there are now no longer sizeable fish off the coast of east Chin, to the extent that the Chinese have to source for fish supplies off the coast of Indonesia, Australia.

Essentially, the Eastern sea board of China is no longer habitable. And the Japanese are just melting in stronger and stronger doses of radiation. Evacuation of Tokyo is going to be a reality and something that the Japanese government would broach in the coming weeks when Nikkei breach 18000.
The Nikkei would fall alongside Yen, and Yen can easily reach 200.

So that makes me a even greater Doom then Dr Doom. Me, Dr Doom squared.

Am expecting DOW and SPX to make newer highs to stage a Bearish non-confirmation MACD. A rebound is in the cards for Asian equities next week, when emerging market funds move in full force to buy the dip.

While Gold is heading for 1000, hence take measured shorts from 1235 to 1250.

Meanwhile, Japan TEPCO reports that radiation is coming up from the ocean floor.

China syndrome is happening, radiation is drilling through the earth crust. and the fishes are dying in masses.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Jan 1 First post of the year

First happy new year to all !!!!

I have been urged to get out and write something to the public (a.k.a free riders).

Was in Hong Kong all these while, nothing hanky panky. The market was kept afloat, literally ending 2013 where it began in 2013. It was all thrill when the heads of Chinese conglomerates were hunted down for corrputions, and stocks dive, e.g. China Resources. The purging is still going on. That MR Chou YongKang, ex-Politburo head is probably now in custody. His stonghold on the Oil companies are shattered.

RMB is now on a tear, inching up day after day, its trading volume in offshore centers is rising. And Bitcoin purchases is banned in China after the low profile visit by Biden. While the richest man in Asia, MR Li KahShing is planning a BitPay in the fasion of Paypal.

From a reserve currency perspective, more and more monies are leaking into RMB. Literally all HKD earned by HongKongers are converted into RMB, short of some for groceries. And now fake thousands HKD dollar bills are getting rampant in Hong Kong itself. The peg of HKD to USD would be under attack again in 2014.

USD is on its way down slowly, short of any shock induced by FED to raise it.

One of the China Ms Dama trade (in the likes of Ms Watanabe) has been to short gold/silver futures while buying physical gold jewellery on the low. One may just conclude that the objective of the China precious metals market is just to short gold/silver. Even colleagues of mine, those born in 1980s, were bragging of their winnings: literally earning double, triple, quadruple their monthly income.
Of course the outcome of these would be the incessant flow of physicals out from COMEX, London into HK and then via a disguised merchant ship off the western coast of Hong Kong island in a China government owned godown, enter into China storage.

So we are in a Goldilock situation, US GDP is rising with more people disappearing off job statistics. Europe is claiming it does not need any more bailouts. While nations government debts are at historical high.

In 2014, the attention would shift from the QE to how long can governments sustain their debt level. I.e. tensions are already boiling over China provinces historical high debt level of $3 trillions.

The world economy is never so fragile and vulnerable to the slightest nudge. Meanwhile, the robots are gearing the market higher.

Anyway, thanx to the liquidity, it was a good year in Hong Kong, when the Hong Kongers are "glad" that their investments are still afloat though not turning in any profits.

In subsequent issues, I would do a Tarot read on the SPX specifically. stay tuned. Meanwhile, do join as Followers to receive real time update.

By the way, nobody is paying attention to any more debt ceilings, congress, etc, with all its dog and ponies show. We can basically write off the congress, senate and setup the Global Command of all nations, when all nations head of states report into the United States, and then all united, we can start to conquer Moon, challenge the inhabitants on Moon, and setup cities on Mars.