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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 Nov Bonus

yes, indeed it was opportune for the SPX to rise again to 2000, when the companies bought stocks at dip and gave it to employees as incentives on 30 Oct, it was a flip for the employees to sell it on 3 Nov.

now, everybody is waiting for the Xmas Rally. Was in Malaysia, and in their local tabloids, common folks read about governments printing monies, wide discontent. Banging on the US recovery stories, Sovereign Wealth Funds had no choice but to park their monies in US Real Estate.

While Japan dwindling population have left a lot of vacant houses, sometimes with corpse. While Cities dwelling are getting more expensive. Ebola news is now censured in Public Media. You only learn of Ebola at your death bed.

And the stock markets is getting so boring that a UK Banker murdered 2 Indonesian sex workers in the Wanchai part of HK. Bankers instead of getting suicided, are now turning to killings, to replace a lack of killings in the montonous HK stock market.

Friday, October 24, 2014

24 Oct Captain America

Now this is really getting out of hands, Captain America arrested.

Avengers assemble, The Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Robin and Bat girl, all ready in this Battle of the Five Armies.

And so it begins.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

15 Oct HK Police brutality


And Asia richest man Li Kah Shing has came out to sound sympathetic towards the students, when his business is bleeding millions daily, when his retail chain, supermarkets, are losing business.


And that means, the Asian Billionaires have bought into the recent bottom and now ready to spur the market upwards. Now is no better times to bankrupt those Billionaires and distribute their illegal wealth through corruption. They scoured their wealth from indebting millions of HKers who signed mortgages that can never be paid in a lifetime. And they take their cash from the Banks who are funded by the government printing monies.

"Will you follow me one more time?", Gandalf asked.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

3 Oct HK Occupy Central and Battle of the 5 Armies

I was about the rest for the day, and saw the shocking news.

Today, pro-Beijing Traids attack the students, demolishing their road side tents, and allegedly assaulted School Girls. And the Police was late in containing the 2 conflicting sides. Those school girls were later lifted into police cars.

"There were widespread allegations of sexual assault in the densely-packed crowds, with three girls wearing plastic rain ponchos seen being bundled into a police van in tears after apparently being assaulted at the Causeway Bay protest." quoting www.Channelnewsasia.com


This is getting unbearable, and me, Gandalf would once again call upon the Five Armies come to battle on Middle Earth one more time.

I call upon All Angels from Heaven and Earth join forces one more time, defend the innocent students, give them mighty light, to expel the Darkness from the North.

Would you follow me one more time ?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

2 Oct Eye of Horus.

HK chaos has attracted world attention, and support from the Hackers group. HK is the forefront of China and Western influence. IF HK protest wins, then Shanghai, Beijing would fall.

Eventually there would be BLOOD to resolve the situation.

Even UFO has come to support the Protest. As said, the Undead, the Buried, the wandering souls in the mountains, the Heaven troopers would all be descending into HK. It is much like the Qing Dynasty, when unjust rules the Earth, Heaven and Hell would come together to even the scores.

Thanx, Ben, ZIRP is the tool of Satan, the Revelation.

And that unravels the secret of Horus Eye on the dollar bill. When the plot is revealed, God of Horus would bless it.

The Dollar HKD peg is time to unravel.

Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Sept HK riots worsen

you can read all on www.scmp.com, watch HK market. HK six biggest billionaires tycoon families activated to defend the market as per their obligation to the Party. Skin the bears alive, as told.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 Sept Asia Chaos

Now, Japan volano erupted while there were hundreds of hikers in the vacinity. At least 33 dead.

And HK famous "Occupy Central" movememt has started. All my Banker friends and traders are flying back home, much earlier than last year for the Thanxgiving.
Young schooling childrens were arrested and hospitalised. Worst scenario ( as the Occupy Central movement spreads, and death/injuries happen, there would be condemnation from US and UK. US may despatch its USS Kennedy off HK western shores, while China piles in its Frigates, and mobilise its PLA soldiers onto the streets. Then Capital Control implemented to prevent to Funds from fleeing ) end quote Worst case scenario.

Incidentally, The China XiJinPing just met the HK Billionaires in Beijing, all real estate developers, last week, and now Occupy movement begins. The billionaires are from:

  • Cheungkong
  • Galaxy entertainment
  • Wharf
  • Kerry Group
  • New World development
  • Henderson land

And Singapore, a peaceful country, now has chaotic protests at the door steps of the banking districts. Not sure if the Bankers there have booked their flights ahead of worsening haze from forest fires.

courtesy of the Epoch times www.theepochtimes.com

courtesy of Asiaone www.asiaone.com

The leader of the Singapore protest was asking the Central banker for a refund of  the pension funds.
Not to mention, Iphone makers are in hot soup for the Bending Iphone. (Steve Jobs would be up there smiling away).
Complete chaos after China manage to fleece off Wallstreet with the Biggest IPO of its history.
In true traditions, Funds would flee Emerging Countries, especially Asia first.

All these, by virtue of Zero Interest Rate Policy, leading to corrupt governments world wide.

SPX and INDU has been jerked off higher and higher on lower and lower volume. How would it happen when some big honchos sell off or Brokerage goes bonkers ?

Anyway, I have switched off my Algo, in-case it goes crazy and loads up positions when everybody else is selling. Anyway, I am not alone, week ago, I saw a brokerage trader handing a pile of hard cash to a business insider. So there it goes........

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tax Free income. The Buck stops here.

First, colleagues and I was discussing about the recent rise in our tech sector companies to recent record levels. and selling our shares allocated would pay off the tax due. Time to spread to our friends. This is after all Fed's plan, rising stock prices, gain wealth to pay off tax, generating revenue for governments. And companies have been buying back shares to boost share prices for its employees. Well done.

Second, the Chinese Communist Party is now tightening its noose on former leader Jiang Zhe Min, and his sons, who are tech honchos in Shanghai. His sons actually brokered the massively expensive Siemens Maglev train deals, and other illegal land sales and purchases via HK. Jiang's sons have close tie to tech companies in US, which has substantial presence in Shanghai, especially Semiconductors and Iphones/Ipad support clusters companies.Shanghai is the last stronghold of corrupt Chinese officials.

And it is going to impact on US tech companies overall sales in coming quarters. It is time to bail out of Apple and tech sectors for now.

On Shanghai bourse, shares of companies go from 90 to 9 dollars in no time. and owners are still happy, because the true value of their companies is only 90 cents, and they have shorted their own stocks. Notorious Chinese stocks on NASDAQ would find their equivalent in the greatest thief of American stock history: Alibaba and its fellowship of thieves.

Its team of X-men are doing extra time trying to levitate the stock. Nonetheless, there are more powerful Himalayan masters out there.

With Bill Gross jumping ship from one junk to another, think it is time to bail out of all brokerages, another MF Global event may be on the Horizon.

Time to sell and take the monies and prepare for Thanx giving holidays. It would be nice to travel North to watch the ever magnificient auroras, or travel to Tibet in search of Shambala.

IF you read Steve Jobs last words, it does not matter if you have billions or millions on the death bed, it is the rolling of your life time movies that would leave you with a smile on the last breath.

Time to bail out of this Bernanke and Yellen induced hologram. They are in my Universe. The buck stops here.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The looming Theft of the Century

yes, it is coming with the Alibaba IPO in the next one hour.

Alibaba is the great Arabian thief. And when Ma Yun conceive the name Alibaba, he was thinking to pull off the greatest theft of human history.
When I met him almost 15 yrs back, he was presenting in a investors forum. He was a English school teacher in China, and he handled the questions well. Some VCs were oready piling at the side of the stage waiting for him 15 yrs ago.

To survive, the Company has to curry favors with different political factions in China, and hence the major shareholders are mainly the Chinese political families, alongside some useless sovereign wealth fund.

As the world market is waiting for this, and the Octopus are circling for a bite. How would it fare in its debut ? As the Chinese political families who like their counterparts in China stock market would make their monies and run, especially with the recent spade of political anti-corruption clampdown in China. How to pull off a blackout when Facebook has already done so ?

Alibaba, which is a mystical name in Gypsies tradition, would cast a magic spell on the market. Literally like what Lucy has done in the movie, when she was strolling in New Year. She freezes time. And Ma Yun, besides attending to his golf and company meetings, has an intense interest in the mystic, the esoterics. He has recruited some Xman type characters, who can walk through walls, invisible and capable of inceptions, etc.

For sure the greatest Theft in human history would be pulled off and the world would be stunned.

Afterall, all of us living in a hologram. And the greatest Theft would not be the billions from Wallstreet but the theft of the consciousness of the world.

With Xman capabilities, the markets can be levitated as well as plundered, all with the flash of the mind.

The move in Gold and Silver is even more dramatic than GBP, all making recent years low. As the Shanghai and Singapore are launching physical gold exchanges. The government sponsored bullion banks are trying to smash the prices to entice retail and funds sale, so that physical gold can be bought at cheaper prices.
Like the Spaniards stealing the Incan silvers, US and European gold are shipped to Shanghai now directly in broad daylight.
Another theft of the century.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

13 August Double CME

well the CME Coronal Mass Ejection can't come at a most opportune time, when the Market is at its top. In the next few days, we should see major earth crust activities. The Iceland volcano would make the mother of all volcano eruption, and the entire Europe would be covered in ashes till next year spring. A miniature Ice Edge of sort has come.
Not to mention the Yellowstone Caldera is finally erupting as well. Triggering the much awaited slit earthquake, along St. Andreas fault.

Even if the entire Wallstreet is like Pompei city, the tradebots would still be running and pushing INDU to 30,000. And make sure you authorise a automatic transfer from your brokerage account to your bank account. All for the sake of achieving your greatest trade of the century after you have left this world.

Alibaba is essentially the vehicle for the Chinese race to capture the entire supply chain of the world. With all trading activities and hence secrets on its platform. The world is under its control. And the people who own Alibaba are the 2nd generation children of the China Communist party senior cadre. The Chinese were gripping that the Wallstreets made so much monies with Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. Now they have the chance to. All in the name of capitalism, Democracies, Communists, Fascist, all get their life blood from the Market.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

17 August what is next ?

We should see the US market bobbling up and down in the next few months, with monies flowing into Asia market. In fact, sentiment in HK market is quite good with prospects of trading Shanghai shares directly in HK.

The funds would be propping up the indices to support the Alibaba IPO, one of the largest after Facebook.
Now Asian economies are printing monies to prop up their market. E.g. the Asian metropole Singapore is going to allow the public housing to be monitised, loads of monies would be flushed down the stock market. And these South Asian nations hope to prop up the China and US, Japan economies.

Fact, most of the Asian Sovereign Wealth Funds are made up of majority real estate at home. Moneitisation is good for real estate.

The only moment you know Ebola has reached your doors is when you are haemorraging in the hospital. As the media and world government have decided to stop broadcasting Ebola fatalities to halt panic.
For example, you may have the entire Wall Street work force down with Ebola, and the indices are still climbing via robo trading.

The Ferguson would be another distraction, so does the Ukraine attack on the Russian convoy. Interestingly The Russians are so quiet. Preparing for Winter ?

So it is a trading market, sell the rally, buy the dips, and diversify to Asian markets.

Friday, August 8, 2014

8 AUGUST dusting off

Ebola would be like a walk in the park. Russia would soon be dusting off its nuclear silos and putting its thousands of war heads on alert. and then suddenly, the world realise America is no longer what it used to be. It is like a castrated Eunuch.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

27 July Gate of Hades, Satanic Ritual

now the internet forums are running amuck with tales of 27 July being the start of Judgement day, etc.

  • with Israel bombardment of Palenstine, thousands died,
  • 3 major flights loss within weeks, MH17, Algeria Air, Taiwan Fuxing.
  • ISIS now controlling most part of Iraq,
  • Libya in chaos, US fleeing,
  • North Korea firing missles again into waters near south.

We are in end times, the reason why it does not look like it to you, is because the Media controlled by the Bankers are hiding the news, while they themselves are making an orderly retreat.

In Asia, it is the hell gate opening day as well. Commercial activities in China cities would wind down to a halt. Not to mention paranormal activities and sighting more frequent.

E.g. the entire MH37 crew (in spiritual form) queuing up in Beijing Airport, or the MH17 flight lining up KL immigration counter.

To some, the END is already here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23 July Saturn coming out of Retrograde

The market is waiting upon the Wizard to give the next direction.

But the fact that we are coming out of Saturn Retrograde since 20 July, the direction is clear.
What was Yes, would be No. What was Up would be Down. What was Good would be Bad.

Despite how much monies the leveraged funds throw in, it is futile. No enough monies or wizardry can turn the Saturn around. And it takes years for Yellen to land on Saturn to do her magic.

While Saturn is making its turn, already we have 2 aircraft disasters, MH17 and now the Taiwan FuXing Airline GE222.

With the wind speed and more furious storm, worldwide. Planes can no longer withstand the storm. For your own safety, I urge all my followers to stop all air travel for the next 4 months, till Saturn completes its Retograde in November.

GOD has rage, you never seen.

Take your monies, go on a neighbourhood hike, do lots of meditation and charity.

And DO it NOW.

SPX last high 1989.23

Sunday, June 15, 2014

14 June Full moon, legless corpse and death galore

on a full moon, really did not feel like posting, but something very troubling is brewing in those Asian economies. The old people there are preparing to die, to buy their coffin, cremation in advance, but find that their monies are stuck with the government pension fund.



Really disgusted at how the big bully manhandle this frill god-fearing lady of 70 yrs old.

Those sovereign wealth funds are running out of monies, as their borrowing far exceed their collections. and the SWF fund managers are busy emptying the coffers buying up businesses of connected parties, and in the process stove away a sum for their retirements, like buying up castles in Britain, farm lands in Argentinia, etc.

In essence, the Asian SWF are broke. Pension funds peniless.

Meanwhile, on the full moon, in the little island city of Singapore, where Bankers get suicided, now we get legless corpose stuffed in suitcases.


Not to mention, daughter hacking mother to death, husband digging out wife's eyeball and throw ten floors down, death methods galore in the tiny island state of Singapore.

Today when I meditated, I saw Nibiru in vacinity, giant blue sphere. And day before, I had a dream, I was walking on the moon breathless.

With government bulling citizens, let Nibiru ramp into Earth and all share the same destiny.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 June "the bear is loose"

when Obama urge his countryman to buy stock, SPX bottom 2 weeks later at 666.

now he says the "bear is loose" today, when he slips away for a coffee.

so get prepared. Well, you can always catch the Fussball. The world would come to a standstill, Ukraineans would hold a truce, the Palestinians would hide behind the TV, and Putin would be staying up for the football.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 June No longer beautiful world....... in HK

While SPX is making new high everyday, and Hang Seng Index on a upward path. Life is no longer beautiful in HK.

On Tuesday, a man went up to his neighbour and shot a totally stranger,

On Wednesday night, a monther in depression stabbed her 1 yr old baby to death.

Countless cases of suicide, murder everyday in HK.

In Singapore, man hanged himself on a tree near the suicide reservoir.

A woman in her 50s hacked her month 70 yrs of age to death

Why are the ordinary folks in HK suffering ?
Are the unscrupulous billionaires having a fortress of magic to protect themselves ?

The higher the stock market goes, the more un-natural death happening. May be it is some barter trade that the Billionaires fund managers, corrupt officials having with the devil. The collateral per se

When will the Karmic moments descend upon them ?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

1 June Beautiful World continues

as notwithstanding Retail sales surprise drop, Sunday we have China manufacturing output increases, thanx to the the cheaper Yuan. Even when GDP is ZERO, the stock market would continue up. It cannot afford a drop as all billionaires, companies are in debt. They cannot afford a margin call with the Multi Trillion dollars of borrowings.

To trigger a drop, it needs a gungho like Odoboli, Jerome from SocGen, BNP, etc that is willing to take a bet of 50 billion to take out the massive stops. Hence barring a surprise astronomical or geological events, nothing is stopping the world to continue to be beautiful.

Now with the bickering in South China sea, where China is ramping up its oil exploration, the South East Asian nations is roping in US and Japan to counter China with a Code of Conduct (CoC).

The CoC I know is Clash of Clan, the computer game.

Diplomats and generals shutter around the world, wine and dine, open bottles of Red Wine, sampling world class cuisine in the Gotham city of Asia. And all they wish is the War of Words continue, to lengthen their stay and enjoy some shopping and even real estate as gifts.

Sometimes, I just wonder why China would goto this type of summit, knowing full well that it would be splashed. And now it seems the world has warned China against using force, and China has to comply.

Actually in the Sun Tzu Art of war, no move to counter all moves. Wait for the enemies to travel long distance to your fortress.

Hence China has to do, is to shutdown all travel outside its borders, barricade itself, and watch the World in Chaos. While it continues to deploy its ships and extract the oil off the coast of Vietnam and Philippine. All those Southeast nations would turn around and beg US and Japan to relent.

There is no War, the only war is in the movies, like the Edge of Tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

28 May A Beautiful World

Yes, the rise is incessant. monies returning to USA. It only takes a little monies out of the blue to give the market a nudge up on its momentum. Remember weeks ago, Jim Roger, Marc Fabers were all talking about 40% market correction ?

Lots of my youngish HK traders are piling on futures and options on SPX, and shorting Gold, going for the prize of 1200 USD/ounce. And one of my young lady Buddhist guru has been giving her blessings for selling Gold. Low gold price has its prize, Hindu temples now capped with a Gold plated tops. Gold platings for Buddha statues are cheaper now.

Meanwhile it is all peace. Now Ukraine has a new conciliatory government, Putin has relented. The Pope has blessed the Israelites and Palestinians. India and Pakistan prime ministers have shoke hands. Thailand has a new military junta maintaining peace. China and Vietnam navies is playing kiddish water games on the sea.

It is a Beautiful World.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 May listless market

actually much ado about nothing, all short term tradings in all markets, forex, stock, etc.

one thing for sure, risk for emerging market is the highest in all times. Time for USD to return to its motherland.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

11 May An unadvoidable End

"All worldly pursuits have but the one unavoidable end, which is sorrow: acquisitions end in dispersion; buildings in destruction; meetings in separation; births, in death. Knowing this, one should, from the very first, renounce acquisition and heaping up, and building, and meeting; and faithful to the commands of an eminent guru, set about realizing the Truth (which has no birth or death)."


According to the Tibetan saints, it all ends in Sorrow.

Some rant from me,
In November last year, when I was in HK, I brought my Samsung Galaxy Mega bought in Singapore to the Samsung repair center for repair. The Samsung receptionist told me the that mine is a parallel import, and need to pay the actual street repair price. Essentially, he is accusing me of buying fake China parallel import goods. And the price of repair can buy me a new lesser brand.

I was fuming mad, especially making my way to queue up at the repair center before 9am. I really hated Samsung.

After 5 months, their Chairman is in hopsital for heart attack and their S5 chief designer resigned. Peak Samsung has happened.

Next, Apple is buying useless Heat Electronics. In HK, a pair of headphones from Heat sells for 20 HKD or less than 3 USD. Beat is using the Fake channel to push its products, i.e. sellings its products on roadside stalls, making people think they are buying fakes at cheap price, when it is actually real products. When I was in Guangzhou China 2008, street hawkers were selling genuine Xamsonite luggage at dirt cheap prices. If you cannot see your products, sell it WAY below cost, to push volumes (to provides evidence in shipments), and then do some creative accounting to jack up revenues. The entire revenues of US companies are all fake.

Essentially Apple is raising the valuation to make it look like they are buying jewels.

The entire TECH sector are all scam. It is going to end in Sorrow.

With the pending Alibaba IPO, it is going to be interesting, I would cover this next time.

Thailand going into Anarchy again, and India having a new government.

11 May Chaos is Order deciphered

I watched the movie "Enemy", as the character in the film said "Chaos is Order deciphered".

indeed has the pretence of Order wears off, Chaos is coming.

Now Crimea is handed over to Russia without a single battle, and with the silence acquience of Nato.
Putin has a celebration parade and then went to Crimea for inspection.And with the referendum in east Ukraine on Sunday, looks like Russia would have another pie handed over. This is Globalisation and ZIRP, it makes war a needless effort.

While Bloomberg now showcase posts from Zerohedge and Safehaven, shorts are obviously hard to come by in todays market. Almost everyone is on the long side, and the Funds have to learn to share out their profits.

China is now moving its oil exploration rigs into the South China sea, enraging Vietnam and soon Philippine. Next China would be rigging in the Japan sea. If your name is "US ally", you are leaning against a paper wall.

Soon, the world realise the so called most advanced armed forces of the world is just a bag of hot air.

Meanwhile, more bankers are suicided everywhere in the world. And the HK previously richest Tycoon, the Sung Hung Kee (SHK) family Kuok brothers are now brought to HK court for bribing the HK officials for properties deals.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

4 May The conviction the Century Pitchfork INDU to 18000

AS you can see this is the Conviction, INDU is heading for 18000 no matter what.
that is what the Hedge Funds are gunning for.

This is the Century Satan Pitchfork. Whatever is happing ,rain or shine, Ukraine or no Ukraine, Earthquake no earthequake, the market is heading there. Even when there is no more live human beings, the robots are pushing there.

4 May 2.5 tonne of what on MH370 ? + The LGBT Rally coming

LGBT Rally and the New World Order


If LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transvestite are an asset class, Goldman Sach, Morgan Stanley are loading up. And they are loading secretly in the Capital City of Singapore, the City where Heterosexual Bankers are suicided.
The global network of LGBT Bankers, Hedge Fund managers, Tycoons, Billionaires would be based in the Asian city. The Asian city is now showing the French award movie "Blue is the Warmest color".

As I have said, the New World order would be formed by 4 columns, 两极生四象, as mentioned in China YiJing.

Man-Woman (male dominance)
Woman-Man (woman dominance)

We have already seen Peak Human. By 2050, Heterosexuals would be a minority, hence it is time to load up LGBT.
2.5 tonne of undeclared item on the plane. Said to be of radio accessories ? Somebody smuggling high tech to China ? to the wrath of the nations ?
or was it a Shipment of Gold ? that the pilots want a share of ?

There are people in the cargo handling who knows, sooner or later the truth would be out.

It was rumoured that secret elements were selling US military equipments to China. Somehow those US equipments were of covert nature.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

27 Apr The Awakening from a street fight in HK between a HKer and a China couple

well, while waiting for some more doom crunching for next short week.

HK is really doomed with the recent fiasco of a China couple with a kid in HK, the couple waiting long for a public toilet, and had to urinate the kid on the street, while a HKer passerby film the kid urinating, and they got into a fight.



China people go into HK for a few purpose

(a) Holiday, buying tax free luxury items, uncontaminated health products, baby powder, etc
(b) Conduct bank transactions, bypassing their domestics banks, and hence where all the corruptions, bribery, tax evasions starts. And these people would prefer to stay incognito.
(c) Entertainment, where merchants entertain the China government officials at will, with nubiles, models, artistes, etc.

Despite the big insurge into HK, the HK government is paying lips service to containing the surge as their developers, hotel owners need the monies. And the ordinary folks in HK suffer as a result.

And  the long May holiday is coming for China, and millions tourists twice the population of HK would descend into HK.

Not to mention,
the unburied and ungone deads have rose from the waters, mountains, forests and now marching over the mountain ranges and descending upon the city center in Kowloon and HK island.
We would witness more chaos, unrest, disruptions and evidence of Demonic prescense in HK.

For once, can China boycott HK and stop all visits like the Malaysia is facing the stoppage of hunded thousands China tour groups ?

In the end, it is all about somebody's else monies, that we are travelling, working, etc.

Even Gurus, Yogi, work for monies,
If we figure out the Divine design of "monies", then that would be the Awakening.

Along this line, and you know that the World Government has hijacked the function o the "monies" to turn the world. They are powerful force, with special divinic power asisstance. Hence we must constantly train, and practice to counter these negative influence, and wait for the Awakening.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

26 April Doom Galore

feeling really down, after reading,
Russia flying doomsday bomber over Northern Europe, O wants to snatch Putin's monies, Pope Francis accused of child rape, trafficking, association with the Ninth Satanic Ring, etc. And more and more Chinese high ranking officials are removed for corruption, China wants to denominate and trade Gold, Oil in Yuan. China, Russia setting up own trading platform.
You know what, before O visited Indonesia a few years ago, there was the hugh volcanic eruption of a dormant volcanoe, and now the sunk Korea ships and missing plane to welcome O to Korea and Malaysia. This is call sacrifices.

Months later, my Tarot read of the MH370 that went North still hold water. The British Immarsat probably came to a conclusion that is beneficial to spend monies on a fruitless ocean search.

It is May holidays again, enjoy the vacation while the paid doomsters are cranking up more doom,
let us count the Doom:

Dubai collapse
MFG Global
Euro crisis
Debt ceiling fiasco
and now Ukraine,

we need more DOOM for a new rally !!!!!
Nonetheless, has this feeling that some brokerage or banks is going Bust very soon. (besides the Russian ones).

Malaysia government reversing stance and say people never died.After paying off its cronies, and vendors in the fruitless search, and future searches, the Malaysian government realises it has no more monies, and Boeing is not going to pay a cent for a Malaysian pilot adventurous feat. Think the Malaysian Ringgint (MYR) is going to be par with its Northern neighbour Thai Baht (THB). And its Southern Neighbour Singapore, who is financing the Malaysian economy would probably goes along in the same direction.
And the Chinese are building a Suez canal across the thin Southern Thailand landmass, anything south of the Gulf of Thailand is going to become a slum in ten years time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

18 Apr The First Tetrad

The first Tetrad came, and what do we have ?

A sunken ship full of children, 200 missing and 28 confirmed dead, a plane missing with 239 people onboard. And then we have Ukraine on the brink of foreign force occupation.

To some, the END has come. Would you be next ?

The Korean cruise was reported heard a "Tud" and then sunk, was it a North Korean torpedo, much like when a South Korea warship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo and todate still denied by South Korea ?
Is it that we crave so much for wealth, the fear of losing it, that we advoid aggression by all means, while the aggressors keep coming, knowing we are all too weak for retaliation ?

Or is it the ruling echelons of the society fearful of losing their wealth, that they choose the easy path of advoidance and continue to sacrifice their followers to the aggressors ? It is much like the Tribal sacrifices during which children, woman, weak ones are slaughtered and offered to the aggressors to apease the demons.

In the event of war, the tycoons and political leaders are the greatest losers. Their large real estate holdings would be swamped and become relief camps, hospitals. The hoards of monies in the banks zerorised, their stock market holdings plunge and become debt. (and the Tycoons know it, they selling their stake in their empires and relinquishing their real estates.)

No matter if you are the Chairman of a biggest fund on Earth or a billion dollar trader, you have only ONE life. When awakening comes, you surrender your soul and wealth.

What are the world organisations, IMF, NATO, World Bank, BIS, United Nations, these are the preservation of wealth for the tycoons and political leaders. When the End come, these organisations would be replaced with the United Council of Earth (UCE), which return equality to all human beings, no Tycoons, no labourers.

What would happen to the Vaticans ? The Templars knights (those awakened ones) would regain the Church, and rule the religion with a Round Table of Knights, hence abolishing the Pope (making current St Francis, the last Pope in the Church)

The End would come when designated human beings attain awakening. When this troupe of awakened souls unite to lead the World. Hence, this is akin to the second coming of Messiah, when prophets arrive. There would be more Prophets, some true, some fake.

Humans would then regain Dignity, Truth and Honour. The End is coming, and GOD is giving the sign.

Dun you find it fishy that the world navies descended on the ocean, and announce they spot this today, and another tomorrow, and they hear a ping today and another tomorrow ? All those government leaders and navies chief should be hauled to the Hague for interrogations.
As my Tarot read has proved, the truth would never be known.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

6 April MH370 and the Demon onboard

now we get black box pings from the plane, why had not they deployed the ships earlier ? and seems the time is running out for the batteries.

what are those signals ? if not from whales, dolphins ?
from the underseas aliens ships ?

that is if my Tarot read that the plane moved North instead of South still hold water.

It seems that the Pilot(s) were devious enough to skirt the radar coverage of Indonesia to adviod detection. It just simply wanted to dump itself, instead of any intention to negotiate.

What is on the mind of the Pilot(s) when they are bent on matyrdoom, without giving an explantion to the world.

What was on the mind of the Demon who possesed them ?


Friday, April 4, 2014

4 April China bad luck

After the MH370 fiasco and Malaysia and China accused each other of messing the search, China came out and aplogises to Malaysia on Monday. And on Thursday, 2 female tourists among 70 tourist in a Sabah (a state of Malaysia) was hijacked by Philippine terrorists.

While the China Chairman Xi Jinping is touring Europe, its nationals are disappeared from Earth in great numbers. And China is going to dig a Suez Canal across the Thailand, Malaysia land mass. That means US interest in Asia would be threatened.

We can say Peak China is in, and it is going to go through multi-decades of adjustments.

If I am Xi JinPing, I would cut back on Chinese travelling out of the country and redirect consumption inland. Not to mention RMB is on its mid-term downward path.

China M2 is actally twice its GDP, exceeding Japan. A lot of the leveraged margin financing in US stock market now are actually monies from China. They are piling their profits into their levarage, to the displeasure of the US banks who wants a correction.


Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March Tarot Read MH370 still hold water ( and its association with Eliza Lam incident) Demon Troop MH370

yes, my Tarot read from 3 weeks ago, still hold water, despite Satellites, Navies, Planes are fishing up rubbish from the sea.

And now Malaysia is reversing its stand, implying that the plane may not have crashed, and not all have perished.

My Tarot read points to a move to the North (towards Mongolia), rather than South. How the Doppler Effect reconcile that, let the engineers solve it.

The Emperor reversal points to a powerful figure. On the plane it would be the Captain, who has fallen wayward. While eventually, the Prime Ministers (Najib and Tony Abbot) would be discredited.

From the read of the Star card, some survivors may just be drinking mountain dew (From the Star card, the water pitchers). Probably 17 survived the crash, but may be 8 made it to a distance.

Spotting a plane in the mountain ranges of Himalayans and Western China is difficult. Probably, it would be found accidentally by some expedition groups years later, assuming no survivors.

As I have predicted on the 17 March, the Malaysia government is indeed stalling the search. Waiting for the Black Box beacon to expire, then MH370 would never be found.

If you cannot explain Elisa Lam, you cannot explain Captain Zaharie. If you explain Eliza Lam as having bipolar disorder, Captain Zaharie had bipolar disorder that drove him to do what he did. Zig Zag path, up and down, and then a plunge (footprints of the Devil). And it is too tempting to associate Eliza's plunge into a water cistern with the plane drowning in the ocean ( I believe it went North and landed near a lake). The Demon is getting more and more powerful. Imagine, coming face to face with the Pope St Francis, and full of smiles.

Do stay away from flights, as it may just happen again. Even if you fly private jet, you would not know if the Demon has caught up with your pilot. The Demon has shown its power, part of the Awakening that so many spiritualists, yogis and religious leaders are preaching. Even the Bomohs in Malaysia has to put up a farce to hide their utter fear.

Meanwhile, LA is going to face the Quake of the Century in the next full moon on the 1st TETRAD. Then the MH370 fiasco would just fade away. 5 quakes have now been felt in populated areas of LA.

Advice: STOP ALL FLIGHTS, especially in and out of Asia, as the cause is not identified (at least to common folks). Seems like the Demon has a liking for Asians and Chinese. Eliza Lam and the plane load of Chinese, etc.

Wait for tale of a plane load of ghosts queueing in Beijing Airport in front of closed custom counters. The ghosts think they have finally arrived, so did you. And for that matter, the 239 souls may just pop up at any international airport. Remind me of the Terracota warriors in China XiAn who has come to life. Demon Troop MH370, strength 239.

The biggest whale ever, just ditched on the beach in Hong Kong, WHALE in trouble, beware.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

29 March Imbecile

after 3 weeks, my tarot read that the plane may have landed in Mongolia still hold water. And all the navies, satellites, planes were deployed to discover the debris field off the shores of Australia. Now the world realise that our Ocean is essentially dead, with all sort of rubbish floating.

Satellites, planes and ships deployed to pick up chocolate wrappers in the sea, the world is now imbecile.

Monday, March 24, 2014

25 March Fiction

In Asia, retired political leaders write fiction, now, nation leader cook their own fiction on the fate of MH370.
Immarsat data works by pinging, and only able to "guess" if it is north or south. And so far the British authority has yet to reveal their methodology.
Because of the upcoming F1 race in KL, Malaysia has to give way at the expense of 239 souls.

There would be no rest for the passengers, they would appear at the Beijing airport waiting for custom clearance. The souls would be running amock in KL seeking justice.

Probably the Malaysia police have uncovered the mysterious call to the Pilot, and realised it was a political plot with pilot suicide, and had to close it off quickly.

24 March Globalisation and ZIRP

Globalisation has rendered nation helpless against aggression, i.e. they would rule out war. ZIRP has rendered the most powerful nation helpless against aggression. Amidst the fear of war, Crimea is now handed over to Putin smoothly.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 March Gift from FED

yes, Stanley Fischer said it:
And in an Asia metropolitan city weekend newspaper, you read about traders going clubbing and buying drinks by the bottles, not jugs or glasses. A simple night out would just be 5,000 to 10,000 USD at least.

Meanwhile, China is forcing Taiwan for a apparel industry trade deal that would enable china apparel manufacturers to boost exports, and the Taiwanese are seizing the parliament in protest. Police and Military is now moved in to eliminate the Students. Another episode of Beijing Butcher renaction of TiananMan.

China is on verge of crumpling, the PBoC is helpless and even hinted this week that some defaults are allowable.

Watch out, massive outflow from RMB assets.

Also UBS Private Banking in Asia recommends clients selling Gold. Expect another 50 USD drop in Gold from 1330 to 1250.

Ironically, the French claimed they have found wooden pallets in their search.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

22 March Malaysia Airline MH370 landed in Mongolia

Well, at least my Tarot read of MH370 towards Mongolia still stands. It may have landed near Mongolia if not inside, near a body of water, river, lakes, etc.

The debris found 2500 km off Australia may just be containers.

Interestingly, on the Northern arc of search, Northern China and Mongolia are excluded. Nonetheless, China should be flying its satellites over Mongolia now.
The lesson would be "You can kill, but you cannot hide".

The "pilot" made daring manoevres, twist and turn to make a statement. Those twist and turn do not represent a catastrophic cockpit, but a well organised cockpit which controlled its height and direction.

From the "Moon" card, there are 2 culprits altogether. The pack of "Wolves" literally. Would it be the Pilot and Co-Pilot ? Were they possessed ?

The "Hanged Man" card shows that the truth would never be known, i.e. no incriminating evidence would be found against the "pilots".

The "Emperor" reversal shows some prominent figure (Malaysian politician) fall from grace and also perhaps the most powerful person on the MH370, which is the Pilot being not uprighteous.

Read this:

Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March MH370 Tarot Read -> 777 towards Mongolia

Earlier Tarot read points to Plane landing on land, and to the North of last point of contact. 

The Moon card is telling indeed. There are symbols present in the flag of Mongolia. Knowing that the Malaysia Prime Minister Najib's aide was "rumoured" to be associated with the grenading of the Mongolian model (who was the go-between between the French arms supplier and the aide of Najib, then the Defence Minister). It was common talk in Malaysia that France held back information on the Mongolian girl in exchange for some sultanate treatment in deals.

The person who was piloting the plane is no ordinary pilot, who launch the plane up to 45,000 ft and then plunge to 5,000 and then zig-zag across the Malaysia peninsula and then tail a Singapore Airline flight across Indonesia (according to a commentator on the internet), Bay of Bengal, escaping radar detection and then taking a Northerly route towards Mongolia.

The Pilot is like the magician (see card "The Magician"). If the Malaysian thinks that the plane can reach Kazakhstan, then Mongolia is also possible. The plane may have crashed on its way after crossing Blangedesh and Tibet.

The reason why the "Pilot" did what he did would forever a mystery (as shown by the "Hangman" card). He was either a political activist gone mad over the prosecution of his idol Anwar, or the ex-lover of the dead Mongolian girl, or simply possessed by Demon.

The Plane may have flown inland and landed in a lake of some sort. 

However, as this may be politically motivated, the Malaysia government may stall any investigation. The Chinese may now scramble search planes over Mongolia.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

16 March The missing flight of Anwar MH370

now, it seems the human element comes into the picture. The Captain is perceived to be a supporter of the accused ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar, and this gives the drama a political angle.
May be they were lovers.
So he is adamant enough to shut off his copilot outside (who is a promiscuous heterosexual), and then launch the plane into 45,000 to kill everybody onboard. With himself conscious, he return the aircraft, possibly with intention of ramming the aircraft into Kuala Lumpur. He hesitated or he was struggling with a cockpit fire, then did some random moves, and before he lost consciousness, he set the course northward from he was, and the plane flew till fuel is exhausted if not on fire and plunged.

So he may be possessed by the DEMON. May be there was somebody significant onboard, spiritually, then the DEMON wants to get rid of.

As my TAROT has indicated, the truth would never be out to the public. Hence any scenarios are plausible.

Where the plane is, is no longer the top issue.

The most important is what are the nations doing next:

(a) China is going to move its entire armanda into Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal to protect its
outpost Coco island. Then we would have China navy backstop for Central Asia, support for the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

(b) Malaysia would face internal turmoil with more politcal activism. Obama may cancel its trip to Malaysia, when the whole nation is embroiled in protests about Corruption, Democracy. This is a nation where girls are grenaded by police and lights off at election counting centers.

(c) Asia nations would step up checks on pilots and boycott certain political wayward pilots, that may
trigger a backlash among the pilots and hence more suicide flights.

Advice, stay away from Asian airlines and travel destinations. It is a life and death decision.

Further, Syria Assad is very much strengthened and he would stage a retaliation. Iran and Syria would join forces, meaning, Saudi ruling regime would be in peril. The Middle-east, Qatar, UAE, Saudi would face the onslaught. Concurrently, Israel would reverse its dovish stance and invade palestine and rid of the Hizbollah and Palestine movements once and for all.

Russia and US would conduct proxy war in Ukraine and Crimea, that is the reason why US is releasing its Strategic Petroleum Supplies, to supply the warships of NATO.

By 15 April, the first TETRAD, all these would be apparent.

Now you realise that the show the EU, and US was putting up in January like the world is entering forever bliss, with Assad close to defeat, Israel and Palestine hugging one another, are all a concerted ploy. One day, all these officials would be sent to the gallows like in the French Revolution, wine, dine, f*** on tax payers monies, and cooking up illusions.

And you have been warned by the Nostradamus, because you subscribe to me.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

14 March MH370 may have encountered UFO, Alien attack on a human vessel.

The confusion of the Malaysia government and military points to the presence of other flying objects other than MH370, that has caused confusing radar footprints to the Malaysia military.

The UFO which may have "intercepted" MH370 flew across the Malaysia peninsular towards Pulau Perak, where it was last tracked. The Malaysia government proclaimed that the flying object which crossed the peninsular was a friendly vessel.

Other than the meteorite hypothesis from my Tarot card read. The other possibility is an unfriendly UFO encounter, which manage to vaporise the entire Boeing 777.

As the world governments have a common treaty that prevents any revelation of UFO and presence of Aliens, Malaysia government is stumbling.

The Aliens who make Moon their home are now making their presence felt as the Chinese has put their Jade Rabbit on the moon. In a way, it is Tit for Tat.

As a lot of conspiracy theorists have written, the world governments have to one day reveal the confirmation of UFO and Aliens presence on Planet Earth. With the attack on MH370, the time is drawing closer.

WWWIII may be just starting, it is the war between humans and aliens.

Think the Malaysia spokesman would crumble under pressure and reveal the presence of UFO.

Then that is the Revelation that humans are waiting for.

By the way, Ukraine is descending into Anarchy, things are accelerating towards the first Tetrad 15 April.
Whether it is UFO or Meteorite, or hijack, or pilot suicide. You better be prepared with 1 month warning.

The Malaysia government has officially called the unidentified flying vessel on the 3 March morning as UFO.

With the large China armanda, and US presence in the Gulf of Thailand, possibly the UFO suffered damages, and the military wants to get a share.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

13 March MH370 to be found on 15 March, Tarot Read

yes, seven days after the mishap, the plane would reveal itself. As in Chinese religious belief, the soul would return to the body after 7 days. On 15 March early morning, the plane would reveal itself.

I am sticking to my prediction.

A minute meteorite hit the plane, incapacitated the instrumentations, and the plane limb on towards the coast of Vietnam, and possibly landed in the jungles of a plateau. It may be a case of decompression from the hole hit by the meteorite and leading to hypoxia.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

12 March MH370 Tarot Read

The plane has turned back and flew at 1000 metres.

While the Bankers try to pump up the Ukraine news on conspiracy forums, doomster post, nobody is watching them. Just interested in the missing MH370 flight.

Meanwhile Ukraine Gold 33 tonnes is now moved to New York to replenish COMEX, to delay its bankruptcy for another month.

Looks like China has deployed its entire armanda in the Gulf of Thailand, total of 5 armed frigates, and 4 other support vessels.
China is fo

This year is not going down well with Southeast Asia, if you have monies there, you better extricate fast.

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 March MH370 Tarot read

Another attempt to read the Tarot.

The Magician card shows: 
A almost vertical plunge, and plunged into trees, bushes, not far from a plateau, water not nearby, possibly
into a island or further inland in Southern Vietnam.
Using another Zen method, the direction should be North of the last known point of the flight path. That means the jungles in Southern Vietnam. Again some people strawn onto the waters.

The Hanged man shows:
unresolved, in-conclusion to the public.

The Moon shows:
Involvement of astro objects. possibly a meteorite fragment that hit the plane. If the plane landed onland, then evidence of that would be forthcoming. The astro object possibly take out the cockpit instantly.

The Star (reversal) shows:
Some passengers may have strown onto the nearby sea off the coast. Possibly we can find some survivors.

The Emperor (reversal) shows:
Hundred of the Chinese onboard was returning from a Buddhist retreat by a self-proclaimed master. So far the media has been mum about this. This shows the great influence of the master and his followers on the media and governments. The Chinese were there to meet their karma with little warnings from their master.

The Hierophant:
Me, Nostradamus.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

9 March MH037 and its implication

now it is getting mysterious with the uncovering of 2 imposters travelling under an Austrian and Italian passport.

There are various conspiracies theories:
(a) hijack by the Urghars against the China government who were the imposters. An act of Terrorism
(b) Wing tip failure due to previous damage in 2012
(c) Engine failure, power failure
(d) Strike by flying objects, e.g. missles, meteorites
(e) Hijack by Aliens.

these imposters may just be agents working for drug trafficking, monies laundering or some esponage work against the China government.

these fake passports were definitely bought in Thailand, and the passports were originally stolen in Phuket.

Welcome to Asia, where everything is possible.

Meanwhile, the BlackWater merceneries are now in Ukraine. and Russian unmarked soldiers are fortifying Crimea. There would be no war between nations, but war amongst proxies. But the outcome are the same, home plundered, woman raped, man killed.

The world cannot afford a war, the market cannot turn back down, it has to go up.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

8 March MH370 Malaysian Airline plane MH370 crashed. Tarot read

Tarot read on MH370 crash
While the search party of military planes from Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore for the crash site of MH370, let me do a Tarot read.
Past: The World- the passengers were having a good time partying, not knowing end is near
Current: The Magician- Plane plunged almost vertically into see from great height (the infinity sign)
Future: The Hanged Man- The fate of the passengers in balance, because their bodies would never be found.
Strategy: The Emperor- Some people of great power would be impacted, fallen from grace
External: The Moon-this giving telling sign of some fallen objects from sky hitting the plane
Outcome: The Star- some people may be found alive, may be 17 and 8 survived eventually.

Is this a meteorite hit or a hit by some alien ET objects ?
rumoured that George Soros was on the plane. that would explain the Emperor in reverse.

Important: Can USD just crash as the plane has done ?
Obama visiting Malaysia.
Having this strange feeling that USD is about to collapse, and the Malaysian Ringgit and HKD would unpeg from the dollar.

A Malaysian airline plane crashed with half of the passengers Chinese nationals, mostly young adults born after 1980s and a pack of renowned Chinese artists, calligraphers and painters.
No distress signal.

Speculation: somebody who bought all the Chinese arts want to capitalise on the art pieces for gains. Yesterday, the most prominent Malaysian opposition leader Anwar was found guilty for sodomy. And not to mention years ago, a Mongolian lady model was grenaded into pieces. She was rumoured to be closely linked to the aide of current Prime Minister Najib, some say she was the in between for a arm sales between Malaysia and France.

The plane was found in the waters at the border of Malaysia and Vietnam airspace. Convenient location.

When it comes to lots of monies, anything is possible.

Otherwise, the plane entered into Bermuda Triangle off the junction of the Gulf of Thailand.

Meanwhile it is a rally alright, go long in stocks and shorts in Gold when it approaches 1360, profit taking zone.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 March The Putin Put

nobody believes the Russian.
Ukraine going back to US, and NATO is going to station massive forces in Ukraine in coming yr, the new cold front border.

Meanwhile, another excuse for market to scare the weak long to continue higher.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

26 Feb Monster University

Yes, the high has been exceeded. The margin accounts were taking profit along the way, but there are still a lot of Distribution. Hence expect an enlarged trumpet formation, sudden down moves for a few days and then up again, every new high is only one or two points higher. The margin accounts have paid the Robots to execute this holding pattern for the next couple of months.

So as forecasted, RMB is going to devalue significantly, meaning, those moms and pops in HK would be in a hurry to convert their RMB into HKD. Expect HKD to strengthen significantly, exceeding the strength of USD. Hong Kong has lost favour with Beijing, China is moving its APEC meetings away from HK into Beijing. And China wants to teach HKers a lessons, and perhaps put a brake on the Occupy Central fiasco.

Possibly China corporation would be pouring their reserve RMB into hard assets, commodities, another round of Commodity Boom is coming.

As wage expectation is so much higher now, and monies sloshing around, World Governments would start to hike inflations, so as to discount their income.

Do you know that FED governors graduate from Monster University ? they gotten qualifications of SCARER. And their proxies send people like DeMark (backed by billionaire), Marc Fable, Pretcher, and others Ellioticians, Mauldin, etc, to send free advisories if not blog propaganda to talk of DOOM. They need the short coverings to move the market higher in the absence of any retail buying.

Some has asked of my occupation, frankly, I wish the market would stay at current level till mid of next years, so that I can do a few more High Tech commercial deals when corporations are willing to spend at their record high stock prices.

Friday, February 14, 2014

14 Feb Full Moon and the coming Asteroid and the Fifth Morgander killed

As if we do not have enough DOOM, after 5th Morgander killed (self or otherwise), here is some doom for a Asian economy.


Indeed, the Asteroid is coming, hence expect an Euphoric rally in all Equities, Commodities, Bonds before 2029. Perhaps Nations ought to build seawalls of 5 stories high.

Implications: low lying countries would be submerged, especially those East Asia countries, even Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, Jakarta would be submerged. Hence expect the hype to talk about Exodus to come around end of this decade, perhaps round about 2015, people would be talking about fleeing those low lying nations.
Real estate in those low lying nations would be worthless.

Meanwhile, expect the rally to continue to exceed the high of 1856.

The cost of taking profit by those margin financed securities far exceed their cost and risk of pushing Equities higher. As the positions are in the Trillions, any selling would have detrimental effect, hence those accounts rather pay the HFT to ram the indices higher.

UNLESS, there is a capital control, and the Feds seize those accounts.

When would the KILLINGS stop ? the 13th Morgander ?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 Feb London Flood, Flee

yes, flee, London is flooding, watch the Flood.

Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Feb 40% retreat ??? or WAVE 5 Bull Rally

now it is full of bullshit:
IMPORTANT: Ongoing MARKET RALLY precursor to something very, very horrible[UPDATE :Time is short, markets to crash soon]

Marc Faber came out with a 40% retreat, then Tom Demark came out and talk of important levels, and the 40% retreat.

Well, it is good to entice some shortees, as the ramping out seem out of whack and too obvious without retail short covering.

Yellen is speaking, so pay some respect.

Chaos in middleast coming, Saudi king health in peril. And when a family hold all the liquor license, business rights to airlines, rails, utilities, power, and Crude, other families want a share in this dog-eat-dog or should I say Camel-eat-Camel world.

In Denmark, they fed the bodies of a giraffe to the lions. Public institutions running out of monies. Governments collapsing in Europe and the Rally in Europe DAX, FTSE ensues whenever there is Doom.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

7 Feb Currency pegs worldwide, all markets died.

There are multiple investigations going on worldwide into FOREX manipulations, not the China type, but traders.
It was LIBOR, now FOREX, then Commodities.

while investigations are going on, bank traders shun from any drastic moves, aka manipulations. hence all spikes
without any follow through, hence it makes central bankers easier to maintain currency pegs, i.e. EURGBP, SGDHKD, etc.
In Asia, SGD is touted as the Safe Haven currency, when Adelson makes daily earnings in SGD. And the SG and HK government
has mutuals to hold peg between the 2 currencies, which also peg to USD indirectly. All these make a break in USD strength
and weakness difficult, hence the Stock Market weakness in general. Hence the HFT are now reprogramming their algos
with all these Pegs going on with Central Bankers.

Soon PBoC also hold peg at 6.06 to USD, and the whole world is then under one monetary regime, and that makes
currency fluctuation meaningless, and we have a new monetary standard, called the Currency of the Council of United Earth,

1 CCUE is to 1 USD to 1.36 EUR, 1.56 GBP, 6.06 RMB to 1.28 SGD to 1250 Gold. Essentially the Banks can retire all forex traders.

Welcome to the Era of New Currency. AND then SPX would hold at 1780, and all markets come to a standstill.

Welcome the day all MARKETS died.

ADVICE: pull out all your monies from your trading account before another MF Global happens.

Just came back from Qatar, BUY CRUDE.

Checked Shinto Abe birthdate, he is condemned for this year, basically Japan can be written off. And Japan energy policy is in shambles. Soon lawyers would be raising charges against the Japan Prime Minister in California and beyonds, And there would be warrants out for his arrest, crime: killing humans in nuclear genocide.

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Feb New China Year

well, i have to take credit for having said that China growth would slow to 5 to 6%.
Indeed on Bloomberg, Lombard calls for China to slow below 5%. China growth is Debt Driven.

ICBC having bailed out the failed fund that was said to default on 1Feb, means the China Banks
are now officially shouldering the Credit Risks square on. Meaning CDS of China Banks would rocket
like what happened to Lehman, Citibank and then the European countries.

Chinese are all busy buying all real estates worldwide, and lately their appetite for Australian
properties have been announced world wide. Monies straight from the Chinese Banks into Australia real estate.

And China A shares ETF and derivatives are traded in some offshore Asian metropolitan city, meaning
taking profit on China banging can bring monies that you can take home.

May the thousands horses ride.

3 FEB China to slow to below 5% "China in Crisis Mode" I quote

last week, I called for China to slow to 5 to 6%, and Lombard today on Bloomberg calls for below 5%.
seems like my estimate is right.

China Banks CDS would rise, like Citibank, Lehman Brothers, in the early state of collapse. ICBC
just bailed out the failed investment trust that promised its depositors 12% interest. And there are
tens thousands of those trust in China !!!!

Hardworking Chinese deposited their monies with the Trust thinking of 12% return. The Trust loaned
the monies to corporates hungry for cash, if not to the Banks. Corporate chief then cash out the monies
and send their families abroad to Australia, London, California, Singapore, buying up real estate there.
Monies were never invested for production.

It is a chain, monies from one corporate to next corporate, chiefs cash out along the way.

A large portion of China A shares ET F and derivatives are traded in Singapore, meaning traders can
make monies on China ass rip and still takes their monies home.

The Ponzi game is China is up. And you are assured that there are lots of political enemies of current
Xi JinPing regime, like those rich tycoons are are implicated in bribes and evil deeds, who are bent
on defeating the current regime, and such tycoons have clandestine ties to the Morganders, and London
and US politicians. Expect the Media from CNN to BBC, RT, Aljazeera to hype on this China thing BIG TIME.

2014 is the year of the China Collapse, RMB would start to reverse course, triggering a massive exodus
of funds (that explains why PBoC prohibits any monies transfer for 9 days in FEB).

While writing, Puts on China iShares ETF is increasing, no worries we are still in early stage.
China is closed for this week.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 January China spring festival evening show / Emerging Economies raising rates rapidly

it is a good rally, should bring SPX above 1800 for a continuation into 1900 in FEB.

Meanwhile Turkey is raising Interest Rate of all types across the board, denies it is Capital Control.
Expect India to be next, followed by Indonesia, Thailand, all latin american countries would follow suit.

On the eve of the first day of China lunar year of the wood horse, Beijing would stage a evening concert show nation wide and broadcasted worldwide to all Chinese communities. In this year the theme of communism china and military china is the strongest in all these years. We have ballerina dancing the steps of a communist peasant girl. We have militaty singers in all tribal dress singing heart boiling war songs with background of rockets, tanks and even glimpses of nuclear explosions.

The Chinese are not brashful of showing its will to go to War.

So we are going into a to China wide shutdown next week. And I am traveling to Persian gulf to secure some crude and distillates supplies ahead of geo turmoils.

So the trade has been to buy SPX on dips and short precious metals. We see a strong urge to swap silver for gold nonetheless.

30 Jan The Hooker Theory of Capitalism. I salute thee.

I write in simple English. Unlike those writers in Zerohedge or other blogs who write in codes, it is really difficult to understand them.

Now, I use an simple example to explain Capitalism in today's world, in relation to the death of the two Morganders in London today, and the market manipulations in general.

You went to a Hooker and gave her a really good time, and she even said that you are the BEST ever. Then she asks for tips. All you can say is that "I am very good in performing, but really bad with monies".

That sums up the situation with the High Frequency traders, aka market manipulators. They use supercomputers to churn out their algo and then did 24x7 of testing, deployed those algos and had to constantly guard against hacking and sabotage. They jacked the market up when it is needed, defended the bottoms, and pushed the market up Mount Everest. They are like the American soldiers who hold up the flags on the god forgiven island in Japan 2nd world war. And they make only peanuts. Compared to some casinos operator of a mediocre casino brand who become the wealthiest billionaire in Asia, or to some China entrepreneurs who launched their IPO amidst the rallies and cashed in their earnings on the first days. And lots of other Asian executives who thrive in the stronger economies earning big bonuses, and cash in with a new Ferraris or Lambo. And countless people in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing reverse their mortgages 20x, 50x and leveraged all their way in the artificial sustained QE environment. Owning a few dozens of properties and a garage full of Bugatis, Bentlys, Ferraris and Lambo.

I myself got a ride on the rally and made good long deals as well.

The Chief Morgander may be getting $20 million bonuses, getting scrutiny and criticism, while others just became a multibillionaire overnight silently, thanx to some heroic self inflicted deed of lower class Morganders.

When the Bank traders manipulated the Libor, they made peanuts compared to those real estate agencies, properties funds who gotten cheap loans to encourage properties purchases. In the course, earned multiplies of profits without one ion of guilt or wrong doings.

However some of these Heroes had to pay with their lives, like the two Morganders. In the course of shady deals, making a buck for themselves, the Morganders partake in horrific deals, and hence silenced when the deals are about to see light.

The whole story so far after China Chairman XiJinPing met the Big O was that, China would rid of the US treasuries holdings, divest them into US industrial properties, US companies, commodities, gold included. This is done through derivatives. China treasury bills is literally leased out to the Morganders and the Morganders convert them into purchases of US properties, etc. What China carries US Treasuries on its books to the tune of 2 Trillions are actually much lessers in the last yr. The Morganders in turn have to oblige to scoop up Gold, Commodities from the market at a low average price. Hence the Gold price has been suppressed to force the GLD retails investors to sell their gold holdings, and the Morganders get the physical bars from the SPDR or Ishares and then ship it to Hong Kong, via a red wine warehouse in HK, China ship the gold bars inland.
At a certain point in the future, China and US would flip the switch and suddenly China has no more US Treasuries but becoming the 3rd largest holder of Gold in the world.

And the media got wind of these deals, and the two Morganders are sacrificed.

Today Obama marks the milestone of the demise of "Made in China" and the rennaissance of "Made in USA". And the US tax payers would have to start to carry the final baton of the bailout of the Banks in 2009. US Tax Payers have to gobble the new retirement scheme with US Bonds which no nations wants. The deal is that hoping that the rennaissance of manufacturing in US would spur growth and make the US Bonds continue to be attractive to all parties. And at the same time to prevent the collapse of the USD. China is now on a cliff, the factories are leaving China heading back to US. And China domestic consumption is still not robust enough to offset exports. We are looking at a very precarious plunge in China GDP into the realm of 5 to 6%.

To end this, let us salute the Unsung heroes of the market jacking and laments their death.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

29 Jan Wave 5 and snowboarding skiing suicide => Bank Run coming

The wave 5 has begun, SPX going to 1900.
Asian local funds have come out to buy the bottom. Think at the Pinnacle, Jamie Diamond would be selling to Blankfein to some dumb
China funds which promised its investors 12% return.
Meanwhile, the China government is bailing out its defaulting Funds. Think once Chinese New Year is finished in 1st week of FEB, we are going to see a strings of Funds defaulting and saved eventually. Eventually all ended up in the Chinese Banks, ICBC, ABC, CCB, BOC. Think they would be downgraded to C minus by the end of 2014.

Meanwhile Bankers who returned from Davos, besides going to snowboarding, some are forced to commit suicide or suicided.
One Deutscher and one JP Morgander died this few days. Instead of execution at a faraway Asia metropole, it is cheaper to execute it on main street.

Meanwhile Barclay is rumoured to have thousands job cuts, while travel ban enforced. Execution in hometown.

It is a witch hunting season, I call it the Population Control Unit in operation. Better go snowboarding and slam down the mountains than hanged from the ceiling.

Davos is the meeting when the Bank CEO meet with their Freemason masters and cross out those staff that need to be facilitated to the Abyss Pit.

Solar flares coming around in next few hours. Expecting a string of Earthquakes coming.

Bank run coming, first China PBoC limiting transfer out of China for 9 days, then HSBC limiting withdrawal, Russian Banks, then some more central European Banks, Ukraine Banks, next ??

29 Jan Nothing to watch here, just a correction.

Just a correction. heard in the banking hall, one customer tell another that this market, you would not sell, but buy, yes.

Demons unleased:


This is the closest description of Demonic possession after last year January/Feb case of Elisa Lam in Los Angeles Cecil Hotel.

Unfortunately no photo or recordings.

Now am on way away from Davos, well it is said that the Big shots who return from Davos would be heading straight to the desk to press the BUY button. Well, really dun care. Am heading out to Salzburg for the Snowboarding holiday.

Till then, it is still a buy on dip for Equities. Janet would not disappoint the market. As for Gold, it is a sell. The rise has been so weak, incongruent with the fall in Equities.
Trading tip:
Short GOLD at 1250 to 1260
Target 1185, further out 1,000.

Monday, January 27, 2014

27 Jan The US banks stuck in mud in China


Haha, now the Morgans, JP, MS, GS, Citi, BOA, cannot liquidate their invesmtment in China with a ban
on Yuan trading for 9 days.

Essentially, nobody can transfer monies out of China. More corrupt officials and Bankers would be rounded up and their monies cannot flee. afterall, the shanghai new FREE monetaryzone is.just a trap.

however having said that, tbough asia markets have dropped. there is no panic. was in a local brokerage in an asian city. everybody camly looking at the screens. One fellow flings his hands up to visibly.project his vision of a rally coming. if yellen wish is to scare people to plead her for another QE, she has to do more scaremongering. so far this is a correction. 
one broker walked passed spoke of a reliable.tip; a water processing firm currently at eleven cents may go to twenty three cents.

in summary, quiet. THE MARKET HAS NO MORE FEAR.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

27 Jan Lots of DOOM

now we see a lot of doom.
Doomster toking up the FACTS.

Heard about
Deutsches Bank failure leading to domino effect
COMEX has no more GOLD, it is a fraudulent exchange
Shanghai premium on cash gold delivery would be 1000 USD/ounce,

BUT those guys talking about them are highly unstable, though armed with PhD, etc.

Watched 2 movies on my way back from Sweden, one is The Conjuring, the other is Prisoners.

Conjuring is about Demonologist and Pyschic summoning the Demon and beating it.

About Prisoners, it is about a Psychotic grandmother type hijacking children from their families and then wishing to turn their parents into DEMONS.

What the market plotters are up to, to convert the youngs who traded, invested into DEMONS.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

16 Jan SPX Wave 5

SPX indeed made a new high. Wave 5 now qualifies to "completion", it may just want to make it a bit higher for the 1.618 extension. Any time now.
Lots of chatter in market about Treasury yields, Pensions, etc.
Unemployment rate is definitely coming down, hiring continues in a ever shrinking labor base. Taper would continues, 10b every month.
It would take the FED 2 years to unwind. The Equities would just consolidate below current range. Nothing to see here.
Individual stocks may out perform.
Market consolidation would continues till the Triad moons are over, with a solar eclipse in between.

World government rushing to find monies for their pension payouts.

My HK friends are smiling again, with HSI ever approaching 23000.

By the way, be careful, dun end up like the dog below, held in the lift when the door slams and crushed to death.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15 Jan (FULL MOON) VIRUS ATTACK: CITIBANKers down with H1N1 in the City of Tax Haven and Bankers suicide.

I keep getting nudges from my colleagues from Hong Kong about BIZZARE HAPPENINGS in Singapore,

Last yrs, we keep getting Bankers who jump into the river and drowned, for no reason at all. I commented that for the US Bankers and Londoners to get rid of their rivalry, just sent their rivals on a Singapore posting.

We also had a German Dutchy who flew down from the 60+ floor of the Marina Bay Sands casino, courtesy of Adelson.

And another Russian guy who flew off 60+ floor of the Raffles City Swissotel, not far from the banking district.
and an American lady who fell from lower floors a few week earlier.

Numerous of their countrymen walked straight into the River or Reservoirs to drown away their casino debt. To the extent that any reports on drownings are banned. We can assume that hundreds got killed by drowning themselves in the reservoirs or boarding a craft and jumped off in the open sea.

You can type in the name of a major Singapore hotel, add the phrase death or suicide, and you would get one or more entries.
It is the island nation of suicide, like the Japan suicide forest. Except ghosts haunt the concrete instead of trees.

A mass riot by hundreds Indian laborers erupted last weeks, the first one in 40 years. and now the government is in bikers with London Times on the cause of the riot.

The nation Sovereign Wealth real estate fund manager paid a China hooker 500 USD to mate in his swanky Sentosa Cove bungalow and found her drowned in a waist deep swimming pool naked.

And day before, we got 2 security guards who are killed by fire on the 65th floor of a swanky Marina Bay suite condominium in the Banking district. Charred to the extent that DNA testing is required. They literally walked straight into the fire, and burnt alive. Only 20 of the 200 units are occupied, the rest are for properties speculators.

And today CITIBANK Singapore has 2 staff infected with H1N1 (SWINE FLU), eight other bankers on quarantine.

You can guarantee that the entire Banking district of the island nation would be on lock down.

Just to add: a dog got hanged in a lift in Singapore.

It feel like HADES.

A last read,

IT sure feels like Dubai, when expats leaves keys in their cars and condominium before they flee in the earliest possible flight.

15 Jan (FULL MOON) the False Prophet, New World Order, The first Trillionaire, Superprime Crisis, the United Congress of Earth and The High Frequency Sex

Iran has won, won the rights to weaponise its nuclear plutonium, without fighting a single war. And down goes Israel. Like in American corporation wherby conflict advoidance is the modi operandi, the nation is also in conflict advoidance mode, thereby sacrificing the interests of its citizens and allies.
This should fan a wave of bargaining by other nations with the more vulnerable America, like wanting for discounts in trade, more share of US domestic markets, US advance technologies, etc. America now is like the Qing dynasty before it accelerates to its downfall.
American Dollar as the world reserve currency is now in greater doubt, and on the verge of a downward plunge.

Israel Prime Minister says: only thing that could "save" Israel is for Kerry to win Nobel Peace Prize and "leave us alone."

Indeed, Israel is in a fairly good state, and anything further to that is actually cutting out Israel and give it to the Palestinians, etc. I am not Pro-Jew nor Palestine or whatsover, this is the FACT.

So you can see how these things would pan out. The False Prophet rising before Messiah arrives.

Now today is full moon day and this marks the bottom of the 4th wave pull back, and 5th wave rally would complete this intermediate term up trend. Mortgage your house, and buy up the market.
And my fellow HK friends were all too happy to buy up the Dip yesterday for this technology led rally.

In today's social media era, workers spend 40% of time on social emails, FB, google, etc. And hardware were purchased for social media, like a new IPAD to video chat. The contribution towards technology advancement, work improvements are minimal. In fact human productivity is eroding. Social chats lead to sex, and this is disturbing to a worklife, when people are day dreaming of all Kamar Sutra's pattern. (It is inbuilt in human's DNA to reproduce, whether you are a Reverend, or President. And GOD has given incentive to make Reproduction a pleasure event. And for that matter, it is not built into human's DNA to work). Hence do not work, and you would see that the labor base in all countries would be shrinking. Hence expect unemployment rate in US to fall into 6% pretty soon. False Statistics !!!!.

As said, with the passing of the bill to legalise same sex marriage in US, and soon coming to the door steps of every countries. We would see a human world in 3 poles: man to woman, man to man, woman to woman. This set the stage for tripolar world, conflicts everywhere. Peak Human as we call it.

Trading Ideas:
Bitcoins are here to stay, it is in its infancy. It is like Gold at 200 USD.
While Gold has another journey into 900 to 1000. Short Gold at current level for a swift move down.
And go long on Equities, especially technology for another leg up.
the funds are currently balancing their portfolios, rotating out of Equities into Bonds. and some into commodities. Expect this rotation to end soon, and the equities rally begin.

This rally should goto 1900-2000 for SPX. (U know what I mean)

Having said that, we are into the tail end of this multi year rally since 2009. Evidence that the Billionaires are slowly disposing of their investments. The Asia richest man Li Kah Sheng is selling off his office properties in Beijing with ease. Hence the next rally in global equities is a major distribution phase, whereby the Mega-Rich would cash out, and the rich and middle-class would be left to hold the snow, literally.

This report in Forbes has been vehemently denied by the local Central Bankers. What the Central Bankers did not admit are the massive properties speculation on their books. It would take a decade to unwind. 2008-2009 we have the subprime crisis against banks holding credit worthless citizens loans in Western nations. 2014-2015 we have the superprime crisis against Asian banks holding properties and business loans where the borrower has no intention of repaying. Unable to repay (in the case of US loans) and Unwilling to Repay (in the case of Asian Chinese loans) are the same at the end of the day. The borrowers just disappear into a Tibetan highland or Bolivia heavenly lake.

When business fails, they sell their empty factories to the nation Sovereign Wealth Fund. And the major of the Sovereign Wealth Fund is empty properties. And to churn, they tear down the empty office and build new ones, again going empty. But the tearing down and building would generate some economic activity of sort. And this is happening in leading Asian nations, not some backward, undernourished European cities. Printing monies to designated reciepient to generate huge wealth for annointed individuals and as a by-product generate some economic activities in real estate only.

And you know that is what would give rise to the first Trillionaire of the World, reap the monies of all Asia Central Bankers. The First Trillionaire would be conferred the honor of the Tri-Grand Master of the Freemasons, command the Illuminati and bestowed the key to the Templar treasure and the secret of Horus.

All traders on board, make up your mind, place your bet, no need to work any more and have lots of sex, the High Frequency Type.
Me, the Grandmaster, has achieved the pinnacle, repeated penetration without ejaculation, the ultimate goal of the Yogist, the Gurus, the Rabbi, the Reikist, the meditation practitioner, the CNBC hosts, the Prophets (you prophecise to have the next sex right ?) those who want to get close to GOD. And I think YOU should as well.

Central Bankers (and their eavesdropping minions) should just logout, follow what French President Francois Hollande does with France First Lover, and have lots of sex.

Californian citizens would come to the awareness that they are at the brunt of the Radiation onslaught since the 2011 Fukushima tsunamis. Radioactive debris is now recycled in the community. Fishes are showing hightened raiation level. It does not matter how much per litre of seawater there are radiation. It is one hot particle that get ingested that would distort your DNA and cause cell mutate into Tumors.

The next Pension Fund for Retirees would be the Pension for legal class action against Government for Negligence on Prevention of Fukushima nuclear fallout (the GNPK Fund).

The End Days scenario is almost visible now, a chain of Earthquakes around the world collapses the Nuclear Reactors and mass contamination on Earth. Then President of United States (current or future) would come forth to lead the World as the False Prophet, whereby countries would surrender their sovereignty. There would be one global command, one global congress: The United Congress of Earth UCE). There would not be need of any stock market as Monies are rationed onto corporations and businesses. Citizens would hold no more monies, but electronics allocations, like the Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin is the currency of the new world order. Freemasons would rule the World.
And the Aliens amongst us would rule, those with superpowers.

This is the cornerstone post by the Wallstreet Nostradamus on this First Full Moon of 2014.