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Monday, October 14, 2013

14 Oct Deamericanised as in Exorcised

It is now official. china official newsletter has called for the deamericanisation from all aspects of trade, economy, etc. I just wonder if China has managed to sell all its US treasuries as to be so bold. The salient fact from the Debt Ceiling and Shutdown, America is not going to pay off its debt. And Asian countries are hoarding American debts knowing that they would never get their Principal back. The countries are just living on the interest payments. China is now running out of monies in its banking system, in the sense that there is nothing to back the monies growth. Very soon, China is going to recall its US treasuries to finance all the bad debt write off in the China banking system. And they are facing obstacles to do so with the US Treasuries. It is a matter of who get out of the door first, the Japanese, Chinese or the small Asian countries. So the game plan is the raising of the ceiling on 17 oct while China demands refund of its Treasuries begins. That also explains the rush to set up the shanghai offshore zone.
The Pacific War has begun. and all Jaegers are now deployed to Hong Kong to fight the last war. China has now setup military camps just alongside the banking district in Central Hong Kong island. when the war begins, all the gold and t bills would be escorted onto warships within an hour.

In terms of trading there would be wild gyrations as in the movie Gravity when the Astronauts are thrown about in space. So hang on and profit from swift trade with bias towards long positions in Equities. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

7 Oct Nervous China and Federal Reserve Shutdown and the LAST CHAIRMAN

Instead of secretly wiring Obama to relay China's concern on the Debt dog and pony show, the China Treasury minister
has to openly relay China's concern.And suggested to the US that in the event Debt default is inevitable, US may
consider issuing new Debt to replace Old Debt. Meaning at a Higher Interest Rate.

In a nut shell, a Default may happen. and to us, traders, it means a Golden buying opportunity to load up on SPX.

In Hong Kong, the tycoons are offloading their shares in companies they had long held, like shares of logistics companies, retail chains and even properties investment.

If there is no NFP release, should not the shutdown also precludes the Federal Reserve from convening the next FOMC ?
Can the world live without FOMC, and let the markets cruise its way upwards ?

Is there a Nostradamus prophecy that Bernanke is the last US Federal Reserve Chairman ?
Was it the last Pope or the last Chairman.

As I long said, when the last human dies, SPX would be at 18,000 and INDU at 200,000. The world do not need a FOMC nor a Federal Reserve.

Let the Shutdown shutdown the FOMC and Federal Reserve and let the market goes on auto-pilot without interference.

Long live the ROBOT TRADERS !!!!!

On second thought, is China nervous about FEDERAL RESERVE shutdown, and then China loses its Trillions dollars of Reserves overnight !!!!! Once US unshackles its debt obligations towards China and Japan, the economy would soar to new heights. That is the deal that Obama and China Xi JinPing had when they gather in California.

Trading Ideas

GET READY to load up all Stocks and Equities at next DIP

Sell Crude, sell commodities, sell GOLD, Sell Copper, there are ample when America is producing them and now selling natural gas, crude, etc to the world at a discount. And more importantly, Bernanke is banning any bullish trade in commodities to sustain the perception of low inflation.

At 11 am ET, Commodities, Precious metals stage a quick run up. A bull trap per se on a Monday.
Load up on shorts Commodities, long on SPX.

We should be expecting some resolution on the Shutdown soon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

4 Oct Sell Gold like never before

The China DaMa cartel is selling GLD shares to drive down physical gold prices, and buy physical on the cheap. And the China DaMa who are the ladies of China bankers, party officials get crispy clean notes from the Bank vault and carry them in LV bags into Hong Kong to load up physical gold in suitcases. I just rubbed the feet of one of the China Bank official's wiffee. When the wiffees are ecstatic, they tell you everything. In the 1930's we have Dutchies selling Opium to Chinese for Gold and Silver. Now we have China selling Pulp paper to Americans for their Golds. 2 months ago, it was the DaMa who bought up all the Gold they can lay hands on, even at midnight and foiled Jamie Diamond's plan to drive Gold to 1000. so that Bernanke can collect all the Gold he sold before his terms end. Every moves by the Crash team is a buying opportunity for a Quick trade. However loading up on SPX would be a safer choice considering the Wave 5 has yet to begin. The HK tycoons are too impatient to wait for Wave 5 to unfold, they are offloading all their shares in their hard earned empire. The buyers would be the retail funds, where Fund Managers trade other people monies. It seems that the 8 years of Obama Presidency are run by Harry Reid and Pelosi, staging one pony show after another. If the Republicans give in now, they lose all their supporters of Anti-Obama stand. When the Republicans try to be more like Democrats, they are just another dog on the street. By the way, nobody is paying attention to this Shutdown or Debt Limit in Asia. House prices climb to new high, Parties all year round for the Billionaires who left US to come to Asia to advoid taxes. Party, Booze, Bugati, ........

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1 Oct Suspicious

well, I have not been a fan of Precious Metals. Otheriwse, I trade on the short side. Nonetheless there seems to be great conviction of "somebody" who just wants to slam GOLD, when everything else is rising on this Great Shutdown. Probably some hedge fund are bankrolled by somebody just to slam GOLD every now and then.And it had become a great following, where quick profits can be gotten, on the selling side. Looking at SPX to recover and hit new high into 1800 when this Shutdown Dog and Pony shows wear off. This week is China national holiday stretching through the entire week, and China DaMa would do their favourite, shopping for Gold, 1200 would be better than 1300 in that case.

1 Oct Shutdown ? what Shutdown

if it is another Monday, nobody would notice the difference between today and another Monday. In Asia, it is hardly reported. Nobody is paying attention to this dog and pony show. Asia chasing after properties, paying more then 1200 USD per square foot for an apartment, when cheap monies come on the cheap. Even Asian banks downgraded by S&P continues lending at greater amount. Iran is now US best friend. And Israel and Palestine would be having open borders soon. Assad is now a hero in US. In Japan, ingesting radioactive hot particles is patriotic, and dying of cancer is glamourous. China would allow USD to circulate in its cities, with people buying coffee with US pennies. And American can buy a car with stacks of RMB. There is no more need for Federal Reserve. The Big Too Big to Fail banks would take turn to be the Central Banks. There would not be need for taxes. Instead of Food Stamp, you now get Thousand Dollar bills every week. No more tax. All doctors, hospitals treat for free. No more Universities tuition fee. Free education for all. America would open borders to Mexico, and provide free airticket for all Africans to travel to America and work there without need for any more Visa. In fact there would be given a credit cards with value of 100,000 USD to spend for their first year in America. Weekends shall be 4 days, and everybody just work 3 days. Hey, that is the world we are all aspiring for !!!