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Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 June a ghostly monthend

Nothing beats a ghost story to attract eyeballs. The Canadian girl Eliza lam who drowned in the water tank in a LA hotel is decidedly a accident, as declared by the coroner office. Now another ghostly encounter of abandoned factories in Asian cities inhabited by Ghost.
There is this factory in an Asian city which is haunted. Monks were called in to dispel the ghost to no avail. And it had to be fenced in yellow ritual cloth. Asian manufacturing is waning, and industrial properties are artificially propped up by government using derivatives instruments. Ghostly.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26 June The Future of the Stock market and Peak-Human

Been here in HK all the while, never met Snowden, but one thing is for sure. Once you are on the internet, you are been spied on by multiple agencies from multiple countries.

Hence it is time that we humans develop special 6th senses. You cross thoughts with others without sound, without devices. And I am on the way to achieving that.

As I have informed of the rally that happened till May, I would say that the rally has not ended, more is to come, possibly SPX to 1700.

Bernanke calling a taper is a bluff. The taper would just curtail the rally, but not stop the rally.
While the stock market is consolidating, Commodities are on a slide, as economics demand is really wceak.
E.g. Oil is back to 70. Gold back to 1000.

At yr end, Janet Yellen  would take over, and then another 100 Billions every month and all countries would follow suit. Even ex-Hawk Trichet is supporting ECB bailouts.

Monies printing would be the norm because the Politicians are taking a bit at the cake. Guradians of treasuries are milking the Treasuries. It is a collapse of Capitalism, and in a way the entrepreneurship, creativity of humans. Bcos printing monies would solve all problems.

Essentially Human as a race has peaked, but not the stock market. Humans would degenerate into lazy, complaining, angry beings, never want to work harder, as Adam Smith invisible hand is now too visible.

Trading tips:
Sell AUD when it is above 0.9400
Sell Gold near 1270
Sell Crude at 96
I would give Euro, GBP a break.
Buy SPX on dips.