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Saturday, April 27, 2013

27 April What is next ?

so what is next ?

today there is geomagnetic disturbance, and a slight lunar eclipse happened last night.

something is brewing, am not sure. May be we get another earthquake of a larger magnitude somewhere. Last Saturday, we had the R6.6 China Sichuan EQ.

As for the market, the blatant impact of HFT is obvious with its violent reaction to AFP twitter hack. It was a good excuse to take out the stops of the amateur Long. Hence the Funds are positioning for another rally coming, to break 1600. Would see Gold making another dive soon. One Dr Doom (can't remember their names oready, in this electronics market), predicted a 1200 target for Gold. While my personal wise friend spoke of 18 for Silver.

Follow the Central Bankers, go long SPY if you are a lazy trader. Otherwise you can easily find a unknown stock that rockets 200% in a day.

H5N9 has been creeping southward from Shanghai, expecting it to reach HK after 1 May China national holiday, and then from there towards SouthEast Asia and Canada. By mid May, the H5N9 would have morph to a human to human variant, a fatal one. According to a report in Lancet, it just missed one more step to become human to human capable. And we are going to have a fiery hot May.

Friday, April 26, 2013

26 April What a week

we are into the second week after the plunge in gold prices. Gold has recovered towards 1485, trying to .test 1500, while SPX is trying to test 1600. Eventually we have it
Gold is a fraction of SPX.
And news has it that a survey found that Central Bankers are now buying Equities, after Treasuries, Equities is now like the last Refuge. Korean, Japanese and China Central Bankers have piled their citizens pension funds into Equities.
Think this is about it: Bankrupt the nations's pension and medical funds.

As usual recommendation, Short the Weakest, namly Silver, GBP, Long the strongest USD, EUR in comparison to GBP, and SPY.

Meanwhile, dock workers protesting against the Richest Man in Asia, the most honorable Li Kah Shing, who rose from rags as a plastic flower seller to the richest man in Asia.

Even Economist Buttonwood is pessimistics on Gold, and lots of financial commentator are calling for the end of the Gold Bull run. The only Gold bulls are the smugglers across the HK-China borders. The smugglers bring their goldware across into HK for sale, and China moms and pops cross into HK with shopping trolley bags to load up the Gold bars, bangles, etc.
Even the Bank of China has run out of Gold coins,etc.


Friday, April 19, 2013

19 April a week has passed

First, condolence to all the victims of the Boston and Texas Waco blasts, my heart aches whenever thoughts of the dying souls come about.
Needless to say, a portion of the Americans are unhappy. And unhappiness attract all the negative energies onto the Continent. It is like the rats drawn to the rubbish dump.

Incidentally, we saw the largest raid on Gold and Silver in decades. My wise fren has told me of the powerful cartel out there determined to drive the prices down, and they are said to be awesome.

Nonetheless, the caulculated moves, the determined effort of the Cartel bosses, imagine they crowd in room lined with supercomputers, and their effort leads to happy Chinese rushing out to grab every Gold bar out in the shops.

10 years from now, the Congress would haul Bernanke from his sick bed in front of the panels, to be grilled on why he has sold off American wealth. That is provided if he lives that long.

It is inevitable, like the Incas, the once Mexican empire let go of every beads of silver to the Spaniards.

Expecting a ramp up in Gold, followed by another dunk. Meanwhile, expecting the ramping of Euro and GBP to finish. Shorting GBP is a safer bet.

Hong Kong market went up 500 points today, a significant gain. Thank GOD, my deal is still intact.
Equity is still safe to hold through end of this year. Despite some volatility in May and June.

It is Summer by next Sunday. So relax and enjoin your gain. Remenber to add as my follower.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 April Legal Tax Evasion

How to evade tax legally, read above.

Now countries are closing the tax loop holes, preventing business from exploiting business models that evade paying taxes on imports. Possibly, the governments may pursue transactions back dated, so as to exploit the cash piles of corporates.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

7 April Elisa Lam conclusion

Despite the pathetic NFP, buyers buy into dip, and we see a Doji Star reversal pattern (to be confirmed).

Meanwhile, something light for the weekend.
Went to see The Last Exorcism, Part 2. It is a complete failure.

Once I asked a Master, who has written many books on spritual, reincarnation, the realms of beings, etc.
I asked if Ghost or Spirits would "want" to become Human or goto Heaven as Angel.
He said there are rituals to elevate spirits straight to Heaven.

Now this brings us to Elisa Lam. Elisa Lam was possessed in and outside the life. And she walked her way up the stairs to the roof, and plunge herself into the tank. The Spirit wanted to be reincarnated as Human, hence it ventured into a tank of water, presuming it is the Womb.

And the fact that the toxicology report is not yet out after more than 8 weeks, point to the fact that there is no foul play. It was a strange strange accident.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 April My Plan

Yes, my plan is important.

HSI just dropped 2.73% ahead of my impending travel to HK. As I have written weeks ago, my deal did not materialise last month, and I am travelling to HK to rekindle the deal.

The drop below 22,000 on HSI makes opportune time to buy the dip as further upside is coming.

AND Soros made a dire prediction in HK for the Japan market. Soros, himself, is demi-Human, he has superb power, and his specialty is in Monies, unlike some who can levitate, or meditate well past into the future.

Soros said there would be an avalanche of YEN, and resulting in Capital Flight. He did not mention targets. As you know, everybody in the market is expecting at least 100, some says 120-130, the last high. Well, Nostradamus says 180, almost devaluation of YEN by half.

Imagine your equities in Japan, NKY now at 12,000, if it were to match the currency devaluation, it has to goto 18,000 to make it worthwhile. But Currency devaluation happens much faster and easier than equities.

After Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Romania would be following its foot steps, with the massive Capital Flights coming. And the world reporters association has just published a report of celebrities, politicians seeking tax havens in British Vigin  Island and a Asian country.

Where would the monies go ? into US Stock Market. Followed by a Giant Slamdown, possibly 50% in a month time.
HOWEVER the time is not yet there, just wait for these countries, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Romania.

Hence go long US Equities and join the ride.

Friday, April 5, 2013

5 April Bullish confirmation, uptrend intact

yes, MACD bullish confirmation.
SPX 1540 good support for the next rally.
momentum trade till the market tells you it is not.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 April Where did Bernanke's monies went ? CONDOMS

Bernanke has been printing 85 billions per month for the past few months and more months to go. And even last yr, the yr before, more monies were printed.
But where did the monies went ?

The Treasuries ? yes no doubt about that.
Equities ? yes, probably traded under Dark Pool as the volume in the exchanges were pathetic.
Real Estate ?

Yes, and where ?


A China investor paid $407 million for an entire residential CONDOMinium this year, 2013


A Taiwan investor paid $226 million for an entire CONDOMinium tower back in 2007.

To be frank, even shadow President of United States Jamie Diamond, or PIMCO Gross do not make that much, especially they are under surveillance.

A large part of the QE monies made their way roundabout from Federal Reserve to the NY Banks, and then into Hong Kong and from there fan off to other locations as investment monies, trade monies, etc which then end up in real estate. The monies did not move into manufacturing or any other value-adding services.
You can literally see Bernanke's thumbprint on the monies.

True or not, the monies speak for itself.

South Korea has gotten permission from the US Command to initiate war. And they are exercising at Latitude North 38 Degree.
Remembering HSBC Bank has a advertisement of Turkey's Cappadocia at 38 North.

Watch not what North Korea does, see what Iran is up to. Iran has been very quiet lately. And pretty sure, their enriched plutonium is ready to be weaponised. Think NKorea would delay tactics for a while, when Iran is catching up. Then US would be facing two battlefields in one go. And Hagel is most reluctant to fight even an acre of land.

Conspiracy has it that, Tokyo is now becoming inhabitable, thyroid kids, deformed children, mass cancer among the old. A lot of the foreigners have left, and business is struggling despite Abenomics. And Japan is short of special minerals. Abe went on a hunting trip to Mongolia lately. Abe wanted to ally with Mongolia to hit China from the North.

Remembering that I also wrote a piece on the 2010 North Korean Missle crisis quoting a pastor with vision of missle striking a US carrier.


So the only way out of the doldrum for US and Japan would be to conquer a state that would provide them with a liberated mass of human resource, as well as untapped oil, minerals underground. North Korea fits the bill well. When the masses are liberated, ruling over them is easy, and Japan is too eager to take the job.

And the Pacific Command then would be right at the door steps of Russia and China.

This standoff is going to take a while, when Iran is ready with its weaponised nuclear warhead, taking out Israel at first strike, at least to detonate one over the Tel Aviv sky, causing mass radiation.
Also China is now mobilising its north eastern command to ring fence its border to protect against influx of North Koreans fleeing.

The SPX, INDU would continue its rally as the robots have no wars. Their algo has been:


Good luck trading !!! it is a momentum trade upwards till the markets tell you not.

NEXT HOLIDAY SPOT: China's BoAo Forum (Bring Your Own Condom BYOC)


In the Western world, there is DAVOS, where the government leaders, bankers, politicians, CEOs meet to discuss strategy for coming year. And in the Eastern or Asian world, there is the BoAo forum organised by China for Asian leaders. And Gillard, China's XI and Mexican Nieto are appearing in the China city of Hainan.

While on 1 April, at a corner in Hainan, there was a mass party among the rich, it was a mass orgy, 2000 CONDOM were dispensed. Models, Pros were flown in on private jets alongside movie stars, billionaires,
it was a mainly Chinese party.


What a coincidence...........and another evidence pointing to where Bernanke's monies went. The Chinese Bankers and Politicians are gathering in China Hainan for their rewards next week. The Bankers are going to reward the Officials and Politicians for letting them into the know with free monies for the rally since last November. It is going to be an incentive trip of sort, flying in with Private Jets, and Nubiles (under sixteen) opening your first hotel door from the inside, replete in China Tudou dress.

For Western Bankers, it is also where you should go. Your look would draw a lot of Asian girls. And it is good to network with some Chinese bankers or politicians who has the same taste as you.

For me, I am leaving for HK next week, getting ready for the next HK rally towards 25,000.
Yippeee Hoooray !!!!
If you get laid in the double King size bed next week in a cushy hotel in BoAo with a string of Nubiles, and you switch on the TV to see Hang Seng Index rallying, you know I am at work !!! alongside with my buddies in JP Moregain, Moregain Steathly, CLSA and Hookers Suckers Bullshit Condom Corporation. It is going to be an Orgasmic Rally for all. Courtesy of Bernanke, who sponsored the CONDOM as well (we call it Big Ben Protection)

BTW, my call on 24 March to short GOLD has been right on target.
And continue selling GOLD towards 1500 with touching 1490.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 April Shanghai Earthquake

Courtesy of China Sina blog, Shanghai is displaying a massive Earthquake cloud pattern today.
Signs of impending calamity ?

Meanwhile, the bull trend continues.

Poor Chinese, even their close ally is making fun of Chinese smoke, and pork soup.
Pity on those Beijing and Shanghai residents. Killed softly by humour.


Monday, April 1, 2013

1 Apr China Cyanide Pork, H7N9 and the Shanghai connection

Update: reason for 13 thousand dead pig corpse floating down Shanghai river

It is written in China blogs that the Pigs were fed toxic chemicals (Organic Cyanide) last yr to make them grow big in time for the Dec/Jan Chinese mass celebration before Chinese New Year. Unfortunately as the new China Chairman Xi clamped down on expenditures. The Pigs were never eaten, and then the Pigs started to fall ill and their internal organs rot. All the while, Chinese had ingested mico doses of cyanide. So did all the Expats who stayed throughout in China. The Pigs were also exported to Hong Kong, etc.
The interesting thing is that the officials have not published any explanation for 13 thousands dead pigs all at the same time.

Last checked, that China sina blog was deleted.

People are rumouring that the retired ex-Chairman Jiang ZheMin is next to be dealt with due to massive corruption. (猪江, 诛江泽民)
Shanghai is going to be the city when blood is going to shed, and political assassination runs amock (like children of political opponents burning in Ferraris, CCP favourite killing machine).

Last time, Pig feature prominently in China politics and economy, was when in 2008 a pig was squealing human words before slaughtered. She was squealing then that rice would be expensive next year (2009), and all houses empty in the year after (2010). 鞍山神猪。In a way, it was true.

Expats, You have been forewarned. Noting that a couple of Australians are in China's jail after their Chinese JV partner collaborated with the police to jail the Australians and snatch them of their share in the company. And Gillard is supposed to raise grievance in her China trip. Would she sabotage her AUD-RMB deal ?
Would we have a situation like in Dubai, when expats flee Dubai leaving their loaned cars behind, unpaid rental, etc ?

I was hoping to goto Shanghai last month, but the deal fell through. Lucky me. I ended up in Mumbai.

Just in, the Taiwan airports are raising their alert against flu.


H7N9, a new strain has striked China. Shanghai with 2 deaths. There is no vaccine yet. The two dead are pig hawkers. (3 went to hospitals, 2 dead, no vaccine yet) And HK disease expert suspect the mild bird flu H7N9 has jumped to pigs and mutated to a human strains. Keep a close watch on development, and see who WHO says. The deaths in Shanghai was reported almost 2 weeks later. And more may be transpiring now from the dead pig corpse.

Australia Gillard is going to sign direct Currency exchange treaty with China on 6 to 8 April, meaning bypassing USD. Another blow to USD as world reserve currency, and should clear the way for a rally in AUD. (BTW, may be Gillard can taste some cyanide pork while in China, she would look much delicious when she return).

USD is no longer a commodity currency. Hence Bernanke attempt to reign in the Commodities with USD would be in vain. And the retaliation would be immense after so many years of suppression.

Crude is now hovering 97. Next week, it would attempt 100 and then 120. Afterall, housing prices is rocketing with USD returning from China and Russia. the Chinese are taking freshly minted RMB from the banks and bring cash into US. While bad debt in China is rising rapidly. The Chinese industrialists are no longer interested in working hard. They just want cash.

SPX has reached historical new high.
While the China government dispensed its most intensive measure so far to contain escalating property prices, so called Nation Five rules (国五条). And 5 is an utterly unlucky number this year, when annual yellow star 5 is in the center. It is going to be double whamy 5.
Thanx to Bernanke, all the liquidity is no longer chasing innovation, technology advances, manufacturing but to property mania global.