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Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 March 1 more day to April Fools

Dead Russian, yes, another one fell from 59 stories of Swissotel in Singapore.

That made one dead in UK and another one in Singapore, while Russian monies are at stake in Cyprus.

The state is a place of international espionage and money traffiking, with dead American Shane Todd and now a Russian in a island country no bigger than Los Angeles central.

Finally left Mumbai, stayed at an US international brand name hotel in Mumbai, and it was horrible, no soap, no tooth brush and even towels on certain days. Getting a SIM card is so difficult, having to supply photos, passport, residence proof, etc.
And the transport was horrible. AND it is Mumbai, supposingly to be the best city in India.
Obviously all the monies went to somebody's pocket.

And the monies have pulled out of India's market and seeking a home in South East Asia, bidding up property prices in Malaysia, India, and their Equities of course.


And then the houses would be gifted to its executives in India, i.e. state sponsored property purchase.
Same has happened in China when it fueled its property bubble 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the State Bank Of India is fueling properties bubble outside of its country, in a Asia island state. When the Bank prints monies to buy properties outside of its home country, it is exporting inflation.
As for Japan, there are now a lot of Japanese executives running around in India buying this and that, financed by Abe's free monies. So it comes a full circle, Bernanke holds ZIRP, Japan prints monies buy in India, India buys in Malaysia.

Kim Jong Un, being young and brash, wanted to pull a tough stance to scare its military. Plotting rockets as far as Austin Texas. All bluff. Even its reach into Guam is unconvincing.

Well the story has it that the US, after visit by Google chief, wanted a share of the telecommunication, network license and others in North Korea. But under China pressure, Kim Jong Un was not ready.
And US held all of Kim's monies.
So Kim wants to play tough to extort the monies.
It is all bluff. Some joker would try to sneak in a joke on April Fool Day of a missile landed in the heart of Tokyo on 1 April.

If you believe N Korea missle attack, you would have to believe a major quake in LA coming soon.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

27 March Cypriots

By the way, there is not much difference between Cypriots and Idiots.
The worse thing for Cyprus is not the Bank Run that is to come, but the complete breakdown of monies transaction in daily business. And TRUST is all gone.
It is an experiment that EU and ECB is testing. If Cyprus survives, they are rolling out the template to Greece, Italy, then Spain. So that the EU can take ownership of the wealth of the people.
When the Central Bankers run out of monies, people's wealth is next.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

24 March India loves horror

In India cities mall, things are pretty upmarket, with lots of fashions and eating places like TGIF, MacDonald, KFC, etc. But they also have Horror Houses, where Indian pays 70 Rupees to get frightened. E.g. to get frightened by a man hanging upside down.
It would be interesting to see NIFTY and SENSEX hanging upside down coming week.

Major Banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered promoting their cards.

Meanwhile, CYPRUS rumblings, Cypriots deny any deal formed.
Compared to Galleon, Dubai collapse, MF Global, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus is no big deal, just another opportunity to shake out the longs, and for the higher, that is what Bloomberg is telling the Asia market when it opens on Monday.

For Americans, a horror story is coming:
Your monies is no longer safe, it would be subordinated to pay off creditors (when your monies is pledged by brokers to the creditor bank to secure loans).
Refer to Sentinel Ruling by the US Court of Appeal. It is monies pulling time, pull your monies from the unstable countries, then the Emerging countries, then your brokerage, and the finally from your Bank.

In case your wonder who bought the Gold, an Indian jeweller is opening up 3 branches to be graced by celebrities Batchan and Arshraya Rai.

You wanna get dipped in Pure Gold ?
You also sell your Gold now, in case it is Tungsten Gold not pure Gold.


Meanwhile, the richest man in Asia, Li Kah Shing is building his new castle in Hong Kong, 

It has bullet proof windows and steel vault for escape in case the residence is stormed. 
It makes sense, when calamity comes, people would head there for food and shelter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

23 March Zombie Attack

On 5 April, India would premiere its first Zombie film "ZOMBIE ?".
NIFTY has fallen 4% this week, since I am here. would be here for another week, another 4% ?
Finance Minister has promised some reform, etc.

We are seeing ZOMBIE Central Banks, Cyprus Central Bank is virtually non-existent. Let the WORLD witness the first Bank Run in recent human history next week. It is just like a Mass Zombie attack.
Think this Bank Run thing would spread to Spain, Greece would resurface.
Perhaps South America would see the same, Argentina. Some smallish Banks would fail in China.
To add to the list: Pakistan, Central Asia countries, etc.
But the Hedge Fund Managers would say "I dun bother with it".

The only way for the markets to de-leverage is essentially seize the monies from Bank Accounts, if the mass is not piling into Equities.

Meanwhile more and more meteors are coming in. Big ones are still at multiple lunar distance, but micro ones are lighting up the sky. If this is the precursor of something big to come, a celestial body may be entering the Solar System, and deflecting the asteroids in the asteroids belt in the direction of the Earth. 21 Dec 2012 marks the entry of Earth into the "Death Zone", the center of the Celestial horizon of the galaxy.

The world governments would not divulge the One that is going to hit Earth. Hence watch the whereabouts of the world leaders intensively, namly Obama, Putin, China's Xi, etc.
Perhaps China Xi is in Moscow to discuss the same with Putin.

Obama went to Jerusalem and met with a Sand Storm, like when he was in Indonesia, he has to depart early because of the erutping volcano.
GOD is showing its angst at the arrival of the BEAST. It is all talk about nothing. You send me to Jerusalem, I would say of brotherly love, love for peace. Nethanyahu has been cast the spell. He is now under Voodoo magic.

Meanwhile violence has erupted in Mynmar between Buddhist and Muslim. When a Buddhist wanted to sell his Goldware to the Muslim shop, he thought he was cheated, and then violence and riots ensue when the Buddhist run wild.
Sell you Gold when you can, you need a Gun. With a Gun you can guard your assets.
Once I went to a bullion shop, and the shop assistant was neither convinced with what he was selling. He prefers a gun.
Buy all the stocks of weapons manufacturers, like Lockheed, Dassault, etc. The World is heading that direction.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 March Scramble !!!!

am now in India's financial center Mumbai to retrieve all my hard earned savings before the government confiscate.
India coalition government on the verge of collapse, New Zealand planning Cyprus confiscation. Am liquidating all my funds investment.

Better be safe than sorry, good luck to you guys.

Perhaps the market would move higher, but I have the monies in my hand.

Friday, March 15, 2013

15 March Positive Thinking, a Canadian Zombie and Six Thousands dead Pigs

Interesting that a Jesuit is elected the Pope. The leader of the Jesuit, who is now Pope Francis is also called a Black Pope, as the leader of the Society of Jesus, which has the moto:

"Obey as a Dead Body Obeys"

The leader of the Society of Jesus is known to rule over the Vatican, the Banks, the United Nations, etc, literally the army of shadows.

Let us see how the DEMON (via the BEAST) is going to challenge the new Pope.
and how St Malachy prophecy of the Last Pope is fulfilled.

Meanwhile, read a book by Barbara Eihenrich "Bright-sided, how positive thinking is undermining America".
It is about cancer patients using alternative medicine such as meditation, positive thinking to eradicate the cancer cells. And to a large extent, how current policy makers are instilling Positive Thinking into Americans to make them believe the world is getting better. A good example would be Bernanke using his troops of shadow traders and robots to rig the market higher, and higher, leading to positive feelings among common folks.
In the end, it is to recognise the difficulty and bite the bullet.

Now coming back to Elisa, was she already a zombie, when she climbed herself into the tank ? She probably climbed onto the maintenance roof and then descended onto the adjacent tank. The lid of the tank was probably open, which led LAPD to comment that it may have been a strange strange accident.

Meanwhile, 6 thousands dead pigs corpse floated down the river Huang Pu which winds through Shanghai city. It is a warning shot for the new Chairman of the China Communist Party, Xi JinPing. Xi has been chided by the now defunct Bo XiLai as a PIG, as Xi is rounded and heavy built. His adversaries dumped the pigs corpse into the river as an open challenge when the party is having its most important event, and Xi JinPing is name the Chairman (like in Chairman Mao) on this day 15 March 2013.

癸巳年, 乙卯月, 庚辰日

As the Chinese saying goes, 扮猪吃老虎, Chairman Xi is bent on eradicating the remnants of Bo XiLai, which was conspiring to overthrow him during his reign. And he is not going to have an easy job, as 亥巳相刑。We would see the passing away of prominent world elderly politicians.
From today onwards, expect to see more political upheavals, as the tigers launch their attack. Expecting the month of May to see tremendous volatility. Now the China government has opened its A shares to residents of HK and Taiwan.

Putin has signed a decree banning Foreign banks opening branches in Russia. As He is the one in the know,
Americans just have to find ways to move their monies offshore into Non-American banks.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

14 March Bullish pattern continuation

the market should continue its ascent.
While HSI is taking a drop, my deal with my HK client is now delayed for 4 to 6 weeks. Wow a spoiler.
Really hope that after this correction, at the next POMO and FED meeting this month, the uptrend would continue. Lots at stake.
E.g. Goldman Sach is targeting 200, XLF has more room to go after stress test. and despite the NOK threat, KOSPI is holding well, on the verge of a break to the upside from a triangular consolidation pattern.

Meanwhile, sad news for Americans. In Malaysia, a 25 yr old American lady was lured into a taxi, ferried to a isolated place and raped by 15 men, and detained for a day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13 Mar Housing Bubble once more

Back in early 2000s, US and European countries move their investments into China, tear down their factories and rebuild in China. Hence giving rise to the China global factory, and the investors hold shares of their JV in China. That also gives China the massive foreign reserves. In 2009, with more monies printing, the monies have once more moved to China. The monies landed into the hands of every officials in every province, township, village. The officials then bought HK, Shanghai, Beijing real estate. While some monies leak back into US and Europe through over-invoicing, i.e. the China entities paid more and remitted monies away into US and Europe. Those monies then went into distressed US and Europe properties.
Some monies went out and then returned into China as overseas investments, owned by Chinese. These investments enjoyed preferential treatment in China.

With the new Chinese government, clamping down on corrupt officials and requiring them to declare their assets. In Dec till Feb, the officials rapidly sold their properties in Shanghai, Beijing and funnelled them out of China, either through over-invoicing, if not via the Casinos.

Hence with the monies having arrived into US, the Chinese are queuing to snap up properties in California. If you goto a show house, you would see lots of Chinese with cash, ready to buy.

The properties prices have peaked out in Asia, and now moving onto US. You would see an entire street in LA, San Francisco or NY all packed with Chinese dwellers, who seemingly not having to work.

For the past 2 decades, we see the demise of the Anglo-Saxon and the rise of Han race.

Monday, March 11, 2013

11 Mar Fukushima anniversary

this is the 2nd year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. By now, Japanese, including Tokyo inhabiting Japanese has undergone radiation that their DNA has undergone subtle changes.

there are stories of ghost sightings in the abandoned Fukushima coastal areas at night, where ghosts were seen queueing outside abandoned supermarkets for food. Strange din in the night, as if there are lots of human movement.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 March Meteors galore / Latest on Elisa Lam

Miss Distance
2013 EC
Mar 4
1 LD
12 m
2013 EC20
Mar 9
0.4 LD
7 m
2013 ET
Mar 9
2.5 LD
102 m
2013 EN20
Mar 10
1.2 LD
7 m
2007 EO88
Mar 18
4.4 LD
23 m
1993 UC
Mar 20
49 LD
3.8 km
2013 ES11
Mar 22
6.4 LD
94 m
1997 AP10
Mar 28
45.9 LD
1.8 km

more and more meteors coming our way for the rest of 2013, lots more discovered while impact is only 1 month away. We may even have a 0.1 LD of 30m diameter coming soon.

Get ready for all your dooms day gear. In case, a meteors hit sea and generate a tsunamis or hit a city.

A huge wave hit the coast of US today and destroyed dozens of Summer houses.

Latest about Elisa Lam.

LAPD has released her body, and it has been shipped back to Vancouver on 9 March for burial. Hope that the family would engage a priest to the water tanks and cleanse and uplift the spirit. Otherwise she would join the dozens of ghosts inhabiting the hotel. She was actually pressing the lift for the whole room of ghosts in the video. That explains why she was standing by the side of the lift.

historic moment: Obama visiting Israel 20-22 March.
Also the last Pope would emerge out of the conclave by then.
And North Korea is agitating.
End of World.

American killed by China
Shane Todd, an American citizen, is shown to have been hanged by the wire, instead of suicide as claimed by the Chinese police. Chinese police and the Institute of Microelectronics and Huawei, the China telecom espionage company are in cahoot in killing an American citizen. and the Obama administration is quiet.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

9 Mar Back from HK

Was in HK, the mood there is cautiously upbeat, though a slide in HSI on Monday, it did well into the week. Which is good for my deals, as I went to the Jewellery Fair.

The NFP did not disappoint and excited the market. Finally the public should now be convinced of the recovering job market and economy. The SPX is telling this picture. OR rather SPX makes the economy. which means economists are largely redundant.

Meanwhile, large booms heard across US, and the recent spade of small meteors discoveries, like a 9m meteor flying past at 0.4 LD on 9 March, 102m at 2.5 LD on 9 March as well.
Seems like the Earth has entered an asteroid belt.
Was 2012 Winter Equinox denote the arrival of the asteroid belt. And we are going to face more intense meteors strikes ?

While the Cardinals are in conclave, ready to elect the next paedophile Pope, literally the last Pope of the Vatican according to St Malachy. A Norwegian teacher let off a flask of her blood and let the students taste in the classroom.

Alas, at last, SPX has gone to 1550 !!! Gold would spike down on Monday towards 1550, it tried but failed at 1565 on Friday after NFP. Sign of strong buying interest.

After another week, mysterious death of Shane Todd and Elisa Lam still unsolved. At least Shane got Senator Bacus and Secretary Kerry on his side.

Friday, March 1, 2013

1 Mar regaining sanity

To regain my sanity and whack off the obsession with the "Elisa Lam" event, I went out to meet some bankers, visited a trading office, and attended a panel discussion.

Penny stocks were rallying and took a plunge today, some as much as 10%
High level of apprehension among retails
Bankers talk:
Private bankers always optimistics, (they pay depends on optimism), optimistics on Equities, Asia, China.
Mutual Funds frustrated with China market, minority shareholders like them losing out to employees, suppliers, officials, many leakage.
Some draw a parallel with 1937 when stock plunge 47% after 4 yrs of QE.
Gold was a topic, but seen as long term hold, mid term consolidation, range trading, waiting at 1550.
Yen to reach 100 by end of year.

Well, at least Ben got what he wanted, funds have flown from treasuries into equities.

The new China chairman has recalled his daughter who was studying in Havard. The disgraced party chief Bo XiLai is still not charged in open court. His supporters include state companies, etc are trying to stage a rescue. Next 2 weeks, China is having a congregation, much like Vatican's conclave. After which the new China government would be in place. Prosecution of corrupt officials would then spread like hell fire. Volatility is expected.

China has built a flat life size model of American aircraft carrier in Gobi desert for target practice by its fighters.

I am not even talking about Sequestration.

Meanwhile some update on the dead Shane Todd, who was alleged to be under pressure from the China research institution to secure secret technologies from US. A clear case of Espionage. This seems to point the finger to China and that research institution Institute of Microelectronics.