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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27 Feb The roadmap of Elisa Lam contamination

Every major market top is marked by significant event. AND the significant event of year 2013 is the apparition of the Demon. This is not a demon worshipping blog, but a blog to warn you.
The Demon is coming for the Banksters and Politicians, who have struck deals with the Demons, especially those who claimed they have done GODS's work.
You know who you are, and the Demon is coming for you. Payback time.

Latest on the Elisa Lam Saga, a Chinese reporter went to experience Cecil Hotel and stayed on the 14th floor. They interviewed relatives of Elisa Lam, and reported that she was found naked in the tank, and her limbs were all broken, and the lid of the tank was locked. If that is true, this point to homicide, but why would LAPD gave statements that it was a "very strange strange accident ?" How could she have locked the lid on the tank ?

A body language expert analysed the video, and claimed that she was in a happy elated state. And a lot of her postures like prenning her hairs, tiptoeing, etc smells of horniness. He did not mention that there was a mirror in between the lifts, nor commented on her strange leg postures. She may be happy, because the ghost likes the new HOST.

If you have questions or doubts on the travel of the haunted lift, pls check with the inhabitant(s). Bloggers have claimed that they see faces on the lift, and a hooded spirit from the video.

The water in the tank is the media to propagate the negative energy with occupants of the hotel ingesting the contaminated water. First evidence would be the TB outbreak near Cecil Hotel which has now attracted CDC attention.

And most the the occupants of the hostel "Stay on Main" during the contamination period were Chinese from Asia, like China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, etc, one would expect the negative effect to follow into the Asian cities as well.
Mind you, a hot air balloon burst in Eqypy, three Hong Kong families perished.

You are invited to my blog goddess-tara.blogspot.com,
to cleanse your soul ahead of the big battle.

Now, having said this, expecting a market rebound in the cards. I am optimistics that Euro would reach 1.4500 sometime this year.
Nobody is paying attention to the Italian election or the sequestration (right spelling ?). These are just smoke screen devised by the squids, to fabricate a reason to take profit. The Banksters are running out of reasons for a market correction.

Mervyn was talking of a peak monies, in the fashion of peak Oil.

Monday, February 25, 2013

25 Feb 1408 once more ?

you can goto my post in 2008 to relive the events then:

http://dollarpro.blogspot.sg/search?q=1408, I wrote on 17 Dec 2007, that was the hunkie doorie time.

on 17 Dec 2007, Gold was around 800, EUR at 1.44, SPX at 1457,

so you can see that after 5 years, where we have come respective of all these choices.
I was forecasting a Stock Market Crash in 2008, and APPL may go to 50 (it went to 80 instead).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Feb Elisa Lam supernatural paranormal

China Daily (a Beijing newspaper) quoted CNN as saying:
A hotel employee has been identified as a key suspect. He was hiding the dead body till 14 Feb, after which the water quality inspection was over and then dump the body inside the water cistern.
Strange, way of disposal though.

However no such report found on CNN. Neither is there any report in LA Times.

In Singapore, there is a on-going court case involving a Singaporean hiding his male lover dead body for 2 weeks, moving the dead bodies across 5 different places on the island city.


In Singapore, there was also a similar roof top water tank drowning case in 2011.

In 2010 Singapore, a girl from China was found naked drowned in a swimming pool in a bungalow after having paid sex with an ex-Singapore sovereign wealth fund executive.

A mysterious Hilton Singapore hotel death of a bridegroom, after heavy drinking, ventured out of his hotel room, lost in the stairways and fell from the 4th floor ledge.

Not to mention American Shane Tood mysterious death in his room in Singapore, hanged from a pulley bolted to the roof.

He was alleged to be working for China spy enterprise Huawei. If it is suicide, then it leaves footprint of the DEMON.

If Elisa Lam has sought the DEMON, she would have gone to Singapore.

IT is said that Elisa purposely come to LA to stay at Cecil Hotel. She was aware of the gruesome history and chose to stay on the 14th floor (which is 13th floor).

Years ago, I did write a review of the market based on the film "1408".  She as a Psychology student in Univ of British Columbia may had decided to challenge the Demon. 
From her facebook comments, she also played a computer game that depicts a game environment in a hotel, with escape from the water tank, etc.

After she left the scene, the lift went down to 10 then 7 (that is where the video stopped). She was on the 14th floor.

What is the meaning of her so dutifully pressing the buttons in the center row for an audience ?

Is the DEMON via HER proxy Elisa Lam telling us something about the stock market, i.e. INDU from 14,000 to 10,000 then 7,000 (what about 4,000) ?

Mind you, the DEMON has decided to let this event be projected to the humans undisguised ? 

24 Feb Psychic read on Elisa Lam

Here is a Psychic read:


There are other sites that do a frame by frame analysis.
Some additional point I gathered:

(a) She dashed out looking left and right, at waist level. The suspected object was a kid.

(b) She was seen looking down and speak. Her pressing of the lift buttons is explained as ritualistics by the psychic.

(c) Towards the end, her strange body movements:
at 1:11, she lifted up her hands, but the force seems to be applied on the wrist, not the arm per se.
fully extending the right fingers, and rotating the wrist.
she was tip toeing at certain points, and then going to half kneel.
finally before she disappears from the camera view, her right leg made a awkward right turn, while the left leg is pointing front. She seems to be led or pulled along.
BTW, these are not oriental dance movements, nor any Chinese specific gestures.

(d) interesting coincidence, she went to the LAST BOOKSTORE to buy records for her parents and sisters

(e) There is a TB test kit called LAM Elisa. And LA is having a TB outbreak among the homeless.

For the psychic, what is not clear is how she got to the roof top ? Did the object gotten hold of the keys ?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

24 Feb Weekend edition: cure for "Elisa Lam" infatuation

If you are infatuated with the on-goings of Elisa Lam investigation, and find yourself in a trance, or agitated, unstable state, you are advised to seek some form of divine healing.
visit http://goddess-tara.blogspot.sg/
and follow the chant of the Green Tara.

you can also cut out the pattern of the Green Tara and carry with you, with the green face towards yourself.

This would ward off any evil projection of the Ghost of Cecil Hotel.

Meanwhile the market is trying to establish 1500 as the base before another attempt at 1530 then 1550. The Federal Reserve would come out in force to defend 1500 (by Options). Again you are advised to scale into long position.

Meanwhile ratters of Russia unhappy with USA not warning it of the meteor attack. And China new Chairman is going to visit Russia to establish the new Axis of Evil. So in 2013, the Axis of Evil is
"Iran, North Korea, China and Russia".

Some Gold Storage company is rejecting US based deposit of GOLD,  a harbinger of some form of GOLD control is coming. Reason: Federal Reserve is finding great difficulty refilling its vault. It tried to slam Gold, so that GLD withdrawal would supply some GOLD. But it did not happened, GOLD continues to flush out from US and Europe into HK, and HK reimport into China.

M2 in China is higher than Japan and US, it literally has a infinite appetite for any GOLD that is on offer. And the Gold price lately has been very attractive to the Chinese. Over the medium term, US would be drained of its Gold. Similar to the times when Spain robber the Mexican kingdom if Inca if its silver, and then the Dutch drained the Silver form China in exchange for opium. And in this decade, the Chinese are draining US and Europe of their GOLD.

Now back to Elisa Lam,
from the video, Elisa went into the lift at 14th floor, which is actually the 13th floor. She pressed all the buttons at the central row, 10th, 7th, 4th, mezzanine. Later she left the 13th floor, and went up to the roof top, i.e. the 15th floor.
Is Elisa Lam trying to tell us something about the Stock market ?

SPX was at 14xx, it wanted to retrace, but could not, it went to 15xx instead, and you know what it went dead. And when one die of a horiffic death like Elisa Lam, naked, head down in the cistern, and twisted bodies, she is destined for Hades.
If Elisa is indeed telling us about the market top, then we call this top in 2013, "Elisa Lam top".

If you believe the Elisa Lam's Ghost, you would have to believe the Elisa's Lam market top.

This is the fist time that the DEMON has allowed its creation to been seen to the WorldWide audience, with the demise of VATICAN, SATAN is now in charge.

Friday, February 22, 2013

22 Feb Intrigue Elisa Lam possessed GHOST Paranormal Supernatural

some may say the market drop as intrigue, but it is nothing compared to the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Once you understand Elisa Lam misadventure, the market is no longer fearful.

Thursday autopsy has revealed nothing, literally ruling out any body wounds, hurt or attack. It was said that she was found face down in the roof top cistern, hands and legs severely twisted.

In the video of her in the lift, there is a moment when she step back into the lift, he left leg forward and right leg was behind and perpendicular the the left, making it a rather unnatural position.

She was already possessed while in the lift.

You can see the positioning of the legs. Left foot forward, and right foot at 90 degrees. This is the moment when she is possessed. (a kid reminded me that a Acrobat would walk in such fashion on the tight rope, possibly she is hallucinating that she is walking on a tight rope or a narrow ledge, or She thought she is a gymnast, acrobat of sort).

What you see now is her waving her hands in a swimming posture. (or was it a posture walking on a tight rope or ledge ? )

After the swimming posture, she starts to do action with both her hands and fingers. Both palms squeezing one another (reminding us of her upside down twisted body in the water tank).
(was it she is thinking that she is climbing a tightrope ?)
After these she disappears from view of the camera. 

Question: Was there a gymnast or acrobat who possessed Elisa ?

There was a dead electrocuted acrobat on 9 Jan 2013 in Santiago Chile.

The LA Times even quoted a police officer who did not want to be named, as saying that it may have been a very strange accident.

Now we have to await for weeks before the toxicology report is out, and autopsy resumes. Probably they would find a level of intoxication in the blood.

This reminds me of a similar incident in Hilton Singapore in 2010, when a bride on his wedding night, wandered about in the hotel stairwell, and then fell from the ledge of the 4th floor rooftop. He was dead, and his wife committed suicide a year later, falling from heights as well.


and another roof top water tank drowning in the sin city of Singapore in 2012


The DEMON looks for souls which are down, some people are born with certain characteristics, making them susceptible to demonic influence, and more so when their spirits are way down.

Elisa Lam's parents booked the Cecil Hotel for her not knowing the background of the place. There were numerous murders, suicides at the location. The lift was stinking. All signs of evil spirits inhabitants. 

The word GHOST has the phrase HOST, Elisa Lam was the HOST to the demon. The DEMON hates its own host, it twists the physical body, like what you see in the movie OMEN when the Girl turns her head 180 degrees.

In 2013, the DEMON rules the world. It is a WATER SNAKE year, and the DEMON is back to claim the souls of Bankers (GOLD element), GOLD breeds WATER. 

When a City invites SIN to its shores, the DEMON follows. And the place goes stinky, and stinky and more evil spirits gather until it overwhelms all the positive power (正能量)。 And unfortune would descends upon your children and grand children.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 Feb January FED minutes: to QE or not to QE / Elisa Lam possessed, supernatural roof top water tank drowning

That is the question. mom and pop in the streets are now talking about QE. Some can even tell that QE4 is infinite. However, there is the sense of apprenhension. People are moving monies from Cash into Equities, as promised by Ben Bernanke.
Before Ben terms expires, he has to normalise rates. And that is what we are seeing, Yields on bonds, treasuries worldwide is creeping upwards. The world has just stepped through the door of Hyperinflation. As Lagarde and the G20 has promised there is no "Currency War",  you know one is coming. It is not a War per see, but the onset of Hyperinflation, masked by the word "Currency War" to advoid public panic.

Like in 2003, 2013 is now seeing the first human to human transmission of H1N1 in UK. We are again on the onset of another world epidemic.

A correction ahead of Option Expiry, nothing to worry about. Gold and SPX going to parity at 1550.

Meanwhile, world media is now fixated on Elisa Lam dead in the Cecil Hotel roof top water tank.


A paranormal explanation would be that she was possessed inside the lift, and then playing out her death with her waving hands. It is like she is telling the audience of how she died. She waded using her hands as if she is swimming, and then squeezed through the opening of the water tank (her both hands clenching together). In the lift, she was actually pressing buttons for the ghostly occupants of the hotel, as there are multiple ghosts inhabitants in the hotel. She moved to a corner in the lift to make way for the inhabitants.

Some neighbouring roof top surveillance cameras may show that she herself wandered onto the roof, climbed through the opening and dropped into the water tank.

Let us see if CSI Los Angeles is as good as what it is depicted in TV series.

There were also other happenings of Roof Top water tank drownings, example in the Gordon City of Singapore, there was a lady drowned in the roof top water tank of a public housing dwelling, slump per se. much like Skidrow in LA.


The suspect, was eventually acquited due to lack of evidence of murder. She was said to dip in the water tank to bath herself. An unsolved mystery still.


Sign for the year of darkness 2013:

North Korea nuclear test
Pope sudden resignation
Meteor strike
Roof top water tank drowning

Has SATAN arrived ?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 Feb Rally continues / Elisa Lam, dead girl in LA Cecil Hotel

((ALERT)) Back in Nov 2012, I have advised my subscribers to scale back their Gold positions, including their holding of Physical Gold. It is now confirmed. GOLD DEATH CROSS, as confirmed by FT as well. Sell it into the COMEX expiry next week. Good short.

Last low 1588, going for 1550. Then we have GOLD SPX parity.

Meanwhile China is sucking liquidity out of its market, its first since Nov last year when it pumps record monies into the system. China M2 far exceeds that of US and Japan. So in terms of Monies Printing, China is the gold medallist. And the Premier today reeiterated to expand the implementation of Property Tax, the fear of most China home owners. This was all timed when they rig up the market to allow their officials to sell into the rally and redeem their investments. Like the officials selling more than 10 properties each during these few months. So literally, the Communist Party has taken profit from the Capitalist Market.

The rally continues, expected range to be 1530 to 1550. It is option expiry, so expect rally towards Thursday and Friday.  50d, more downside expected to test 1550.

Now, from a dead US research engineer involved in some industrial esponiage with China, a dead Canadian Chinese girl in LA famous haunted hotel Cecil Hotel.
She was found to react strangely alone in the hotel's lift, sometime beginning of February, and then discovered dead in the hotel roof top water tank on 19 FEB.
It is spooky.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

19 Feb muddling through / US China spy mystery continues...

1500 should hold for SPX on option expiry.


Now NASDAQ listed VEECO is now embroiled in potential military technology transfer to China's Huawei through an unknowing dead American Shane Todd.
The China police is refusing any cooperation with FBI to investigate the death of Shane Todd.
He was alleged to be executed with a pulley bolted to the ceiling, and made to look like he kicked the chair and hanged himself. No suicide note was found. First girlfriend say he is totally normal before death, and some false media reports that his colleagues in the Institute of Microelectronics, a China research institution, claim that he was depressed before his death.

Monday, February 18, 2013

18 Feb America and China Spy war first victim

No frills, it is Monday, and we get the Blues on Monday, for a stage to launch another rally.

Meanwhile, China and US industrial espionage war has intensified. And it has claimed its first victim, at least the first public occurance.



A US researcher Shane Todd working in an Asian city for China telecommunications giant Huawei (the competitor of Nortel Networks which has gone bankrupt, and CISCO) in the area of cutting edge material engineering, has been found hanged in his apartment. He was literally hanged from the ceiling. (a very professional piece of work, as no depressed individual would do that)
His parents went to the country and visited his apartment, retrieved a Speaker which is actually a USB storage and found tons of research materials with Huawei. The amateurish local police and the alleged killers obviously overlooked the USB speaker.
There was no suicide note, and his local girlfriend describes him as joyful.
As in any espionage movies, it is either the good guy (as in USA) or the bad guy who did that to him.
In the Asian city, most Bankers die from drowning, if not plunging from 60 stories. It would be interesting to note if any Bankers ever get hanged from the ceiling. There is always a novel way to die.

The Asia city has become a crime metropolitan, as in Batman's Gordon City. And it is probably the international spy center, with CIA, NSA, KGB, Mossad, China's PLA mingling and killing. The city is also football fixing central, with the largest cartel based there fixing all the European, Latin American matches. Last year, 4 of the locals were extradited to US for selling remote control devices to Iraqi elements, and the devices were found on roadside bombs.

CNBC ran a documentary over the weekend describing China's spy activities over the decade, some of which has led to the downfall of American corporations, like Nortel Networks.

Friday, February 15, 2013

15 Feb Doom / Remote viewing

First, sudden resignation of the Pope. rumoured that he faces arrest for some institutions for church crimes
Second, lightning strikes St Paul Church
Third, NOK testing its Nuclear Bomb on the same day the 111th Pope resigned 02112013, and more to come soon
Fourth, Meteorites strike Russia Ural

If you discard the noise, MSM, JPY is still on its way towards 100, EURO towards 1.45

As this is END TIME, expect capitulations in World Equities market.

Meanwhile, chatters about Remote Viewing predictions of a Kill Shot, a Sun CME that impact Earth dramatically, to be preceded by a Nuclear event in North Korea, and a flying vehicle forced down from sky.
Remote Viewing is a program by US military decades ago to use ESP to predict major events. Timeline is in 2013.
This event would be a Extinction Level Event and governments are aware and secretly preparing. That explains why governments are not interested in paying debt.

Google on Farsight Institute, Ed Dame, Dr Courtney Brown (check out his presentation in June 2010).

Imagine the Remote Viewers have the vision of flood water reaching the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro.

So as the Nostradmus of Wallstreet, here are the events:

March NOK prepares for next Nuclear test, intercepted by Japan/US drone strikes
March 112th Black pope ascends to the popeship of Vatican, as predicted by Malachy,
Then Extinction Level events happen, Sun storm, violent earthquakes, Tsunamis, electricity grid shut down worldwide, coastal areas flooded.

As for the world markets, in the absence of Wall Street (submerged) and Federal Reserve (Swamped), and Central Bankers drowned, the robot traders would continue to paint DOW towards 18,000 before power drains, JPY would hit 200, Euro to hit 2.0, GOOG would be at 1300, APPL at 1000.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Feb 2012 DA14

An Asteroid, half the size of a football field, is flying pass into the satellite belt, and 3 times the earth radii on its closest approach, i.e. 0.09 Lunar Distance, which is extremely close. Last known hit on Earth by a satellite of similar size would be the one that hit the Serbian forest in 1908.

Meanwhile, market worldwide is in rally mode. 2 more days, and it would Chinese New Year and a week shutdown in Asia.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 Feb Exuberance

the only word that can describe the stock markets. In Asia, there is a mass pouring of funds into Equities after HK, Singapore and China governments put stop to the rising real estate prices. And we see penny stocks in Asia roaring, some have doubled and even tripled. After all these years, the Retail has returned, now Question: When is harvest time ?

In 2008 I was travelling in HK, and met a office assistant who is a plumb lady of age about 28 years old. She is a novice, she never tracked her investment, but she invested through 2006, 2007 in HK stock market, and took profit some time in September 2007, right before the crash of OCT 2007. She just felt like taking profit, when it has grown substantial.

Hence it is a myth that ordinary stock investors do not make monies, they do. And the opposite is true, Institutional Investors often lose monies, and Sovereign Wealth Funds are the biggest loser amongst them.

Meanwhile Soloman Island, north of Australia, East of Indonesia had a 8.0 Earthquake and an ensuing Tsunamis. The techtonic plate specifically the Indonesia Sumatra tongue would be understress, looking at some pressure release around the North Sumatra, Indian ocean in a couple of days if not weeks.

if one never died in the Daniel Craig's Skyfall or another Deadfall, here is Bruce Willis, another day to die hard. which is 14 Feb.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Feb Soccer time, Sex, Sin, Pleasure and Death

While we await the market to finish correction, and so called Euro criis to fake itself once more,
some shocking soccer news:



Singapore is also the HQ for Interpol.

Singapore is like the Batmans's Gordon City where crimes, Sin overwhelms in a police state.

A Singaporean lady Annabel Chong holds the Guiness World Record of having sex with the 251 men over 10 hours.

And today, a Singaporean photographer, Leslie Kee, who shoots for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, is arrested in Japan for publishing a book on his collection of photo of male penis.

It is a strange city with lots of strange ocurrance:

Briton BoC banker jumped 6 stories off the roof of Fullerton Bay hotel and drowned
Dutch man hurled himself down 60 stories from the roof of Marina Bay Sands hotel
HSBC VP drowned in the river near his office at 3am in the morning.
Argentinian lady jogger knocked down by bus near the Marina Bay Sands hotel
German kids killed at a road junction while skating on the road.

Not to mention the famous Michael Fay caning despite plea from then President Clinton.

Almost every month, somebody would drown himself in the Bedok reservoir, which is similar in function to the famous Japan suicide forest.

Last weeks, there was a case of a man charged in court for disposing his male lover bodies in the sea. The dead man was having a Threesome, and later died of drug over dose.

There is an active LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual) community in Singapore. With discreet bars and events catering to the needs of those from the region, and often from Europe and US as well. This is the LGBT choice for the rich. The community is now trying to petition to repeal the law incriminating sex between same sex adults. In the near future, Singapore would be the first Asian city to legalise same sex marriage.

Last year, 60 men were arrested for having sex with the same 16 years old gal. And a University Law Professor is charged for giving out grades for sex to 2 female and 2 male students. And the Narcotics police chief was charged for accepting sex bribes from a Oracle lady sales executive.

Singapore has a government sponsored sex trade. Every months, hundreds of gals arrive from China, Thailand and work at the local brothels under government supervision. Not to mention thousands arrive from China, Indonesia, India, Russia, Greece, Spains to ply their trade in the hotels, casinos, massage parlours and roadsides. Singapore is on the America government human trafficking watchlist.

Russians, Norwegians, Persians, Chinese, Indian tycoons arrive into the country for its safe, rich and unique pleasures.

2 weeks ago a dozen of forex traders were suspended for allege forex manipulation into Malaysian Ringgit, Indonesian Rupiah, etc. And months ago, Singapore banks were embroiled in Liborgate investigations.

And to end it all, this is the famous video clip of a Chinese millionaire driving his Ferrari 599 GTO in Singapore.


A good watch to wake you up. "Lucky Man !!!!"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 Feb End date of Mayan Calender and the WAR has not ended

there is a new calculation of the new end date, when the 3 cycles of YEAR/MONTH/DATE conincide to an end on the Dec 16 2013, 121613
when the full moon falls on 121713.

And silently we are going to slip into the Chinese year of the Water Snake, hence ending the Dragon year at Eastern Time 1:30pm 020313, 020313 1330

The water dragon proves to be a late comer, starting the rally towards the end, defying numerous skyfall, deadfall, etc. It was a good year for Bank, and we had the QE3 to infinity as promised in the Dragon Year. Much happened as telegraphed by the FED.

Now comes the Water Snake. Snake is Dragon condemned to Earth, after ridden of its paws and wings. But it still slides well and has two fangs. Water snake unlike Cobra, Rattlesnake, lives in the mangroves by the water. Much like Anaconda. Most time it slides in water and rises up for a breath. I, personally, have seen a water snake sliding through the river in the midnight in a Borneo jungle.

The water dragon is double positive in its attribute, but this water snake is double negative. And the Flying star 5, the most deadly star, also symbolising power takes center stage. For 30 days after tomorrow would also see the Flying star "2" which symbolises Sickness arriving.

Beijing is seeing a thick blanket of smog, and it has given rise to intense press coverage, with major acute outbreak of lung related sickness. China may order an extended shut down of industrial power generation after the long Chinese New Year vacation, stretching into end Feb.

Meanwhile, North Korea is going to test a supercharged nuclear bomb, and Iran has shown its first stealth aircraft. Now, one just wonder if Iran lends NK its stealth aircraft for weapon delivery. North Korea would be able to projects its nuclear weapon into Darwin and Guam, not to mention Washington.

Abe is speeding up constitution change to allow overseas troops deployment. As Japan is rapidly aging, within 30 years, there would be hardly have any able-bodied Japanese workers. Same for Germany in 50 years. Hence the grab for human resources would intensify. And Japanese chances of more homosapiens would be to seize parts of China, again. Remembering that in 1940, only 70 years ago, Japan has landed on China soil. All these diplomatic missions by Abe is just time delaying tactics to get its Constitution ready, its War Ministry re-instated and the F-35 in its hangars.
And more importantly, the China leaders are having their plate full with internal affairs, and living on the illusions that they have the final say in any skirmishes.

After the snake year, 2014 would be the year of the Fire horse 甲午。 Sixty years ago in 1954, there was the major naval warfare between China and Japan in the Eastern Seas. 2013 is the gearing up year for World War 2 continuation. The WAR has not ended.

Friday, February 1, 2013

1 Feb A New Era GOOG 1000 JPM 66.6 INDU 17000

Yes, a new ERA has arrived, reason:
The market has rammed through some significant technical barriers.
E.g. DOW is now on its way past 15000 into 17000 eventually.
INDU has passed its 38.2 Fibonnaci resistance.

Hence GOOG going to 1000
JPM going to 66.6
Seems like all APPL fans has rotated into GOOG. And as Jamie has claimed, let the rally continues. He was having JPM=66.6 in mind. Prince Alwaleed would be gunning for C=5 to recoup his losses in 2008/2009.

Even Hong Kong index has broken a key ceiling.
GOLD 50 days and 200 days has again crossed to the downside, another big flush of GOLD coming.

Today NFP would provide the boost to the target, lasting into mid March. Worldwide markets rally.
Meanwhile fresh monies have been pumped into the equities, especially emerging markets. The Bears call it a Bank Run when investors withdraw monies from bank and pump into Equities. January saw the largest injection of funds for the part 1 year.
I was at a cafe, and overheard University students trading. The grip of a bull rally has finally emerged. More and more brokerages organising Road Shows for its trading software and tools.

Join as followers to received the newest input.

As a responsible blogger, would like also to mention that in view of these overwhelming bullish signals, if there is a breakdown, it would be quite substantial. So trade with caution.

My friend has once advised my to mortage my house and scoop up the stocks.

In case, you are not aware. Israel made its first attack on a Muslim nation, that is Syria. Attacking its military HQ. And the Muslims are all quiet.
Second, when Obama talked of flexibility after election, he meant to hire a anti-Israel Defence Minister. So Netanyahu got his ass rimmed without knowing.

And Abe is changing Japan constitution to re-enable Japan to take offensive military actions. Nikkei is staging its hell of a rally before WWW2 resumes.