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Monday, October 14, 2013

14 Oct Deamericanised as in Exorcised

It is now official. china official newsletter has called for the deamericanisation from all aspects of trade, economy, etc. I just wonder if China has managed to sell all its US treasuries as to be so bold. The salient fact from the Debt Ceiling and Shutdown, America is not going to pay off its debt. And Asian countries are hoarding American debts knowing that they would never get their Principal back. The countries are just living on the interest payments. China is now running out of monies in its banking system, in the sense that there is nothing to back the monies growth. Very soon, China is going to recall its US treasuries to finance all the bad debt write off in the China banking system. And they are facing obstacles to do so with the US Treasuries. It is a matter of who get out of the door first, the Japanese, Chinese or the small Asian countries. So the game plan is the raising of the ceiling on 17 oct while China demands refund of its Treasuries begins. That also explains the rush to set up the shanghai offshore zone.
The Pacific War has begun. and all Jaegers are now deployed to Hong Kong to fight the last war. China has now setup military camps just alongside the banking district in Central Hong Kong island. when the war begins, all the gold and t bills would be escorted onto warships within an hour.

In terms of trading there would be wild gyrations as in the movie Gravity when the Astronauts are thrown about in space. So hang on and profit from swift trade with bias towards long positions in Equities. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

7 Oct Nervous China and Federal Reserve Shutdown and the LAST CHAIRMAN

Instead of secretly wiring Obama to relay China's concern on the Debt dog and pony show, the China Treasury minister
has to openly relay China's concern.And suggested to the US that in the event Debt default is inevitable, US may
consider issuing new Debt to replace Old Debt. Meaning at a Higher Interest Rate.

In a nut shell, a Default may happen. and to us, traders, it means a Golden buying opportunity to load up on SPX.

In Hong Kong, the tycoons are offloading their shares in companies they had long held, like shares of logistics companies, retail chains and even properties investment.

If there is no NFP release, should not the shutdown also precludes the Federal Reserve from convening the next FOMC ?
Can the world live without FOMC, and let the markets cruise its way upwards ?

Is there a Nostradamus prophecy that Bernanke is the last US Federal Reserve Chairman ?
Was it the last Pope or the last Chairman.

As I long said, when the last human dies, SPX would be at 18,000 and INDU at 200,000. The world do not need a FOMC nor a Federal Reserve.

Let the Shutdown shutdown the FOMC and Federal Reserve and let the market goes on auto-pilot without interference.

Long live the ROBOT TRADERS !!!!!

On second thought, is China nervous about FEDERAL RESERVE shutdown, and then China loses its Trillions dollars of Reserves overnight !!!!! Once US unshackles its debt obligations towards China and Japan, the economy would soar to new heights. That is the deal that Obama and China Xi JinPing had when they gather in California.

Trading Ideas

GET READY to load up all Stocks and Equities at next DIP

Sell Crude, sell commodities, sell GOLD, Sell Copper, there are ample when America is producing them and now selling natural gas, crude, etc to the world at a discount. And more importantly, Bernanke is banning any bullish trade in commodities to sustain the perception of low inflation.

At 11 am ET, Commodities, Precious metals stage a quick run up. A bull trap per se on a Monday.
Load up on shorts Commodities, long on SPX.

We should be expecting some resolution on the Shutdown soon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

4 Oct Sell Gold like never before

The China DaMa cartel is selling GLD shares to drive down physical gold prices, and buy physical on the cheap. And the China DaMa who are the ladies of China bankers, party officials get crispy clean notes from the Bank vault and carry them in LV bags into Hong Kong to load up physical gold in suitcases. I just rubbed the feet of one of the China Bank official's wiffee. When the wiffees are ecstatic, they tell you everything. In the 1930's we have Dutchies selling Opium to Chinese for Gold and Silver. Now we have China selling Pulp paper to Americans for their Golds. 2 months ago, it was the DaMa who bought up all the Gold they can lay hands on, even at midnight and foiled Jamie Diamond's plan to drive Gold to 1000. so that Bernanke can collect all the Gold he sold before his terms end. Every moves by the Crash team is a buying opportunity for a Quick trade. However loading up on SPX would be a safer choice considering the Wave 5 has yet to begin. The HK tycoons are too impatient to wait for Wave 5 to unfold, they are offloading all their shares in their hard earned empire. The buyers would be the retail funds, where Fund Managers trade other people monies. It seems that the 8 years of Obama Presidency are run by Harry Reid and Pelosi, staging one pony show after another. If the Republicans give in now, they lose all their supporters of Anti-Obama stand. When the Republicans try to be more like Democrats, they are just another dog on the street. By the way, nobody is paying attention to this Shutdown or Debt Limit in Asia. House prices climb to new high, Parties all year round for the Billionaires who left US to come to Asia to advoid taxes. Party, Booze, Bugati, ........

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1 Oct Suspicious

well, I have not been a fan of Precious Metals. Otheriwse, I trade on the short side. Nonetheless there seems to be great conviction of "somebody" who just wants to slam GOLD, when everything else is rising on this Great Shutdown. Probably some hedge fund are bankrolled by somebody just to slam GOLD every now and then.And it had become a great following, where quick profits can be gotten, on the selling side. Looking at SPX to recover and hit new high into 1800 when this Shutdown Dog and Pony shows wear off. This week is China national holiday stretching through the entire week, and China DaMa would do their favourite, shopping for Gold, 1200 would be better than 1300 in that case.

1 Oct Shutdown ? what Shutdown

if it is another Monday, nobody would notice the difference between today and another Monday. In Asia, it is hardly reported. Nobody is paying attention to this dog and pony show. Asia chasing after properties, paying more then 1200 USD per square foot for an apartment, when cheap monies come on the cheap. Even Asian banks downgraded by S&P continues lending at greater amount. Iran is now US best friend. And Israel and Palestine would be having open borders soon. Assad is now a hero in US. In Japan, ingesting radioactive hot particles is patriotic, and dying of cancer is glamourous. China would allow USD to circulate in its cities, with people buying coffee with US pennies. And American can buy a car with stacks of RMB. There is no more need for Federal Reserve. The Big Too Big to Fail banks would take turn to be the Central Banks. There would not be need for taxes. Instead of Food Stamp, you now get Thousand Dollar bills every week. No more tax. All doctors, hospitals treat for free. No more Universities tuition fee. Free education for all. America would open borders to Mexico, and provide free airticket for all Africans to travel to America and work there without need for any more Visa. In fact there would be given a credit cards with value of 100,000 USD to spend for their first year in America. Weekends shall be 4 days, and everybody just work 3 days. Hey, that is the world we are all aspiring for !!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

23 Sept Communication

now the market makers spread news that the true underlying message of the FOMC is that the growth is not good. It is all communications.

When Bernanke was named Fed Chair, the Vice Chair then was tasked with handling communication with the market. It moves away from the opaque, passive way of running a FED by Alan Greenspan. It calls for better communication with the market. i.e. it offers more guidance in its FOMC decision. Actually it means Deceit. Like what happened over last week. First the Chair sets up expectation of a taper months before, to contain the market rise, to contain the drop in USD. While the Banks, FED proxies can load up, and then the FOMC announces no taper. And a rally happens for the Banks to take profits. Hence this makes the Banks profitable, when they are struggling with their investment and loan business. Better profit prevents another Bank meltdown. This would actually absorb the Billions that the FED is releasing into the market.

Billions from taxpayers monies is now transformed into the Billions in Banks profit statement. QE1/2/3/4 and 100 are all mechanisms by the FED to sustain bigger debts, instead of people cheating on mortgage loans applications. The FED just cheat the people by taking monies from tax payers and giving it to the Banks. There are thousands of explanation given by Economist to justify this cheating. But the Fact is still the Fact, Banks are taking monies from the Tax payers, via the FED. Now it is a battle to sustain this deceit by nominating Yellen, a central architect of this master piece of deception, literally the "Communicator".

Hence the trading pattern would be Stocks going higher, with more violent gyration. But a a guide such dips only last for 1 to 2 days. you can actually buying into this dips when the drop exhaust within a 2 days time frame. A better trade would be to short Crude Oil, Commodities, Aussie, Metals, Metals stocks, Gold, Platinum, Copper, etc. As you can see, the American forces is now a reluctant force. Despite of its advanced weaponry, its will is weak to fight a war. Hence US would no longer have a intimidating effect on China for its dispute with Vietnam, Philippine and Japan.

In its place, Russia would take over, when Putin has shown great finesse in its handling of Syria. Russia now has a stonghold on Europe with its natural gas pipelines. And next year, Russia would commercialize its arctic routes, making Suez canal and Malacca Straits redundant. The next decade belongs to Russia. for once Russian Ruble is a strong buy.

The Silk Route traversing Central Asia would be the new emerging economy. And I yearn to goto Astana for a stint. Obamacare, the Budget ceiling are just noises, market is going to 1800. Gold to 1000. It is all Communication, no FA, no TA. In the end, one just wonder, why dun't the FED dispense a Blue Pill to everybody, and then everybody enters the matrix. It is faster than chopper down trees to make the pulp, and then get the printers, and then the transport. Just a Blue Pill would do to communicate the message.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, where the people psyche are governed by the Hang Seng index, the market was kind, and business willing to spend. And I am blessed with business opportunities. Even Snowden wants to come to Hong Kong, when some billionaires are willing to part with some monies.

On 1 Oct, the China floodgate would open when the first onshore Financial Free Trade Zone would operate in Shanghai. China Businesses and individuals would pile their monies into Shanghai and seek an exit. We would see an incessant flow of RMB overseas, converting into other currencies. Euro is the likely candidate.

Even the China brand name Ecommerce platform Alibaba is abandoning listing in China and seeking listing in the NYSE. We should witness a collapse of the China market soon after its annual policy makers meeting in November. US Banks had already sold their stake in the China Banks. China Banks are saddled with Bad Debt, when so called Businessman takes loans, and straight away funnel the monies into HK, and then wired overseas to Singapore, and from there onto US and Europe, in the name of business invoices, payments, etc.

Those Debts are never intended to be repaid. Now the China governments want the entrepreneurs to buy up these Debts from state run banks, thus offloading these bad debts from the state. So called Off Balance sheets arrangements. That is why JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs are running away from the China Banks.

Secondly, in the name of anti-corruption, Chairman Xi is arresting executives of major state entreprises, like their profitable Oil monopolies, Sinopec, CNOCC, etc. And those related companies equities take a tumble suddenly. Essentially, European and US companies who are late to exit from their investments which started decades ago, may literally see their investments going back to Dinnosaur's age.

Because of this need, China decided to setup the Shanghai Free Trade Zone suddenly. At least they can contain the exodus, instead of such trades flowing into other RMB centers like London and Singapore, when it is going to look ugly.

Those RMB Dim Sum bonds are going to take a tumble, hence deleveraging millions of HKers and Asian households of their favourite and sure win gamble. RMB would reverse courses, i.e. weakening. And the People Banks of China would be busy selling USD and buying back its RMB. Hence Hyperflation would arrive into China in 2014. And PBoC would get its USD from selling US Treasuries back to Yellen. And Yellen would be literally "Yelling" when a tsunamis of USD is arriving onto its shores, 50 years of incessant USD printing.

This is what happens when Economics become Communication. We may as well absorb Economics as a discipline into Communications. And Noble Prize of Economics become  the Noble Prize of Communications. And the American Society of Ecomomist become the American Society of Banks Communicator.

Trading ideas:

Euro is expected to revisit 1.6 (even 2.0) to a USD sometime next year. Hence for Euros, Ruble, go long. Buy into Europe and Russian equities, neutral on SPX, though 1800 is expected soon.

Short GBP and AUD, precious metals (for short, violent moves).

Friday, September 20, 2013

20 Sept Taper or no taper

Taper or no Taper, it does not matter. Market is still going up no matter what. SPX is now on its extended 5th wave, 1800 in view. While Commodities are in a tear downwards, because there is no demand. It is a divergent universe, stock market plunges are capped, while commodities are forced downwards. Hence buy Equities on dips and sell metals and commodities hard. Expecting Crude to return to sub-90, Gold towards 1000. This would carry into year end. The Federal Reserve proxy banks are capping Crude at 110, Gold at 1380. The Hedge Funds have decided to scramble after meeting infinite resistance. A difference in Crude of 20 dollars would make a merry Christmas bonus. There is a good demand for Euro, when Funds are buying up Europe Equities, stay away from Euro, sell GBP. Happy trading.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Malala has spoekn to the world in United Nations. the Beast with a mortal wound to the head has announced ITSELF. Zimmerman is now freeman, and the entire America is going into Racial Riots continents wide, spreading to Europe, Cyprus, Spain, Netherland. since Peak Human arrived when homosexual marriage is recognised, it is the start of the end of the WORLD. IT HAS COME,

Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 June a ghostly monthend

Nothing beats a ghost story to attract eyeballs. The Canadian girl Eliza lam who drowned in the water tank in a LA hotel is decidedly a accident, as declared by the coroner office. Now another ghostly encounter of abandoned factories in Asian cities inhabited by Ghost.
There is this factory in an Asian city which is haunted. Monks were called in to dispel the ghost to no avail. And it had to be fenced in yellow ritual cloth. Asian manufacturing is waning, and industrial properties are artificially propped up by government using derivatives instruments. Ghostly.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26 June The Future of the Stock market and Peak-Human

Been here in HK all the while, never met Snowden, but one thing is for sure. Once you are on the internet, you are been spied on by multiple agencies from multiple countries.

Hence it is time that we humans develop special 6th senses. You cross thoughts with others without sound, without devices. And I am on the way to achieving that.

As I have informed of the rally that happened till May, I would say that the rally has not ended, more is to come, possibly SPX to 1700.

Bernanke calling a taper is a bluff. The taper would just curtail the rally, but not stop the rally.
While the stock market is consolidating, Commodities are on a slide, as economics demand is really wceak.
E.g. Oil is back to 70. Gold back to 1000.

At yr end, Janet Yellen  would take over, and then another 100 Billions every month and all countries would follow suit. Even ex-Hawk Trichet is supporting ECB bailouts.

Monies printing would be the norm because the Politicians are taking a bit at the cake. Guradians of treasuries are milking the Treasuries. It is a collapse of Capitalism, and in a way the entrepreneurship, creativity of humans. Bcos printing monies would solve all problems.

Essentially Human as a race has peaked, but not the stock market. Humans would degenerate into lazy, complaining, angry beings, never want to work harder, as Adam Smith invisible hand is now too visible.

Trading tips:
Sell AUD when it is above 0.9400
Sell Gold near 1270
Sell Crude at 96
I would give Euro, GBP a break.
Buy SPX on dips.

Friday, May 31, 2013

31 May monthend window dressing

May has been a good month. Asia markets have been well supported. Some unknown stocks simply soar 10% and even 45% in a day.
Good for business sentiment.
As the month of "snake" draws to a close by next week. Expect some turbulence, and passing of great leader.
Asian countries have even superseded foreign debt level of the late 1997 currency crisis. With the amount of liquidity in the market, the avalanche will be many times bigger.

Meanwhile, Asian governments are busy defending their currencies from sliding further. Aussie has fallen below 1.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

12 May Mother's Day

So it has been a while. And the market worldwide has been rallying like never before. and world mother's deserve a pat on the shoulder.

Well done. The mood here in Hong Kong has been good. A better than expected growth in first quarter. Retail has been a bit slow. But nontheless everybody is raising their chin.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

27 April What is next ?

so what is next ?

today there is geomagnetic disturbance, and a slight lunar eclipse happened last night.

something is brewing, am not sure. May be we get another earthquake of a larger magnitude somewhere. Last Saturday, we had the R6.6 China Sichuan EQ.

As for the market, the blatant impact of HFT is obvious with its violent reaction to AFP twitter hack. It was a good excuse to take out the stops of the amateur Long. Hence the Funds are positioning for another rally coming, to break 1600. Would see Gold making another dive soon. One Dr Doom (can't remember their names oready, in this electronics market), predicted a 1200 target for Gold. While my personal wise friend spoke of 18 for Silver.

Follow the Central Bankers, go long SPY if you are a lazy trader. Otherwise you can easily find a unknown stock that rockets 200% in a day.

H5N9 has been creeping southward from Shanghai, expecting it to reach HK after 1 May China national holiday, and then from there towards SouthEast Asia and Canada. By mid May, the H5N9 would have morph to a human to human variant, a fatal one. According to a report in Lancet, it just missed one more step to become human to human capable. And we are going to have a fiery hot May.

Friday, April 26, 2013

26 April What a week

we are into the second week after the plunge in gold prices. Gold has recovered towards 1485, trying to .test 1500, while SPX is trying to test 1600. Eventually we have it
Gold is a fraction of SPX.
And news has it that a survey found that Central Bankers are now buying Equities, after Treasuries, Equities is now like the last Refuge. Korean, Japanese and China Central Bankers have piled their citizens pension funds into Equities.
Think this is about it: Bankrupt the nations's pension and medical funds.

As usual recommendation, Short the Weakest, namly Silver, GBP, Long the strongest USD, EUR in comparison to GBP, and SPY.

Meanwhile, dock workers protesting against the Richest Man in Asia, the most honorable Li Kah Shing, who rose from rags as a plastic flower seller to the richest man in Asia.

Even Economist Buttonwood is pessimistics on Gold, and lots of financial commentator are calling for the end of the Gold Bull run. The only Gold bulls are the smugglers across the HK-China borders. The smugglers bring their goldware across into HK for sale, and China moms and pops cross into HK with shopping trolley bags to load up the Gold bars, bangles, etc.
Even the Bank of China has run out of Gold coins,etc.


Friday, April 19, 2013

19 April a week has passed

First, condolence to all the victims of the Boston and Texas Waco blasts, my heart aches whenever thoughts of the dying souls come about.
Needless to say, a portion of the Americans are unhappy. And unhappiness attract all the negative energies onto the Continent. It is like the rats drawn to the rubbish dump.

Incidentally, we saw the largest raid on Gold and Silver in decades. My wise fren has told me of the powerful cartel out there determined to drive the prices down, and they are said to be awesome.

Nonetheless, the caulculated moves, the determined effort of the Cartel bosses, imagine they crowd in room lined with supercomputers, and their effort leads to happy Chinese rushing out to grab every Gold bar out in the shops.

10 years from now, the Congress would haul Bernanke from his sick bed in front of the panels, to be grilled on why he has sold off American wealth. That is provided if he lives that long.

It is inevitable, like the Incas, the once Mexican empire let go of every beads of silver to the Spaniards.

Expecting a ramp up in Gold, followed by another dunk. Meanwhile, expecting the ramping of Euro and GBP to finish. Shorting GBP is a safer bet.

Hong Kong market went up 500 points today, a significant gain. Thank GOD, my deal is still intact.
Equity is still safe to hold through end of this year. Despite some volatility in May and June.

It is Summer by next Sunday. So relax and enjoin your gain. Remenber to add as my follower.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 April Legal Tax Evasion

How to evade tax legally, read above.

Now countries are closing the tax loop holes, preventing business from exploiting business models that evade paying taxes on imports. Possibly, the governments may pursue transactions back dated, so as to exploit the cash piles of corporates.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

7 April Elisa Lam conclusion

Despite the pathetic NFP, buyers buy into dip, and we see a Doji Star reversal pattern (to be confirmed).

Meanwhile, something light for the weekend.
Went to see The Last Exorcism, Part 2. It is a complete failure.

Once I asked a Master, who has written many books on spritual, reincarnation, the realms of beings, etc.
I asked if Ghost or Spirits would "want" to become Human or goto Heaven as Angel.
He said there are rituals to elevate spirits straight to Heaven.

Now this brings us to Elisa Lam. Elisa Lam was possessed in and outside the life. And she walked her way up the stairs to the roof, and plunge herself into the tank. The Spirit wanted to be reincarnated as Human, hence it ventured into a tank of water, presuming it is the Womb.

And the fact that the toxicology report is not yet out after more than 8 weeks, point to the fact that there is no foul play. It was a strange strange accident.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 April My Plan

Yes, my plan is important.

HSI just dropped 2.73% ahead of my impending travel to HK. As I have written weeks ago, my deal did not materialise last month, and I am travelling to HK to rekindle the deal.

The drop below 22,000 on HSI makes opportune time to buy the dip as further upside is coming.

AND Soros made a dire prediction in HK for the Japan market. Soros, himself, is demi-Human, he has superb power, and his specialty is in Monies, unlike some who can levitate, or meditate well past into the future.

Soros said there would be an avalanche of YEN, and resulting in Capital Flight. He did not mention targets. As you know, everybody in the market is expecting at least 100, some says 120-130, the last high. Well, Nostradamus says 180, almost devaluation of YEN by half.

Imagine your equities in Japan, NKY now at 12,000, if it were to match the currency devaluation, it has to goto 18,000 to make it worthwhile. But Currency devaluation happens much faster and easier than equities.

After Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Romania would be following its foot steps, with the massive Capital Flights coming. And the world reporters association has just published a report of celebrities, politicians seeking tax havens in British Vigin  Island and a Asian country.

Where would the monies go ? into US Stock Market. Followed by a Giant Slamdown, possibly 50% in a month time.
HOWEVER the time is not yet there, just wait for these countries, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Romania.

Hence go long US Equities and join the ride.

Friday, April 5, 2013

5 April Bullish confirmation, uptrend intact

yes, MACD bullish confirmation.
SPX 1540 good support for the next rally.
momentum trade till the market tells you it is not.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 April Where did Bernanke's monies went ? CONDOMS

Bernanke has been printing 85 billions per month for the past few months and more months to go. And even last yr, the yr before, more monies were printed.
But where did the monies went ?

The Treasuries ? yes no doubt about that.
Equities ? yes, probably traded under Dark Pool as the volume in the exchanges were pathetic.
Real Estate ?

Yes, and where ?


A China investor paid $407 million for an entire residential CONDOMinium this year, 2013


A Taiwan investor paid $226 million for an entire CONDOMinium tower back in 2007.

To be frank, even shadow President of United States Jamie Diamond, or PIMCO Gross do not make that much, especially they are under surveillance.

A large part of the QE monies made their way roundabout from Federal Reserve to the NY Banks, and then into Hong Kong and from there fan off to other locations as investment monies, trade monies, etc which then end up in real estate. The monies did not move into manufacturing or any other value-adding services.
You can literally see Bernanke's thumbprint on the monies.

True or not, the monies speak for itself.

South Korea has gotten permission from the US Command to initiate war. And they are exercising at Latitude North 38 Degree.
Remembering HSBC Bank has a advertisement of Turkey's Cappadocia at 38 North.

Watch not what North Korea does, see what Iran is up to. Iran has been very quiet lately. And pretty sure, their enriched plutonium is ready to be weaponised. Think NKorea would delay tactics for a while, when Iran is catching up. Then US would be facing two battlefields in one go. And Hagel is most reluctant to fight even an acre of land.

Conspiracy has it that, Tokyo is now becoming inhabitable, thyroid kids, deformed children, mass cancer among the old. A lot of the foreigners have left, and business is struggling despite Abenomics. And Japan is short of special minerals. Abe went on a hunting trip to Mongolia lately. Abe wanted to ally with Mongolia to hit China from the North.

Remembering that I also wrote a piece on the 2010 North Korean Missle crisis quoting a pastor with vision of missle striking a US carrier.


So the only way out of the doldrum for US and Japan would be to conquer a state that would provide them with a liberated mass of human resource, as well as untapped oil, minerals underground. North Korea fits the bill well. When the masses are liberated, ruling over them is easy, and Japan is too eager to take the job.

And the Pacific Command then would be right at the door steps of Russia and China.

This standoff is going to take a while, when Iran is ready with its weaponised nuclear warhead, taking out Israel at first strike, at least to detonate one over the Tel Aviv sky, causing mass radiation.
Also China is now mobilising its north eastern command to ring fence its border to protect against influx of North Koreans fleeing.

The SPX, INDU would continue its rally as the robots have no wars. Their algo has been:


Good luck trading !!! it is a momentum trade upwards till the markets tell you not.

NEXT HOLIDAY SPOT: China's BoAo Forum (Bring Your Own Condom BYOC)


In the Western world, there is DAVOS, where the government leaders, bankers, politicians, CEOs meet to discuss strategy for coming year. And in the Eastern or Asian world, there is the BoAo forum organised by China for Asian leaders. And Gillard, China's XI and Mexican Nieto are appearing in the China city of Hainan.

While on 1 April, at a corner in Hainan, there was a mass party among the rich, it was a mass orgy, 2000 CONDOM were dispensed. Models, Pros were flown in on private jets alongside movie stars, billionaires,
it was a mainly Chinese party.


What a coincidence...........and another evidence pointing to where Bernanke's monies went. The Chinese Bankers and Politicians are gathering in China Hainan for their rewards next week. The Bankers are going to reward the Officials and Politicians for letting them into the know with free monies for the rally since last November. It is going to be an incentive trip of sort, flying in with Private Jets, and Nubiles (under sixteen) opening your first hotel door from the inside, replete in China Tudou dress.

For Western Bankers, it is also where you should go. Your look would draw a lot of Asian girls. And it is good to network with some Chinese bankers or politicians who has the same taste as you.

For me, I am leaving for HK next week, getting ready for the next HK rally towards 25,000.
Yippeee Hoooray !!!!
If you get laid in the double King size bed next week in a cushy hotel in BoAo with a string of Nubiles, and you switch on the TV to see Hang Seng Index rallying, you know I am at work !!! alongside with my buddies in JP Moregain, Moregain Steathly, CLSA and Hookers Suckers Bullshit Condom Corporation. It is going to be an Orgasmic Rally for all. Courtesy of Bernanke, who sponsored the CONDOM as well (we call it Big Ben Protection)

BTW, my call on 24 March to short GOLD has been right on target.
And continue selling GOLD towards 1500 with touching 1490.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 April Shanghai Earthquake

Courtesy of China Sina blog, Shanghai is displaying a massive Earthquake cloud pattern today.
Signs of impending calamity ?

Meanwhile, the bull trend continues.

Poor Chinese, even their close ally is making fun of Chinese smoke, and pork soup.
Pity on those Beijing and Shanghai residents. Killed softly by humour.


Monday, April 1, 2013

1 Apr China Cyanide Pork, H7N9 and the Shanghai connection

Update: reason for 13 thousand dead pig corpse floating down Shanghai river

It is written in China blogs that the Pigs were fed toxic chemicals (Organic Cyanide) last yr to make them grow big in time for the Dec/Jan Chinese mass celebration before Chinese New Year. Unfortunately as the new China Chairman Xi clamped down on expenditures. The Pigs were never eaten, and then the Pigs started to fall ill and their internal organs rot. All the while, Chinese had ingested mico doses of cyanide. So did all the Expats who stayed throughout in China. The Pigs were also exported to Hong Kong, etc.
The interesting thing is that the officials have not published any explanation for 13 thousands dead pigs all at the same time.

Last checked, that China sina blog was deleted.

People are rumouring that the retired ex-Chairman Jiang ZheMin is next to be dealt with due to massive corruption. (猪江, 诛江泽民)
Shanghai is going to be the city when blood is going to shed, and political assassination runs amock (like children of political opponents burning in Ferraris, CCP favourite killing machine).

Last time, Pig feature prominently in China politics and economy, was when in 2008 a pig was squealing human words before slaughtered. She was squealing then that rice would be expensive next year (2009), and all houses empty in the year after (2010). 鞍山神猪。In a way, it was true.

Expats, You have been forewarned. Noting that a couple of Australians are in China's jail after their Chinese JV partner collaborated with the police to jail the Australians and snatch them of their share in the company. And Gillard is supposed to raise grievance in her China trip. Would she sabotage her AUD-RMB deal ?
Would we have a situation like in Dubai, when expats flee Dubai leaving their loaned cars behind, unpaid rental, etc ?

I was hoping to goto Shanghai last month, but the deal fell through. Lucky me. I ended up in Mumbai.

Just in, the Taiwan airports are raising their alert against flu.


H7N9, a new strain has striked China. Shanghai with 2 deaths. There is no vaccine yet. The two dead are pig hawkers. (3 went to hospitals, 2 dead, no vaccine yet) And HK disease expert suspect the mild bird flu H7N9 has jumped to pigs and mutated to a human strains. Keep a close watch on development, and see who WHO says. The deaths in Shanghai was reported almost 2 weeks later. And more may be transpiring now from the dead pig corpse.

Australia Gillard is going to sign direct Currency exchange treaty with China on 6 to 8 April, meaning bypassing USD. Another blow to USD as world reserve currency, and should clear the way for a rally in AUD. (BTW, may be Gillard can taste some cyanide pork while in China, she would look much delicious when she return).

USD is no longer a commodity currency. Hence Bernanke attempt to reign in the Commodities with USD would be in vain. And the retaliation would be immense after so many years of suppression.

Crude is now hovering 97. Next week, it would attempt 100 and then 120. Afterall, housing prices is rocketing with USD returning from China and Russia. the Chinese are taking freshly minted RMB from the banks and bring cash into US. While bad debt in China is rising rapidly. The Chinese industrialists are no longer interested in working hard. They just want cash.

SPX has reached historical new high.
While the China government dispensed its most intensive measure so far to contain escalating property prices, so called Nation Five rules (国五条). And 5 is an utterly unlucky number this year, when annual yellow star 5 is in the center. It is going to be double whamy 5.
Thanx to Bernanke, all the liquidity is no longer chasing innovation, technology advances, manufacturing but to property mania global.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

31 March 1 more day to April Fools

Dead Russian, yes, another one fell from 59 stories of Swissotel in Singapore.

That made one dead in UK and another one in Singapore, while Russian monies are at stake in Cyprus.

The state is a place of international espionage and money traffiking, with dead American Shane Todd and now a Russian in a island country no bigger than Los Angeles central.

Finally left Mumbai, stayed at an US international brand name hotel in Mumbai, and it was horrible, no soap, no tooth brush and even towels on certain days. Getting a SIM card is so difficult, having to supply photos, passport, residence proof, etc.
And the transport was horrible. AND it is Mumbai, supposingly to be the best city in India.
Obviously all the monies went to somebody's pocket.

And the monies have pulled out of India's market and seeking a home in South East Asia, bidding up property prices in Malaysia, India, and their Equities of course.


And then the houses would be gifted to its executives in India, i.e. state sponsored property purchase.
Same has happened in China when it fueled its property bubble 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the State Bank Of India is fueling properties bubble outside of its country, in a Asia island state. When the Bank prints monies to buy properties outside of its home country, it is exporting inflation.
As for Japan, there are now a lot of Japanese executives running around in India buying this and that, financed by Abe's free monies. So it comes a full circle, Bernanke holds ZIRP, Japan prints monies buy in India, India buys in Malaysia.

Kim Jong Un, being young and brash, wanted to pull a tough stance to scare its military. Plotting rockets as far as Austin Texas. All bluff. Even its reach into Guam is unconvincing.

Well the story has it that the US, after visit by Google chief, wanted a share of the telecommunication, network license and others in North Korea. But under China pressure, Kim Jong Un was not ready.
And US held all of Kim's monies.
So Kim wants to play tough to extort the monies.
It is all bluff. Some joker would try to sneak in a joke on April Fool Day of a missile landed in the heart of Tokyo on 1 April.

If you believe N Korea missle attack, you would have to believe a major quake in LA coming soon.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

27 March Cypriots

By the way, there is not much difference between Cypriots and Idiots.
The worse thing for Cyprus is not the Bank Run that is to come, but the complete breakdown of monies transaction in daily business. And TRUST is all gone.
It is an experiment that EU and ECB is testing. If Cyprus survives, they are rolling out the template to Greece, Italy, then Spain. So that the EU can take ownership of the wealth of the people.
When the Central Bankers run out of monies, people's wealth is next.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

24 March India loves horror

In India cities mall, things are pretty upmarket, with lots of fashions and eating places like TGIF, MacDonald, KFC, etc. But they also have Horror Houses, where Indian pays 70 Rupees to get frightened. E.g. to get frightened by a man hanging upside down.
It would be interesting to see NIFTY and SENSEX hanging upside down coming week.

Major Banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered promoting their cards.

Meanwhile, CYPRUS rumblings, Cypriots deny any deal formed.
Compared to Galleon, Dubai collapse, MF Global, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus is no big deal, just another opportunity to shake out the longs, and for the higher, that is what Bloomberg is telling the Asia market when it opens on Monday.

For Americans, a horror story is coming:
Your monies is no longer safe, it would be subordinated to pay off creditors (when your monies is pledged by brokers to the creditor bank to secure loans).
Refer to Sentinel Ruling by the US Court of Appeal. It is monies pulling time, pull your monies from the unstable countries, then the Emerging countries, then your brokerage, and the finally from your Bank.

In case your wonder who bought the Gold, an Indian jeweller is opening up 3 branches to be graced by celebrities Batchan and Arshraya Rai.

You wanna get dipped in Pure Gold ?
You also sell your Gold now, in case it is Tungsten Gold not pure Gold.


Meanwhile, the richest man in Asia, Li Kah Shing is building his new castle in Hong Kong, 

It has bullet proof windows and steel vault for escape in case the residence is stormed. 
It makes sense, when calamity comes, people would head there for food and shelter.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

23 March Zombie Attack

On 5 April, India would premiere its first Zombie film "ZOMBIE ?".
NIFTY has fallen 4% this week, since I am here. would be here for another week, another 4% ?
Finance Minister has promised some reform, etc.

We are seeing ZOMBIE Central Banks, Cyprus Central Bank is virtually non-existent. Let the WORLD witness the first Bank Run in recent human history next week. It is just like a Mass Zombie attack.
Think this Bank Run thing would spread to Spain, Greece would resurface.
Perhaps South America would see the same, Argentina. Some smallish Banks would fail in China.
To add to the list: Pakistan, Central Asia countries, etc.
But the Hedge Fund Managers would say "I dun bother with it".

The only way for the markets to de-leverage is essentially seize the monies from Bank Accounts, if the mass is not piling into Equities.

Meanwhile more and more meteors are coming in. Big ones are still at multiple lunar distance, but micro ones are lighting up the sky. If this is the precursor of something big to come, a celestial body may be entering the Solar System, and deflecting the asteroids in the asteroids belt in the direction of the Earth. 21 Dec 2012 marks the entry of Earth into the "Death Zone", the center of the Celestial horizon of the galaxy.

The world governments would not divulge the One that is going to hit Earth. Hence watch the whereabouts of the world leaders intensively, namly Obama, Putin, China's Xi, etc.
Perhaps China Xi is in Moscow to discuss the same with Putin.

Obama went to Jerusalem and met with a Sand Storm, like when he was in Indonesia, he has to depart early because of the erutping volcano.
GOD is showing its angst at the arrival of the BEAST. It is all talk about nothing. You send me to Jerusalem, I would say of brotherly love, love for peace. Nethanyahu has been cast the spell. He is now under Voodoo magic.

Meanwhile violence has erupted in Mynmar between Buddhist and Muslim. When a Buddhist wanted to sell his Goldware to the Muslim shop, he thought he was cheated, and then violence and riots ensue when the Buddhist run wild.
Sell you Gold when you can, you need a Gun. With a Gun you can guard your assets.
Once I went to a bullion shop, and the shop assistant was neither convinced with what he was selling. He prefers a gun.
Buy all the stocks of weapons manufacturers, like Lockheed, Dassault, etc. The World is heading that direction.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 March Scramble !!!!

am now in India's financial center Mumbai to retrieve all my hard earned savings before the government confiscate.
India coalition government on the verge of collapse, New Zealand planning Cyprus confiscation. Am liquidating all my funds investment.

Better be safe than sorry, good luck to you guys.

Perhaps the market would move higher, but I have the monies in my hand.

Friday, March 15, 2013

15 March Positive Thinking, a Canadian Zombie and Six Thousands dead Pigs

Interesting that a Jesuit is elected the Pope. The leader of the Jesuit, who is now Pope Francis is also called a Black Pope, as the leader of the Society of Jesus, which has the moto:

"Obey as a Dead Body Obeys"

The leader of the Society of Jesus is known to rule over the Vatican, the Banks, the United Nations, etc, literally the army of shadows.

Let us see how the DEMON (via the BEAST) is going to challenge the new Pope.
and how St Malachy prophecy of the Last Pope is fulfilled.

Meanwhile, read a book by Barbara Eihenrich "Bright-sided, how positive thinking is undermining America".
It is about cancer patients using alternative medicine such as meditation, positive thinking to eradicate the cancer cells. And to a large extent, how current policy makers are instilling Positive Thinking into Americans to make them believe the world is getting better. A good example would be Bernanke using his troops of shadow traders and robots to rig the market higher, and higher, leading to positive feelings among common folks.
In the end, it is to recognise the difficulty and bite the bullet.

Now coming back to Elisa, was she already a zombie, when she climbed herself into the tank ? She probably climbed onto the maintenance roof and then descended onto the adjacent tank. The lid of the tank was probably open, which led LAPD to comment that it may have been a strange strange accident.

Meanwhile, 6 thousands dead pigs corpse floated down the river Huang Pu which winds through Shanghai city. It is a warning shot for the new Chairman of the China Communist Party, Xi JinPing. Xi has been chided by the now defunct Bo XiLai as a PIG, as Xi is rounded and heavy built. His adversaries dumped the pigs corpse into the river as an open challenge when the party is having its most important event, and Xi JinPing is name the Chairman (like in Chairman Mao) on this day 15 March 2013.

癸巳年, 乙卯月, 庚辰日

As the Chinese saying goes, 扮猪吃老虎, Chairman Xi is bent on eradicating the remnants of Bo XiLai, which was conspiring to overthrow him during his reign. And he is not going to have an easy job, as 亥巳相刑。We would see the passing away of prominent world elderly politicians.
From today onwards, expect to see more political upheavals, as the tigers launch their attack. Expecting the month of May to see tremendous volatility. Now the China government has opened its A shares to residents of HK and Taiwan.

Putin has signed a decree banning Foreign banks opening branches in Russia. As He is the one in the know,
Americans just have to find ways to move their monies offshore into Non-American banks.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

14 March Bullish pattern continuation

the market should continue its ascent.
While HSI is taking a drop, my deal with my HK client is now delayed for 4 to 6 weeks. Wow a spoiler.
Really hope that after this correction, at the next POMO and FED meeting this month, the uptrend would continue. Lots at stake.
E.g. Goldman Sach is targeting 200, XLF has more room to go after stress test. and despite the NOK threat, KOSPI is holding well, on the verge of a break to the upside from a triangular consolidation pattern.

Meanwhile, sad news for Americans. In Malaysia, a 25 yr old American lady was lured into a taxi, ferried to a isolated place and raped by 15 men, and detained for a day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13 Mar Housing Bubble once more

Back in early 2000s, US and European countries move their investments into China, tear down their factories and rebuild in China. Hence giving rise to the China global factory, and the investors hold shares of their JV in China. That also gives China the massive foreign reserves. In 2009, with more monies printing, the monies have once more moved to China. The monies landed into the hands of every officials in every province, township, village. The officials then bought HK, Shanghai, Beijing real estate. While some monies leak back into US and Europe through over-invoicing, i.e. the China entities paid more and remitted monies away into US and Europe. Those monies then went into distressed US and Europe properties.
Some monies went out and then returned into China as overseas investments, owned by Chinese. These investments enjoyed preferential treatment in China.

With the new Chinese government, clamping down on corrupt officials and requiring them to declare their assets. In Dec till Feb, the officials rapidly sold their properties in Shanghai, Beijing and funnelled them out of China, either through over-invoicing, if not via the Casinos.

Hence with the monies having arrived into US, the Chinese are queuing to snap up properties in California. If you goto a show house, you would see lots of Chinese with cash, ready to buy.

The properties prices have peaked out in Asia, and now moving onto US. You would see an entire street in LA, San Francisco or NY all packed with Chinese dwellers, who seemingly not having to work.

For the past 2 decades, we see the demise of the Anglo-Saxon and the rise of Han race.

Monday, March 11, 2013

11 Mar Fukushima anniversary

this is the 2nd year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. By now, Japanese, including Tokyo inhabiting Japanese has undergone radiation that their DNA has undergone subtle changes.

there are stories of ghost sightings in the abandoned Fukushima coastal areas at night, where ghosts were seen queueing outside abandoned supermarkets for food. Strange din in the night, as if there are lots of human movement.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 March Meteors galore / Latest on Elisa Lam

Miss Distance
2013 EC
Mar 4
1 LD
12 m
2013 EC20
Mar 9
0.4 LD
7 m
2013 ET
Mar 9
2.5 LD
102 m
2013 EN20
Mar 10
1.2 LD
7 m
2007 EO88
Mar 18
4.4 LD
23 m
1993 UC
Mar 20
49 LD
3.8 km
2013 ES11
Mar 22
6.4 LD
94 m
1997 AP10
Mar 28
45.9 LD
1.8 km

more and more meteors coming our way for the rest of 2013, lots more discovered while impact is only 1 month away. We may even have a 0.1 LD of 30m diameter coming soon.

Get ready for all your dooms day gear. In case, a meteors hit sea and generate a tsunamis or hit a city.

A huge wave hit the coast of US today and destroyed dozens of Summer houses.

Latest about Elisa Lam.

LAPD has released her body, and it has been shipped back to Vancouver on 9 March for burial. Hope that the family would engage a priest to the water tanks and cleanse and uplift the spirit. Otherwise she would join the dozens of ghosts inhabiting the hotel. She was actually pressing the lift for the whole room of ghosts in the video. That explains why she was standing by the side of the lift.

historic moment: Obama visiting Israel 20-22 March.
Also the last Pope would emerge out of the conclave by then.
And North Korea is agitating.
End of World.

American killed by China
Shane Todd, an American citizen, is shown to have been hanged by the wire, instead of suicide as claimed by the Chinese police. Chinese police and the Institute of Microelectronics and Huawei, the China telecom espionage company are in cahoot in killing an American citizen. and the Obama administration is quiet.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

9 Mar Back from HK

Was in HK, the mood there is cautiously upbeat, though a slide in HSI on Monday, it did well into the week. Which is good for my deals, as I went to the Jewellery Fair.

The NFP did not disappoint and excited the market. Finally the public should now be convinced of the recovering job market and economy. The SPX is telling this picture. OR rather SPX makes the economy. which means economists are largely redundant.

Meanwhile, large booms heard across US, and the recent spade of small meteors discoveries, like a 9m meteor flying past at 0.4 LD on 9 March, 102m at 2.5 LD on 9 March as well.
Seems like the Earth has entered an asteroid belt.
Was 2012 Winter Equinox denote the arrival of the asteroid belt. And we are going to face more intense meteors strikes ?

While the Cardinals are in conclave, ready to elect the next paedophile Pope, literally the last Pope of the Vatican according to St Malachy. A Norwegian teacher let off a flask of her blood and let the students taste in the classroom.

Alas, at last, SPX has gone to 1550 !!! Gold would spike down on Monday towards 1550, it tried but failed at 1565 on Friday after NFP. Sign of strong buying interest.

After another week, mysterious death of Shane Todd and Elisa Lam still unsolved. At least Shane got Senator Bacus and Secretary Kerry on his side.

Friday, March 1, 2013

1 Mar regaining sanity

To regain my sanity and whack off the obsession with the "Elisa Lam" event, I went out to meet some bankers, visited a trading office, and attended a panel discussion.

Penny stocks were rallying and took a plunge today, some as much as 10%
High level of apprehension among retails
Bankers talk:
Private bankers always optimistics, (they pay depends on optimism), optimistics on Equities, Asia, China.
Mutual Funds frustrated with China market, minority shareholders like them losing out to employees, suppliers, officials, many leakage.
Some draw a parallel with 1937 when stock plunge 47% after 4 yrs of QE.
Gold was a topic, but seen as long term hold, mid term consolidation, range trading, waiting at 1550.
Yen to reach 100 by end of year.

Well, at least Ben got what he wanted, funds have flown from treasuries into equities.

The new China chairman has recalled his daughter who was studying in Havard. The disgraced party chief Bo XiLai is still not charged in open court. His supporters include state companies, etc are trying to stage a rescue. Next 2 weeks, China is having a congregation, much like Vatican's conclave. After which the new China government would be in place. Prosecution of corrupt officials would then spread like hell fire. Volatility is expected.

China has built a flat life size model of American aircraft carrier in Gobi desert for target practice by its fighters.

I am not even talking about Sequestration.

Meanwhile some update on the dead Shane Todd, who was alleged to be under pressure from the China research institution to secure secret technologies from US. A clear case of Espionage. This seems to point the finger to China and that research institution Institute of Microelectronics.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27 Feb The roadmap of Elisa Lam contamination

Every major market top is marked by significant event. AND the significant event of year 2013 is the apparition of the Demon. This is not a demon worshipping blog, but a blog to warn you.
The Demon is coming for the Banksters and Politicians, who have struck deals with the Demons, especially those who claimed they have done GODS's work.
You know who you are, and the Demon is coming for you. Payback time.

Latest on the Elisa Lam Saga, a Chinese reporter went to experience Cecil Hotel and stayed on the 14th floor. They interviewed relatives of Elisa Lam, and reported that she was found naked in the tank, and her limbs were all broken, and the lid of the tank was locked. If that is true, this point to homicide, but why would LAPD gave statements that it was a "very strange strange accident ?" How could she have locked the lid on the tank ?

A body language expert analysed the video, and claimed that she was in a happy elated state. And a lot of her postures like prenning her hairs, tiptoeing, etc smells of horniness. He did not mention that there was a mirror in between the lifts, nor commented on her strange leg postures. She may be happy, because the ghost likes the new HOST.

If you have questions or doubts on the travel of the haunted lift, pls check with the inhabitant(s). Bloggers have claimed that they see faces on the lift, and a hooded spirit from the video.

The water in the tank is the media to propagate the negative energy with occupants of the hotel ingesting the contaminated water. First evidence would be the TB outbreak near Cecil Hotel which has now attracted CDC attention.

And most the the occupants of the hostel "Stay on Main" during the contamination period were Chinese from Asia, like China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, etc, one would expect the negative effect to follow into the Asian cities as well.
Mind you, a hot air balloon burst in Eqypy, three Hong Kong families perished.

You are invited to my blog goddess-tara.blogspot.com,
to cleanse your soul ahead of the big battle.

Now, having said this, expecting a market rebound in the cards. I am optimistics that Euro would reach 1.4500 sometime this year.
Nobody is paying attention to the Italian election or the sequestration (right spelling ?). These are just smoke screen devised by the squids, to fabricate a reason to take profit. The Banksters are running out of reasons for a market correction.

Mervyn was talking of a peak monies, in the fashion of peak Oil.

Monday, February 25, 2013

25 Feb 1408 once more ?

you can goto my post in 2008 to relive the events then:

http://dollarpro.blogspot.sg/search?q=1408, I wrote on 17 Dec 2007, that was the hunkie doorie time.

on 17 Dec 2007, Gold was around 800, EUR at 1.44, SPX at 1457,

so you can see that after 5 years, where we have come respective of all these choices.
I was forecasting a Stock Market Crash in 2008, and APPL may go to 50 (it went to 80 instead).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Feb Elisa Lam supernatural paranormal

China Daily (a Beijing newspaper) quoted CNN as saying:
A hotel employee has been identified as a key suspect. He was hiding the dead body till 14 Feb, after which the water quality inspection was over and then dump the body inside the water cistern.
Strange, way of disposal though.

However no such report found on CNN. Neither is there any report in LA Times.

In Singapore, there is a on-going court case involving a Singaporean hiding his male lover dead body for 2 weeks, moving the dead bodies across 5 different places on the island city.


In Singapore, there was also a similar roof top water tank drowning case in 2011.

In 2010 Singapore, a girl from China was found naked drowned in a swimming pool in a bungalow after having paid sex with an ex-Singapore sovereign wealth fund executive.

A mysterious Hilton Singapore hotel death of a bridegroom, after heavy drinking, ventured out of his hotel room, lost in the stairways and fell from the 4th floor ledge.

Not to mention American Shane Tood mysterious death in his room in Singapore, hanged from a pulley bolted to the roof.

He was alleged to be working for China spy enterprise Huawei. If it is suicide, then it leaves footprint of the DEMON.

If Elisa Lam has sought the DEMON, she would have gone to Singapore.

IT is said that Elisa purposely come to LA to stay at Cecil Hotel. She was aware of the gruesome history and chose to stay on the 14th floor (which is 13th floor).

Years ago, I did write a review of the market based on the film "1408".  She as a Psychology student in Univ of British Columbia may had decided to challenge the Demon. 
From her facebook comments, she also played a computer game that depicts a game environment in a hotel, with escape from the water tank, etc.

After she left the scene, the lift went down to 10 then 7 (that is where the video stopped). She was on the 14th floor.

What is the meaning of her so dutifully pressing the buttons in the center row for an audience ?

Is the DEMON via HER proxy Elisa Lam telling us something about the stock market, i.e. INDU from 14,000 to 10,000 then 7,000 (what about 4,000) ?

Mind you, the DEMON has decided to let this event be projected to the humans undisguised ? 

24 Feb Psychic read on Elisa Lam

Here is a Psychic read:


There are other sites that do a frame by frame analysis.
Some additional point I gathered:

(a) She dashed out looking left and right, at waist level. The suspected object was a kid.

(b) She was seen looking down and speak. Her pressing of the lift buttons is explained as ritualistics by the psychic.

(c) Towards the end, her strange body movements:
at 1:11, she lifted up her hands, but the force seems to be applied on the wrist, not the arm per se.
fully extending the right fingers, and rotating the wrist.
she was tip toeing at certain points, and then going to half kneel.
finally before she disappears from the camera view, her right leg made a awkward right turn, while the left leg is pointing front. She seems to be led or pulled along.
BTW, these are not oriental dance movements, nor any Chinese specific gestures.

(d) interesting coincidence, she went to the LAST BOOKSTORE to buy records for her parents and sisters

(e) There is a TB test kit called LAM Elisa. And LA is having a TB outbreak among the homeless.

For the psychic, what is not clear is how she got to the roof top ? Did the object gotten hold of the keys ?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

24 Feb Weekend edition: cure for "Elisa Lam" infatuation

If you are infatuated with the on-goings of Elisa Lam investigation, and find yourself in a trance, or agitated, unstable state, you are advised to seek some form of divine healing.
visit http://goddess-tara.blogspot.sg/
and follow the chant of the Green Tara.

you can also cut out the pattern of the Green Tara and carry with you, with the green face towards yourself.

This would ward off any evil projection of the Ghost of Cecil Hotel.

Meanwhile the market is trying to establish 1500 as the base before another attempt at 1530 then 1550. The Federal Reserve would come out in force to defend 1500 (by Options). Again you are advised to scale into long position.

Meanwhile ratters of Russia unhappy with USA not warning it of the meteor attack. And China new Chairman is going to visit Russia to establish the new Axis of Evil. So in 2013, the Axis of Evil is
"Iran, North Korea, China and Russia".

Some Gold Storage company is rejecting US based deposit of GOLD,  a harbinger of some form of GOLD control is coming. Reason: Federal Reserve is finding great difficulty refilling its vault. It tried to slam Gold, so that GLD withdrawal would supply some GOLD. But it did not happened, GOLD continues to flush out from US and Europe into HK, and HK reimport into China.

M2 in China is higher than Japan and US, it literally has a infinite appetite for any GOLD that is on offer. And the Gold price lately has been very attractive to the Chinese. Over the medium term, US would be drained of its Gold. Similar to the times when Spain robber the Mexican kingdom if Inca if its silver, and then the Dutch drained the Silver form China in exchange for opium. And in this decade, the Chinese are draining US and Europe of their GOLD.

Now back to Elisa Lam,
from the video, Elisa went into the lift at 14th floor, which is actually the 13th floor. She pressed all the buttons at the central row, 10th, 7th, 4th, mezzanine. Later she left the 13th floor, and went up to the roof top, i.e. the 15th floor.
Is Elisa Lam trying to tell us something about the Stock market ?

SPX was at 14xx, it wanted to retrace, but could not, it went to 15xx instead, and you know what it went dead. And when one die of a horiffic death like Elisa Lam, naked, head down in the cistern, and twisted bodies, she is destined for Hades.
If Elisa is indeed telling us about the market top, then we call this top in 2013, "Elisa Lam top".

If you believe the Elisa Lam's Ghost, you would have to believe the Elisa's Lam market top.

This is the fist time that the DEMON has allowed its creation to been seen to the WorldWide audience, with the demise of VATICAN, SATAN is now in charge.

Friday, February 22, 2013

22 Feb Intrigue Elisa Lam possessed GHOST Paranormal Supernatural

some may say the market drop as intrigue, but it is nothing compared to the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Once you understand Elisa Lam misadventure, the market is no longer fearful.

Thursday autopsy has revealed nothing, literally ruling out any body wounds, hurt or attack. It was said that she was found face down in the roof top cistern, hands and legs severely twisted.

In the video of her in the lift, there is a moment when she step back into the lift, he left leg forward and right leg was behind and perpendicular the the left, making it a rather unnatural position.

She was already possessed while in the lift.

You can see the positioning of the legs. Left foot forward, and right foot at 90 degrees. This is the moment when she is possessed. (a kid reminded me that a Acrobat would walk in such fashion on the tight rope, possibly she is hallucinating that she is walking on a tight rope or a narrow ledge, or She thought she is a gymnast, acrobat of sort).

What you see now is her waving her hands in a swimming posture. (or was it a posture walking on a tight rope or ledge ? )

After the swimming posture, she starts to do action with both her hands and fingers. Both palms squeezing one another (reminding us of her upside down twisted body in the water tank).
(was it she is thinking that she is climbing a tightrope ?)
After these she disappears from view of the camera. 

Question: Was there a gymnast or acrobat who possessed Elisa ?

There was a dead electrocuted acrobat on 9 Jan 2013 in Santiago Chile.

The LA Times even quoted a police officer who did not want to be named, as saying that it may have been a very strange accident.

Now we have to await for weeks before the toxicology report is out, and autopsy resumes. Probably they would find a level of intoxication in the blood.

This reminds me of a similar incident in Hilton Singapore in 2010, when a bride on his wedding night, wandered about in the hotel stairwell, and then fell from the ledge of the 4th floor rooftop. He was dead, and his wife committed suicide a year later, falling from heights as well.


and another roof top water tank drowning in the sin city of Singapore in 2012


The DEMON looks for souls which are down, some people are born with certain characteristics, making them susceptible to demonic influence, and more so when their spirits are way down.

Elisa Lam's parents booked the Cecil Hotel for her not knowing the background of the place. There were numerous murders, suicides at the location. The lift was stinking. All signs of evil spirits inhabitants. 

The word GHOST has the phrase HOST, Elisa Lam was the HOST to the demon. The DEMON hates its own host, it twists the physical body, like what you see in the movie OMEN when the Girl turns her head 180 degrees.

In 2013, the DEMON rules the world. It is a WATER SNAKE year, and the DEMON is back to claim the souls of Bankers (GOLD element), GOLD breeds WATER. 

When a City invites SIN to its shores, the DEMON follows. And the place goes stinky, and stinky and more evil spirits gather until it overwhelms all the positive power (正能量)。 And unfortune would descends upon your children and grand children.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 Feb January FED minutes: to QE or not to QE / Elisa Lam possessed, supernatural roof top water tank drowning

That is the question. mom and pop in the streets are now talking about QE. Some can even tell that QE4 is infinite. However, there is the sense of apprenhension. People are moving monies from Cash into Equities, as promised by Ben Bernanke.
Before Ben terms expires, he has to normalise rates. And that is what we are seeing, Yields on bonds, treasuries worldwide is creeping upwards. The world has just stepped through the door of Hyperinflation. As Lagarde and the G20 has promised there is no "Currency War",  you know one is coming. It is not a War per see, but the onset of Hyperinflation, masked by the word "Currency War" to advoid public panic.

Like in 2003, 2013 is now seeing the first human to human transmission of H1N1 in UK. We are again on the onset of another world epidemic.

A correction ahead of Option Expiry, nothing to worry about. Gold and SPX going to parity at 1550.

Meanwhile, world media is now fixated on Elisa Lam dead in the Cecil Hotel roof top water tank.


A paranormal explanation would be that she was possessed inside the lift, and then playing out her death with her waving hands. It is like she is telling the audience of how she died. She waded using her hands as if she is swimming, and then squeezed through the opening of the water tank (her both hands clenching together). In the lift, she was actually pressing buttons for the ghostly occupants of the hotel, as there are multiple ghosts inhabitants in the hotel. She moved to a corner in the lift to make way for the inhabitants.

Some neighbouring roof top surveillance cameras may show that she herself wandered onto the roof, climbed through the opening and dropped into the water tank.

Let us see if CSI Los Angeles is as good as what it is depicted in TV series.

There were also other happenings of Roof Top water tank drownings, example in the Gordon City of Singapore, there was a lady drowned in the roof top water tank of a public housing dwelling, slump per se. much like Skidrow in LA.


The suspect, was eventually acquited due to lack of evidence of murder. She was said to dip in the water tank to bath herself. An unsolved mystery still.


Sign for the year of darkness 2013:

North Korea nuclear test
Pope sudden resignation
Meteor strike
Roof top water tank drowning

Has SATAN arrived ?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 Feb Rally continues / Elisa Lam, dead girl in LA Cecil Hotel

((ALERT)) Back in Nov 2012, I have advised my subscribers to scale back their Gold positions, including their holding of Physical Gold. It is now confirmed. GOLD DEATH CROSS, as confirmed by FT as well. Sell it into the COMEX expiry next week. Good short.

Last low 1588, going for 1550. Then we have GOLD SPX parity.

Meanwhile China is sucking liquidity out of its market, its first since Nov last year when it pumps record monies into the system. China M2 far exceeds that of US and Japan. So in terms of Monies Printing, China is the gold medallist. And the Premier today reeiterated to expand the implementation of Property Tax, the fear of most China home owners. This was all timed when they rig up the market to allow their officials to sell into the rally and redeem their investments. Like the officials selling more than 10 properties each during these few months. So literally, the Communist Party has taken profit from the Capitalist Market.

The rally continues, expected range to be 1530 to 1550. It is option expiry, so expect rally towards Thursday and Friday.  50d, more downside expected to test 1550.

Now, from a dead US research engineer involved in some industrial esponiage with China, a dead Canadian Chinese girl in LA famous haunted hotel Cecil Hotel.
She was found to react strangely alone in the hotel's lift, sometime beginning of February, and then discovered dead in the hotel roof top water tank on 19 FEB.
It is spooky.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

19 Feb muddling through / US China spy mystery continues...

1500 should hold for SPX on option expiry.


Now NASDAQ listed VEECO is now embroiled in potential military technology transfer to China's Huawei through an unknowing dead American Shane Todd.
The China police is refusing any cooperation with FBI to investigate the death of Shane Todd.
He was alleged to be executed with a pulley bolted to the ceiling, and made to look like he kicked the chair and hanged himself. No suicide note was found. First girlfriend say he is totally normal before death, and some false media reports that his colleagues in the Institute of Microelectronics, a China research institution, claim that he was depressed before his death.

Monday, February 18, 2013

18 Feb America and China Spy war first victim

No frills, it is Monday, and we get the Blues on Monday, for a stage to launch another rally.

Meanwhile, China and US industrial espionage war has intensified. And it has claimed its first victim, at least the first public occurance.



A US researcher Shane Todd working in an Asian city for China telecommunications giant Huawei (the competitor of Nortel Networks which has gone bankrupt, and CISCO) in the area of cutting edge material engineering, has been found hanged in his apartment. He was literally hanged from the ceiling. (a very professional piece of work, as no depressed individual would do that)
His parents went to the country and visited his apartment, retrieved a Speaker which is actually a USB storage and found tons of research materials with Huawei. The amateurish local police and the alleged killers obviously overlooked the USB speaker.
There was no suicide note, and his local girlfriend describes him as joyful.
As in any espionage movies, it is either the good guy (as in USA) or the bad guy who did that to him.
In the Asian city, most Bankers die from drowning, if not plunging from 60 stories. It would be interesting to note if any Bankers ever get hanged from the ceiling. There is always a novel way to die.

The Asia city has become a crime metropolitan, as in Batman's Gordon City. And it is probably the international spy center, with CIA, NSA, KGB, Mossad, China's PLA mingling and killing. The city is also football fixing central, with the largest cartel based there fixing all the European, Latin American matches. Last year, 4 of the locals were extradited to US for selling remote control devices to Iraqi elements, and the devices were found on roadside bombs.

CNBC ran a documentary over the weekend describing China's spy activities over the decade, some of which has led to the downfall of American corporations, like Nortel Networks.

Friday, February 15, 2013

15 Feb Doom / Remote viewing

First, sudden resignation of the Pope. rumoured that he faces arrest for some institutions for church crimes
Second, lightning strikes St Paul Church
Third, NOK testing its Nuclear Bomb on the same day the 111th Pope resigned 02112013, and more to come soon
Fourth, Meteorites strike Russia Ural

If you discard the noise, MSM, JPY is still on its way towards 100, EURO towards 1.45

As this is END TIME, expect capitulations in World Equities market.

Meanwhile, chatters about Remote Viewing predictions of a Kill Shot, a Sun CME that impact Earth dramatically, to be preceded by a Nuclear event in North Korea, and a flying vehicle forced down from sky.
Remote Viewing is a program by US military decades ago to use ESP to predict major events. Timeline is in 2013.
This event would be a Extinction Level Event and governments are aware and secretly preparing. That explains why governments are not interested in paying debt.

Google on Farsight Institute, Ed Dame, Dr Courtney Brown (check out his presentation in June 2010).

Imagine the Remote Viewers have the vision of flood water reaching the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro.

So as the Nostradmus of Wallstreet, here are the events:

March NOK prepares for next Nuclear test, intercepted by Japan/US drone strikes
March 112th Black pope ascends to the popeship of Vatican, as predicted by Malachy,
Then Extinction Level events happen, Sun storm, violent earthquakes, Tsunamis, electricity grid shut down worldwide, coastal areas flooded.

As for the world markets, in the absence of Wall Street (submerged) and Federal Reserve (Swamped), and Central Bankers drowned, the robot traders would continue to paint DOW towards 18,000 before power drains, JPY would hit 200, Euro to hit 2.0, GOOG would be at 1300, APPL at 1000.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Feb 2012 DA14

An Asteroid, half the size of a football field, is flying pass into the satellite belt, and 3 times the earth radii on its closest approach, i.e. 0.09 Lunar Distance, which is extremely close. Last known hit on Earth by a satellite of similar size would be the one that hit the Serbian forest in 1908.

Meanwhile, market worldwide is in rally mode. 2 more days, and it would Chinese New Year and a week shutdown in Asia.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 Feb Exuberance

the only word that can describe the stock markets. In Asia, there is a mass pouring of funds into Equities after HK, Singapore and China governments put stop to the rising real estate prices. And we see penny stocks in Asia roaring, some have doubled and even tripled. After all these years, the Retail has returned, now Question: When is harvest time ?

In 2008 I was travelling in HK, and met a office assistant who is a plumb lady of age about 28 years old. She is a novice, she never tracked her investment, but she invested through 2006, 2007 in HK stock market, and took profit some time in September 2007, right before the crash of OCT 2007. She just felt like taking profit, when it has grown substantial.

Hence it is a myth that ordinary stock investors do not make monies, they do. And the opposite is true, Institutional Investors often lose monies, and Sovereign Wealth Funds are the biggest loser amongst them.

Meanwhile Soloman Island, north of Australia, East of Indonesia had a 8.0 Earthquake and an ensuing Tsunamis. The techtonic plate specifically the Indonesia Sumatra tongue would be understress, looking at some pressure release around the North Sumatra, Indian ocean in a couple of days if not weeks.

if one never died in the Daniel Craig's Skyfall or another Deadfall, here is Bruce Willis, another day to die hard. which is 14 Feb.