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Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 Dec Prep

I do not believe in the Mayan Calender ending means end of world. It is merely the end of a cycle. If the galactic alignment has any effect, we would be feeling the impact by now.
Fitch is threatening America with a downgrade from AAA.
Market is largely ignoring the fiscal cliff.

Am optimistics on Commodities in 2013, first Copper, then Platinum, then the precious metals.
When Bernanke made the QE4 of 45 billion every month, he is not anticipating the unlimited monetary easing of the BoJ. Abe wants to print as much as possible, setup a investment fund and buy abroad. He is targeting inflation of 2%, which no PM has managed for decades. BTW, Bernanke allows the inflation rate to goto 2.5% from 2%.
Hence Fed, BoJ are exporting inflation abroad. Looking China inflation to hit 6% and other Asian economies to rise to 10%, including India.

Yen would depreciate as Japan Bond yield is rising dramatically. EURJPY to watch.
Carry trade is back in a different fashion, and Mr Watanabe would be going for real assets.

I am done for the week, and receding into Rocky Mountains for the Equinox, Xmas and end of 2012. It is worthwhile to celebrate the end of a thousand year calender in a memorable way.

Happy trading. Back in 2013. I have this feeling that Satan is born on 12/21/12.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19 Dec Momentum trading

Euro has broken out of major formation against other currencies. switching to momentum trade, short term target 1.3300 to 1.3400.
Market hedging against a major collapse of the USD.

Interestingly, the market also sold down metals including Copper. Noting that Goldman Sach is going to setup a Copper ETF in 2013. Military buildup demand for basic material is going to surpass industrial use.

CRB index shows sideway consolidation. Bullish confirmation between the 2008 and 2011 high. Copper is the one to watch.

AUD and NZD oready showing some lethargy, aka profit taking.

Hence Bernanke intention is clear, he wants to discourage you guys from holding real assets, like commodities, precious metals, dollar cash. He likes paper shares of banks, etc.

This is the great Divergence created before 2012 Equinox, divergence between commodities and equities.

Seems like everybody still wants to go for a last try before Xmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 Dec Xmas bonus

another surge to 13346. but no new high in Euro. Kathy Lian says get into Euro at 1.32 ????
GBP already starting to fall as of 12:54 ET.
Gold and silver trying to make a lower dash. Gold to 1.666 ???

even if we are living in a matrix, pretty sure the programmers need their Xmas bonus. If profit is taken today, then the cheques would be ready by Thursday after lunch, and would still be in time for some last minute shopping before the Equinox, really want to be with family on Equinox, instead of slouching beside the trading desk.

Think we are about there. 11:50 ET 12182012.

INDU reached 13327 at 11:20 ET.
SPX reached 1443 at 11:xx ET. (key inflexion point)
GOLD reached 1672 at 11:58 ET
SILVER reached 31.60 at 11:58 ET

result of Simulation.


We are living in simulation. As does the market. you see footprints of HFT everywhere.
My boy was saying, if the world is ending, there is no need for homework.
My wiffe said, if the world never ends, you get double the work.

Hence expect some violent, really violent actions, after the Equinox of 2012.

Meredith says buy CITIBANK !!!! CITI going to 5.
This gives you a clue of where the market is coming post Xmas.

All traders out there, you must arm yourself with at least a M16, and on weekends, while not trading, goto the range. Better still, train to be a sharp shooters, this would help to train your patience.

Meanwhile UBS is facing almost Trillion dollars of fine and 36 UBS bankers implicated in criminal charge. So we may as well as the first major Bank failing in 2013, and that would be UBS = Under Bunker Shit.

Monday, December 17, 2012

17 Dec Gun control. Time is running out to buy ammo.

the way to trade would be to buy those arms company, in anticipation of massive hand weapons purchase before Obama enact stiffer Gun Control measures.
America has gone to far down the road of weapons proliferation. Gun control only prevents those who need protection from getting on. In the Oregon Mall shooting, the killer was countered with a potential victim pulling out a handgun, and then that made him killed himself.
The Solution: Liberalise all weapon purchase to all adults without criminal record. Adults should be allowed to show their weapons in public to deter potential assailant. Though it seems we are back to those Texas Cowboy days, at least, we are all safer.
Meanwhile, Funds running ads with salient message to psycho people to buy shares, like "ishares, buy shares" over and over again. The message is that America now has Shale Gas, America is getting stronger, jobs are coming back to America. Buy shares.
Jamie and Blanky are all talking up the market, averting a fiscal cliff, let the recovery carries on.
FT ran a full page on Draghi, citing his "Believe me, it is enough". and that averted a Euro crisis and Euro is now on its climb. expecting to reach 2 to a dollar in another decade. i.e. Euro would be spending most of its time in the range of 1.4 to 1.5.
Cartel bashing Gold down, while Central Bankers are buying. BoE was lucky to have enough Gold for Queen's inspection.

As they say, you cannot eat GOLD.
But you can put it in your mouth, Golden Teeth.

"Time ahahah, is on my side", especially if you have a mouthful of gold teeth.

Shinzo Abe has returned again as Prime Minister of Japan. In 6 months, there would be another election. And he wants to change the constitution to allow foreign troop deployment and conscription.
A third right wing force has emerged in Japan. They are trying to kick start the Yen Carry Trade. Time to sell the YEN, and buy assets.

got to go, going to the ammo shop and replenish my rounds, neighbours say the stock is running out. What if a mad guy walk up to me with one rucksack full of ammos, and I just got one magazine. -> Prepare to die, no more trading.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

15 Dec Conneticut Newtown

Condolence to all those who perished wrongfully.

Obama is lucky to have this happening after the election. And this event would probably speed up the Republican and Democrat resolution of the cliff. Expecting it before Xmas. Otherwise, Boehner would be the Bane of the American people for years to come.

Stand afar, and look at the FOMC statement, essentially they are struggling, and had to send out a ambiguous message. 6.5 or not 6.5 ?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Dec 45 billion till 6.5%

pump pump pump,
nothing else to say, well telegraph before hand.
it is no longer economics, it is voodoo medicine.
they were trying to jump start the Yen carry trade again, unfortunately the politics were not conducive. Hence it falls back to Fed to sustain the carry trade with 45 billion every month.

now the Bureau of Lies and Shit becomes centrepiece of finance. So it provides incentives for American Corporation not to hire to sustain this ZIRP environment. Especially with the finance industry goading for unemployment rate higher, US is now caught in a catch 22 situation. Once there is growth, hiring, more people gets into searching for job, then unemployment rate rises, more liquidity, no incentive for companies to grow.
However, inflation is definitely going abroad to Europe, Asia, Middle-east. more unrest globally, workers agitating for pay rise, when assets inflate.

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Dec Anunaki / Radiated Japan

Anunaki made the human species as slave to mine GOLD and human woman. According to Zecharia Sitchin, who passed away in 2010, who wrote the "12 planet", he also predicted a Nibiru flyby in 2003, which of course did not happened.
Just wondering, are governments buying GOLD as a offering to the Aliens when they come, in exchange for a seat on their craft before the solar storm triggered by NiBiru arrives ?

Things are getting crazy. Snow covering most of Europe and Northern China.

First rule of Prediction: always of mindful of them, but never live in expectation of them.

This is FOMC weeks, any moves now are usually not lasting. So short trades, dun hold it for more than a session.
Anyway, this is a picture of a Fukushima cicada with leg on the head. And other deformation like smaller wings on one side, whittish abdomen. I am really worried for the Japanese, in a few generation times, you would have a large portion of deformed young children. Probably the Japanese would die off before Japan island slide into the deep trench under the ocean.
You can guess that Right Wing factions in Japan would be more ferocious, contemplating to move into Korean peninsula if not China Northeastern within the next decade when human deformation becomes more obvious. Hence the Japanese, once again, has to in search of good genes.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

9 Dec Waiting for R8 Japan

A R7.3 hit Japan off Honshu, same place as previous 311. 311 was also preceded by a R7 quake. Hence Japan now on R8 watch.

Ever want to be a Zimbabwe Trillionaire ? One Hundred Trillion Dollar ?
How about a American Trillionaire ?

Federal Reserve, a private company, 99 year charter expiring on 12/21/12. Is Bernanke going to address this on 12/12/12 ?

Bank of Korea is the culprit who was buying 1x their reserve of GOLD in their entire month of November. That explains the tussle at 1700, or rather its proxies was driving prices into 1700 and below for the BUY.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

8 Dec DAX

Finally I made my way to Helsinki, transit via Frankfurt. Frankfurt is still Frankfurt, the air hub busstling with traffic. Despite what Draghi did on Thursday, revising down growth forecast. DAX has been on a tear, consistent climb since Nov without a look back. And seems like it is going to hit its all time high back in 2007-2008 at 8151, now at 7550. A whisker away.
That explains the strength of Euro. Any Euro dip would be bought into to fuel DAX.
So Bernanke effort to move people away from Bonds to Equities is working, largely in Asia market, e.g. HSI and in Europe, especially DAX and CAC. The next OT3 or QE4 wold be about the last one, before America growth reach a stable level.
Growth is slowly returning to America though.
SPX again, building a bottom about 1400 for a final assault on 1500.

If Earth averted the 122112 doomsday calling, which is said to happen once in every 3000 years. Should not  this call for a celebration, despite fiscal cliff, greece, etc.

FT, a doomtard, introduced another cliff Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) when the guarantee on bank deposits expire at the end of this month.

In snowing Helsinki, I am planning for Summer. 2013, would be the year when the shipping routes would change significantly, when traffic would be cross the artic ocean from Europe/US East Coast into North Asia and vice versa. So I am leasing a few ships to ship everything, anything via Arctic sea. It can be diamonds, gold, TV sets, gals, coco beans.

So enjoy the rally while you can. A Xmas rally is coming. Choose the right stock/instrument, some would rally hard, some would just slog.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Dec Assad

well, we are getting close to 1666 now, 1687 is where it is now. 21 more pips.

It is said that the cartel/bullion banks telegraph this raid last week by making sudden spike down in wee hours thin trading. Anyway, all we have is Time, "time ahahaha is on our side."

SPX also broke 1400 and reached 1398. Some more downside before holding pattern on Friday NFP. and profit taking for the shorts.
And then some more waiting for FOMC next week. Interestingly not much attention given to FOMC, when Greece selective default and Fiscal cliff is hogging the news. Ain't you interested in what happen after OT2 ?

The mood is no good, Apple dropping again.
In my post 2 weeks ago, I notified my readers of the bottom at 505. And I notified my paid subscribers of the top at 595. So if you want the next bottom or short covering, do email me at dollarproaragon@hotmail.com for membership.

Finally I am sharing a Silver chart. Silver stopped at 50% retracement, though I forsee Thursday cartel/bullion banks would try to push towards 61.8% retracement. Evidence has it that the Bullion Banks yesterday shorted $300 million worth of silver in milliseconds in thin trades.

Advice to stay out of Precious Metal till bottom shows itself. Australia is booming, with the miners busy, demand for metals is picking up, Copper is showing resilience. China recent bout of Infrastructure stimulus is leading the speculators to stack up on industrial metals.

And China is starting a RMB Gold ETF next year through Bank of China. We should be seeing a slew of Gold ETF launching in RMB launching in 2013. Meanwhile some Funds by China Huaxia banks have not been missing dividends. Such funds invest in speculative transactions or companies. The China public wold be more inclined to invest in Gold. Trade of physical Gold coins on Ebay have been brisk.

Almost forgot, this post is about Assad. Assad is preparing to perish. But he is going to bring the rebels with him with his Chemical bombs. And finally NATO is entering Syria after Obama election, as promised. Another miniature War and a messy outcome.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Dec South Africa Randiest Hedge / about Azazel

Guess what is South Africa randiest hedge ? What do the diamond runners want in return for their Blood Diamonds in Africa ? And when the largest Diamond deposit was found in Russia, what is going to be more pricey than Diamond ?

On 2nd Nov, Gold closed at 1678. And over in Pudong Shanghai, when Chinese cross the undersea tunnel to and fro Pudong, they get a glimpse of the price of Gold. They are constantly reminded of the price of Gold. When Korean war ended, South Korea was rescued by the Koreans donating their gold to the government, and hence in exchange for much needed foreign currencies to buy necessities.

Iran has been accepting GOLD and EURO for payment of their crude. The crude market is silently making its away from USD. That explains recent European hostilities towards Israel, and the overwhelming support for the Palestinian nation. Hence Euro is on an incessant climb, even when France is downgraded, Greece got its delay, Some Chinese was caught with 2 millions of Euros when crossing French border. 

(sad to say, Nethanyahu has sold off the Jews to the Persians. Remember why a dozen of German guard can hold thousands of Jews in Auswitch, the Jews are inherently selfish. With the rise of Egypt Pharoah, and the formation of Palestinian state, then Lebanon, the Exodus II of Jews begin in 2013).


Instead of USD million dollar bonds, they are smuggling EUROs.

With the arrival of FACTA, America tax compliance with foreign banks and governments, the filthy rich are finding all means to smuggle their ill gotten gains. Last month, German Schauble even visited an Asian state ( a renowned tax haven) to enforce information sharing with the Asian banks. Keeping your gains in USD may not be a wise move. Hence the last minute diversification into anything non-American. If you can strap a belt with bricks of GOLD, it would be clever. And recently we heards stories popping up of Gold missing, in Manhatten Federal Reserve, Austria, and then on a boat in Carribean.

Gold Futures, Options would be too volatile and it defeats the purpose of store of value. Think the buying is going to intensify, hence the market maker and Bullion Bank is in a hurry to beat down the prices and enlarge its store before the frenzy begins. BTW, Bernanke is also busy replenishing his GOLD which has been swapped. Nonetheless, any move up is beaten down repeatedly till the Bullion Banks and the FED has completed their replenishment of PHYSICAL GOLD.

Expecting Gold to retest 1666 for a last visit. 

When Bernanke and the Bullion Banks are sitting on a needle mattress, Azazel sings "Time..ahahah, is on my side". (watch Denzel Washington "Fallen")

On Thanxgiving eve 21 Nov 2012, Obama pardoned 2 Turkeys (2 Goats as in Hebrew belief), one for the Lord (Turkey Cobbler), and one for Azazel (Turkey Gobbler). the proverbial Goat for Azazel was pushed off the cliff of Mount Azazel. And we are going off the Cliff as the salient signal has been given.  

Olam got its rally. And it makes more monies zig-zag then a straight line down. Expecting more drama coming 2013. BTW, the Insider buying before the SWF pop, smells of Insider trading, isn't this commensense ? But in the land of Oz where Emperor wears no clothes, it is different.

Time ahahaah, is on my side

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Dec Sovereign Bailout again !!!

As I have written that Olam may have bottomed. But a significant event happened, Olam is raising about $1.25b USD through rights via bonds and warrants, AND the largest shareholder, an Asia Sovereign Wealth Fund is backing this, underwritten by HSBC, JPMorgan, CreditSuisse.

And Carson Block, founder Muddy Water, speculates that the Banks are not willing to loan to Olam without   a SWF backing. He likened it to Hank Paulson coming out with a Bazooka to rescue Fannie and Freddie Mae.


Carson said that the gap is actually $4b and the company has about 6-8 months to burnout its monies. (Speculate: The cash burn would probably quicken to move monies out of the companies, ironically. Thanx to the "smart investor" SWF.)

Generally, some Asia companies have leveraged to the hilt in a low interest rate environment. We are now at the door step of general CDS assault on Asia companies.

The Indian CEO of Olam said that he does not need the liquidity, he just need the rights issue as a liquidity buffer.
Well, this is revealing indeed. If you don't need it, you don't need it. If you need it, you need it.

I have this feeling that the Whales have zoomed in on the SWF in Asia. (That explains why Obama visited the region immediately after election). South East Asia is where the bailout monies are for the US deficit.

I hope all turn out well for Olam, and the technical charts really show a rebound.

December is the month of unwinding positions.
Euro shorts buying back Euro, testing 1.3100
Gold longs selling, 1700 about to break
SPX shorts buying back. 1450 in sight.

Am watching Denzel Washington "Fallen". As Azazeel sings "Time ahaha is on my side...".
Look who is in a rush.