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Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Nov 2012 Coffee Bean


Ealier, I did talked about this agriculture supply chain companies Olam. It was under attack from Muddy Water and another hedge fund based out in HK, supposingly Oasis.
Now Muddy suggest to request S&P to make an independent audit. And Olam CEO and independent directors went on a buying spree of the company shares.
Technically, seems like a lot of buying, or the short sellers covering.
Also showing potential MACD bullish divergence, but upside limited, not interesting.

FOMC 12 Dec in view now. Market would just gyrate. Waiting for Bernanke to announce to buy more Treasuries besides Mortgages when Twist completes in December.
It would be supplemented by govt selling K and buying treasuries. I.e. China can continue to sell its worthless treasuries at a good price.

SPX now above 120 days again. Probably testing it again before another move up towards 1450. In light volume, HFT is easier. Year-end dressing and Xmas rally coming.

The market gyration is too much to stomach. Gold is hopeless. Crude, metals are all facing upward resistance. I am getting away for a while, flying off to Finland to do some snow trekking and skiiing next weekend.

Strangely, the doctrine lately has been:
Come back from holiday, sell
Option expiry, sell
Friday, sell.

DXY selling off with Gold.
Euro, AUD holding well.
SPX holding well.

Somebody seems to be in a rush.
When you are in a rush, you miss your step.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 Nov Lunar Full Moon

yes, it comes to a full moon. As the Vampires and Likans howl for blood. AND violent Sunspt activities expected. Some Algos are shutting down their program, in case a strong UV burst trigger a Fat Finger.

1409 seems to be the top, if not near the top. The media and politicians began to "leak" bad news in earnest.
Obama is trying to rig public opinion when it goes off the cliff and blame it on the Republicans. And Treasury is starting to convert your IRAs stock into T-bills.

Muddy finally publishes its report on Olam ahead of the full moon,


Not referring to this Muddy fiasco in any way,
It is a well known fact that Chinese companies goes on a buying binge, buy up useless assets, and revalue them upwards. It gives a channel for monies to leak out of the company, while borrowing heavily from banks. This happened for Sinoforest (a Chinese tree and pulp business), another of Muddy's victim. Though some did escaped Muddy scathing. Now the bankers and major shareholders have to consider beefing up their stake to fight the market, to the tune of billions of dollars.

When waiting for the market to grind lower, do watch this:
Ron Paul farewell speech. This should be the MOST WATCHED video, surpassing that of PSY.

We need every Congressman to be Ron Paul. If the Republican knew they would lose with Romney, they would realise Ron gave them a better bet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

27 Nov Another Indian down and Chinese exploitation

Update: 10:19 AM ET
Finally, the market is moving, Euro is dropping, SPX 1409 is about the top. SPX 200d moving average is simply too strong.
time to go short.

Another Indian down Mathew Martoma, a Hedge Fund manager with SAC Capital. So the rolls of honors: Rajaratnam, Gupta, Vikram and Martoma. So who will be next ?

Dun underestimate the prowess of Indian Algos, what it can do to the market in protest of white power.


Meanwhile, the Canary in the mine is having its first ever Industrial Action since the 1960s. A case of exploitation of cheap labor from mainland China by the enterprise. Reminds me of the days when Chinese come to work in the gold mines in the desert of California centuries ago. Whipped, starved, bullied, deprived.

After Sandy, we have Arcstorm coming to West Coast.

In anticipation of coming Storm again, NFP, and Congressional stalemate on the Fiscal Deficit, Spain political upheaval, etc, scram, and jettison all you got in the market.

Monday, November 26, 2012

26 Nov Muddy muddy

First we have SKYFALL, Daniel Craig in his nice suit, and we really had a fall of INDU through 13000, into 12400. Premiered 9 Nov after months of eager waiting.
Then we have Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn II, premiered on 16 Nov when INDU bottomed.
Mind you, this is the last Dawn breaking.

Clue: Daniel Craig survived his fall, what if the fall is deadly ?

Muddy Water has launched an offensive against a agriculture supply chain company, Olam. Its bioloigical assets was said to have inflated for it to borrow aggressively. Some say this is the norm of the industry, some say it is valuation is subjective. BTW, the company is run by a group of predominantly Indian professionals. Market has not been kind to the Indians like Gupta, Rajaratnam,Vikram.

As you all know I am a DVD freak, and I am watching Margin Call, after all these years.
"it ain't pretty"
"If people stops buying what we are selling".

"If the music stops", the company would be holding "Odorous excrement of capitalism".

The Chief Executives says he hears Silence.

At 6:30 AM when the traders come in, tell then it is the END.

If you are the first out of the door, you are not panicking.

"AND our talents have been used for the greater good" It is 7:53 AM now, let the tango begins.

"Are you with me on this ?"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

24 Nov INDU 13000 and a White Banker arse

my own my, what a rally when not many are in it. I called the bottom, and AAPL has since rallies 34%.
INDU back above 13000.

Meanwhile, the entire Pacific plate is shaking ahead of the lunar full moon on 29 Nov. North Korea is planning a long range missle launch on that day, across Japan ? no wonder Nikkei is rallying.

On the cursed island for Bankers, a New Zealander option broker got jailed for 5 months.


In Asian jails, the saying goes, "if you drop a soap in the bathroom, never bend down". Otherwise, it is signal for a backside ramp. And those yellow Monkeys sure lust for a white arse for a long while now.

Monday, November 19, 2012

19 Nov Flexibility

Indeed, Obama has given his flexibility promise to Netanyahu, by being absent "empty chair" when Israel bombs Gaza at will. And everybody seems to come forward to help, the Arab league, the Muslim Brothers, but the bombing continue.
Probably Israel ultimate goal is to seize Gaza before Israel attack Iran.

A rebound is in the cards. With Euro meeting on Tuesday to grant Greece another 2 years, and Bernanke pledge to cushion any deficit cuts on Tuesday as well. APPL shows a Doji Star. So go for the dip.

Meanwhile, I would be away for some Thanxgiving travelling, returning only when the Congress returns which is end of November, so trade safely.

Friday, November 16, 2012

16 Nov Option Expiry Day really and Petreaus testifies

Obama went on meeting the press and says he do not think US national security is compromised. BUT the Jill Kelly, an Arab by descent has been socialising with the Generals of the middle-east command. Now that is the meat of the Petraeus scandal. The US forces have been infiltrated by muslim elements. Am sure the Israelis knew about it.
And surveillance videos reveal that there is no demonstration when Smith was captured.
And the drama would climax today with Petraeus close-door testimony to Congress.

And the Hamas and Israel decides to fight their own war quietly. News broke that radical elements in Libya has obtained stash of Anti-aircraft missles.

SPX due for a bounce, nothing much to see today, as all the actions have happened. Next week is positive for Stock on a shortened week.

Nothing much is happening, everybody on the bus, train, in office doing FB, SMS, act busy to pass time, waiting for Xmas to come.

Pillar of Defence
Latest, Blasts heard in TelAviv. No truce. Egyptian envoy decries Israel

The Hamas, Iranian forces in Palestine may be planning on a missle attack on Dimona if situation escalates. Then Iron Dome would be tested and must not fail.
AND Hilary and Obama are all going to Mynmmar for their holidays !!!! Think when Obama and Clinton are in Mynmmar, the other country leaders would be gossiping and laughing behind their backs: Ostrich. Ostrich for Christmas Eve dinner.

Iran arrested a team of spies, said to be from Saudi. Crude is now sky rocketing.

The Goldmanites are caught in a bind, they are planning for a market rebound.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

15 Nov Option Expiry Day

Followers have asked me about the impact of Israel-Hamas conflict on world market. Generally, it impacts those in the vacinity of the region, e.g. Israeli, Saudi stock markets. As for GOLD, it impact may be limited as shown by the last conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, a couple of years back. GOLD was on its down draft, after hitting new high at 1000, and the conflict did not move GOLD up.
But, Elliot principle of alternating moves may hold.

The UNSC is holding its meeting on this. Would they chastise Israel ?
While Hamas is hiding its long range missles (capable of striking Telaviv), it fires rockets into Israeli border. Now its stockpile (gift of Iran) is being partially decimated, and Israel may be deploying land forces to extinguish the remainings. So once Israel near threat is removed, it has no worries of backlash when it flies into Tehran. This is only the first move. And Hamas and Hezbollah need to move fast to protect its arsenal, if not deploy them immediately.
Assad may just decide to light the Oil Drum in a Kamakazi fashion, after he pledges to die in Syria. And with Hilary and Panetta skirting the middle-east and went to bask in cozy Perth, they may just sit back and let the Israeli handles Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and finally Eqypt on its own. Hence an re-enactment of Yom Kipur war, when Israel is the largest loser whatever the outcome.

As they often says, the DRUMS are BEATING.
Everybody can't wait for the option expiry to expire at 11 am ET. And a new chapter begins.

Germany is pressing FED to return its GOLD, but FED is not willing, stalling for time. Probably FED is now unwinding its swaps, taking back its GOLD from the Bullion Banks. Meaning a shortage of GOLD, and the market maker is driving down prices to buy back as much as possible on Behalf of FED. Looking at 1700 again. Now at 1717.

Meanwhile SPX made a bottom at 1352, and now rebounding, while GOLD is sold off, after some fake rallies. Now at 1707, ever nearer to target 1700.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 Nov Option Expiry week / War started

this is option expiry week, volatility coming today. Take your monies and run.
next week is shortened week ahead of 22 Nov Thanxgiving. Take your profits and have a good turkey meal.


War has started.
Since April, was telling my followers about the WAR. It finally comes after 6 months. And now the US military is in shambles. The cats are out to play. 40 states and its citizens are petitioning for succession.
This explains my earlier post that the United States would be split up (also foretold by a Russian professor in 2011). The trigger is the re-election of the Beast on 116 (mirror of 911).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13 Nov It is 13

Gold broke rising up channel since 1672, should be correcting towards 1700 for a buy. now at 1728. last high was 1738.
1373 should have defined the current bottom of SPX.

China is falling hard in Asia opening, including Banks.
Marc Faber was on TV, China still has 20% of room to fall.
and Arab going to enter Winter.
US Equities would have a rally coming in the next few weeks till Jan 2013. This week, SPX should be finding a bottom. So wait for the dips.

Glad that Gold is lower for our Indian families to celebrate Diwali. Gold is in consoildation mode according to my wise friend. Perhaps should go lower to retest 1700 as the base.

Before Obama departs to Mynmmar to plant the seeds of Baal, he has a continuing problem. Banghazi, then Petreus, then leaks that CIA prison is right beside the embassy, and Petreus is now retaliating. Why would FBI investigates a email threat ?

Apollo 13, 2013, it all rhymes. NASA going back to moon to have a turf fight with China who is launching the manned moon mission in 2020. Possibly more alien technologies to harvest on the Dark Side of the Moon. Solar Eclipse today, another BIG R8 Quake coming.

Looking at the cap that the cartel has set at 1738, 1732 and 1726, they are manipulating it downwards (at 3am ET Tuesday).

Now General John Allen is being investigated as well. The BEAST is unleasing the hounds on the America forces, decimating it in due course.
When Generals have female biographers, admin, liason to F***, poor American soldiers have to make do with Afghanistan females.
The Great Purge is coming to America.

Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Nov Happy Diwali and Les Miserables

Alert: Gold and Silver are dropping for the Diwali !!!! 9:30 am ET.
After they sold to the Indians,they want to kill the market.

Les Miserables.Meanwhile, an update on my Barclay head of forex strategy, the public is giving him a tirade on forums.  A binder full of "Fuck You Chinese".
I have to empathise with this poor French chap (who was ex-UBS). He is constantly facing barking dogs, crying babies and noisy construction work in his neighbour hood. Barclay may have paid between $15 to 20K USD a month for his so called bungalow (a premier property in the land scarce island state). A sum that can secure a penthous on 5th Avenue.
Imagine you are in a concall at 2:15 am (Asia time) strategising post FOMC trades, and then a barking dog snap the silence and spoil the trades. Hundred millions if not billions may be lost because of a DOG.
Don't blame him, blame his boss for putting him in this miserable place. Les Miserables, the wretched, the poor ones.
As it turns out, these French guy is now international sensation. He is now in the realm of Jerome Kerviel, Odoboli.




The interesting thing is that the French insulted the Chinese locals, and the local newspaper keeps mum. Weakling, wretched Chinese.

 Nothing beats staying up late, and watching a Chinese comentator on China TV blatantly recommending to buy China banks, defining the bottom, asking to follow the likes of Buffet, China investment fund,  China national pension fund, etc.
Talking and talking about the Diamond Bottom (钻石底)。

In most democratic, advanced countries, the politicians stay away from commenting on market. While the China politicians, the SEC chair equivalent (郭树清) on the 18th People Congress talk openly about Stock markets, about its rises and falls. Asking people not to chase the top, and sell the bottom. Signs that the CCP has great interest in the stock market when retail participation is not there. The CCP is working for the monies monger.

To break the CCP, you just break their stock market.

The wellknown Indians of Wallstreet have been Galleon's Rajaratnam, GS's Gupta and Citi's Vikram. They made it big in Wallstreet, but ultimately succumb to white's supremacy.
Tomorrow is Indian's Diwali, festival of light. It is like Xmas for the Indians. They worship Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and Lord Ganesha. I had once written that when I was strolling the seaside in 2009, a wooden statue of Lord Ganesha was swept to my feet. A great blessing indeed, for divine annointed Nostradmus.
The Indian stock exchange has a special arrangement on Diwali. It is extending its trading hours ONLY for GOLD ETF. It is believed to be auspicious to buy GOLD on Diwali.
Goldman Sach's India Gold ETF included.


Indian has a population of 1.24 Billion. If each buys 1 gram of GOLD on Diwali.
1,240,000,000 x 0.001 KG = 1240  Tonne
India's current Gold reserve is 557 Tonne.
That is awesome. I have asked my Indian followers, who are algo guru and programmed the most sophiscated HFT programme able to execute trade in nanoseconds, to stage a plunge on Diwali, so that GOLD can be bought cheaper by fellow countryman, to revenge white supremacy.

Awesome and Miserables.

More and more things to write about, nothing about the trade, but the Traders and Bankers themselves. As Jim Rogers have said, banking would be a dying trade in the next decade.

Stay tune tomorrow: Looper the movie, a China subsidised American movie, with lots of reference to America as a ghetto in 30 years time, and its many reference to SILVER.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


yes, this is a piece of belated news. As I have written months, The BEAST would create a calamity to hog the media before the election. And here we had SANDY. While Obama is preparing to travel to Mynmmar, the land of Buddha, an R7 Earthquake strikes Mymmar. When Obama was going to Indonesia, the live volcano in Indonesia erupted.
You wonder why Mymmar is so important ? When Japan was invading China, it conscripted millions of locals and Chinese to build one of Asia most important railway. And Mymmar is the door to the land invasion of China.
May Buddha protect the people of Mymmar against the BEAST.

In the next FOUR years, the only difference is that Obama would setup a wall around China, the Great Wall of China. Obama would ratify the US-Japan post WWWII treaty to include the islands defence. Drones bases would be setup in Asia, probably in Mymmar as well. F35 would be deployed to counter China 4th generation planes (an Asia state is in negotiation to purchase F35). Japan would reploy Monoxide stockpile to make nuclear bombs.and India would follow suit. The world at large would come to the shocking truth: WWWII did not end. And Hitler, the BEAST, has risen.

If you know HE is the BEAST, then the riddle of what is going to happen in America is readily unravelled. He would create havoc in America with the help of HIS minions. When Sandy stroke New York, the Goldman Sachs building was glittering in darkness. Timmy is extending his stay in the admistration to tend to the Fiscal Cliff.

Martin Fledstein has written month ago, they would extend the Fiscal Cliff dateline beyond 1 January for 6 months, and both parties would work on spending cuts and tax reforms. Hence there would be no cliff per se.

While there is no Fiscal Cliff, THEY are driving it as if there is a Cliff, a.k.a Skyfall. Another rally is coming, after they strip the investors (both retail and institutional) of the monies and start again. The faster the drop, the sooner is the big bounce coming.

See Batman: the Dark Knight rises.
Bane barged into the NYSE, and the trader shouted,"there is no monies here to steal, this is a stock exchange", Bane replied "then why are you here".

Yes, this is the season of thieves, when the Whales steals for their Chrismtas dinner. BTW, the proverbial 21 Dec 2012 is around the corner.

Like the Euro crisis, the Fiscal Cliff is another farce.

On a lighter note, another Banker got buried in the island state in South Asia.


This Barclay banker who is a French lives in a bungalow of sort in a crowded neighbourhood. He got so fedup with the construction noises of his neighbour, he went bersek.
Guess what he does in Barclays, he is the Head of Forex strategy. Tell tale: Barclay is on the wrong side of the market, probably with some hidden large positions.
Previously there was a HSBC local VP who drowned off the river next to his workplace at 3 am in the morning, a Bank of China british banker jumped 6 storeys into a bay next his workplace. And of course the libor scam involving some RBS/UBS trader. And a RBS VP of Credit who drove a Bently, punched the window of a Mercedes in rage.
Three Aussie and New Zealander punched a cab driver after attending a friendship wrestling match among bankers. One is still at large, in Interpol arrest list. Since then the wrestling match has moved to Malaysia.

As I have said, if you want to bury a banker, send him to the island state of RAGE. And RAGE like FEAR kills your trade and bankrupt your Bank.

Enjoy, the RAGE. A lot of dumb Bankers are in RAGE.