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Sunday, October 28, 2012

28 Oct Halloween horror and Frankenstorm

I am now off to China to find buyers for the Gold mine I brokered in Indonesia. Lucky me to advoid the Frankenstorm. Heard some high frequency traders are looking for 100 hours uniterrupted power supply and nuclear powered backup generators.

So trade prudently. It is only the beginning of the end.

Friday, October 26, 2012

26 Oct Much ado about nothing...but LIBOR

yes, nothing really happened.

SPX contiues its steady crawl downwards, Hong Kong market continues its poke at the top. News is that HKD and RMB are getting stronger.

Bernanke gives out USD to buy Mortgage Back Securities, and the Bank takes the monies to lend. Did it lend to US Corporations ? nope.
Private equities, hedge funds take the monies at low interest and buy China and HK equities, bonds, etc. Forcing RMB to hit new high at 6.27.

In fact it is a massive diversification out of USD. All signs point to a USD crisis coming on the horizon. DXY is very much capped at 80 without going anywhere.

Gold has found a support at 1700, as my wise friend told me months ago, 1700 should hold.

SPX is trying to find a bottom, as once a self-claimed moneywise politician said, if you take care of the bottom, the top would take care of itself, sometime in 2008, before Lehman.

Romney seems to have hit 50% mark. That means bad bad for China. Going into 2013, it would be a tumultous year for China, (that is for sure). Its BANKs would be coming assault. Then the CCP has no option but to lets its RMB rapidly depreciates. A lot of Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds are going to lose their shirts in China. China has peaked.

Actually there is a tiny little headline, Royal Blood Sucker successfully applied to the Singapore court to seal the LIBOR investigation court papers. I.e. there is a GOLD mine out there !!!! All corporate lawyers are welcome to find their Christmas bonus. LIBOR is a basis of major financial transactions, and that means class action suit from the victims.



Friday, October 19, 2012

19 Oct A Binder full of Retrenchments

Alcatel has announced worldwide retrenchments, 5500 headcounts. AMD is going to cut 15% of its workforce. And soon all manufacturers would be putting their products on sale in 4Qtr, including their share prices.

Question: Would Bernanke retains its trading desk ? or would he be doing some retrenchments as well.

Meanwhile, in currencies, stock, all instruments, you see sudden spike and then another down move to give back all the gains.

Meanwhile, Larry Summers is buying options to protect the SPX.

The problem with the market is that there are no buyers. and CNBC has to remind pple of  Oct 19 1987 to entice retail to short and then force to cover later. Thanx to Pimco fear mongering.

Otherwise, if they push it higher it would be like Jim O'Neil selling to Blankfein and then to Jamie Dimon.
They might want to stage a seemingly sharp move down next week, perhaps Oct 23 2012.

If they manage to stage a rout, then Obama would be handsfull on his 3rd debate.

The Bear Case is that we are watching the collapse of the Social Media bubble like the Internet bubble in 1999. In a few years, Google, Facebook may not be existing. As does Zynga. Apple would be like another Compaq. Theory of alternative. 2008-2009 financial crisis, 2012-2013 social media crisis.

If all the Billionaires pull their monies together, they can move the market without the need of a Jerome Kerviel or Adoboli.

Dow Jones falling 25% !!!! 10,000 perfect.
As James Stewart (NY Times columnist) said, he was worried when he saw a French newspaper headline saying Dow dropped 25 points, he mistook it for 25%. So better sell your mutuals before your Christmas holidays. Hope the market can wait for you.

Dow dropping, NDX dropping. Think Summers and Bernanke buying SPY.

As for the Bengali bombing  NY FED building, it smacks of entrapping, leading the fellow on, giving him all he needs and catching him right infront of the building. Poor Bengali.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 Oct A binder full of........Equities

Now some people has a binder full of Equities as does Romney with his binder of woman.

Wonder why the family of Chris Stevens is keeping so quiet when their American son is wrongly sacrificed by the blunders of the Obama administration. May be Obama is holding back Chris pension monies till after 6 November. This is outrageous. This is Benghazi gate 119 (GOD has given the clue). Obama hid behind Sakorzy when Libya is conquered, thinking that he would be spared the warmonger title. And surprisingly, it boomberanged on him, and he even sacrificed Hilary. Wow!!!! Many whites are sacrificed for this Black President, is he the BEAST ? Is HE the ONE ?

Would he call upon a calamity from HELL in oder for him to strut his showmanship on National TV before 6 Nov 611 ? And would the mighty GODs, Zeus, Thor, Athena, come forth the fight this war ?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

17 Oct Indonesia

Currently in Jakarta, Indonesia, shopping for the next Gold mine. It is a bustling city indeed, was in the hotel executive lounge, and you have Brits, Aussies everywhere in the lounge talking about business. Hoping to find the head mistress of Obama school.

Meanwhile, nothing much to see in the market, except Vikram made a hasty exit, possibly due to some in discretions on his part, got caught, and asked to leave.

Thanx to QE3, the Bank stocks are doing fairly well. The ultimate purpose of QEs is to give bank free monies. Home owners, especially first timers, do not have much to gain.

Monies now flooding into Hong Kong, China, ever keeping the indices alive, trying to ride the next One Trillion Yuan stimulus. Baltic Dry sea is rising, Australia iron ore export to China has restarted.

Now Israel is backing down from any military action from Iran, waiting for Iran financial crisis to boil. Japan chickened out on confrontation with China.

Nothing short of a calamity is going to stop this next rally of World Equities.

Jamie Dimon talked about Housing recovery last week, now CNBC gets Tom, Diane Swonk to talk about Housing again. Housing data are no secret, it is known months ahead. Lots of well to do Americans are buying their second home, while their first home is still unsold, unoccupied. So they are doubly in debt in low interest environment. I.e. if things take a turn, another foreclosure tsunamis would be coming.

When Samsung launches another Galaxy Tab, market does not talk about it. When Apple launch another mini IPAD, people are talking. So we have IPAD to infinity. It is crazy benching marking stock prices on products.

It is a market full of FISH.

Friday, October 12, 2012

12 Oct The Truth

Biden was so in a hurry and rude to interrupt Ryan to prevent him from telling the Truth.
Now the Democrats are scared of the TRUTH.

Biden as the chairman of Foreign Relations Committee has the first ever American ambassador killed by terrorists. Biden should have retired long ago. And if America continues to have Biden, American would be devastated on world stage.

Meanwhile, the market is in a loop.
Hong Kong Index made a dash of 1000 points at market open. Amazing. China chose to reposition RMB stronger to 6.3, and Singapore refused to weaken its SGD.

Timmy and Benny effort to give Obama chances a boost by weakening the USD has fell flat-footed.

US Justice wants to reopen the debate on Obamacare, again.

So much uncertainty going into December and 1st half of next yr.

Here is the HSI 1000 points surge, injuring the bears greatly. While SPX is dropping, HSI made a dash up.
Hence, never use SPX as the beacon to trade. IT is broken arrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

11 Oct Fast and Furious

when the dumb funds realise what the market maker and HFT are doing, they are going to wake up and it would be fast and furious. At least we would have Shanghai, Dow, SPX, Gold, Crude on all non-USD currencies all lined up on the starting line.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 Oct There is no GOD except ALLAH


Obama is a Muslim. Full Stop.

The market is still horsing around. It is amazing that you see so many fat tails on the 5 mins chart for GOLD and SILVER. Something tried to ramp it down and then a ramp up.
All those Bots are killed for sure.

2 more days, and a 12 km wide asteroids would flyby at 0.2 Lunar Distance, which is awfully close considering calculation errors. We may just have a catastrophe coming.

For every plunge, there is a hero. There were Jerome Kerviel, who shorted billions of DAX futures, then there was Adobola. Now we need another HERO.
SPX at 1422 should hold.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9 Oct Shanghai ramp

SHCOMP has a good ramp from 1999 to almost 2110 in short time.
so did GOLD.
nothing much to see except the Vice President debate, would Biden "bite" Paul Ryan, or Paul Ryan gives the America a lesson on deceit of the Obama administration.
Timmy and Benny in India trying to save the S&P Nifty flash crash. May be they are trying to extricate Buffet's investment in India. Buffet was not able to get out in time.
India is roast. when the Accountant and Auditors are conspiring to deceive the owners, Walmart is going in and losing big time.
IMF downgrading world growth, companies would factor that into their 4Qtr and 2013 forecast.
Expect a slew of earning warnings in coming 2 weeks.

For Huawei, ZTE fight with congress, it would be naive if the China intelligence does not want a bite of US military and trade secrets. In the event of war, those corporations or military units using China makes would be disabled remotely.
In addition, those China names Baidu, Tencent which distribute movie watching, MP3 download software for free, are actually trojan horses. The Congress ought to ban all China brand hardware and software from sales in US.

So in the face of this trade thing, the ramp up in SHCOMP is just a ramp.

John Taylor FX Concepts just killed the AUD, it is the most leveraged currency, AUDUSD now at 1.2000,
looks like it is going to 0.800. Bearish on Asian currencies in general.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 Oct The numbers

SPX recent high 1474.51  5 Oct high 1470.96  new high not reached
INDU recent high 13653.00 5 Oct high 13661.72 new high reached

to the Elliotician, the count for SPX and INDU always differs. reason being one made new high, one not.

INDU is easier to control than SPX500. INDU may have completed wave V.

Singapore announced new housing cooling measure just after its stock index FTSTI breached 3100.
HSI reached 21021.38

The Republicans checking the numbers of BLS in every state, trying to find evidence of falsehood for the unemployment number of 7.8%.
Simple, more pple giving up hope of finding jobs.

Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Oct DOW NOW SPX 1470.96

this is something I promised you, weeks ago, here it is.

DOW is up against 61.8%, it was reached weeks ago.
it was reached on 20 September.
we are just 3 mins into the open.
Gold reached 1795.83
I have this feeling that the market maker wants the Chinese to return on their national vacation on coming Monday and take profit at the highest point so far.
Is the market maker from China ? Then we should send him a Thank You note from Jimmy Fallon.

SPX reached a high of 1470.96

Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 Oct debate

I missed it live and did not want to watch it in full on youtube, it is so embarassing to see how Obama performed.

as for 11 Oct Paul Ryan against Biden, it may even be more devastating.

Obama mocked Donald Trump as a small business owner. Now Trump, where is your Trump card. Something is on Obama's mind, something he knows is coming forth, and that is why he was not even trying in the debate.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Oct Bernanke Style / Charles Evan

yes, it is horsing around for another day.

Some Ellioticians have called the recent high the completion of wave V/5/C, Big wave C completion is big deal. Daneric, the permabear is such.
While Caldaro is expecting v/3 unfolding.

Anyway it is on the way or completed a wave 5. Retracement is in the cards. Either we are in one now or by next week.

As for Fiscal Cliff, Martin Feldstein has called that the Congress may delay the cliff for another 6 months, while negotiating new deals. So that is the reasonable likely outcome. If there is any decline, market would hold while the deal takes shape.
But if Israel strikes Iran, then a larger fall would ensue, and depending on the Muslim world reaction, we may be in big time for a fall in Big Wave C, the type that Peter Schiff says would go to 5000 for DOW.
On the other hand, we may see 1500 for SPX easily.
So until FED suffers a setback, otherwise the trend is up, albeit some hiccups along the way. Obama is expected to win, and he has no incentive to improve in his second term which is his last. So US is going to muddle along for another 4 years.

The dip for GOLD on 26 Sept is for the CME option expiry. It has established 1736 as the base. Targtting above 1800. Advice to buy on dips.

In his speech in Indiana, Bernanke said America economy would continue to grow at 1-2%, and he is not forecasting any recession. And he did warn against Audit the Fed, claiming it would destroy people confidence in the Ferderal Reserve system.
Reading between the lines, he is saying Stock market would continue to climb, provided there is no "Audit the FED".

The CME that hit earth yesterday caused a G3 Geomagnetic storm, a strong one. At least we get a mild earthquake off Honshu Japan. While there is some jitters at Mt St Helen. We should be seeing the effects of the electromagnetic flux in this coming few days, especially a few days after the Full Moon.


Charles Evan caused an uproad on Monday national TV, when he as a non-voting member of FOMC recommends a doubling in size of QE3.
As explained by the Safehaven article, the FED is trying to offset Plosser comments and to jawbone the USD into weakening, to achieve some fast track job employment. Eg.
Lenovo, a China entity, has announced to build a factory in North Carolina, which would employ 115 persons. That would also drives spare USD cash into assets.

The FED is trying to influence some corporate decision making ahead of the 6 Nov election, to give cheers to the job market in clear support for Obama.

The FED has run out of Bazookas and now trying to use Cloak and Dagger to deceive the market. This is sign of desperation.

As for currency wars, we would see Europe going into deeper recession, when Americans pull back their investment, and China losing some as well.

As for America, it has just stepped across the threshold for rising and accelerating inflation.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Oct Bernanke Style continues: Bernanke said QE3 helps stock market

Finally Bernanke had established the link of QE3 with Stock Market. But as said, that is not his purpose, his purpose is to relieve the Mortgage Fraud (according to Solari report by Catherine Austin Fitts). And now he is an accomplice in mortgage fraud.

37 people died on HK ferry collision on its national vacation in celebration of China's National Day, bad omen. Never before had this mass death happened in HK. The ferry was its way to an island while the other pleasure boat (with 124 people on board, all were workers and relatives of HK Electric, a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa owned by HK richest tycoon Li Kah Shing) was on its way to see the Firework in Victoria Bay. Times is up for the Li Dynasty.

5 Germans, 37 Hong Kongers in 2 days in China. It forebodes crisis coming for the China's 18th People Congress

Meanwhile GOLD is inching towards ultimate interim target of 1800, SPX heading towards wave V top. Generally WLEI is improving, so data in next few months should becoming better.

Meanwhile Horsing around continues till Friday NFP and FOMC when Benny would announce the first tranche of buying.

Expecting Euro to shoot to 1.35, Gold to 1830, Silver to 38, SPX to 1490, INDU to 13800.

This is what became of the 5 German doctors and 1 Chinese tour guide.
The German delegation of 19 were from Bavaria, Southern Germany, they were a group of doctors, just arrived into Beijing, and were on their way to Tianjin.
My wife was asking me why there were in China. I said the Germans were busybodies.
It is Autumn, and Black Forest is manificent, and the Germans decided to come to China to breathe in toxic air and risk their lives on the notorious Chinese highway.
It is a well known fact that on those busy highways, between Shanghai-Hangzhou, Shanghai-Suzhou, Beijing-Tianjin, there are daily fatalities.


Malaysia city dwellers are asking their government to take over their home loan, when the government can take over debt of companies. May be Americans should start a "Take My Loan" TML movement to press Bernanke to take over home loans instead of giving monies to banks. Better do it fast before the 6 Nov, to press Obama to make some promises.

Monday, October 1, 2012

1 Oct Bernanke again / German inferno

HK stock exchange is closed for 2 days, and it had a ramp up on last Friday. So would Bernanke disappoints ? Or is he so useless on the post FOMC conference, that he has to regurgitate the same message again before Romney and Obama television debate ? Or is he saying things like "Irrational Exuberance" ?

Five Germans burnt alive in China near Beijing.
Sometimes wonder, why would Germans want to get onto Chinese roads with those insane drivers.
It is times, German sit up and listen hard: Get the F*** out of China.