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Saturday, September 29, 2012

29 September Death of a Bank of China Banker


on 27 September evening in a Asia city state, a British banker from Bank of China stationed in the city state, jumped from the roof of a hotel into a reservoir and died.
The last recorded death was a Dutch who jumped from a sixty floor into the same reservoir several months ago (also mentioned in my blog). Some fell mysteriously into the river feeding into the same reservoir.
Superstition or not, a lot of British, American bankers met their makers in the city state. Next time you wanna get rid of a competitor in your bank, send him to Singapore.

Meanwhile Timothy has bought options protecting the bottom at about 13,000 for INDU. so expect more horsing around for the next 3 weeks till the 3rd Qtr earnings are out.

Friday, September 28, 2012

28 Sept Gangnam Style SPX

My readers were asking what is happening with the market. I told them the market is horsing around as in "Gangnam Style", the market maker has gone horse riding.

Look at GOLD, it can't go up nor down.
People Congress would start on 8 Nov, after the US election result is known.
Looking at the Ohio election this weekend, probably the next President would be known by this weekend.

This one is for the bored traders to salivate.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 Sept Gordon City - City of Crime / TAKEN2

If you think New York is a replica of Batman's Gordon city where crimes infests, you are wrong. There is another city with more bizzare happenings.


Singapore RBS trader claims he can manipulate Rates in a LIBOR probe.


Oracle ex-employee in Singapore embroiled in sex-bribing the head of the nation anti-narcotics bureau, the equivalent of DEA in America.


A Singapore law professor had sex orgy with 4 students, 2 male, 2 female.

Meanwhile, Asia ramping at lunch time, with Shanghai Composite rising by 2%, ahead of a week long holidays. (shorts covering ?) While PBoC is pumping in monies to support the profit taking: Electronics monies becoming real monies.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is, the editor of the Solaris Report, debunk the secret of Bernanke QE3, or rather she speaks what others dare not. QE3 is to mop up the mortgages, destroying any evidence of fraud, and hence relieving the banks of any future liabilities. In return the Banks would return the monies from overseas to invest in America.
Another point of view is that Soros has been taunting the Chinese to do another round of stimulus, objective to poke inflation and hence social unrest in China. And henceforth, American would pull out their factories from China.

Chinese are now boycotting Japanese industrial products, such as lift, escalators, etc, other than automotive products. We are going to see another wave of Japanese companies downsizing while the Japanese governments is upping their rhetorics. One more day, China would be entering its week of hibernation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 Sept China in hard landing

Motorola, Johnson Control, all US companies are pulling out from China, shutting factories. It is happening now. Chanos has shorted China banks, including some US banks as well.
In Q4, China factories shutdown would be accelerating. expect some RMB weakening to come.
Stocks holding well ahead of monthend. Window dressing.

Monday, September 24, 2012

24 Sept The Power of "5"

this morning, I went to my terminal and looked closely at my charts, and I was shocked to see what I thought I was still waiting for all this while. The critical chart touchpoint has happened. And I have informed my subscribers, and I would release it in the next few days here.

now come to talk about the number "5". 5 represents the worst star in the Chinese astrology 9 stars formation. IT is called the FIVE YELLOW. Last year it was sitting in the East Direction, and Eastern Japan, eastward of China, suffered the Fukushima disaster.
Now in this year of Dragon, the "5" star sits in the South-Eastern, like in South-eastern of China, namly in the Sze Chuan region, (which used to be the site for the la major quake in China), as in South-east Asia (making up of Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, etc). And California which is in the South-eastern of America.
And worse, Iphone 5 has activated the 5 YELLOW star, and events are going to happen. E.g. today, the supplier to Apple Foxconn富士康  (the Taiwanese company of a playboy owner with lots of sweatshop in China) suffered a rumage by its worked yesterday, involving thousands. The factory is situated in TaiYuan (太原)which is south-eastern of Beijing, Beijing is like the center of the China world.

There should be concern that the 5 YELLOW star would impact on the faultlines in Southern California, with a major quake coming in the vicinity of Apple HQ Cupertino.

We have a whole week of Window Dressing, when would the mannequin get dressed ?
and then a week long of China holidays, and then Alcoa earnings start. Here we go again.

I was at my brokerage office today, a well to do spinster lady was querying her broker what to buy. The broker was clueless, and eventually recommended REIT.

China having a week of shutdown next week, from 1 Oct to 7 Oct. Its commodities and stock exchanges are all shut.

SPX took a drop, 10 points down. Some say it is Monday Blues, some say it is posturing for Window Dressing.
Well, the Ant has no quarrel with the Eagle, whether it is Monday or Friday.

As Caldaro has indicated, we are now into wave IV pullback, a complex and longer pullback, the turning point depending on oversold daily RSI.

Quite futile to follow Merkel or Hollande, they are simply enjoying their per diem with the overseas travel.

It is going to be long and tortous, better go and enjoy a hike in autumn trees.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 Sept Possession

From the look of it, if Romney knew he had a tax problem, then he should not have come for election.
Until, the Republican has something more devastating for Obama, otherwise the elephants have lost it. Pretty sure, no Rich Americans would be running for President in years to come, what a shame.

Meanwhile, SPX has an interesting dump in market open. It is UP till Skyfall. Skyfall premiering in London 23 Oct, US 9 Nov, 3 days after election.

If the most powerful ruler on earth is possessed by demon, HE would wage wars. Having this erriee feeling that WAR would come in December.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 Sept Charles Nennar

US deploys F22 Command to Guam.
Japan and China assembling their warships off the Senkaku island.

An armadda of warships is now gathered at Straits of Homuz. Would we have 2 concurrent wars ?
US/Nato/Israel striking Iran
US/Japan striking China
in the next 60 days. America preparing for war on the eve of Presidential Election.

China markets making lower and lower. the 18th People Congress said to be held on 18/19 October.

Royal Flush in progress. Euro rushing for exit at 1.2900. Florence Lian was on TV recommending short from a break of 1.2900 towards target 1.2700.

Suddenly all gloom reappears. Pushing Crude down is not a smart idea, it also suppresses equities.

Option Expiry tomorrow, also a lot companies year ending September. So violent moves coming.

Now we revisit Charles Nennar forecast made in 2011, a war coming end of 2012, beginning 2013, DOW to drop to 5000. If you have shorted based on his forecast in 2011, you would have bleeded to death. But his target date of end 2012 is nearing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 Sept Romney done

So far I have not read or heard any thing praising QE3. While commentators chide QE3 openly on national TV, you can see their smog smile for having nailed it, and possibly profiting from QE3.

Doom averted. No showdown between China and Japan, China turning backs its protestors, Japan reopening factories in China. Xi JinPing, the leader in waiting, reappeared. So everything seems hunky doory, now waiting for PBoC turn to stimulated with reserve ratio cut and rate cut.

Romney is done after offending the 47% permanently. He needs a miracle or sort, like a market crash, or another massive gun slaughter of 100 lives, or may be a small war to spike the Crude back into $120, and gas going to $5. Meanwhile, the Saudi is pumping like mad, flooding the market with excess crude.

India Mamohan Singh tried to stimulate the Nifty with approval of retails and telecoms by foreign business. As I have mentioned, in India, even the auditor conspire to cheat the shareholders. Next year, it would no longer be BRIC, more like BRC.

It is UP.


Bubonic Plague coming to Arizona.


Monday, September 17, 2012

17 Sept Another week

yes, another week, when the bulls would have to work hard to justify the QE3.
QE is Quantitative Easing not Queen Elizabeth, (heard this on Fox News).

Evaluation, yes Chicago teachers ought to be evaluated. And Bernanke ought to be evaluated as well.

Obama embraces Musi and snub Nethanyahu. And Obama pulling out from Libya, Syria embassies, safe houses, endangering its intelligence assets in the countries.
And Rice, the spokeswoman denies any pre-meditated terrorist attack (but one of the victim Sean Smith wrote of fear in his blog before dead). Now America too scared to strike.

Japan pulling back its executives from China, and shutting down the factories, including the famous retail outlet Uniglo. In this era of over-capacity, good excuse to return to Tokyo for early Xmas.
First there was the Fukushima, then Thailand flood shutting its factories and now the Senkaku row. You can essentially write off Japan as a drifting nation, essentially the entire generation is at loss. The rightful place for  Nikkei is about 7000. As for YEN, it is all a guess.

SPX would take a day or two to consolidate its gain and then resume its march.

Friday, September 14, 2012

14 Sept WORLD WAR III started

so now ECB and FED have fired their last Bazookas. So as I have written in previous issues, Bernanke actually precipitates the next plunge. as I have always written, Bernanke works for the Republicans. QE(infinity) would negatively impact Obama.
Where would you goto ? The market with the Bazookas left, China. China market has only just lifted off its recent time low of 2000 to a 2100.
SPX wave 5 is almost complete, INDU may surge to 13800.

QE to infinity means the Rich Poor divide would accentuate, the Arab Spring would transform to a Arab Summer in no time.

Japan may be intervening in YEN.
30 more mins, Asian retails coming out in drove to reap the Bernanke Xmas bonus.
Sophiscated mom and pops Euro shorts crying.

Chaos in Sudan, after Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and also Lebanon. Middle-east Oil Drum on fire. Obama tepid response makes us wonder if his purpose of his Presidency is for the cause of Muslim ? Some Muslim thinks so. Have this suspicion that Bernanke is funding the uprising in Middle-east.

News has it that HK newspaper leaked that US has satellite photos of China nuclear submarines encircling the Senkaku island, besides the 6 patrols ships.

Hard luck Obama. Busy on nation tour, no time for geo-politics. Looking at all the video of protest against US, feel like WWIII has just begun on 13 September 2012  091312

As I have always said, Bernanke decided to give Crude and Gasoline a boost, Crude has crossed 100 again, Gasoline is on a tear. Higher it goes, voters are going to be awfully angry. USO and UNG are good proxy in the event unrest morph into military actions.

watched Ron Paul reaction to QE3. he is right, with the ZIRP extended, people would feel less compelled to buy a house immediately or in the near future. They would wait out for the drop in housing prices, which accelerates another house dump.

Have this feeling that some Euro short Funds are going belly-up next week. Even EURJPY is rallying. EUR is the new commodity. Goodbye Uncle Gold, Auntie Silver, here comes Grand-daddy Euro. It is the rally of the oppressed, the Avenger.
The non-commercials are massively Short Euro as of Thursday before QE3. and Banks are forecasting 1.40 into 2013.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

13 Sept Pre-FOMC The Ant has no quarrel with the Bird

As Loki of Askar said "The Ant has no quarrel with the Bird". (in the movie Avengers)

Neither do I, a humble Ant has any quarrel with Bernanke. I am leaving this market for a while, took my monies and going for a massage and may be a facial tomorrow, and then a concert on Saturday.

So Bernanke brings on your mojo, do your necessary. 5 more hours to go before FOMC statement.

Chris Stevens the dead American ambassador in Libya was raped before he was killed. Now that is Obama's Arab Spring.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Sept Leap of Faith

yes, everybody seems to do the right thing at the same time. Euro got booted across 1.2900, much better than most traders expected.

but the boost is limited. Gold still stuck around 1740. according to most indicators, RSI, MACD, the rally is near exhaustion. Time to put in shorts, incrementally as Euro inch towards 1.2930, and Gold towards 1750.

1800 may be the target for GOLD, not this time, too stretched and too fast.34.1
The Algo has pushed it pass sanity.

Next is Bernanke.

An American ambassador get killed in Libya, first of its kind. Obama got lots to answer.

China market underperforming despite promise of 150 billion USD stimulus and 100b Yuan fiscal stabilisation fund.
Xi JinPing disappeared for 10 days already. Rumour has it that he was attacked. Power struggle between Hu JingTao faction with the ex-Chairman Jiang ZheMin who favour the now defunct Bo XiLai.

Bearish non-confirmation of the new pop of Gold to 1747. Should see a bigger correction this time.
however buying dip not encouraged.
However looks better for Euro at 1.2937 high.
Silver losing almost a dollar now. Short on any bounce. The top is in at 34.10

From now on, it is essentially a Leap of Faith.

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Sept 96 hours

If you have any doubt on the rally, see the US dollar Index, it has broken through its irsing up trend since last Nov. It is signally more FED easing coming.
it is now sitting on its 38.2% retracement level at 80. 50% at about 79, and 61.8% at about 77.5.
or it may just retrace till 74.
DXY is not easily manipulated. It does portend a greater fall.

I.e. Timmy is hastening the depreciation of the Dollar to boost short term competitiveness of US exports ahead of Christmas. Meaning tougher for China exports to America. And China trade minister Chen DeMing just announced that some trade boost measures is in the pipeline. Would RMB devalues faster than the fast USD ? Other Asian nations export may just grind to a halt.

It may be completing its E wavelet of a A-B-C-D-E-F bull flag pattern.
signifying Dollar economic strength rather than flight to safety.
Dollar economic strength can only be accomplished through Romey with fiscal prudence and a new FED Chairman. If Romney wins, Bernanke may have to retire ahead in 2013, instead of 2014.

However, can QE3 sinks the dollar into 70 ? or just stop at 73 ?

Anyway, with a dropping DXY, SHCOMP is floating under the tide. SPX target is 1450-1460, with INDU accelerating into 13,800.

With Asia opening on Sunday night, and FOMC annoucement on 13 Sept Thursday 2:15pm ET, we have about 96 hours of trading.
Where would a 96 hours of fast train heads to ?

We are into the last stage of a wave 5 development, so do trade with caution.

Reminding you that there is the German constitution court ruling on 12 Sept (Wednesday), we may have less than 96 hours.
And I would harness my prowess to read into the day 12 Sept.
壬辰年 己酉月 丙子日

the next day is
壬辰年 己酉月 丁丑
no wood to sustain the camp fire. wet earth would exhaust the camp fire instead

1.2817 is about the max for Euro this time. Currently pulling back 1.2777,
Asia did not rally much, neither does SHCOMP. Monday blues, expect pullback in SPX today and buy the dip.
short of any major newsbreak till Wed German Constitution court, and Thursday FOMC, better to stay out of market and wait for chance to buy the flash dip.

Last update of day
market stuck in range. nothing to see here.
would take leave tomorrow and return on Wednesday Europe closing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Sept Mega Rally

Finally, Gold is taking a plunge now into 1690, a drop of almost 10 USD, the steepest drop so far in weeks. Expect the sell to accelerate when Europe open, it is Friday, and one more earth-shaking data point ahead. If you are trading e-sig, just take profit and go. Silver finally below 32. Gold going to 1666. Silver back to 29.
Strangely Euro is still holding 1.2600, now 1.2631.

The rally in Asia market is fantastics, with 2.2 percent in HSI, and 4% in SHCOMP.
Investors selling Gold and buying Equities, a higher yielding asset.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


One issue that Obama has not been addressing or deliberately advoiding is that China has revealed its DongFeng 41 ICBM missile capable of striking US and containing 10 different trajectories war heads. They are now on par to Russia in terms of a Cold War opponent.
Hilary just circling around the Japan Senkaku Island while Panetta is apparently waiting to retire.

American sovereign integrity is at stake and yet the Administration chooses to ignore.

Meanwhile it is Super Mario show today, "believe me, it is enough".
How enough ? Euro to punch 1.2700 ?

The media has been setting up for a disappointment in the ECB conference as in not enough details would be revealed.

I used to fly to Australia on British Airways and Qantas, via Asia such as HK or Singapore. Now Qantas is shifting its base to Dubai and tying up with Emirates, meaning it is stopping its alliance with British Airways.

BA would suffer and Singapore/HK Singapore Airline, Cathay Pacific, would lose their traffic. Singapore Airline completes its receipt of the last order of A380, no more backlog in its 30 over years of history. Bye Bye South East Asia.

China Xi Jin Ping missed the meeting with Hilary and some other delegations from Russia. Sign of trouble.
If China does not react now with Reserve, Rate Cut, the feeling of uneasiness is going to spread. PBoC and the the banking czar Wang QiShan 王岐山 is probably using this opportunity to gain political points ahead of the 15 Oct People Congress, at the expense of the China citizens.

The SEC 银监会 of China has called a Video Conference with all branches of securities exchange in all province to call for efforts to ensure stabilisation yesterday. This is the 3rd time since last stabilisation meeting in 2008, 2009. Next action would be the PBoC. I have sent notification to Soros and his minions. So any time now. It is 12:30 pm Beijing time Thursday.

Hilary trip to Asia is more to seal ties for her next bid for President in 2016, rather than to secure any deal with China. Hilary is absent from DNC. When pple see Bill Clinton, it reminds them of Romney more than Obama. A white face with grey hair = success. A black face = depair, failure, food stamps, empty promise, emptry chair, another 4 years.
All the soundbites that Bill Clinton made was for Hilary chances in 2016. And Obama has a big shoe to fill tonight. And Democrats would wonder is it Master President Bill Clinton or Mediocre President Barack Hussein Obama ?

Talks of Black Thursday surfacing, Oct 24 1929

Update 2
finally somebody has come out to teach the Gold bugs a lesson. Gold has reached its top at 1713.
and Silver dropping like a stone.
so Silver top at 32.994
Double short for GOLD into 1500.
one more data points tomorrow,

Mario says inflation going up 2013, above 1%. and Mario cut the growth forcast.
Stagnation ?
Bond buying confirmed within ECB, as to the modality. Means LTRO III/IV/V UNLIMITED confirmed. My GOD, Super Mario is agreeing that with his bond buying, inflation would soar, and he is accepting the trade-off !!!! Also ECB debt is on par with private debt, no seniority. (German taxpayers just got fucked again).
He has just buried the Austrian school of economics. Weimar Inflation is returning.
He said bond purchase would be sterilised. Sterialise my prick head.

What is the modality of your trade ? Do you have UNLIMITED funds to sell EURO ?

What if Bernanke announce UNLIMITED Mortgage purchase on 12 September ? SPX to the moon. Think the Central Bankers have decided to give it all out. QE(infinity).
Waiting for PBoC to cut reserve and interest tomorrow.
All three major Central Banks in full power.

Lots of retail robots esig programs got fucked with the up and down swing. If you are trading robots, better get out now before the next big tsunamis coming tomorrow NFP and then Wednesday FOMC.
Take your profit and go.

Now back to Barack, Bill said Barack Hussein has fully repaired the economy ?? what ? 16 Trillion debt, failing banks, banksters reaping profit, mass unemployment, historical record giveout of food stamps. Come on, Bill. You need to meet Uma Thurman.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Sept Making room for QE3 rally

finally Euro has hit near target 1.2637 and now treating into 1.2530. Same for GOLD, Aussie dump Gold at their market open. The market is not buying Draghi story, and Euro should be heading for 1.2200 at least.
Silver still at 32, a good short for it to return to 26.
One of the axiom of trading is Market tend to reach its peak on a off-peak day like Labour, Thanxgiving, Christmas eve, etc.

Meanwhile, China Hu JingTao deputy, the cabinet secretary, Lin JiHua's (令计划) son died in a speeding Ferraris while having car sex with 2 gals. They were found to be naked or half naked after the incident. Lin was demoted to a ceremonial position, and one down for Hu JingTao. The power struggle continues into October.

Thailand Red Bull founder's grandson drove a Ferraris and mulled a policeman to death.

Singapore China origin MaChi claim for his Ferraris speeding death has been rejected by AXA Insurance on grounds that it is a collision not accident.

This video should wake up those overnight traders.
If I am the China Communist Party, I would ban Ferraris from the country for superstition sake. Literally it is the Fire Horse that kill the party.

During Europe hours, Silver would dip below 32 and the rally would be over.

Harry Reid gave a 5 seconds interview, and said "Obama should be re-elected" amidst so much of hatred in DNC, we even have babies crying on stage.
After the election, whoever is elected, America would be more divided than ever. The mission of the BEAST  accomplished.i
Read the book "No higher POWER", when Obama speaks at the George Washington Univ, he asked the Jesus Statue to be covered. If Obama is re-elected, he would go after the Mormon, Catholics, Protestants and all other Christians. The POPE Reisinger should step up soon and oppose the Obama campaign against Jesus.

No matter if the market do a waltz, cha-cha, foxtrot or rumba, I believe INDU 13,800 is the target. As what Bill Gross has said QE3 is coming no matter what.

The Londoner has come in to assault the Euro, Gold, trying to make room ahead of the QE3 announcement on 12 September. Apple also launching Iphone 5 on the same day. And German court decision. Those Londoners are literally working against the FED ship. Nonetheless, we just wait for them to exhaust before buying the dip.

The debt balloon would be like Mr Creosote, it just need the last piece of chocolate for the blowup.
Who is going to give the last piece of chocolate ?
Think it all makes sense now. The end would come swift and fast, but first we need to fill up Mr Creosote. And we trade for dinner time.

BTW, after Sept 12, when the ECM is accepted by German court, there is still the Troika report on Greece in October, then there would come the 3rd trench of loan to Greece.
It is going to be a never ending story. Wonder if anyone want to follow it to Christmas day.

Monday, September 3, 2012

3 Sept Emerging Economies blood in the street

think the world really need another round of QE, scanning news of some Asia Emerging Economies, there are already lots of economy related death happening.

Meanwhile, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley are pulling out of the island city. Signs of troubles in the Banks ? They are leaving their crown jewels behind ?


In this Island city, star of the Emerging Economies, people have chosen to jump into the reservoir, when they lose their jobs. Banks pulling jobs out of the country, manufacturing firms retrenching. The situation is really dire.

We need QE3 to save life.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong Index and Shanghai Composite did a rebound. While GOLD is still below breakout trendline for CNY, SGD. For non-believers, this is the right spot to Sell Gold short.

Also Euro hit above 1.2637, if you disbelieve Draghi, this is the place to short.
Nonetheless, Spain Rajoy is rallying behind Draghi.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

1 Sept Clint Eastwood

Simply fantastics. not senile, no rubbish, simply gorgeous. It would go down in record as one of Clint' best performance.

Bernanke words at Jackson Hole has something for everybody, those who wants QE, those not sure, those afraid of Inflation. So the market chooses it original planned path.

QE3 is coming, possibly on 12 September,a few hours after the German court annoucement. I.e. Euro risk is hedged. German court says no, QE3 comes. German court say Yes to ESM, QE3 not needed. German court undecided, QE3 delayed. That explains the rally in Euro, Gold.