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Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Aug Empty Chair

It is going to be a 3 party fights in every state,
Liberitarian would get votes from Democrats and Republicans, listen to New Mexico Gary Johnston.
Wow!!!! he wants to eliminate IRS, the Income Tax, Corporate Tax, and just the Consumption Tax.
AND abolish the Federal Reserve.
And Bernanke QE3 would put the fire under the fuel, cross the threshold into the "End of the Federal Reserve". It is no more AUDIT the FED, it is ABOLISH the FED.

Under the Patriot Act, Barack Hussein Obama should be arrested for treason, transgressing the American Constitution, and more importantly, unable to prove he is a US Citizen.

Whatever Bernanke is going to say, he is dead meat. And he would be attending Congressional Hearings when he is 80 years old, to answer "Why QE ?". He started with his thesis and he ends with it.

Clint Eastwood "empty chair" steals the show. American votes start thinking about the absence of the Democrat President in their life.

As for the pull back/correction, it is trading time for price, keeping the fall in a range above 1300.

4 more hours to go before the Bernanke speech, and you see dire warnings of Morgan Stanley crash, September 12 doom, etc. Roughly we know where the Hedgies want to push the market. You cannot have the market crashing down when all world central bankers are gathering for a good time right ?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Aug A ship sailing on yesterday win

I see images of Kennedy in Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan beats "bite-me, chain-me" Joe Biden, and he can put the BEAST down. Paul Ryan is either the Greater BEAST or the Messiah.

As he correctly said, Obama is a ship sailing on yesterday win.
Obama added 5 trillion new debt, more than the Eurozone combined.
Obama did "nothing".
Obama is raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare. (Seniors beware).
Amercians are looking at his "fading posters" 

We have Obama reading from Telepromter, and now we have Ryan the speech writer.

Obama is asking for delays,
he asks Nethanyahu for delay in striking Iran,
he asks Saudi King to pump up the oil,
he asks Abhas to delay application for Palestine UN seat,
he is asking China to delay occupation of the disputed islands (by sending Hilary next week)
he even dials Satan to delay Armageddon. (so end of world 21 Dec 2012 is delayed).

If Romney/Ryan wins, then those who granted delay in favour of Obama would have to face backlash, like their US assets seized.
If Obama wins, then war, Amargeddon would come roaring down.

The choice is clear. And my wife, after having the first glance of Ryan on Fox coverage of RNC, said she would vote for Ryan.

The Whites is America is taking back their rights, their right to have a White President, whether Republican or Democrat. In coming weeks, Obama support would be rapidly diminish.

Let us bring on the Birther truth on the last week of the election to seal Obama fate.

As for the stock market, as Pimco Gross has said, whether Bernanke said it in Jackson Hole or not, QE would come. May be in the most unexpected ways.
My readers have been advised to take profit and go. The risk is too high to bet on a unfinished wave 5. If the stock pulls down faster, then it is a good buying opportunity.
My personal preference is for SPX going to 1450, INDU to go to 13800 and Gold to get near 1800.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29 August Issac

China market hit new low at 2051, near to my projection of 2050. However this is no sign of a rebound, while China companies are giving dismay results, with plunging profits.

PBoC may wait for Bernanke before it makes any easing. With the 1 Trillion Yuan stimulus coming in next Qtrs, possibly November onwards when the new government takes over. Nobody in China is doing anything  ahead of the change of leadership. They may want to drop the index as much as possible and let the new leadership takes credits for reviving the economy. Nonetheless the public at large at fuming at such gimicks. The lower the stock market goes, the lesser credibility has the China communist party.

Meanwhile Romney gets his nomination, with the end of Ron Paul pursuit. Nonetheless Romney would hit the notes of Ron to get those conservative Democrats, and undecided votes. Not sure if Americans want another black family in White House. Neither China nor Russia would want a opportunistics and amateur Obama administration again.

Wyoming weather is fair, have arrived in nicely and ready for Bernanke speech. Draghi is giving this a miss.
Am still optimistics on another leg higher in SPX. While GOLD is only a good buy below 1650. Gold just trying to make a run for 1660 below.

There is so much confusion over if Crude should rise with Issac. Meaning the Funds are absent in the play, or they loading up quietly till the real picture of the destruction is known ?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 Aug Neil Amstrong opposes Obama


Obama is despicable. All space enthusiast should rally against Obama.

Meanwhile China making a recent new low yesterday has hit newstand in Asia. The low was 2054, close to my projection of 2050, before another deeper fall towards 2001, then 1900.

Obama is asking Palestine to delay application to UN for statehood,
Obama is asking Israel to delay strike on Iran.
Obama was asking Putin for delay (overheard on the microphone)

Obama is acting if he is going to get elected.
And Bernanke would decide that in coming Wyoming.
Meanwhile all markets wold be in limbo waiting on Friday.

Gold in Asia open falling through 1666. Good buy from 1620 to 1650. Massive Asia selling down of Euro, Gold and everything else. Black Tuesday.

Talk of Gold Standard is now pervasive even in Asia. A new chapter in the history of GOLD has begun, talk of GOLD STANDARD is now in MSM. With Central Bankers moving towards benchmarking against GOLD, it would trigger money market funds, and spare cash to move into GOLD.

Issac is on way to hit Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans. Remembered Katrina did triggered a mild recession 7 years ago.

Euro forming a teapot with handle, target 1.3100. High risk trade nonetheless.

Monday, August 27, 2012

27 Aug Shanghai Composite. China 8 Trillion Yuan easing.

something more important. El Salvador had a R7 quake, and swarms and R5 in Gulf of California, and Colorado and a small one nearer to Las Vegas.
this just might trigger the San Andreas fault as it moves upwards.

SPX is going to rally again towards 1500, INDU to 13800, while Shanghai Composite is going to head towards 1900 to 2000.
Reason in low liquidty, it is easier to push down instead of lifting.
And HK JP Morgan and MS have been piling in on the short Shanghai Index Futures.
There are Shanghai A shares ETF in America that you can long or short.

SHCOMP has hit 2070 on way to target 2050.
EUR languishing, Gold hesistating.

Go Short EURO for 1.2100 from current 1.2505.
refrain from shorting Gold.

Meanwhile, China provinces are announcing its own QE, 8 trillion yuan, more than 1 trillion USD.
To appease the Provincial chiefs ahead of 18th People Congress, this would be approved and the PBoC wold have to ease to accmodate the demand.
Already the PBoC have been using Repo to inject the largest amount of cash in the system last week.
Then the combination punch that I mentioned, reserve lowering, rate lowering, and stimulus and finally corporate tax cut would fuel the next mega rally in China Equities. We are now near the BOTTOM of the China market.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

25 Aug Jackson Hole coming / X band

I would be travelling to Jackson Hole next week, and may not be posting. Some scheduled meetings and another astronomy lesson at Jackson Hole.

Apple won. So next week would be a Nasdaq week with Apple taking up 20% of the value. And those Apple related suppliers stock in China would be having a hooray rally. SPX on its way to a 5th extended wave.

Actually Aple stlying is ZEN style, originating from Japanese/Chinese branch of Buddhism. Nobody can lay a patent claim to it. Samsung would keep appealing till ZEN goes out of fashion.

Aple is full of market gimicks, like hoarding supplies to make customers queue to create a false impression of shortage. And it treat its China market as dumping ground for old release of its product, e.g. it was still selling IdiotPAD2 in China till July 2012. In fact, the China government should just ban IdiotPAD. Probably Aple has some inbuilt mechanism for the government like Windows has a secret access for the US government.

PBoC lowers interest rate for currency deposit. As a lot of foreign cash are on the sidelines while RMB is depreciating. and possibly waiting for the bottom of the Chian market. Even the China bulls Jim Rogers came and said that the PBoC should not lower bank interest rate and reserve ratio, reason being inflation is still around.

Next week, when I meet Soros, I would ask him what are his position in the Shanghai Composite Index Future.

US is deploying X-band a missle surveillance system in Japan and then Philippine. It is like the system that US deployed in Poland, that enraged Russia and re-ignited Russie nuclear ICBM system.
China quickly deployed a team to Pentagon. Probably the China generals were naive in believing US sincerity. China response would be deploying its long range missles into Pyongyang, and Southern China targeting Manila and Darwin.
For investors, it is time to get out of Asia amidst the coming rally, before Asia markets exact a war premium on South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Philippine.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

23 Aug Mining boom over

More mines in South Africa are striking, platinum and other metap productions would grind to a halt.
Anglo America, Lonmin mines are affected. With year end festive demands rising, supply dwindles. Other than Platinum, those mines also produce by products like Gold, Silver.
Silver has to break above 31, Gold above 1750 to confirm this rally is for real.
Now exchange clearing houses accept Gold as collateral. IT is as good as CASH. Soon China would announce Gold to be a part of reserves, and later to include Silver as well.
SPX may have completed a 4 and now into an extended 5.

Even BHP mines are having strikes. Australia mining minister declares the boom is over. I.e. Supply would be drastically reduced.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22 Aug Facebook to ZERO

Yes, it is waiting game for 31 Aug Bernanke Jackson Hole, meanwhile a few adventurers try to squeeze some profits here and there.
Dire warnings came out in rapid sequence over past few days, like Glenn Beck, PIMCO El Erian, S&P warning of recessions, etc.
Waiting for China reserve cut, rate cut, tax cut, that never came.
Apple forming a non-confirmation of its new high, unless Bernanke comes along and give Appl a push.

Feel like end of world is here already.

Nothing notable except a French beau stole a Ralp Lauren crocodile bag in a shopping mall in a Asian city.
Time is tough for the Europeans.


Normura Bob Janjuah crash call 20-25% correction from here:


was in starbucks, youngsters having their school books and notebook side by side, was surfing Facebook answering comments. what damned commercial use does Facebook has ?
If Facebook goes to ZERO, does FACEBOOKs still exist ?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 Aug Hit the road Barack

Newsweek headline: Hit the Road Barack
Meanwhile Apple hit 665.15.
When it hit 666, it is times up.

David Kostin has asked client to sell, meaning another rally coming. After the coming correction it is time to go long and ride the last rally up. Do the opposite of what GS asks it client to do. Neber forget how the Vampire Squid make a living.
Redaker of MS has spoken of Euro rally to 1.2700 to 1.3000. Indeed we see some shorts slowly covering.

Bernanke is now mad at Romney.
Gas has cross 4 dollar in some states.

Obama told Assad not to cross redline on Chemical Weapon. Assad is now dead meat. CIA plant some dud gas inside another massacre, Navy Seals would be descending in Damascus alongside French and UK agents.

Meanwhile China Shanghai composite is struggling below the last low of 2132. now at 2111. Absent of any policy announcement, Shanghai cannot sustain rallies.

Monday, August 20, 2012

20 Aug Broken markets worldwide

China is facing new pressure with country wide demonstration against the Japanese for letting its congressman board the controversial DiaoYu island. There is also the GuKaiLai trial. And Shanghai composite hit below 2100 since long time ago, near 2089.
People are expecting some policy announcement due this weekend, like cut reserve, cut rate and even a cut in corporate tax.
However there are rumours that foreign element has gotten a foothold in trading Shanghai index futures, which had its first month closing last Friday. End of last year, the HK authority invited a couple of brokerages for tea to discuss about their short positions on the HSI.
The China authority may replicate the same, and ask those foreign brokerages like JPM, MS, Citibank, DB for tea. Remember Soros setup shop in the International Commercial Center in HK last year. Their shop would be due for a raid. BoXiLai's billions is still unaccounted for. The dead Neil Heywood was supposed to broker a billion dollar construction deal. Is the fund now deployed for some sinister purpose ? or was it used to buy the life of GuKaiLai ?

Meanwhile, Obama has chosen to be a comedian participating in media shows to promote his popularity. Obamacare resurfaces with news of Medicare funds diverted to Obamacare.

Nothing much to see in SPX, robots pushing higher in low volume. 2 more weeks to go before Jackson Hole.
Every instruments in a holding pattern. European banks forbid any new purchase of soft commodity ETF. So how is the current sellers going to sell ?
UN asking for less ethanol. meaning crude to go up. And Obama wants SPR. Suspect market would find a proxy for the rising food cost. It may just be GOLD.
Meanwhile the market maker Rostchild just put a clamp on Gold, 1590 to 1630 for the scalpers.
If they keep it as such, the miners would not be able to afford pay rise and bonus for its workers. Think the workers may as well storm London Metal Exchange and put the market maker to the gullotine.
While the Banksters are busy preparing for the Libor subpoena. Deutsche Bank is now under renewed scrutiny. Some German Banksters and Politicians scandal would be the achilles heel of the Euro ESM.

Gold is literally stuck in a Hole, Bernanke asshole.
it try to break below 1610. In view of the coming Fed Audit, Fed is doubling up unwinding its swaps. buying back all it can from the market. Central bankers have lodged orders with LME. Meanwhile, CB are smelting the Credit Suisse gold bars and stamp it as its own. Some Asian nations are going to exempt Gold purchase of VAT coming October. Physical demand is going to rocket.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

18 Aug China is ready

yes, the China communist party highest party members went into hibernation and appeared again yesterday to congratulate returning Olympians. With Beijing police intensifying security. The nation is now ready for its next transition. Lingering problem of the sagging stock market, SHCOMP sunk to 2101, just 1 point shy of 2100 and rose in late afternoon Friday. This is the lowest since a long time ago. People and technical commentators are talking of 1800-1900. Unless the People Bank of China come out with a rate cut, reserve ratio cut and may be a stimulus package, 3 in 1 punch, (三合一组拳)this weekend, we would rapidly see SHCOMP hitting new low next week, while US is hitting new high.

Friday, August 17, 2012

17 Aug 7th month

yes, in coming days, the focus would be on Germany. no longer Spain, Greece or Italy, as there is no more suspense there. German's bond yield would start to accelerate upwards. Some independent research house has forecasted for same for Germany, before year end, the crisis would have spread to Germany.

Meanwhile Japan is under political pressure with Korean President landed on a disputed island, and a HK boat docking on another island Diaoyu/Sendaku.

Readers have asked me to comment on the market.
In short, market is waiting upon the HOLE, the Jackson's. So it is whipsawing, but strong buying on dip is seen. As my target for INDU has been 13,800 to 14,000, there is still a lot of room from current 13,200.
I.e. we may see SPX to 1450 after Bernanke signal at teh HOLE.
Along with it, Crude wold be back into 120, Gold possibly into 1800 to 1900 again. And agricultural products would continue their parabolic rise.
Jacksonhole has always been an inflationary event, when all Bankers gather. No Banker dare to stand up and say "No". Otherwise, he car may just lose the cliff when he returns.

Bernanke would do a Chief Justice Robert, make a move that is perceived to be impartial, or to be perceived as partial to either side.
He may give what Obama wants, a rally,
and a rally in commodities, and gas, which would cut Obama out of the race.
Afterall his hidden allegiance is to the Republican.
Obama is thinking of countering this with the Strategic Petroleum Release in the event that QE3 is announced and crude hits 140 again.
If Obama is losing, he may take the gamble and agree Israel to strike Iran, and then becoming the War President.
Things would be clearer after the Republican convention.

I went for my cornary PET scan, and am in the process of strengthening my heart. So you better check yourself, if you are trading over the next few weeks.

Finland comes out toking of Euro split, the Dutchies going to have their election. And Germany waiting upon their constitution court in September.

You have been warned, get out of your fait currency assets, and move away from the brokerages, you monies are not safe there. George Soros has reduced its Citibank and Wells Fargo stake.

First time ever, Soros and Paulsen has increased their stake in SPDR Gold ETF.
Gold is in a extended wedge shape bottoming cycle. A breakout is imminent anytime now. Gold miners are also a good buy. China firms are considering Barrick Gold. Soon Gold mine workers would be striking for high pay for food. Now the South African are striking at their Platinum mine. Supply is a concern.
Remember the time of the Korean war, Koreans citizens who stash away gold pieces donate the Gold to their government to earn foreign exchange, and the nation is saved. And that is what China is doing, it is pushing Gold into its masses. 藏金于民。
Today is the first day of the 7th lunar month. It is in Chinese belief that the Hell gate would open for a month, and those spirits who are stuck between hell and earth would wander into the nights, seeking food, revenge, etc. It is a slow month for the Chinese. This also marks the arrival of the Dragon of the Dragon year.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

15 Aug Communist China

Last week, South Korean president Lee landed on a disputed island to meet the South Korean soldiers stationed there to the irk of the Japanese. Japan is threatening international justice.
While HK NGO sent a boat to the DiaoYu island and met with collision with Japanese patrol ships, and the HKers were detained. While the Taiwan NGO chickened out.
Why would Communist China let its citizens take the risk to confront the Japanese, while all its officials hide in Beijing ? If the great leader Mao was still alive today, he would sigh in disbelief.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 Aug Olympics ended

Finally Olympics ended, Merkel is back from holidays, the Earth has started to quake again, with a 7.7 at Eastern Russian sea.

Eurozone kabuki show is having a rerun and it would be more intense, not lesser as some has predicted. With a quarter of workers unemployed in Greece, Spain, things are going to get worse. Incidently the Spanish billionaire who own Zara is the third richest in the world. Only by plundering these ultra-rich, would the governments get respite. We are going to see governments (at the instigation of the Banksters) out of desperation extorting the billionaires for their riches, otherwise the governments would face the gullotine. A lot of European billionaires, lords, dukes, are going to be literally "uncovered". The billionaires would literally be "deleveraged".

Iran quake has now shifted to eastern Russian sea. The entire Asia plate is moving. And the quake would soon shift to the Pacific rim, with Japan, Philippine and Indonesia going to see extreme tremors and finally ending with a sudden jolt on the Californian plate.

Meanwhile, China market has begun another leg down, while Asia markets are holding its high with HSI above 20,000 seeking buyers and a breath of fresh air.

Read somewhere where high frequency traders are present in Gold trading, where robots push Gold down $20 in a few seconds. Can robots push Gold down to $1500 in an hour ? A move that would shock the world ?

Asia market ended up, with HSI making a round about turn upwards after asia lunch time. Expecting another rally when American market open.
Paul Ryan is the junior version of Ron Paul. Those conservative Democrat or Democrats looking for change and the American consitution would vote for Paul Ryan. Democrat leaders say they are satisfied with Paul Ryan, ironically, they would regret what they say. Paul Ryan is the differentiation between Obama and Romney. And Americans would vote for the differentiator.

Gold really has a problem getting through 1630, once there, the Funds see lot of Chinese housewifes cutting loss or taking profit. and when it wants to get below 1600, the Asia banks come out and buy.
until Jackson Hole, this is going to be difficult to resolve.

Friday, August 3, 2012

3 Aug Dr DAX

yes, there is this ex-German broker Dirk Muller "Dr DAX" who goes on Germany national TV to debate the Euro crisis. With the awakening of Germans, they would rise against Angela Merkel, and she would be like Thatcher, liked and then deserted to the end. Deutsches Bank would be in focus in coming weeks. An excellent short target. Anyway its CEO Ackermann is gone and replaced by an Indian.

Geithner proclaims that the Euro crisis is worse than the America Debt Ceiling, and you know the opposite is true. Get ready for Act 3 in a few months time.

I am going into Shanghai, seeking to enhance my power. And would not be able to post for probably 1 week. Hence do join as Follower so that I can update you regularly.

US Monday 10pm ET (Beijing Tuesday morning 10 am) would be the 7th month in Chinese Agricultural calender. It is the month of Earthly Golden Monkey. (戊申) There is not much time left.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 Aug Draghi big mouth, where is the BEEF ?

Draghi setup high expectation by his uncontrolled words last week, promising the sky. Anyway he is a Goldmanite afterall. They lack the star element of quietness, stillness. As in Kuroshawa, a famous Japanese film director's word.

As quiet as the mountain
As still as the water
As swift as the wind
As ferocious as the fire.

The only way out is for ECB, EU to give what the markets want: Greece and its Drachma. Cut if off like in cancer surgery, bury a few banks, including Deutsches or BNP, Schroeder. Then it would be peace and quiet.

As Mr Boehner has struck a deal with the Democrat to defer the Fiscal Cliff by another 10 metres for 6 months, Bernanke action is no longer needed in December 2012. So now market is waiting for Jacksonhole, to see what Rabbit comes out of the hole.

Already lot of clamour that the FED has exhausted all its armoury, including Volcker.

China market continue to float on 2100. As for GOLD floating at 1600, retail started to pile in. Bank of Korea added another few tonnes.

Bill Gross message:
It is going to be difficult to make monies from Equities. Not the Equities is gone. Inflation is going to rise sharply, and equities would not be able to catch up. I.e. USD may be heading to another prolonged weakness coming for another decade.
In 2014, China would enter aging. US baby boomers are already retiring.

Tiffany, CAT, Alcoa down with volume. The Algos sure know which stocks to move in SPX.

Knight Capital, the market maker plunging. Stay away from all market makers, now it is war of Algos, when all the human are not around. When human goes extinct once Nbiru arrive in November, the Algos would carry the INDU to 15000.

San Bernadino is filing for bankfruptcy. Thousands of pensioners would not be paid. Public service would come to a standstill.
Meredith has forecasted Citibank demise in 2008, and she forecasted the Municipal Bonds collapse in 2010,  it never took place. Now it is happening.
Municipal Bonds, Student Loans, Commercial real estate, and another bout of hidden CDS resurfacing, this would keep Bernanke busy before Jacksonhole towards end August.

At 8:30 am we are waiting for Big Mouth Draghi, otherwise he has give back all the gains last week.

Big mouth Draghi has brought nothing new to the table. The market would soon reverse all the gain it made last week. Gold would basically return to 1560 soon.

ECB call it bluff, FED keeps mum. So how would market punish bluffers ?

ECB secret agenda
push Euro as long as possible and hold it there, the low Euro would revive Southern Europe exports, while Germany would reap the largest benefit. This is competitive devaluation of currency, a.k.a. currency war.
Even RMB is now devaluating. USD is taking up the punches, meaning US exports are weakening. And US companies are holding back expansion and investment program.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1 Aug The Trinity

stocks gapping 10% down. Some say unexplained. I say stop clearing in a broken financial systems. Gold also drop below 1600. Blonde wearing fiery red dress on Bloomberg. must be Bernanke day.
Russian TX showing widespread anger in Madrid against the police stopping demonstrations.


SHCOMP is hovering above 2100, Hu JingTao, the Chairman came out and express confidence in the market. Gold well supported by stealth buying at 1610, by those Asian Bullions and Futures banks. Those Asian banks are saddled with humongeous housing loans, which would soon go bad with debtors running away, and hoping that Gold deposit may provide some support in future.

Now every nightmare scenarios have come through, India and China slowing. China electricity consumption is even lower than that in 2008. Stockpiles of iron ores, nobody wants. Shipbuilding come to a standstill. Steel industry running at huge loss everyday. And that is the spectre before the 18th People Congress, and that is what the incumbent leadership hands over to the next. Not to mention the massive corruption in the system after the last 400 Billion Stimulus.

I am having difficulty positioning my traders around the globe for the coming raid on Thursday and Friday. We are having a typhoon coming towards Shanghai, and flooding and power outages is going to be a problem. Mumbai is half city blackout. Your favourite brokerages have paid me to conduct this raid to wipe out all the stops for them. They paid their landlords and IT guys, but Barney the stuttering Dino slush fund wants more, in fact a lot more. Retails commission can't even pay for a pizza delivery. We got to collaterise a couple of dumb funds this week.

And this bring me to the topic of TRINITY. It is not often that you have FOMC so close to a ECB and a NFP. So for those dumb funds it is going to be like a prick in the middle hole, a vibrator to the rear and a hell of a lick to the front. It is so called the King Aragon Triple Screw. In short time, DOW would reach 13,800. Gold would breach the 1630 barrier.

When I was in Beijing, those bank traders who conducted seminar told the audience to load up at 1628, that was 2 months ago. And you know now there is a thick of retails trying to rid of their holdings at the level.
We need a TRINITY event.