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Saturday, June 30, 2012

30 June Half year gone

so this is the last trading day of half of the year. some window dressing is needed indeed. The funds have oready taken position last week, when the banksters came out with a 1285 target.
Would this be the proverbial June rally ?

For Gold, you see the footprints of the Fundies, 1555 is still a good support.
While I am in Gold, I have attended 2 gold seminars. Gold is here to stay for the Chinese.

MACD shows positive divergence, the last low at 1547 is not confirmed, so this rally has some legs to 1650.
100 USD gain.

Now Europe government is funding banks directly. no need for Austerity for the Funds. When ESM is formed, ECB would lend to ESM and then ESM to the Banks.so euro crisis is averted.
This is suppose to be the plan.
If you read the Euro2012 fussball, German is defeated so it Angela Merkel. CSU would face great challenge in coming election, with eventual power transition to SPD. By deploying double talk, German credibility is now at stake. Angela did not cave in to Monti, she caved in to the powerful German bankers. German bond yields would creep upwards in months to come. Just as Soros has wanted, Germany is now the prize. Assault on ECB would come in months, with a weakening Germany. The Union would break up eventually with a War following.
Coming next month, the interim endgame would involve the market to pick either Spain or Italy as the sacrifice to drag Germany into the quicksand. And the result of the coming Euro2012 final would reveal which country, Spain or Italy would be the bait.

The catalyst for the breakup of the Union would be the oil drum on fire in Middle-East. Since Obama the Beast's Cairo Arab Spring speech, we have reached a milestone with the Muslim Brotherhood gaining presidency in Eqypt. The Muslim Brotherhood would be forming a 3rd column of military forces in Eqypt with alliances with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Afganistan, Pakistan. Afterall military forces are made of soldiers with belief, not Generals. Cairo would be the new base of global militia activities, where material, resources, monies are freely available. It is a matter of time, Egypt would cut off Israel access to oil, and other resources. Iraq would fall into Iran control.The Arab alliance of nuclear enabled Pakistan would provide the conduit for mass weaponisation of nuclear fuel from Iran.

The Israeli would be forced into the Second Exodus moving to Siberia, taken care by the Orthodox Church. The Israeli lost their nuclear protection by virtue of their banksters Jews who chose "Peace" over war.

When the oildrum is lit, the European Union would be on the brink of collapse. Turkey itself would be the prize for the new Arab union, Turkey itself would undergo its very own Arab Spring. Mass protest would mushroom in Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar.

The fire would spread across the Europe continent, and Vatican would collapse under its own weight, and we witness the last pope. And as St Barnanbas has declared, Muslim is the last religion.

We would see the resurgence of the Illuminati and likes of the Templar. NATO would morph into a Templar controlled force, with the departure of the Americans, who are lured into entanglement with China in the Asia Pacific arena.

China has deployed war capable frigates into the South China sea, with the eventual objective to force evacuation of the Vietnam ConocoPhilips rigs. It does not matter who sits on the islands, but the extraction of resources have to stop. This would happen in 3rd Qtr 2012.

Meanwhile, when wallstreeters are on holiday stretching into 4 July, robots take over, alongside Johny Come Lately. Then the countdown to London Olympics would begin. Watch the Queen's penis.

The CJ chesspiece with Obamacare essentially open up new frontiers for Romney, when his rating is faltering. Fear of tax/penalty for the lower income, would galvanise them to vote against Obama. The majority who are pro-family, antigay would vote against Obama. Those who are against immigration would vote against Obama. And when Bernanke light the next QE (expectation) giving permission for a major Crude rally alongside Geopolitics. Those who are against high pump price would vote against Obama. The Republicans have their Trojan Horses all in place for the green mile of the Presidential race. Ron Paul got his wish to audit the Federal Reserve granted. As you know very often, the culprits would lit fire to the office to get rid of evidence. Bernanke has got to get his lighter ready.

So enjoy the trade with robots till Independence Day, and then the interim Endgame for this year into the Winter Equinox.

This is how Obamacare would work. Small and medium businesses would drop workers insurance and choose to pay the tax. Workers would then be required to buy their own insurance or face a penalty/tax. Hence it is a tax on the workers, more than a tax on the employers. That is why it is the largest increases in taxes in American history. As self-employed are growing in numbers, they would be forced to buy insurance individually, despite they are young and healthy.
Moroever existing patients may lose their doctors, and have to choose cheaper means.

Friday, June 8, 2012

8 June GOLD 1555

yes, GOLD held 1555, stop at 1556, powerful indeed.
You see the short covering last week within a day was 5.47%, and it took it baby steps of 3% to drop.
Anyway, I would be returning to the Mystics mountain in Beijing again to augment my power. Turmoil is coming, this is only the start. Take care, if not take a break, otherwise it is going to break your heart.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6 June Queens Jubilee

lucky the British, they can hide behind their Queen with London market closed. Perhaps for once, Europeans reminisce the good old days of the strong British Pound. If one is to flee from Greece, or Euro for that matter, the GBP would be a sound choice. When would EURGBP breaks 0.8 convincingly. I believe the world need to cheer GBP with the London Olympics. Would GBPUSD goes to 2.0 once more ? If EURGBP breaks 0.8, the short covering in GBP would be epic.

nothing much happened to Gold, as London is closed. And Janet would be speaking tomorrow.

What would G7 do in the review of the Financial Market ? Putin has travelled to China to meet Hu JingTao. Now G7 is really like 7 drowning folks clutching onto one another.

The media in China is playing up the significance of the recent Shangrila Dialogue where military honchos huddle together to talk military. China is conspicously absent. Panetta announced 4 ships to make Singapore their home. And China media is citing Vietnam, Philippine and Singapore as the nations who trade with China and yet strategically align against China, a.k.a. China's version of "Axis of Evil".

Meanwhile lots of spies uncovered, China Vice Minister assistant was CIA spy.

Lots of undercurrent. The world is more at tension than other times.

"The Dark Knight rises" the movie premiering on 20 July. The White Knight saves the world. The Black Knight kills.

When real estate bottoms, that is what I hear on national TV. All those Chinese who have bought US properties have bought. And it is time for them to sell. The next pop in the US housing bubble would be mass selling by the overseas Chinese to cash out.

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Janet Yellen is speaking tomorrow, Wednesday, so market has some respect for her, and does not want to get infront of the Yelling Helicopter.

Monday, June 4, 2012

4 June Lunar Eclipse

There is a lunar eclipse today. while a Venus crossing Sun coming on Wednesday. Phenomenal events. The Asia tumbles, or rather a small jerk. no big deal, it is still at lofty levels, levels that one would not trade with own monies. So it is more like slow frog boiling. Drop, some institutions monies come in, then drop again.
Any way the Friday drop violated the wave 5 scenario, means the last rise from 1075 has completed. So theoretically, it can drop to 1075, and we are still at 1280. So it is a long journey.

Tomorrow we enter into hot summer, 丙午, the fifth month of Chinese lunar calender. It is awfully hot and can melt metals, Gold included. (it makes sense now, a ramp before the furnace comes). The percentage gain of 3% in a day is rare for GOLD, but the volume is disappointing for such a epic moment. It is more like STOPS taking of the shorts.

Japan is heading into trouble, having entered historical low in NYK. And efforts to install tax hikes is stalling. Attention would soon shift to Japan. And Japan would need to give up its islands to China and Russia.

And lastly it would be US.
2013 would be full blown Depression, when all the efforts by world governments and Federal Reserve, ECB, IMF would unwind.

Meanwhile for those interested in Sovereign Wealth Fund, a British Professor based in Beijing has published this deeply uncomfortable research.

Temasek is a SWF world standard, if it has problem, so would other SWF. Meaning we o'ready have vultures circling the SWFs for hundred billions fortune.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 June Bank Run

While there were reports of bank run in Greece and Spain, the media did not fan it and kept it as local news. However, one would not expect Bank run to happen in China. This is news reported in China local media. It was due to the collapse of mutli-tier marketing organisation in China, and it led to people withdrawing cash from Banks, it happened in the City of WuYiShan, which is a city of the Fujian province, the province next to Taiwan across the straits. It impacted  cities as well.


We would expect more collapse of MSM in China. Afterall, they had not experienced any collapse before and this mode of making monies have flourished in China, with Chinese moms and pops pumping their idle funds into such MSM companies. They attend marketing lessons on weekends hoping to make some monies outside their regular jobs to pay for high mortage payments of their super-inflated housing units.

Despite of the housing cooling, languishing stock market, property prices are still at record high. There are lots of room to deflate. Despite repeated lowering of bank reserve ratios, market is still sub-dued. Now market is looking for cut in interest rate from the People Bank of China.

In anticipation of coming Bank Runs worldwide, you should deposit upto the amount insured by the Banks, and spread them with a few banks, never in any US or European banks. 25% in banks, 25% in cash, 25% in Gold products (GLD/GDX), another 25% in physical Gold and Silver.

Coming Wednesday, Janet Yellen is speaking, expecting a Pigeon talk of another big stimulus half a Trillion, and Bernanke speaking otherwise. Because, it would be a flash in the pan. No other nations have the means to drive another worldwide stimulus plan, keeping in mind that Obama would be the one to benefit the most.

The power struggle in FED would grows in coming month, and Ron Paul would have his wish of auditing the FED granted. Expect mass prosecution of the Federal Reserve to come by the end of the year. Yellen, Dudley, Bernanke is now seeking cover. They are more worried about themselves other than what happened if JPM goes bankrupt, or Citibank goes to One again.

Meanwhile a Canadian Chinese was chipped by his homo boyfren who fled to France. We are seeing more and more of cannibalism, thanx to Obama.

Friday, June 1, 2012

1 June Good buy

Gold was a good buy at 1555. you buy at Europe lunch, sell it at Europe close, you get 50 USD/oz.
Despite of all the doom talks, SPX did not budge much, it is now at 1280, still way above the Oct low of 1075. The institutions are coming in to buy, in anticipation of QE3.
There is now a power struggle in FED. Janet wants to force a QE3, while Bernanke is reluctant because of the political backlash it would have on Obama campaign, like rescuing Europe, helping Democrats, etc.
Janet is gearing to be the next FED chairman and to do so, she needs an Obama win.
Canibalism is on the rise. Watch out for your neighbours. The increasing spates of Canibalism may have been triggered by Obama, when he endorses Homosexual marriage. The spectre of homo getting married, may have driven some psychotics to ask for more, i.e. consuming your lover.

The game plan is still for INDU to goto 13800, and SPX to hit 1400.
Next week, we would have some good buying spots.
Would be informing my subscribers of the good spots. Meanwhile Gold and Gold miners are the way to go. Wait for trading market close at 2:30am and buy the dips, for a even bigger rise when Asia open on Monday. GLD, GDX.

Apple held up well today, despite the plunge. 1280 may just be the bottom. Funds are moving in on this busy Friday afternoon, living on HOPISM.
SPX may just completed wave 5 of the down move.

BAC at 7 is a good buy, like when it was at 5. While I would wait for JPM at 30, current at 32.

Mitt Romney is now on CNBC. When asked what should we do when economy is faltering, he said "Get a new President". That is about it.
Mitt basically ruled out QE3 when he said that QE2 did not work. Come to think of it, may be the Banksters are ganging up to bankrupt Obama, so that when Mitt takes over. All Dodd Frank, Volcker rules are abolished, and there goes Obamacare as well.
Mitt avid supporter Donald the Duck would be making a big comeback with the Birther issue, with new shocking findings.
Wikileaks Assange would be making his way back to Stockholm to face charges. New shocking leaks would come about. We still miss that piece on BAC and FED.