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Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 May Juncture Gold 1555

We come to a critical juncture, if SPX would test 1300 again, and then a fall off the cliff, after the NFP tomorrow. Despite repeated attempts by the Chinese government to cut reserve ratios, the Chinese market keeps falling. Spoken to some Chinese retails, they see this as bottom formation. And somehow they are expecting a bounce in a range-bound year.

HSI is keeping 18,000. Another jump, would bring it to 12,000. And Singapore STI is holding 2700.
Gold is holding onto support of its multi-year uptrend line. If equities delever, then Gold may just break 1500 towards 1350. Meanwhile, Goldbugs may consider 1555 as buying dip, stops at 1525. As considerable buying has come in, when it hit 1530.
We are going into the Chinese month of 丙午 of extreme heat. Fire means war, calamity, with the Black water Dragon wallowing in Fire. Fire and Water gives you lots of steam. It reminded me of dear Whitney Houston who at the turn of the Water Dragon year, slip unconsciously into burning water.

So are the frogs waiting to be boiled ?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 May hearing the roaring sound

I have emerged from the mountains, stronger than ever. Having met a Buddhist and a Taoist grand masters who show me my path.
In case you are not aware, you are hearing the booming sound. And you are curious and went further out to take a look. And then you see a 30 feet water wall in-front of you.
So my advice is, FLEE.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 May labouriously Apple

last time i used an apple product, was when i was doing Basic programming on a apple machine decades ago, may be 30 years ago.
since then i  held some apple stocks and sold.
and today i bought 2 apple IPAD !!!!

so the market is heading into May. some doomsters tell of 20 May. So the rule is "show me your doom" before we make any significant decision.

I heading into the mysterious mountain in Beijing again. the centurion ship is almost ready. the centurion ship would host all the Bilderberg members and UN officials and major world governments onboard, when the poleshift takes place sometime in autumn. the techtonics plate would break apart, and the ship would submerge deep into the center of the Earth. In fact when Cameron saw the ship last week in Beijing, he was awfully impressed.

so I would go silent for a couple of weeks, maybe for 2 months in a row. So be careful. the Federal Reserve is going to break apart before the Earth does.