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Sunday, April 29, 2012

29 April MAY DAY

yes, Mayday is coming. So far things are hunky-doory, SPX is resuming its climb. And INDU is targeting 13800 from a vantage point of 13200. Nothing much technicals, except scheduled push everyday by robots at designated time of trading. It is now safe for the robots to appear.
the selling off would come somewhere in middle May.

China Beijing has its grandest autoshow so far, as well as its international film show with Cameron gracing the occasion. Obama is getting more and more confident of his re-election bid, joking about his Secret Service and Romney. Wonder if Americans would vote the richest ever American presidential candidate Romney for the post.

Now only, Netanyahu, Ahmadinejaad, HuJingTao, Bernanke or the Almighty GOD can throw a spanner in the works.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 April Wrath of the Titans

Hades Helm of Darkness, Poseidon the Trident and Zeus Thunderbolt.
We all see this on the chart, the three arcs. Now we have all three weapons (QE1, QE2, QE3 (LTRO)), what is going to happen ?

When humans die, we go to another Universe,
when Gods die, they just go into Oblivion.

End of GOD's time has come. No more GOD's work.
Personally, I prefer INDU to got 13,800 before the end of GODs begin.

So, I am going into my hibenation into some mystic mountains near Beijing. So good luck trading to you all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 April Happy Thanxgiving


So everybody is ready for an Easter Egg tomorrow. I got congratulatory emails from readers for me spotting the turn in market with my post on "Eyeballs" on 3 April.

Nothing much to say, as nobody really cares. CNBC viewer-ships down, whimpy market participation. In Asia, people with spare cash are running to buy another house for investment.

The way I see it, see what the FED does, not what they do. Look at the charts, and you would see QE3 has happened. 3 bumps up from the ride up from 666. 3rd QE courtesy of ECB LTRO.
So called FED QE4 is having birth pangs because of the high oil prices.

With Mitt Romney going to clinch Republican candidateship, Americans would begin to see a WHITE face and a BLACK face in the coming election.  The problem with Obama is that he did all the wrong things in the 1st 3 yrs, and that is enough to kill him off. As he worked for the banksters in the 1st 3 years. And the banksters are going to abandon him for a Private Equity guy like Romney.

Probably the late Ted Kenney has exchanged with Obama to press for healthcare and to forgive his "Birther" issue, i.e. ignoring the fact the Obama is not eligible for Presidentship. And people like Trumps and others would be going full force on the Birther issue, probably with rallies, and movements like Occupy Birther. It would even go international, when nations realise they have been dealing with an illegitimate President.

China is facing a internal and well hidden power struggle. You can get all the anti-China news from http://www.epochtimes.com/ in 18 languages.

WenJiaBao has openly called for end to China Bank monopoly. And Draghi has said yesterday: "Liquidity is not Capital. Banks need to raise Capitals" to world audience. Hence this signal the next stage of Deleveraging.

So enjoy the Thanxgiving while you can.

Meanwhile the Greek pharmacist who burn himself to death has a death note:
"The Tsolakoglou government has annihilated all traces for my survival, which was based on a very dignified pension that I alone paid for 35 years with no help from the state. And since my advanced age does not allow me a way of dynamically reacting (although if a fellow Greek were to grab a Kalashnikov, I would be right behind him), I see no other solution than this dignified end to my life, so I don’t find myself fishing through garbage cans for my sustenance. I believe that young people with no future, will one day take up arms and hang the traitors of this country at Syntagma square, just like the Italians did to Mussolini in 1945" the note said."

We are going to see mass uprising in Europe, Athens, Madrid, Lisboa, and even Berlin, Frankfurt. As I said in my earlier posts, Banksters and Politicians would be sent to the gullotine like King Phillip. Incidentally, I met a French by last name of Sagardiluz in Beijing. I have a feeling he was once a French King.

Lagarde is readying the IMF and Worldbank for the Epic battle, the battle of man against servants of the BEAST, the Banksters. Largarde has almost now 1 Trillion dollars,  as one commentor has said, it is a Trillion to be lost. Imagine IMF losing 1 Trillion dollars (through leveraging).

Japan reactor 1 is now confirmed to be leaking. Tokyo soil is now soaked with hot particles. Radiation in Tokyo has spiked 400% after the storm has passed. And it just approved a trillion Yen budget, making its fiscal situation more shaky. It is a nation on Suicide path.

Today, a truck origin from ChongQin (township of the now desposed Bo XiLai) was stopped in China carrying armour piercing ammunition.
The China generals and politicians are now moving their chess pieces, a siege is in the making. It is the battle between the ex-Chairman 江泽民 's cronies and the corruption fighting 温家宝。


Disposal of BoXiLai, with his wife rumoured killing of British Neil Heywood,
Disappearance of Bo's tycoon friend
CCP designated candidate Henry Tang flopped election
Billionaires brothers of Henderson Land under corruption investigation
Rumours of troops occupation of Tianmen surfaced.
CCP clampdown of internet blogs.
all cumulating towards the transition of power at this year 18th People Congress.

Meanwhile, the first installment of 200 US Marines has arrived into Darwin, a first since WWII. Soon it would be beefed up to 2000. Rumours have it that nuclear aircraft carrier would move into Perth, and US would build a unmanned aircraft base on a remote island on Western Australia seaboard.
With Philippine and Singapore as it frontal outpost, and Australia as the backyard. The siege of China with Korea, Japan is now clearer and clearer. At the earliest sign of unrest in China, the Americans would be moving in to establish its presence and interest.

A new chapter for Asia has opened, the next oil can after Middle-East.

It is time to run out of Asia before it is too late.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 April For your eyes only

Much as the Vatican surveys the sentinel world for signs of Satan. We, as traders, survey the markets for sign of imminent changes.
And I found one, for your eyes only.

What you see in the picture is an investigator pulling up an eye-ball. A 24 years old gal was murdered in Singapore, and her eyes gouged out by the murderer and thrown out of the windows.

The devil has descended.

Meanwhile, the tycoons of Henderson Land in HK make a press briefing today calling for solidarity. Objective to stem the eroision of their 2 billions dollar company.
While a China tycoon associated with the China party executive Bo XiLai (associated with the killing of British  Neil Heywood) has been detained and all credits to his company ShiDe, used to be a top China company in Dalian has been pulled.
Soon, as they feel for the vines, they would reach the Den. Every China party executive has its associated businessman laundering their monies. Soon we would find Billionaires becoming Millionaires and then jailbirds.

As you would have heard the leak from Vatican, the Pope is contemplating his retirement this Spring and we would have the next and last Pope.

Meanwhile, the rally continues. Strategy: one-day trading.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

1 April May the Odds be in your favour Hunger Games

yes, Hunger Games. It is a story of Pros against Amateurs. Like what happen everyday in the market. The Pros  who may have Billions in Funds are hungry for the Hundred dollars of yours. So may the odds be in your favour.
So INDU is still in an incessant march towards 13,800. The March would be quicker, and some "free" monies per se, because they are obliged to buy as the shorts are.
Meanwhile, rumours have it mass arrest of banksters coming. Rumours still.
Reminding us of the LIBOR investigation worldwide is coming to a conclusion.
But in Europe, Strauss Dominique Kahn is in deeper shit of being a pimp, other than IMF chief. So who were his patronisers ? And you know, SDK would love to throw a curve ball to divert attention.
In Asia, top Tycoons the Kwok Brothers of Henderson Land who built the twin towers of HK (International Financial Center and International Commercial Center) are being investigated for corrupting HK ex-Financial Secretary over land sales. And China's favourite candidate for executive Henry Tang lost his election over last weekend.
In China, an up and coming CCP executive Bo XiLai has been excommunicated, over unconfirmed reports of being associated with the murder of a British citizen Neil Heywood, who used to be his banker.

Every China party executive has his foreign banker. And those Chinese tycoons, party chiefs bankers are all in Europe and US.
So we are entering into the phase of prosecution, persecution, courtesy of the prolonger ZIRP program.

Number One prosecution would be that of Obama and his attempt to defraud the public with a fake birth certificate. He got his Fullbright scholarship as a foreign citizen of America.

Meanwhile, I am in China trying to setup a HFT operation. You can see the difference between a HFT and non-HFT market, the US and China markets. Chinese are wary of their home markets. Chinese companies on Nasdaq are now delisting and moving back to listing in HK and China, a second round of drinks. While incessant stories of absconding bosses in Wenzhou emerges.
Asians are pouring their hard-earned monies into Real Estate, keeping high prices afloat. China has a PMI reading of 53 over the weekend, this should support a nice bounce.

Iran has its last chance next week, to convince Hilary. Otherwise we are going to see some unravelling of the  Iran situation. Ahmadinejadd is weak in the new government, he may resort to taking some risk. Crude is now in a good buying opportunity.

Not much technicals here, the most powerful technical is the INDU chart in earlier post in March. Bernanke would unleash his QE3 soon, to complete the INDU final advance. Nonetheless, the market is already in QE3. QE3 would signal the end of the Federal Reserve system. BRICs are setting up a common fund. Merket is ready with 800 Billion. IMF Lagarde is planning for a even larger Bazooka ? For what ?
For the coming collapse of the Amercia Federal Reserve system.

On Thursday 5 April, we would be entering the Dragon Month of the Dragon Year. When the Dragon rolls the Earth shake. Expect a R9 quake to come.

May the Odds be in your Favour, my readers.