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Monday, March 12, 2012

12 March saying Hi

yes, it has been a long time since I blog here. Some public readers have craved for my thoughts and I have updated them privately. I will be travelling to China again, after a short escape. Big things are happening, of Epic portion.
As I have long told my subscribers, the Europe saga is a played out drama, not worth following. they are doing the scripts to fool the market, or so called the stupid monies in general. First they do a QE3 on behalf of Bernanke and Geithner in the form of LTRO. That pump the market up from October till March, a period of 6 months. Now ECB and ISDA manufacture a "default"  to satisfy market craving, while paying off the bank creditors secretly. In the end public monies, as in Greece pension funds got the be the ponzi. In any financial crisis, it is always the pubilc that loses. And in histroy, it is always the nobleman, the merchants who are sent to the gullotine. The banksters of the world would eventually be prosecuted. But we as a human with limited lifespan do not spend our time waiting for that moment.

World equities are eventually drawing in the spare monies. Retails funds see buyings from those who want to cash in their profit for another round of drinks. A second time feeling is marvelous.

China is dumping USD into crude, to prepare for the eventualities. Israel would have to strike either this year or next. The reason why US and Israel is hesistant is because Iran may be in possession of nuclear weapons, from Russia or Pakistan. and that supports the claim that Iran is not making nuclear weapons, because they already have it. They are in the process of gaining the knowhow to weaponise their plutonium. Like Clinton claim of oral sex as no sex.

As long as Iran is not neutralised or nuclearised, Crude would be sustaining its climb. So the game plan for the Republican would be to trigger a military action via their Jew proxy closer to the election and when the Republican candidate is decided. then a 5 dollar gallon gas would kill Obama. Or Bernanke,a Republican nominee, can chime in with a QE4 to finish off the Democrat Presidency.

Expect political turmoil in HK, when the coming governor election is cloaked in smear campaign, with powerful bases exchanging blows. Time to get ready for the USD peg.

Expect Taiwan to suffer a natural calamity, to complete its return to China by 2015. As the Blue party has won against the divine wish.

Expect Philippine to get punished as an example for commercialising China waters.

So a lot is coming this year. But meanwhile, however the script, DOW is heading for 13,800.