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Sunday, February 19, 2012

19 Feb China cuts bank reserve ratios. Injection of 400 billion RMB

China is going to inject 400b Yuan or 60b USD on 24 Feb, by lowering Bank Reserve Ratio. This is what a lot of Funds are waiting for, we would expct Shanghai composite to break 2500 shortly, and DOW SPX to follow, DOW to break into 13,300 and SPX into 1400.

Friday, February 17, 2012

17 Feb Man on a Ledge

yes, I am having an escape from China for a while, at least over the weekend. Here now in HK. China had a good rally as promised to SHCOMP 2350 and above. HSI above 21000. China government was promising some buying from their state pension funds, and also promise to support Euro effort.
While, the Euro plots thickens with glimmer of Greece default.
With or without a default, the market is going to rally. Default means surgery done, recovery on the way. No default means everything is well.
SPX is going to go parabolic in near future to 1450. Evidence: Euro still above 1.300 with strong buying below. Some body is buying Gold at 1700. And every SPX intraday dip is bought.
As the news has it Paulson selling GOLD to Soros and PIMCO. Retails ain't left, otherwise they would buy the physical American Eagles. Me personally stocking up on Panda Silver 1 KG coins. As you know Numismatics coin like great paintings, their only way is up. India import of Gold has dropped 40%. When I was in Beijing, every major department stores has plentiful gold retails shops, with shoppers trickling in.
So Precious metals would soon be left traded among the Big Hedge Funds. Similarly for SPY, etc.
The horror stories of credit default in China linger. Recent was a billionaire in the media/education business absconded. And the boss of a China shipbuilding business, listed on London AIM, fleed after missing bank payments. China businessman are a different type, they don't wait till their death to reap profit, unlike Steve Jobs who missed Apple at 500.
Apples days are now numbered in China. With Shenzhen court ruling against Apple in copyright infringement, as IPAD is a registered trademark by a Shenzhen company. So now Apple has to share every dollar it makes with somebody else.
Anyway the word IPAD is a sissy word, like in sanitary pad. Guys who hug a IPAD eventually goes SISSY. I believe Steve has a curse on every IPAD, it would suck your soul.
In China, youtube, facebook, blogger, google are banned. China has its own version of Tencent, Renren, etc. And these tools are espionage tools with hidden backdoors. So American scientist who watches Miss Chinese banging, inadvertently landed themselve as drone in their system.
Mr Vice-chariman Xi JinPing did a aboutface on Obama, doing a propaganda tour in US, singing peace with Americans. And Obama was rather contrived in his remarks with Xi. So instead of scoring points with scolding China, Obama has allowed China to spread charm on American soils, coupled with the NBA Linsanity. The China era is coming. With Chinese companies slowing buying up competitors.
Watch the IDES of March, as I told you so, QE3 is coming and it would be the last of the Federal Reserve system. Also watch the movie "Man on a ledge" showing in US on the 27 Feb 2012 (a Monday), as we are moving closer and closer to the edge.

Eventually Obama has no choice but to declare war on Iran, as the powerful Jews, Freemasons, Illuminati as wanted.

With this current rally, the European banks were able to cash out of their investment in China companies amidst a new high for RMB at sub 6.3 to USD.

Monday, February 6, 2012

6 Feb pause

yes, it is not easy to access blogger in China.
meanwhile, Asia markets having a pause. Gold retreating. With ECB LTRO at monthend, and Greek dateline on 20 March. We should be able to sustain till then.

ECB rate cut on Thursday should spur the next rally to the interim top before a larger pullback. Buy on dips. QQQQ good buy at 60, if not 56.

Meanwhile lots of clamour for China to release ower bank reserve. While unauthorised Gold exchanges in China have to migrate customer accounts onto Shanghai Commodity exchange.

Common wisdom, China having a soft landing and US recovery is speeding up.