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Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 Dec Prep

I do not believe in the Mayan Calender ending means end of world. It is merely the end of a cycle. If the galactic alignment has any effect, we would be feeling the impact by now.
Fitch is threatening America with a downgrade from AAA.
Market is largely ignoring the fiscal cliff.

Am optimistics on Commodities in 2013, first Copper, then Platinum, then the precious metals.
When Bernanke made the QE4 of 45 billion every month, he is not anticipating the unlimited monetary easing of the BoJ. Abe wants to print as much as possible, setup a investment fund and buy abroad. He is targeting inflation of 2%, which no PM has managed for decades. BTW, Bernanke allows the inflation rate to goto 2.5% from 2%.
Hence Fed, BoJ are exporting inflation abroad. Looking China inflation to hit 6% and other Asian economies to rise to 10%, including India.

Yen would depreciate as Japan Bond yield is rising dramatically. EURJPY to watch.
Carry trade is back in a different fashion, and Mr Watanabe would be going for real assets.

I am done for the week, and receding into Rocky Mountains for the Equinox, Xmas and end of 2012. It is worthwhile to celebrate the end of a thousand year calender in a memorable way.

Happy trading. Back in 2013. I have this feeling that Satan is born on 12/21/12.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19 Dec Momentum trading

Euro has broken out of major formation against other currencies. switching to momentum trade, short term target 1.3300 to 1.3400.
Market hedging against a major collapse of the USD.

Interestingly, the market also sold down metals including Copper. Noting that Goldman Sach is going to setup a Copper ETF in 2013. Military buildup demand for basic material is going to surpass industrial use.

CRB index shows sideway consolidation. Bullish confirmation between the 2008 and 2011 high. Copper is the one to watch.

AUD and NZD oready showing some lethargy, aka profit taking.

Hence Bernanke intention is clear, he wants to discourage you guys from holding real assets, like commodities, precious metals, dollar cash. He likes paper shares of banks, etc.

This is the great Divergence created before 2012 Equinox, divergence between commodities and equities.

Seems like everybody still wants to go for a last try before Xmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 Dec Xmas bonus

another surge to 13346. but no new high in Euro. Kathy Lian says get into Euro at 1.32 ????
GBP already starting to fall as of 12:54 ET.
Gold and silver trying to make a lower dash. Gold to 1.666 ???

even if we are living in a matrix, pretty sure the programmers need their Xmas bonus. If profit is taken today, then the cheques would be ready by Thursday after lunch, and would still be in time for some last minute shopping before the Equinox, really want to be with family on Equinox, instead of slouching beside the trading desk.

Think we are about there. 11:50 ET 12182012.

INDU reached 13327 at 11:20 ET.
SPX reached 1443 at 11:xx ET. (key inflexion point)
GOLD reached 1672 at 11:58 ET
SILVER reached 31.60 at 11:58 ET

result of Simulation.


We are living in simulation. As does the market. you see footprints of HFT everywhere.
My boy was saying, if the world is ending, there is no need for homework.
My wiffe said, if the world never ends, you get double the work.

Hence expect some violent, really violent actions, after the Equinox of 2012.

Meredith says buy CITIBANK !!!! CITI going to 5.
This gives you a clue of where the market is coming post Xmas.

All traders out there, you must arm yourself with at least a M16, and on weekends, while not trading, goto the range. Better still, train to be a sharp shooters, this would help to train your patience.

Meanwhile UBS is facing almost Trillion dollars of fine and 36 UBS bankers implicated in criminal charge. So we may as well as the first major Bank failing in 2013, and that would be UBS = Under Bunker Shit.

Monday, December 17, 2012

17 Dec Gun control. Time is running out to buy ammo.

the way to trade would be to buy those arms company, in anticipation of massive hand weapons purchase before Obama enact stiffer Gun Control measures.
America has gone to far down the road of weapons proliferation. Gun control only prevents those who need protection from getting on. In the Oregon Mall shooting, the killer was countered with a potential victim pulling out a handgun, and then that made him killed himself.
The Solution: Liberalise all weapon purchase to all adults without criminal record. Adults should be allowed to show their weapons in public to deter potential assailant. Though it seems we are back to those Texas Cowboy days, at least, we are all safer.
Meanwhile, Funds running ads with salient message to psycho people to buy shares, like "ishares, buy shares" over and over again. The message is that America now has Shale Gas, America is getting stronger, jobs are coming back to America. Buy shares.
Jamie and Blanky are all talking up the market, averting a fiscal cliff, let the recovery carries on.
FT ran a full page on Draghi, citing his "Believe me, it is enough". and that averted a Euro crisis and Euro is now on its climb. expecting to reach 2 to a dollar in another decade. i.e. Euro would be spending most of its time in the range of 1.4 to 1.5.
Cartel bashing Gold down, while Central Bankers are buying. BoE was lucky to have enough Gold for Queen's inspection.

As they say, you cannot eat GOLD.
But you can put it in your mouth, Golden Teeth.

"Time ahahah, is on my side", especially if you have a mouthful of gold teeth.

Shinzo Abe has returned again as Prime Minister of Japan. In 6 months, there would be another election. And he wants to change the constitution to allow foreign troop deployment and conscription.
A third right wing force has emerged in Japan. They are trying to kick start the Yen Carry Trade. Time to sell the YEN, and buy assets.

got to go, going to the ammo shop and replenish my rounds, neighbours say the stock is running out. What if a mad guy walk up to me with one rucksack full of ammos, and I just got one magazine. -> Prepare to die, no more trading.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

15 Dec Conneticut Newtown

Condolence to all those who perished wrongfully.

Obama is lucky to have this happening after the election. And this event would probably speed up the Republican and Democrat resolution of the cliff. Expecting it before Xmas. Otherwise, Boehner would be the Bane of the American people for years to come.

Stand afar, and look at the FOMC statement, essentially they are struggling, and had to send out a ambiguous message. 6.5 or not 6.5 ?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Dec 45 billion till 6.5%

pump pump pump,
nothing else to say, well telegraph before hand.
it is no longer economics, it is voodoo medicine.
they were trying to jump start the Yen carry trade again, unfortunately the politics were not conducive. Hence it falls back to Fed to sustain the carry trade with 45 billion every month.

now the Bureau of Lies and Shit becomes centrepiece of finance. So it provides incentives for American Corporation not to hire to sustain this ZIRP environment. Especially with the finance industry goading for unemployment rate higher, US is now caught in a catch 22 situation. Once there is growth, hiring, more people gets into searching for job, then unemployment rate rises, more liquidity, no incentive for companies to grow.
However, inflation is definitely going abroad to Europe, Asia, Middle-east. more unrest globally, workers agitating for pay rise, when assets inflate.

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Dec Anunaki / Radiated Japan

Anunaki made the human species as slave to mine GOLD and human woman. According to Zecharia Sitchin, who passed away in 2010, who wrote the "12 planet", he also predicted a Nibiru flyby in 2003, which of course did not happened.
Just wondering, are governments buying GOLD as a offering to the Aliens when they come, in exchange for a seat on their craft before the solar storm triggered by NiBiru arrives ?

Things are getting crazy. Snow covering most of Europe and Northern China.

First rule of Prediction: always of mindful of them, but never live in expectation of them.

This is FOMC weeks, any moves now are usually not lasting. So short trades, dun hold it for more than a session.
Anyway, this is a picture of a Fukushima cicada with leg on the head. And other deformation like smaller wings on one side, whittish abdomen. I am really worried for the Japanese, in a few generation times, you would have a large portion of deformed young children. Probably the Japanese would die off before Japan island slide into the deep trench under the ocean.
You can guess that Right Wing factions in Japan would be more ferocious, contemplating to move into Korean peninsula if not China Northeastern within the next decade when human deformation becomes more obvious. Hence the Japanese, once again, has to in search of good genes.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

9 Dec Waiting for R8 Japan

A R7.3 hit Japan off Honshu, same place as previous 311. 311 was also preceded by a R7 quake. Hence Japan now on R8 watch.

Ever want to be a Zimbabwe Trillionaire ? One Hundred Trillion Dollar ?
How about a American Trillionaire ?

Federal Reserve, a private company, 99 year charter expiring on 12/21/12. Is Bernanke going to address this on 12/12/12 ?

Bank of Korea is the culprit who was buying 1x their reserve of GOLD in their entire month of November. That explains the tussle at 1700, or rather its proxies was driving prices into 1700 and below for the BUY.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

8 Dec DAX

Finally I made my way to Helsinki, transit via Frankfurt. Frankfurt is still Frankfurt, the air hub busstling with traffic. Despite what Draghi did on Thursday, revising down growth forecast. DAX has been on a tear, consistent climb since Nov without a look back. And seems like it is going to hit its all time high back in 2007-2008 at 8151, now at 7550. A whisker away.
That explains the strength of Euro. Any Euro dip would be bought into to fuel DAX.
So Bernanke effort to move people away from Bonds to Equities is working, largely in Asia market, e.g. HSI and in Europe, especially DAX and CAC. The next OT3 or QE4 wold be about the last one, before America growth reach a stable level.
Growth is slowly returning to America though.
SPX again, building a bottom about 1400 for a final assault on 1500.

If Earth averted the 122112 doomsday calling, which is said to happen once in every 3000 years. Should not  this call for a celebration, despite fiscal cliff, greece, etc.

FT, a doomtard, introduced another cliff Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) when the guarantee on bank deposits expire at the end of this month.

In snowing Helsinki, I am planning for Summer. 2013, would be the year when the shipping routes would change significantly, when traffic would be cross the artic ocean from Europe/US East Coast into North Asia and vice versa. So I am leasing a few ships to ship everything, anything via Arctic sea. It can be diamonds, gold, TV sets, gals, coco beans.

So enjoy the rally while you can. A Xmas rally is coming. Choose the right stock/instrument, some would rally hard, some would just slog.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 Dec Assad

well, we are getting close to 1666 now, 1687 is where it is now. 21 more pips.

It is said that the cartel/bullion banks telegraph this raid last week by making sudden spike down in wee hours thin trading. Anyway, all we have is Time, "time ahahaha is on our side."

SPX also broke 1400 and reached 1398. Some more downside before holding pattern on Friday NFP. and profit taking for the shorts.
And then some more waiting for FOMC next week. Interestingly not much attention given to FOMC, when Greece selective default and Fiscal cliff is hogging the news. Ain't you interested in what happen after OT2 ?

The mood is no good, Apple dropping again.
In my post 2 weeks ago, I notified my readers of the bottom at 505. And I notified my paid subscribers of the top at 595. So if you want the next bottom or short covering, do email me at dollarproaragon@hotmail.com for membership.

Finally I am sharing a Silver chart. Silver stopped at 50% retracement, though I forsee Thursday cartel/bullion banks would try to push towards 61.8% retracement. Evidence has it that the Bullion Banks yesterday shorted $300 million worth of silver in milliseconds in thin trades.

Advice to stay out of Precious Metal till bottom shows itself. Australia is booming, with the miners busy, demand for metals is picking up, Copper is showing resilience. China recent bout of Infrastructure stimulus is leading the speculators to stack up on industrial metals.

And China is starting a RMB Gold ETF next year through Bank of China. We should be seeing a slew of Gold ETF launching in RMB launching in 2013. Meanwhile some Funds by China Huaxia banks have not been missing dividends. Such funds invest in speculative transactions or companies. The China public wold be more inclined to invest in Gold. Trade of physical Gold coins on Ebay have been brisk.

Almost forgot, this post is about Assad. Assad is preparing to perish. But he is going to bring the rebels with him with his Chemical bombs. And finally NATO is entering Syria after Obama election, as promised. Another miniature War and a messy outcome.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Dec South Africa Randiest Hedge / about Azazel

Guess what is South Africa randiest hedge ? What do the diamond runners want in return for their Blood Diamonds in Africa ? And when the largest Diamond deposit was found in Russia, what is going to be more pricey than Diamond ?

On 2nd Nov, Gold closed at 1678. And over in Pudong Shanghai, when Chinese cross the undersea tunnel to and fro Pudong, they get a glimpse of the price of Gold. They are constantly reminded of the price of Gold. When Korean war ended, South Korea was rescued by the Koreans donating their gold to the government, and hence in exchange for much needed foreign currencies to buy necessities.

Iran has been accepting GOLD and EURO for payment of their crude. The crude market is silently making its away from USD. That explains recent European hostilities towards Israel, and the overwhelming support for the Palestinian nation. Hence Euro is on an incessant climb, even when France is downgraded, Greece got its delay, Some Chinese was caught with 2 millions of Euros when crossing French border. 

(sad to say, Nethanyahu has sold off the Jews to the Persians. Remember why a dozen of German guard can hold thousands of Jews in Auswitch, the Jews are inherently selfish. With the rise of Egypt Pharoah, and the formation of Palestinian state, then Lebanon, the Exodus II of Jews begin in 2013).


Instead of USD million dollar bonds, they are smuggling EUROs.

With the arrival of FACTA, America tax compliance with foreign banks and governments, the filthy rich are finding all means to smuggle their ill gotten gains. Last month, German Schauble even visited an Asian state ( a renowned tax haven) to enforce information sharing with the Asian banks. Keeping your gains in USD may not be a wise move. Hence the last minute diversification into anything non-American. If you can strap a belt with bricks of GOLD, it would be clever. And recently we heards stories popping up of Gold missing, in Manhatten Federal Reserve, Austria, and then on a boat in Carribean.

Gold Futures, Options would be too volatile and it defeats the purpose of store of value. Think the buying is going to intensify, hence the market maker and Bullion Bank is in a hurry to beat down the prices and enlarge its store before the frenzy begins. BTW, Bernanke is also busy replenishing his GOLD which has been swapped. Nonetheless, any move up is beaten down repeatedly till the Bullion Banks and the FED has completed their replenishment of PHYSICAL GOLD.

Expecting Gold to retest 1666 for a last visit. 

When Bernanke and the Bullion Banks are sitting on a needle mattress, Azazel sings "Time..ahahah, is on my side". (watch Denzel Washington "Fallen")

On Thanxgiving eve 21 Nov 2012, Obama pardoned 2 Turkeys (2 Goats as in Hebrew belief), one for the Lord (Turkey Cobbler), and one for Azazel (Turkey Gobbler). the proverbial Goat for Azazel was pushed off the cliff of Mount Azazel. And we are going off the Cliff as the salient signal has been given.  

Olam got its rally. And it makes more monies zig-zag then a straight line down. Expecting more drama coming 2013. BTW, the Insider buying before the SWF pop, smells of Insider trading, isn't this commensense ? But in the land of Oz where Emperor wears no clothes, it is different.

Time ahahaah, is on my side

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Dec Sovereign Bailout again !!!

As I have written that Olam may have bottomed. But a significant event happened, Olam is raising about $1.25b USD through rights via bonds and warrants, AND the largest shareholder, an Asia Sovereign Wealth Fund is backing this, underwritten by HSBC, JPMorgan, CreditSuisse.

And Carson Block, founder Muddy Water, speculates that the Banks are not willing to loan to Olam without   a SWF backing. He likened it to Hank Paulson coming out with a Bazooka to rescue Fannie and Freddie Mae.


Carson said that the gap is actually $4b and the company has about 6-8 months to burnout its monies. (Speculate: The cash burn would probably quicken to move monies out of the companies, ironically. Thanx to the "smart investor" SWF.)

Generally, some Asia companies have leveraged to the hilt in a low interest rate environment. We are now at the door step of general CDS assault on Asia companies.

The Indian CEO of Olam said that he does not need the liquidity, he just need the rights issue as a liquidity buffer.
Well, this is revealing indeed. If you don't need it, you don't need it. If you need it, you need it.

I have this feeling that the Whales have zoomed in on the SWF in Asia. (That explains why Obama visited the region immediately after election). South East Asia is where the bailout monies are for the US deficit.

I hope all turn out well for Olam, and the technical charts really show a rebound.

December is the month of unwinding positions.
Euro shorts buying back Euro, testing 1.3100
Gold longs selling, 1700 about to break
SPX shorts buying back. 1450 in sight.

Am watching Denzel Washington "Fallen". As Azazeel sings "Time ahaha is on my side...".
Look who is in a rush.

Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Nov 2012 Coffee Bean


Ealier, I did talked about this agriculture supply chain companies Olam. It was under attack from Muddy Water and another hedge fund based out in HK, supposingly Oasis.
Now Muddy suggest to request S&P to make an independent audit. And Olam CEO and independent directors went on a buying spree of the company shares.
Technically, seems like a lot of buying, or the short sellers covering.
Also showing potential MACD bullish divergence, but upside limited, not interesting.

FOMC 12 Dec in view now. Market would just gyrate. Waiting for Bernanke to announce to buy more Treasuries besides Mortgages when Twist completes in December.
It would be supplemented by govt selling K and buying treasuries. I.e. China can continue to sell its worthless treasuries at a good price.

SPX now above 120 days again. Probably testing it again before another move up towards 1450. In light volume, HFT is easier. Year-end dressing and Xmas rally coming.

The market gyration is too much to stomach. Gold is hopeless. Crude, metals are all facing upward resistance. I am getting away for a while, flying off to Finland to do some snow trekking and skiiing next weekend.

Strangely, the doctrine lately has been:
Come back from holiday, sell
Option expiry, sell
Friday, sell.

DXY selling off with Gold.
Euro, AUD holding well.
SPX holding well.

Somebody seems to be in a rush.
When you are in a rush, you miss your step.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 Nov Lunar Full Moon

yes, it comes to a full moon. As the Vampires and Likans howl for blood. AND violent Sunspt activities expected. Some Algos are shutting down their program, in case a strong UV burst trigger a Fat Finger.

1409 seems to be the top, if not near the top. The media and politicians began to "leak" bad news in earnest.
Obama is trying to rig public opinion when it goes off the cliff and blame it on the Republicans. And Treasury is starting to convert your IRAs stock into T-bills.

Muddy finally publishes its report on Olam ahead of the full moon,


Not referring to this Muddy fiasco in any way,
It is a well known fact that Chinese companies goes on a buying binge, buy up useless assets, and revalue them upwards. It gives a channel for monies to leak out of the company, while borrowing heavily from banks. This happened for Sinoforest (a Chinese tree and pulp business), another of Muddy's victim. Though some did escaped Muddy scathing. Now the bankers and major shareholders have to consider beefing up their stake to fight the market, to the tune of billions of dollars.

When waiting for the market to grind lower, do watch this:
Ron Paul farewell speech. This should be the MOST WATCHED video, surpassing that of PSY.

We need every Congressman to be Ron Paul. If the Republican knew they would lose with Romney, they would realise Ron gave them a better bet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

27 Nov Another Indian down and Chinese exploitation

Update: 10:19 AM ET
Finally, the market is moving, Euro is dropping, SPX 1409 is about the top. SPX 200d moving average is simply too strong.
time to go short.

Another Indian down Mathew Martoma, a Hedge Fund manager with SAC Capital. So the rolls of honors: Rajaratnam, Gupta, Vikram and Martoma. So who will be next ?

Dun underestimate the prowess of Indian Algos, what it can do to the market in protest of white power.


Meanwhile, the Canary in the mine is having its first ever Industrial Action since the 1960s. A case of exploitation of cheap labor from mainland China by the enterprise. Reminds me of the days when Chinese come to work in the gold mines in the desert of California centuries ago. Whipped, starved, bullied, deprived.

After Sandy, we have Arcstorm coming to West Coast.

In anticipation of coming Storm again, NFP, and Congressional stalemate on the Fiscal Deficit, Spain political upheaval, etc, scram, and jettison all you got in the market.

Monday, November 26, 2012

26 Nov Muddy muddy

First we have SKYFALL, Daniel Craig in his nice suit, and we really had a fall of INDU through 13000, into 12400. Premiered 9 Nov after months of eager waiting.
Then we have Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn II, premiered on 16 Nov when INDU bottomed.
Mind you, this is the last Dawn breaking.

Clue: Daniel Craig survived his fall, what if the fall is deadly ?

Muddy Water has launched an offensive against a agriculture supply chain company, Olam. Its bioloigical assets was said to have inflated for it to borrow aggressively. Some say this is the norm of the industry, some say it is valuation is subjective. BTW, the company is run by a group of predominantly Indian professionals. Market has not been kind to the Indians like Gupta, Rajaratnam,Vikram.

As you all know I am a DVD freak, and I am watching Margin Call, after all these years.
"it ain't pretty"
"If people stops buying what we are selling".

"If the music stops", the company would be holding "Odorous excrement of capitalism".

The Chief Executives says he hears Silence.

At 6:30 AM when the traders come in, tell then it is the END.

If you are the first out of the door, you are not panicking.

"AND our talents have been used for the greater good" It is 7:53 AM now, let the tango begins.

"Are you with me on this ?"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

24 Nov INDU 13000 and a White Banker arse

my own my, what a rally when not many are in it. I called the bottom, and AAPL has since rallies 34%.
INDU back above 13000.

Meanwhile, the entire Pacific plate is shaking ahead of the lunar full moon on 29 Nov. North Korea is planning a long range missle launch on that day, across Japan ? no wonder Nikkei is rallying.

On the cursed island for Bankers, a New Zealander option broker got jailed for 5 months.


In Asian jails, the saying goes, "if you drop a soap in the bathroom, never bend down". Otherwise, it is signal for a backside ramp. And those yellow Monkeys sure lust for a white arse for a long while now.

Monday, November 19, 2012

19 Nov Flexibility

Indeed, Obama has given his flexibility promise to Netanyahu, by being absent "empty chair" when Israel bombs Gaza at will. And everybody seems to come forward to help, the Arab league, the Muslim Brothers, but the bombing continue.
Probably Israel ultimate goal is to seize Gaza before Israel attack Iran.

A rebound is in the cards. With Euro meeting on Tuesday to grant Greece another 2 years, and Bernanke pledge to cushion any deficit cuts on Tuesday as well. APPL shows a Doji Star. So go for the dip.

Meanwhile, I would be away for some Thanxgiving travelling, returning only when the Congress returns which is end of November, so trade safely.

Friday, November 16, 2012

16 Nov Option Expiry Day really and Petreaus testifies

Obama went on meeting the press and says he do not think US national security is compromised. BUT the Jill Kelly, an Arab by descent has been socialising with the Generals of the middle-east command. Now that is the meat of the Petraeus scandal. The US forces have been infiltrated by muslim elements. Am sure the Israelis knew about it.
And surveillance videos reveal that there is no demonstration when Smith was captured.
And the drama would climax today with Petraeus close-door testimony to Congress.

And the Hamas and Israel decides to fight their own war quietly. News broke that radical elements in Libya has obtained stash of Anti-aircraft missles.

SPX due for a bounce, nothing much to see today, as all the actions have happened. Next week is positive for Stock on a shortened week.

Nothing much is happening, everybody on the bus, train, in office doing FB, SMS, act busy to pass time, waiting for Xmas to come.

Pillar of Defence
Latest, Blasts heard in TelAviv. No truce. Egyptian envoy decries Israel

The Hamas, Iranian forces in Palestine may be planning on a missle attack on Dimona if situation escalates. Then Iron Dome would be tested and must not fail.
AND Hilary and Obama are all going to Mynmmar for their holidays !!!! Think when Obama and Clinton are in Mynmmar, the other country leaders would be gossiping and laughing behind their backs: Ostrich. Ostrich for Christmas Eve dinner.

Iran arrested a team of spies, said to be from Saudi. Crude is now sky rocketing.

The Goldmanites are caught in a bind, they are planning for a market rebound.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

15 Nov Option Expiry Day

Followers have asked me about the impact of Israel-Hamas conflict on world market. Generally, it impacts those in the vacinity of the region, e.g. Israeli, Saudi stock markets. As for GOLD, it impact may be limited as shown by the last conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, a couple of years back. GOLD was on its down draft, after hitting new high at 1000, and the conflict did not move GOLD up.
But, Elliot principle of alternating moves may hold.

The UNSC is holding its meeting on this. Would they chastise Israel ?
While Hamas is hiding its long range missles (capable of striking Telaviv), it fires rockets into Israeli border. Now its stockpile (gift of Iran) is being partially decimated, and Israel may be deploying land forces to extinguish the remainings. So once Israel near threat is removed, it has no worries of backlash when it flies into Tehran. This is only the first move. And Hamas and Hezbollah need to move fast to protect its arsenal, if not deploy them immediately.
Assad may just decide to light the Oil Drum in a Kamakazi fashion, after he pledges to die in Syria. And with Hilary and Panetta skirting the middle-east and went to bask in cozy Perth, they may just sit back and let the Israeli handles Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and finally Eqypt on its own. Hence an re-enactment of Yom Kipur war, when Israel is the largest loser whatever the outcome.

As they often says, the DRUMS are BEATING.
Everybody can't wait for the option expiry to expire at 11 am ET. And a new chapter begins.

Germany is pressing FED to return its GOLD, but FED is not willing, stalling for time. Probably FED is now unwinding its swaps, taking back its GOLD from the Bullion Banks. Meaning a shortage of GOLD, and the market maker is driving down prices to buy back as much as possible on Behalf of FED. Looking at 1700 again. Now at 1717.

Meanwhile SPX made a bottom at 1352, and now rebounding, while GOLD is sold off, after some fake rallies. Now at 1707, ever nearer to target 1700.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 Nov Option Expiry week / War started

this is option expiry week, volatility coming today. Take your monies and run.
next week is shortened week ahead of 22 Nov Thanxgiving. Take your profits and have a good turkey meal.


War has started.
Since April, was telling my followers about the WAR. It finally comes after 6 months. And now the US military is in shambles. The cats are out to play. 40 states and its citizens are petitioning for succession.
This explains my earlier post that the United States would be split up (also foretold by a Russian professor in 2011). The trigger is the re-election of the Beast on 116 (mirror of 911).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13 Nov It is 13

Gold broke rising up channel since 1672, should be correcting towards 1700 for a buy. now at 1728. last high was 1738.
1373 should have defined the current bottom of SPX.

China is falling hard in Asia opening, including Banks.
Marc Faber was on TV, China still has 20% of room to fall.
and Arab going to enter Winter.
US Equities would have a rally coming in the next few weeks till Jan 2013. This week, SPX should be finding a bottom. So wait for the dips.

Glad that Gold is lower for our Indian families to celebrate Diwali. Gold is in consoildation mode according to my wise friend. Perhaps should go lower to retest 1700 as the base.

Before Obama departs to Mynmmar to plant the seeds of Baal, he has a continuing problem. Banghazi, then Petreus, then leaks that CIA prison is right beside the embassy, and Petreus is now retaliating. Why would FBI investigates a email threat ?

Apollo 13, 2013, it all rhymes. NASA going back to moon to have a turf fight with China who is launching the manned moon mission in 2020. Possibly more alien technologies to harvest on the Dark Side of the Moon. Solar Eclipse today, another BIG R8 Quake coming.

Looking at the cap that the cartel has set at 1738, 1732 and 1726, they are manipulating it downwards (at 3am ET Tuesday).

Now General John Allen is being investigated as well. The BEAST is unleasing the hounds on the America forces, decimating it in due course.
When Generals have female biographers, admin, liason to F***, poor American soldiers have to make do with Afghanistan females.
The Great Purge is coming to America.

Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Nov Happy Diwali and Les Miserables

Alert: Gold and Silver are dropping for the Diwali !!!! 9:30 am ET.
After they sold to the Indians,they want to kill the market.

Les Miserables.Meanwhile, an update on my Barclay head of forex strategy, the public is giving him a tirade on forums.  A binder full of "Fuck You Chinese".
I have to empathise with this poor French chap (who was ex-UBS). He is constantly facing barking dogs, crying babies and noisy construction work in his neighbour hood. Barclay may have paid between $15 to 20K USD a month for his so called bungalow (a premier property in the land scarce island state). A sum that can secure a penthous on 5th Avenue.
Imagine you are in a concall at 2:15 am (Asia time) strategising post FOMC trades, and then a barking dog snap the silence and spoil the trades. Hundred millions if not billions may be lost because of a DOG.
Don't blame him, blame his boss for putting him in this miserable place. Les Miserables, the wretched, the poor ones.
As it turns out, these French guy is now international sensation. He is now in the realm of Jerome Kerviel, Odoboli.




The interesting thing is that the French insulted the Chinese locals, and the local newspaper keeps mum. Weakling, wretched Chinese.

 Nothing beats staying up late, and watching a Chinese comentator on China TV blatantly recommending to buy China banks, defining the bottom, asking to follow the likes of Buffet, China investment fund,  China national pension fund, etc.
Talking and talking about the Diamond Bottom (钻石底)。

In most democratic, advanced countries, the politicians stay away from commenting on market. While the China politicians, the SEC chair equivalent (郭树清) on the 18th People Congress talk openly about Stock markets, about its rises and falls. Asking people not to chase the top, and sell the bottom. Signs that the CCP has great interest in the stock market when retail participation is not there. The CCP is working for the monies monger.

To break the CCP, you just break their stock market.

The wellknown Indians of Wallstreet have been Galleon's Rajaratnam, GS's Gupta and Citi's Vikram. They made it big in Wallstreet, but ultimately succumb to white's supremacy.
Tomorrow is Indian's Diwali, festival of light. It is like Xmas for the Indians. They worship Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and Lord Ganesha. I had once written that when I was strolling the seaside in 2009, a wooden statue of Lord Ganesha was swept to my feet. A great blessing indeed, for divine annointed Nostradmus.
The Indian stock exchange has a special arrangement on Diwali. It is extending its trading hours ONLY for GOLD ETF. It is believed to be auspicious to buy GOLD on Diwali.
Goldman Sach's India Gold ETF included.


Indian has a population of 1.24 Billion. If each buys 1 gram of GOLD on Diwali.
1,240,000,000 x 0.001 KG = 1240  Tonne
India's current Gold reserve is 557 Tonne.
That is awesome. I have asked my Indian followers, who are algo guru and programmed the most sophiscated HFT programme able to execute trade in nanoseconds, to stage a plunge on Diwali, so that GOLD can be bought cheaper by fellow countryman, to revenge white supremacy.

Awesome and Miserables.

More and more things to write about, nothing about the trade, but the Traders and Bankers themselves. As Jim Rogers have said, banking would be a dying trade in the next decade.

Stay tune tomorrow: Looper the movie, a China subsidised American movie, with lots of reference to America as a ghetto in 30 years time, and its many reference to SILVER.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


yes, this is a piece of belated news. As I have written months, The BEAST would create a calamity to hog the media before the election. And here we had SANDY. While Obama is preparing to travel to Mynmmar, the land of Buddha, an R7 Earthquake strikes Mymmar. When Obama was going to Indonesia, the live volcano in Indonesia erupted.
You wonder why Mymmar is so important ? When Japan was invading China, it conscripted millions of locals and Chinese to build one of Asia most important railway. And Mymmar is the door to the land invasion of China.
May Buddha protect the people of Mymmar against the BEAST.

In the next FOUR years, the only difference is that Obama would setup a wall around China, the Great Wall of China. Obama would ratify the US-Japan post WWWII treaty to include the islands defence. Drones bases would be setup in Asia, probably in Mymmar as well. F35 would be deployed to counter China 4th generation planes (an Asia state is in negotiation to purchase F35). Japan would reploy Monoxide stockpile to make nuclear bombs.and India would follow suit. The world at large would come to the shocking truth: WWWII did not end. And Hitler, the BEAST, has risen.

If you know HE is the BEAST, then the riddle of what is going to happen in America is readily unravelled. He would create havoc in America with the help of HIS minions. When Sandy stroke New York, the Goldman Sachs building was glittering in darkness. Timmy is extending his stay in the admistration to tend to the Fiscal Cliff.

Martin Fledstein has written month ago, they would extend the Fiscal Cliff dateline beyond 1 January for 6 months, and both parties would work on spending cuts and tax reforms. Hence there would be no cliff per se.

While there is no Fiscal Cliff, THEY are driving it as if there is a Cliff, a.k.a Skyfall. Another rally is coming, after they strip the investors (both retail and institutional) of the monies and start again. The faster the drop, the sooner is the big bounce coming.

See Batman: the Dark Knight rises.
Bane barged into the NYSE, and the trader shouted,"there is no monies here to steal, this is a stock exchange", Bane replied "then why are you here".

Yes, this is the season of thieves, when the Whales steals for their Chrismtas dinner. BTW, the proverbial 21 Dec 2012 is around the corner.

Like the Euro crisis, the Fiscal Cliff is another farce.

On a lighter note, another Banker got buried in the island state in South Asia.


This Barclay banker who is a French lives in a bungalow of sort in a crowded neighbourhood. He got so fedup with the construction noises of his neighbour, he went bersek.
Guess what he does in Barclays, he is the Head of Forex strategy. Tell tale: Barclay is on the wrong side of the market, probably with some hidden large positions.
Previously there was a HSBC local VP who drowned off the river next to his workplace at 3 am in the morning, a Bank of China british banker jumped 6 storeys into a bay next his workplace. And of course the libor scam involving some RBS/UBS trader. And a RBS VP of Credit who drove a Bently, punched the window of a Mercedes in rage.
Three Aussie and New Zealander punched a cab driver after attending a friendship wrestling match among bankers. One is still at large, in Interpol arrest list. Since then the wrestling match has moved to Malaysia.

As I have said, if you want to bury a banker, send him to the island state of RAGE. And RAGE like FEAR kills your trade and bankrupt your Bank.

Enjoy, the RAGE. A lot of dumb Bankers are in RAGE.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

28 Oct Halloween horror and Frankenstorm

I am now off to China to find buyers for the Gold mine I brokered in Indonesia. Lucky me to advoid the Frankenstorm. Heard some high frequency traders are looking for 100 hours uniterrupted power supply and nuclear powered backup generators.

So trade prudently. It is only the beginning of the end.

Friday, October 26, 2012

26 Oct Much ado about nothing...but LIBOR

yes, nothing really happened.

SPX contiues its steady crawl downwards, Hong Kong market continues its poke at the top. News is that HKD and RMB are getting stronger.

Bernanke gives out USD to buy Mortgage Back Securities, and the Bank takes the monies to lend. Did it lend to US Corporations ? nope.
Private equities, hedge funds take the monies at low interest and buy China and HK equities, bonds, etc. Forcing RMB to hit new high at 6.27.

In fact it is a massive diversification out of USD. All signs point to a USD crisis coming on the horizon. DXY is very much capped at 80 without going anywhere.

Gold has found a support at 1700, as my wise friend told me months ago, 1700 should hold.

SPX is trying to find a bottom, as once a self-claimed moneywise politician said, if you take care of the bottom, the top would take care of itself, sometime in 2008, before Lehman.

Romney seems to have hit 50% mark. That means bad bad for China. Going into 2013, it would be a tumultous year for China, (that is for sure). Its BANKs would be coming assault. Then the CCP has no option but to lets its RMB rapidly depreciates. A lot of Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds are going to lose their shirts in China. China has peaked.

Actually there is a tiny little headline, Royal Blood Sucker successfully applied to the Singapore court to seal the LIBOR investigation court papers. I.e. there is a GOLD mine out there !!!! All corporate lawyers are welcome to find their Christmas bonus. LIBOR is a basis of major financial transactions, and that means class action suit from the victims.



Friday, October 19, 2012

19 Oct A Binder full of Retrenchments

Alcatel has announced worldwide retrenchments, 5500 headcounts. AMD is going to cut 15% of its workforce. And soon all manufacturers would be putting their products on sale in 4Qtr, including their share prices.

Question: Would Bernanke retains its trading desk ? or would he be doing some retrenchments as well.

Meanwhile, in currencies, stock, all instruments, you see sudden spike and then another down move to give back all the gains.

Meanwhile, Larry Summers is buying options to protect the SPX.

The problem with the market is that there are no buyers. and CNBC has to remind pple of  Oct 19 1987 to entice retail to short and then force to cover later. Thanx to Pimco fear mongering.

Otherwise, if they push it higher it would be like Jim O'Neil selling to Blankfein and then to Jamie Dimon.
They might want to stage a seemingly sharp move down next week, perhaps Oct 23 2012.

If they manage to stage a rout, then Obama would be handsfull on his 3rd debate.

The Bear Case is that we are watching the collapse of the Social Media bubble like the Internet bubble in 1999. In a few years, Google, Facebook may not be existing. As does Zynga. Apple would be like another Compaq. Theory of alternative. 2008-2009 financial crisis, 2012-2013 social media crisis.

If all the Billionaires pull their monies together, they can move the market without the need of a Jerome Kerviel or Adoboli.

Dow Jones falling 25% !!!! 10,000 perfect.
As James Stewart (NY Times columnist) said, he was worried when he saw a French newspaper headline saying Dow dropped 25 points, he mistook it for 25%. So better sell your mutuals before your Christmas holidays. Hope the market can wait for you.

Dow dropping, NDX dropping. Think Summers and Bernanke buying SPY.

As for the Bengali bombing  NY FED building, it smacks of entrapping, leading the fellow on, giving him all he needs and catching him right infront of the building. Poor Bengali.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 Oct A binder full of........Equities

Now some people has a binder full of Equities as does Romney with his binder of woman.

Wonder why the family of Chris Stevens is keeping so quiet when their American son is wrongly sacrificed by the blunders of the Obama administration. May be Obama is holding back Chris pension monies till after 6 November. This is outrageous. This is Benghazi gate 119 (GOD has given the clue). Obama hid behind Sakorzy when Libya is conquered, thinking that he would be spared the warmonger title. And surprisingly, it boomberanged on him, and he even sacrificed Hilary. Wow!!!! Many whites are sacrificed for this Black President, is he the BEAST ? Is HE the ONE ?

Would he call upon a calamity from HELL in oder for him to strut his showmanship on National TV before 6 Nov 611 ? And would the mighty GODs, Zeus, Thor, Athena, come forth the fight this war ?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

17 Oct Indonesia

Currently in Jakarta, Indonesia, shopping for the next Gold mine. It is a bustling city indeed, was in the hotel executive lounge, and you have Brits, Aussies everywhere in the lounge talking about business. Hoping to find the head mistress of Obama school.

Meanwhile, nothing much to see in the market, except Vikram made a hasty exit, possibly due to some in discretions on his part, got caught, and asked to leave.

Thanx to QE3, the Bank stocks are doing fairly well. The ultimate purpose of QEs is to give bank free monies. Home owners, especially first timers, do not have much to gain.

Monies now flooding into Hong Kong, China, ever keeping the indices alive, trying to ride the next One Trillion Yuan stimulus. Baltic Dry sea is rising, Australia iron ore export to China has restarted.

Now Israel is backing down from any military action from Iran, waiting for Iran financial crisis to boil. Japan chickened out on confrontation with China.

Nothing short of a calamity is going to stop this next rally of World Equities.

Jamie Dimon talked about Housing recovery last week, now CNBC gets Tom, Diane Swonk to talk about Housing again. Housing data are no secret, it is known months ahead. Lots of well to do Americans are buying their second home, while their first home is still unsold, unoccupied. So they are doubly in debt in low interest environment. I.e. if things take a turn, another foreclosure tsunamis would be coming.

When Samsung launches another Galaxy Tab, market does not talk about it. When Apple launch another mini IPAD, people are talking. So we have IPAD to infinity. It is crazy benching marking stock prices on products.

It is a market full of FISH.

Friday, October 12, 2012

12 Oct The Truth

Biden was so in a hurry and rude to interrupt Ryan to prevent him from telling the Truth.
Now the Democrats are scared of the TRUTH.

Biden as the chairman of Foreign Relations Committee has the first ever American ambassador killed by terrorists. Biden should have retired long ago. And if America continues to have Biden, American would be devastated on world stage.

Meanwhile, the market is in a loop.
Hong Kong Index made a dash of 1000 points at market open. Amazing. China chose to reposition RMB stronger to 6.3, and Singapore refused to weaken its SGD.

Timmy and Benny effort to give Obama chances a boost by weakening the USD has fell flat-footed.

US Justice wants to reopen the debate on Obamacare, again.

So much uncertainty going into December and 1st half of next yr.

Here is the HSI 1000 points surge, injuring the bears greatly. While SPX is dropping, HSI made a dash up.
Hence, never use SPX as the beacon to trade. IT is broken arrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

11 Oct Fast and Furious

when the dumb funds realise what the market maker and HFT are doing, they are going to wake up and it would be fast and furious. At least we would have Shanghai, Dow, SPX, Gold, Crude on all non-USD currencies all lined up on the starting line.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 Oct There is no GOD except ALLAH


Obama is a Muslim. Full Stop.

The market is still horsing around. It is amazing that you see so many fat tails on the 5 mins chart for GOLD and SILVER. Something tried to ramp it down and then a ramp up.
All those Bots are killed for sure.

2 more days, and a 12 km wide asteroids would flyby at 0.2 Lunar Distance, which is awfully close considering calculation errors. We may just have a catastrophe coming.

For every plunge, there is a hero. There were Jerome Kerviel, who shorted billions of DAX futures, then there was Adobola. Now we need another HERO.
SPX at 1422 should hold.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9 Oct Shanghai ramp

SHCOMP has a good ramp from 1999 to almost 2110 in short time.
so did GOLD.
nothing much to see except the Vice President debate, would Biden "bite" Paul Ryan, or Paul Ryan gives the America a lesson on deceit of the Obama administration.
Timmy and Benny in India trying to save the S&P Nifty flash crash. May be they are trying to extricate Buffet's investment in India. Buffet was not able to get out in time.
India is roast. when the Accountant and Auditors are conspiring to deceive the owners, Walmart is going in and losing big time.
IMF downgrading world growth, companies would factor that into their 4Qtr and 2013 forecast.
Expect a slew of earning warnings in coming 2 weeks.

For Huawei, ZTE fight with congress, it would be naive if the China intelligence does not want a bite of US military and trade secrets. In the event of war, those corporations or military units using China makes would be disabled remotely.
In addition, those China names Baidu, Tencent which distribute movie watching, MP3 download software for free, are actually trojan horses. The Congress ought to ban all China brand hardware and software from sales in US.

So in the face of this trade thing, the ramp up in SHCOMP is just a ramp.

John Taylor FX Concepts just killed the AUD, it is the most leveraged currency, AUDUSD now at 1.2000,
looks like it is going to 0.800. Bearish on Asian currencies in general.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 Oct The numbers

SPX recent high 1474.51  5 Oct high 1470.96  new high not reached
INDU recent high 13653.00 5 Oct high 13661.72 new high reached

to the Elliotician, the count for SPX and INDU always differs. reason being one made new high, one not.

INDU is easier to control than SPX500. INDU may have completed wave V.

Singapore announced new housing cooling measure just after its stock index FTSTI breached 3100.
HSI reached 21021.38

The Republicans checking the numbers of BLS in every state, trying to find evidence of falsehood for the unemployment number of 7.8%.
Simple, more pple giving up hope of finding jobs.

Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Oct DOW NOW SPX 1470.96

this is something I promised you, weeks ago, here it is.

DOW is up against 61.8%, it was reached weeks ago.
it was reached on 20 September.
we are just 3 mins into the open.
Gold reached 1795.83
I have this feeling that the market maker wants the Chinese to return on their national vacation on coming Monday and take profit at the highest point so far.
Is the market maker from China ? Then we should send him a Thank You note from Jimmy Fallon.

SPX reached a high of 1470.96

Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 Oct debate

I missed it live and did not want to watch it in full on youtube, it is so embarassing to see how Obama performed.

as for 11 Oct Paul Ryan against Biden, it may even be more devastating.

Obama mocked Donald Trump as a small business owner. Now Trump, where is your Trump card. Something is on Obama's mind, something he knows is coming forth, and that is why he was not even trying in the debate.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Oct Bernanke Style / Charles Evan

yes, it is horsing around for another day.

Some Ellioticians have called the recent high the completion of wave V/5/C, Big wave C completion is big deal. Daneric, the permabear is such.
While Caldaro is expecting v/3 unfolding.

Anyway it is on the way or completed a wave 5. Retracement is in the cards. Either we are in one now or by next week.

As for Fiscal Cliff, Martin Feldstein has called that the Congress may delay the cliff for another 6 months, while negotiating new deals. So that is the reasonable likely outcome. If there is any decline, market would hold while the deal takes shape.
But if Israel strikes Iran, then a larger fall would ensue, and depending on the Muslim world reaction, we may be in big time for a fall in Big Wave C, the type that Peter Schiff says would go to 5000 for DOW.
On the other hand, we may see 1500 for SPX easily.
So until FED suffers a setback, otherwise the trend is up, albeit some hiccups along the way. Obama is expected to win, and he has no incentive to improve in his second term which is his last. So US is going to muddle along for another 4 years.

The dip for GOLD on 26 Sept is for the CME option expiry. It has established 1736 as the base. Targtting above 1800. Advice to buy on dips.

In his speech in Indiana, Bernanke said America economy would continue to grow at 1-2%, and he is not forecasting any recession. And he did warn against Audit the Fed, claiming it would destroy people confidence in the Ferderal Reserve system.
Reading between the lines, he is saying Stock market would continue to climb, provided there is no "Audit the FED".

The CME that hit earth yesterday caused a G3 Geomagnetic storm, a strong one. At least we get a mild earthquake off Honshu Japan. While there is some jitters at Mt St Helen. We should be seeing the effects of the electromagnetic flux in this coming few days, especially a few days after the Full Moon.


Charles Evan caused an uproad on Monday national TV, when he as a non-voting member of FOMC recommends a doubling in size of QE3.
As explained by the Safehaven article, the FED is trying to offset Plosser comments and to jawbone the USD into weakening, to achieve some fast track job employment. Eg.
Lenovo, a China entity, has announced to build a factory in North Carolina, which would employ 115 persons. That would also drives spare USD cash into assets.

The FED is trying to influence some corporate decision making ahead of the 6 Nov election, to give cheers to the job market in clear support for Obama.

The FED has run out of Bazookas and now trying to use Cloak and Dagger to deceive the market. This is sign of desperation.

As for currency wars, we would see Europe going into deeper recession, when Americans pull back their investment, and China losing some as well.

As for America, it has just stepped across the threshold for rising and accelerating inflation.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Oct Bernanke Style continues: Bernanke said QE3 helps stock market

Finally Bernanke had established the link of QE3 with Stock Market. But as said, that is not his purpose, his purpose is to relieve the Mortgage Fraud (according to Solari report by Catherine Austin Fitts). And now he is an accomplice in mortgage fraud.

37 people died on HK ferry collision on its national vacation in celebration of China's National Day, bad omen. Never before had this mass death happened in HK. The ferry was its way to an island while the other pleasure boat (with 124 people on board, all were workers and relatives of HK Electric, a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa owned by HK richest tycoon Li Kah Shing) was on its way to see the Firework in Victoria Bay. Times is up for the Li Dynasty.

5 Germans, 37 Hong Kongers in 2 days in China. It forebodes crisis coming for the China's 18th People Congress

Meanwhile GOLD is inching towards ultimate interim target of 1800, SPX heading towards wave V top. Generally WLEI is improving, so data in next few months should becoming better.

Meanwhile Horsing around continues till Friday NFP and FOMC when Benny would announce the first tranche of buying.

Expecting Euro to shoot to 1.35, Gold to 1830, Silver to 38, SPX to 1490, INDU to 13800.

This is what became of the 5 German doctors and 1 Chinese tour guide.
The German delegation of 19 were from Bavaria, Southern Germany, they were a group of doctors, just arrived into Beijing, and were on their way to Tianjin.
My wife was asking me why there were in China. I said the Germans were busybodies.
It is Autumn, and Black Forest is manificent, and the Germans decided to come to China to breathe in toxic air and risk their lives on the notorious Chinese highway.
It is a well known fact that on those busy highways, between Shanghai-Hangzhou, Shanghai-Suzhou, Beijing-Tianjin, there are daily fatalities.


Malaysia city dwellers are asking their government to take over their home loan, when the government can take over debt of companies. May be Americans should start a "Take My Loan" TML movement to press Bernanke to take over home loans instead of giving monies to banks. Better do it fast before the 6 Nov, to press Obama to make some promises.

Monday, October 1, 2012

1 Oct Bernanke again / German inferno

HK stock exchange is closed for 2 days, and it had a ramp up on last Friday. So would Bernanke disappoints ? Or is he so useless on the post FOMC conference, that he has to regurgitate the same message again before Romney and Obama television debate ? Or is he saying things like "Irrational Exuberance" ?

Five Germans burnt alive in China near Beijing.
Sometimes wonder, why would Germans want to get onto Chinese roads with those insane drivers.
It is times, German sit up and listen hard: Get the F*** out of China.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

29 September Death of a Bank of China Banker


on 27 September evening in a Asia city state, a British banker from Bank of China stationed in the city state, jumped from the roof of a hotel into a reservoir and died.
The last recorded death was a Dutch who jumped from a sixty floor into the same reservoir several months ago (also mentioned in my blog). Some fell mysteriously into the river feeding into the same reservoir.
Superstition or not, a lot of British, American bankers met their makers in the city state. Next time you wanna get rid of a competitor in your bank, send him to Singapore.

Meanwhile Timothy has bought options protecting the bottom at about 13,000 for INDU. so expect more horsing around for the next 3 weeks till the 3rd Qtr earnings are out.

Friday, September 28, 2012

28 Sept Gangnam Style SPX

My readers were asking what is happening with the market. I told them the market is horsing around as in "Gangnam Style", the market maker has gone horse riding.

Look at GOLD, it can't go up nor down.
People Congress would start on 8 Nov, after the US election result is known.
Looking at the Ohio election this weekend, probably the next President would be known by this weekend.

This one is for the bored traders to salivate.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 Sept Gordon City - City of Crime / TAKEN2

If you think New York is a replica of Batman's Gordon city where crimes infests, you are wrong. There is another city with more bizzare happenings.


Singapore RBS trader claims he can manipulate Rates in a LIBOR probe.


Oracle ex-employee in Singapore embroiled in sex-bribing the head of the nation anti-narcotics bureau, the equivalent of DEA in America.


A Singapore law professor had sex orgy with 4 students, 2 male, 2 female.

Meanwhile, Asia ramping at lunch time, with Shanghai Composite rising by 2%, ahead of a week long holidays. (shorts covering ?) While PBoC is pumping in monies to support the profit taking: Electronics monies becoming real monies.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is, the editor of the Solaris Report, debunk the secret of Bernanke QE3, or rather she speaks what others dare not. QE3 is to mop up the mortgages, destroying any evidence of fraud, and hence relieving the banks of any future liabilities. In return the Banks would return the monies from overseas to invest in America.
Another point of view is that Soros has been taunting the Chinese to do another round of stimulus, objective to poke inflation and hence social unrest in China. And henceforth, American would pull out their factories from China.

Chinese are now boycotting Japanese industrial products, such as lift, escalators, etc, other than automotive products. We are going to see another wave of Japanese companies downsizing while the Japanese governments is upping their rhetorics. One more day, China would be entering its week of hibernation.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 Sept China in hard landing

Motorola, Johnson Control, all US companies are pulling out from China, shutting factories. It is happening now. Chanos has shorted China banks, including some US banks as well.
In Q4, China factories shutdown would be accelerating. expect some RMB weakening to come.
Stocks holding well ahead of monthend. Window dressing.

Monday, September 24, 2012

24 Sept The Power of "5"

this morning, I went to my terminal and looked closely at my charts, and I was shocked to see what I thought I was still waiting for all this while. The critical chart touchpoint has happened. And I have informed my subscribers, and I would release it in the next few days here.

now come to talk about the number "5". 5 represents the worst star in the Chinese astrology 9 stars formation. IT is called the FIVE YELLOW. Last year it was sitting in the East Direction, and Eastern Japan, eastward of China, suffered the Fukushima disaster.
Now in this year of Dragon, the "5" star sits in the South-Eastern, like in South-eastern of China, namly in the Sze Chuan region, (which used to be the site for the la major quake in China), as in South-east Asia (making up of Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, etc). And California which is in the South-eastern of America.
And worse, Iphone 5 has activated the 5 YELLOW star, and events are going to happen. E.g. today, the supplier to Apple Foxconn富士康  (the Taiwanese company of a playboy owner with lots of sweatshop in China) suffered a rumage by its worked yesterday, involving thousands. The factory is situated in TaiYuan (太原)which is south-eastern of Beijing, Beijing is like the center of the China world.

There should be concern that the 5 YELLOW star would impact on the faultlines in Southern California, with a major quake coming in the vicinity of Apple HQ Cupertino.

We have a whole week of Window Dressing, when would the mannequin get dressed ?
and then a week long of China holidays, and then Alcoa earnings start. Here we go again.

I was at my brokerage office today, a well to do spinster lady was querying her broker what to buy. The broker was clueless, and eventually recommended REIT.

China having a week of shutdown next week, from 1 Oct to 7 Oct. Its commodities and stock exchanges are all shut.

SPX took a drop, 10 points down. Some say it is Monday Blues, some say it is posturing for Window Dressing.
Well, the Ant has no quarrel with the Eagle, whether it is Monday or Friday.

As Caldaro has indicated, we are now into wave IV pullback, a complex and longer pullback, the turning point depending on oversold daily RSI.

Quite futile to follow Merkel or Hollande, they are simply enjoying their per diem with the overseas travel.

It is going to be long and tortous, better go and enjoy a hike in autumn trees.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 Sept Possession

From the look of it, if Romney knew he had a tax problem, then he should not have come for election.
Until, the Republican has something more devastating for Obama, otherwise the elephants have lost it. Pretty sure, no Rich Americans would be running for President in years to come, what a shame.

Meanwhile, SPX has an interesting dump in market open. It is UP till Skyfall. Skyfall premiering in London 23 Oct, US 9 Nov, 3 days after election.

If the most powerful ruler on earth is possessed by demon, HE would wage wars. Having this erriee feeling that WAR would come in December.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 Sept Charles Nennar

US deploys F22 Command to Guam.
Japan and China assembling their warships off the Senkaku island.

An armadda of warships is now gathered at Straits of Homuz. Would we have 2 concurrent wars ?
US/Nato/Israel striking Iran
US/Japan striking China
in the next 60 days. America preparing for war on the eve of Presidential Election.

China markets making lower and lower. the 18th People Congress said to be held on 18/19 October.

Royal Flush in progress. Euro rushing for exit at 1.2900. Florence Lian was on TV recommending short from a break of 1.2900 towards target 1.2700.

Suddenly all gloom reappears. Pushing Crude down is not a smart idea, it also suppresses equities.

Option Expiry tomorrow, also a lot companies year ending September. So violent moves coming.

Now we revisit Charles Nennar forecast made in 2011, a war coming end of 2012, beginning 2013, DOW to drop to 5000. If you have shorted based on his forecast in 2011, you would have bleeded to death. But his target date of end 2012 is nearing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 Sept Romney done

So far I have not read or heard any thing praising QE3. While commentators chide QE3 openly on national TV, you can see their smog smile for having nailed it, and possibly profiting from QE3.

Doom averted. No showdown between China and Japan, China turning backs its protestors, Japan reopening factories in China. Xi JinPing, the leader in waiting, reappeared. So everything seems hunky doory, now waiting for PBoC turn to stimulated with reserve ratio cut and rate cut.

Romney is done after offending the 47% permanently. He needs a miracle or sort, like a market crash, or another massive gun slaughter of 100 lives, or may be a small war to spike the Crude back into $120, and gas going to $5. Meanwhile, the Saudi is pumping like mad, flooding the market with excess crude.

India Mamohan Singh tried to stimulate the Nifty with approval of retails and telecoms by foreign business. As I have mentioned, in India, even the auditor conspire to cheat the shareholders. Next year, it would no longer be BRIC, more like BRC.

It is UP.


Bubonic Plague coming to Arizona.


Monday, September 17, 2012

17 Sept Another week

yes, another week, when the bulls would have to work hard to justify the QE3.
QE is Quantitative Easing not Queen Elizabeth, (heard this on Fox News).

Evaluation, yes Chicago teachers ought to be evaluated. And Bernanke ought to be evaluated as well.

Obama embraces Musi and snub Nethanyahu. And Obama pulling out from Libya, Syria embassies, safe houses, endangering its intelligence assets in the countries.
And Rice, the spokeswoman denies any pre-meditated terrorist attack (but one of the victim Sean Smith wrote of fear in his blog before dead). Now America too scared to strike.

Japan pulling back its executives from China, and shutting down the factories, including the famous retail outlet Uniglo. In this era of over-capacity, good excuse to return to Tokyo for early Xmas.
First there was the Fukushima, then Thailand flood shutting its factories and now the Senkaku row. You can essentially write off Japan as a drifting nation, essentially the entire generation is at loss. The rightful place for  Nikkei is about 7000. As for YEN, it is all a guess.

SPX would take a day or two to consolidate its gain and then resume its march.

Friday, September 14, 2012

14 Sept WORLD WAR III started

so now ECB and FED have fired their last Bazookas. So as I have written in previous issues, Bernanke actually precipitates the next plunge. as I have always written, Bernanke works for the Republicans. QE(infinity) would negatively impact Obama.
Where would you goto ? The market with the Bazookas left, China. China market has only just lifted off its recent time low of 2000 to a 2100.
SPX wave 5 is almost complete, INDU may surge to 13800.

QE to infinity means the Rich Poor divide would accentuate, the Arab Spring would transform to a Arab Summer in no time.

Japan may be intervening in YEN.
30 more mins, Asian retails coming out in drove to reap the Bernanke Xmas bonus.
Sophiscated mom and pops Euro shorts crying.

Chaos in Sudan, after Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and also Lebanon. Middle-east Oil Drum on fire. Obama tepid response makes us wonder if his purpose of his Presidency is for the cause of Muslim ? Some Muslim thinks so. Have this suspicion that Bernanke is funding the uprising in Middle-east.

News has it that HK newspaper leaked that US has satellite photos of China nuclear submarines encircling the Senkaku island, besides the 6 patrols ships.

Hard luck Obama. Busy on nation tour, no time for geo-politics. Looking at all the video of protest against US, feel like WWIII has just begun on 13 September 2012  091312

As I have always said, Bernanke decided to give Crude and Gasoline a boost, Crude has crossed 100 again, Gasoline is on a tear. Higher it goes, voters are going to be awfully angry. USO and UNG are good proxy in the event unrest morph into military actions.

watched Ron Paul reaction to QE3. he is right, with the ZIRP extended, people would feel less compelled to buy a house immediately or in the near future. They would wait out for the drop in housing prices, which accelerates another house dump.

Have this feeling that some Euro short Funds are going belly-up next week. Even EURJPY is rallying. EUR is the new commodity. Goodbye Uncle Gold, Auntie Silver, here comes Grand-daddy Euro. It is the rally of the oppressed, the Avenger.
The non-commercials are massively Short Euro as of Thursday before QE3. and Banks are forecasting 1.40 into 2013.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

13 Sept Pre-FOMC The Ant has no quarrel with the Bird

As Loki of Askar said "The Ant has no quarrel with the Bird". (in the movie Avengers)

Neither do I, a humble Ant has any quarrel with Bernanke. I am leaving this market for a while, took my monies and going for a massage and may be a facial tomorrow, and then a concert on Saturday.

So Bernanke brings on your mojo, do your necessary. 5 more hours to go before FOMC statement.

Chris Stevens the dead American ambassador in Libya was raped before he was killed. Now that is Obama's Arab Spring.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Sept Leap of Faith

yes, everybody seems to do the right thing at the same time. Euro got booted across 1.2900, much better than most traders expected.

but the boost is limited. Gold still stuck around 1740. according to most indicators, RSI, MACD, the rally is near exhaustion. Time to put in shorts, incrementally as Euro inch towards 1.2930, and Gold towards 1750.

1800 may be the target for GOLD, not this time, too stretched and too fast.34.1
The Algo has pushed it pass sanity.

Next is Bernanke.

An American ambassador get killed in Libya, first of its kind. Obama got lots to answer.

China market underperforming despite promise of 150 billion USD stimulus and 100b Yuan fiscal stabilisation fund.
Xi JinPing disappeared for 10 days already. Rumour has it that he was attacked. Power struggle between Hu JingTao faction with the ex-Chairman Jiang ZheMin who favour the now defunct Bo XiLai.

Bearish non-confirmation of the new pop of Gold to 1747. Should see a bigger correction this time.
however buying dip not encouraged.
However looks better for Euro at 1.2937 high.
Silver losing almost a dollar now. Short on any bounce. The top is in at 34.10

From now on, it is essentially a Leap of Faith.

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Sept 96 hours

If you have any doubt on the rally, see the US dollar Index, it has broken through its irsing up trend since last Nov. It is signally more FED easing coming.
it is now sitting on its 38.2% retracement level at 80. 50% at about 79, and 61.8% at about 77.5.
or it may just retrace till 74.
DXY is not easily manipulated. It does portend a greater fall.

I.e. Timmy is hastening the depreciation of the Dollar to boost short term competitiveness of US exports ahead of Christmas. Meaning tougher for China exports to America. And China trade minister Chen DeMing just announced that some trade boost measures is in the pipeline. Would RMB devalues faster than the fast USD ? Other Asian nations export may just grind to a halt.

It may be completing its E wavelet of a A-B-C-D-E-F bull flag pattern.
signifying Dollar economic strength rather than flight to safety.
Dollar economic strength can only be accomplished through Romey with fiscal prudence and a new FED Chairman. If Romney wins, Bernanke may have to retire ahead in 2013, instead of 2014.

However, can QE3 sinks the dollar into 70 ? or just stop at 73 ?

Anyway, with a dropping DXY, SHCOMP is floating under the tide. SPX target is 1450-1460, with INDU accelerating into 13,800.

With Asia opening on Sunday night, and FOMC annoucement on 13 Sept Thursday 2:15pm ET, we have about 96 hours of trading.
Where would a 96 hours of fast train heads to ?

We are into the last stage of a wave 5 development, so do trade with caution.

Reminding you that there is the German constitution court ruling on 12 Sept (Wednesday), we may have less than 96 hours.
And I would harness my prowess to read into the day 12 Sept.
壬辰年 己酉月 丙子日

the next day is
壬辰年 己酉月 丁丑
no wood to sustain the camp fire. wet earth would exhaust the camp fire instead

1.2817 is about the max for Euro this time. Currently pulling back 1.2777,
Asia did not rally much, neither does SHCOMP. Monday blues, expect pullback in SPX today and buy the dip.
short of any major newsbreak till Wed German Constitution court, and Thursday FOMC, better to stay out of market and wait for chance to buy the flash dip.

Last update of day
market stuck in range. nothing to see here.
would take leave tomorrow and return on Wednesday Europe closing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Sept Mega Rally

Finally, Gold is taking a plunge now into 1690, a drop of almost 10 USD, the steepest drop so far in weeks. Expect the sell to accelerate when Europe open, it is Friday, and one more earth-shaking data point ahead. If you are trading e-sig, just take profit and go. Silver finally below 32. Gold going to 1666. Silver back to 29.
Strangely Euro is still holding 1.2600, now 1.2631.

The rally in Asia market is fantastics, with 2.2 percent in HSI, and 4% in SHCOMP.
Investors selling Gold and buying Equities, a higher yielding asset.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


One issue that Obama has not been addressing or deliberately advoiding is that China has revealed its DongFeng 41 ICBM missile capable of striking US and containing 10 different trajectories war heads. They are now on par to Russia in terms of a Cold War opponent.
Hilary just circling around the Japan Senkaku Island while Panetta is apparently waiting to retire.

American sovereign integrity is at stake and yet the Administration chooses to ignore.

Meanwhile it is Super Mario show today, "believe me, it is enough".
How enough ? Euro to punch 1.2700 ?

The media has been setting up for a disappointment in the ECB conference as in not enough details would be revealed.

I used to fly to Australia on British Airways and Qantas, via Asia such as HK or Singapore. Now Qantas is shifting its base to Dubai and tying up with Emirates, meaning it is stopping its alliance with British Airways.

BA would suffer and Singapore/HK Singapore Airline, Cathay Pacific, would lose their traffic. Singapore Airline completes its receipt of the last order of A380, no more backlog in its 30 over years of history. Bye Bye South East Asia.

China Xi Jin Ping missed the meeting with Hilary and some other delegations from Russia. Sign of trouble.
If China does not react now with Reserve, Rate Cut, the feeling of uneasiness is going to spread. PBoC and the the banking czar Wang QiShan 王岐山 is probably using this opportunity to gain political points ahead of the 15 Oct People Congress, at the expense of the China citizens.

The SEC 银监会 of China has called a Video Conference with all branches of securities exchange in all province to call for efforts to ensure stabilisation yesterday. This is the 3rd time since last stabilisation meeting in 2008, 2009. Next action would be the PBoC. I have sent notification to Soros and his minions. So any time now. It is 12:30 pm Beijing time Thursday.

Hilary trip to Asia is more to seal ties for her next bid for President in 2016, rather than to secure any deal with China. Hilary is absent from DNC. When pple see Bill Clinton, it reminds them of Romney more than Obama. A white face with grey hair = success. A black face = depair, failure, food stamps, empty promise, emptry chair, another 4 years.
All the soundbites that Bill Clinton made was for Hilary chances in 2016. And Obama has a big shoe to fill tonight. And Democrats would wonder is it Master President Bill Clinton or Mediocre President Barack Hussein Obama ?

Talks of Black Thursday surfacing, Oct 24 1929

Update 2
finally somebody has come out to teach the Gold bugs a lesson. Gold has reached its top at 1713.
and Silver dropping like a stone.
so Silver top at 32.994
Double short for GOLD into 1500.
one more data points tomorrow,

Mario says inflation going up 2013, above 1%. and Mario cut the growth forcast.
Stagnation ?
Bond buying confirmed within ECB, as to the modality. Means LTRO III/IV/V UNLIMITED confirmed. My GOD, Super Mario is agreeing that with his bond buying, inflation would soar, and he is accepting the trade-off !!!! Also ECB debt is on par with private debt, no seniority. (German taxpayers just got fucked again).
He has just buried the Austrian school of economics. Weimar Inflation is returning.
He said bond purchase would be sterilised. Sterialise my prick head.

What is the modality of your trade ? Do you have UNLIMITED funds to sell EURO ?

What if Bernanke announce UNLIMITED Mortgage purchase on 12 September ? SPX to the moon. Think the Central Bankers have decided to give it all out. QE(infinity).
Waiting for PBoC to cut reserve and interest tomorrow.
All three major Central Banks in full power.

Lots of retail robots esig programs got fucked with the up and down swing. If you are trading robots, better get out now before the next big tsunamis coming tomorrow NFP and then Wednesday FOMC.
Take your profit and go.

Now back to Barack, Bill said Barack Hussein has fully repaired the economy ?? what ? 16 Trillion debt, failing banks, banksters reaping profit, mass unemployment, historical record giveout of food stamps. Come on, Bill. You need to meet Uma Thurman.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Sept Making room for QE3 rally

finally Euro has hit near target 1.2637 and now treating into 1.2530. Same for GOLD, Aussie dump Gold at their market open. The market is not buying Draghi story, and Euro should be heading for 1.2200 at least.
Silver still at 32, a good short for it to return to 26.
One of the axiom of trading is Market tend to reach its peak on a off-peak day like Labour, Thanxgiving, Christmas eve, etc.

Meanwhile, China Hu JingTao deputy, the cabinet secretary, Lin JiHua's (令计划) son died in a speeding Ferraris while having car sex with 2 gals. They were found to be naked or half naked after the incident. Lin was demoted to a ceremonial position, and one down for Hu JingTao. The power struggle continues into October.

Thailand Red Bull founder's grandson drove a Ferraris and mulled a policeman to death.

Singapore China origin MaChi claim for his Ferraris speeding death has been rejected by AXA Insurance on grounds that it is a collision not accident.

This video should wake up those overnight traders.
If I am the China Communist Party, I would ban Ferraris from the country for superstition sake. Literally it is the Fire Horse that kill the party.

During Europe hours, Silver would dip below 32 and the rally would be over.

Harry Reid gave a 5 seconds interview, and said "Obama should be re-elected" amidst so much of hatred in DNC, we even have babies crying on stage.
After the election, whoever is elected, America would be more divided than ever. The mission of the BEAST  accomplished.i
Read the book "No higher POWER", when Obama speaks at the George Washington Univ, he asked the Jesus Statue to be covered. If Obama is re-elected, he would go after the Mormon, Catholics, Protestants and all other Christians. The POPE Reisinger should step up soon and oppose the Obama campaign against Jesus.

No matter if the market do a waltz, cha-cha, foxtrot or rumba, I believe INDU 13,800 is the target. As what Bill Gross has said QE3 is coming no matter what.

The Londoner has come in to assault the Euro, Gold, trying to make room ahead of the QE3 announcement on 12 September. Apple also launching Iphone 5 on the same day. And German court decision. Those Londoners are literally working against the FED ship. Nonetheless, we just wait for them to exhaust before buying the dip.

The debt balloon would be like Mr Creosote, it just need the last piece of chocolate for the blowup.
Who is going to give the last piece of chocolate ?
Think it all makes sense now. The end would come swift and fast, but first we need to fill up Mr Creosote. And we trade for dinner time.

BTW, after Sept 12, when the ECM is accepted by German court, there is still the Troika report on Greece in October, then there would come the 3rd trench of loan to Greece.
It is going to be a never ending story. Wonder if anyone want to follow it to Christmas day.