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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28 Dec why not everyday be Xmas?

The market is so calm and cool. No euro crisis, no debt tok. Why not we make every week a Xmas? 16 jan is a date with the Federal Reserve. Make sure you pay them a visit. Bring along some desserts wont you?

This may be something of grave concern. China is clamping down on Gold trading outside of the state owned gold commodity exchange and futures exchange. I.e. A lot of pple is gping to liquidate their position.

I always talk about my 3 year old daughter on the blog. Just discovered my daughter has now a pair of VAMPIRE teeth. Isn't it wonderful.

Watch the entire series of History Channel - the new Ancient Alien. Episode 11 mentions of the Free Masons being Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. I have this premonition that the Federal Reserve is an mechanism instituted by the Aliens living among us.
Closer to 21 Dec 2012, we would know what is the Grand Scheme of the Aliens.

Meanwhile, the "Margin Call" movie is running in Singapore and Portugal tomorrow.

Portugal 29 December 2011
Singapore 29 December 2011
UK 13 January 2012
Brazil 18 January 2012 (DVD premiere)
Belgium 25 January 2012
Japan 3 February 2012 (DVD premiere)
Sweden 16 March 2012
France 4 April 2012

Now I found some fantastics links on the internet that I watch all the new movies for free !!! No need to worry about storing old DVDs.

Margin Call anyone ?

There is a GAP at 125.5 for SPY. That would be a good support, if it ever gets there.

WSJ has reported on former FED governor accusing Bernanke of bailing out Europe through swaps. Now Bernanke is going to be an liability for Obama (as I have long said Benny is the Republican turncoat).
The Freemasons would have to rise to defend the Federal Reserve especially when the Occupy Federal Reserve movement is coming.
The Anti-Freemasons, anti-illuminati movement would be coming forth.
The Epic battle, the Clash of the Titans have begun.

Monday, December 26, 2011

26 Dec Post Xmas Japan update / Fukushima Hot Particles

The Japan nuclear chief made the recommendations in March, and only confirmed now by the newspaper.

Japan split into good japan and bad japan ?

I got a sore on my tongue, and I am worried. How can one live in the shadow of radiation ?

North Korea provides the solution. If people in Eastern Japan can relocate to North Korea.


A US scientist has confirmed unacceptable level of radiation in many parts of Japan Fukushima, Tokyo through shoes, air filter sampling. AND Hot particles are now present on the West Coast in US, through the April wind current.

And TEPCO is giving only $1000 compensation to those evacuated.

Tours to Japan are half their prices, and I am not taking any trips there.

Friday, December 23, 2011

22 Dec Winter Solstice and Full moon

yes, we are enjoying the Winter Solstice now, and Full Moon is coming on Saturday.

VIX has the largest drop in years, SPX heading for 1290. Financials see strong rises. Bohner caved in. Obama triumped again.

I watched the movie "11 11 11" and History Channel Ancient Aliens. The Anuki from NBiru created humans to toil for the GOLD on Earth.

Funds strategies suggested playing the straddle between 1200 and 1300 for increased volatility in January.

China Volkswagen paying its employees 23 months salaries.

Everbody is waiting for the onset of Xmas Rally, if it has not started.

If there was no Kim Jong Il death, all of us would be dead by now.

The bickering between US and China over import penalty fell into silence, after China WangQiShan called Timmy. MF Global has gone on holidays. Corzine frocklicking in warm Carribean. MF Global Investors got Thank You turkey from Jamie Diamond.

The Earth has gone silent as well, except for a mild R5 earthquake in ChristChurch.

Euro crisis nobody is following any more.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody !!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21 Dec China and Taiwan government buying equities admidst the coming Pyongyang Spring

Yes, they announced this Asia morning that they have injected monies to prop the market. China using its pension funds, and Taiwan doing it to prop the chances of its incumbent president.

Good time for a Xmas bonus for Friday.


Kim Jong Il was dead long ago. and why now ?
the South Korean, China and Russia know this Kabuki show, and just keeping quiet.
it is an awkward timing when the 6 party talk is about to happen. points to the fact that North Korean does not want any more talks.
South Korea has decided to shutdown the Xmas tree.

It is because of this secret, the new North Korean regime is vulnerable. Different factions, including those murdered would be vying for power, with coming episodes of assasination, coup, etc. The vast majority of North Korean pple would be uneasy and possibly having a "Pyongyang Spring" coming. Pretty sure, Special Operation Forces have already infiltrated the rural and sub-urban areas supplying monies and skills for the coming uprising. This Pyongyang Spring would be a bonus for Obama when he can point the world to his success in transforming regimes. As the saying goes, dun let a "crisis go wasted" or let not the "death of the supreme leader" goes wasted.

Clinton would just say Sorry to the Korean people:

and I am sure the Korean gals would make every American GIs salivate:

Bring the Boys OUT !!!
Next stop for the Iraq troops, Korea.

When the North Korean masses (with retired soldiers and US and Japan spies amidst) overwhelm the Korean and China borders. The masses would occupy the sensitive North Eastern part of China (the place where Japan launched its occupation of China decades ago). Rogue elements would push deep into vacinity of Beijing. Then we would something like "Occupy Beijing".

Worst case scenario is we see a outflow of funds from Korea, leading to a binge of Korean Won weakness.

Euro should hit to around 1.3250 to 1.3300 before Friday. a good 200 pips for an extra Turkey on the table. Go long Financials for the January rally. Europe Leader meeting scheduled to later half of January 2012.

Monday, December 19, 2011

19 Dec North Korea update

I lost my father early this year. So I understand how it feels if someone is having a party next door, e.g. erecting a giant Christmas Tree next to my house.
This is exactly the dilemma faced by the new NK boy Kim Jong En.
Should he order the bombardment of the South Korean Giant Xmas tree at the border, when the whole nation is mourning. Or some NK Captains gone crazy and orders artillery fire ? That would immediately triggered a SK retaliation.
Today NKorea fired a couple of short missles into the eastern sea. Two Japanese fighters scrambled, one got runoff from the runway.

Meanwhile, most political analyst are forecasting a calm transition. I am sure some Squid organisation may want to erect their own regime in NKorea, especially when Kim Jong Il has a son living in Macau.

The most powerful and vicious person in NKorea is one of Kim Jong Il sister, whose husband is a chief minister. Does she wants to erect her own to be the successor ?
This smells like the concubine battles.

19 Dec Kim Jong Ill has passed away

now, US, Russia and China would be battling for control over the new Regime. Or if the deputy would try to seize power over his heir.

Ron Paul is winning in Iowa.
Ron Paul would reveal Obama of what he is, a hypocrite working for the banksters, oil masters and war moguls.

Only Ron can defeat Obama, not Mitt nor Newt.

Meanwhile,last Friday, my broker was so optimistics, he said the planes are nowing waiting to take off from the runway. He is charing $50 for his talk on equities outlook in 2012 on Saturday.

Read some Chinese TA, they are equally bullish in the near term, forecasting a rally in the wings, after a completion of 5s or 3s.

Radio talkshows urging pple to scale in.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 Dec Dudley and the coming collapse of Federal Reserve

Fox news had it, Corzine spoke to Dudley of NY FED at least 10 times before the collapse, and content shows Corzine is aware of the collapse. As I mentioned in yesterday post, I am right.

So did Dudley spoke with Timmy and Benny ? Is the missing billion with NY FED in some slush account ?

As the saying goes, let not the crisis be wasted. Whoever score on this is going to win the election.

Before worms comes, it has to rot. And FED is rotten to the core, and worms are appearing. No wonder Benny says he is not rescueing Europe. He has to rescue himself first.

Would this be the Achilles Heel of Benny ? after he managed to perjure congressional hearing to the BoA fiasco ?

Focus would not shift from Europe crisis to American Treasury and Federal Reserve.

As GOD is now found, the second Messiah has come. Jesus is among us.

You know what, when I write about this, Zerohedge and Market Ticker still has not reported about Dudley. Seems like I can claim first spot now.

China Central Banker Zhou XiaoChuan spoke at the CaiJin conference today. He said he would question when the stock market performance deviates from actual economic activities by many times. He said of high frequency activities in the stock market.
So literally for the likes of JPM, MS, GS,Citi, their upside is capped in China. If they move, they would be watched.
And comments to Volker rule is closing, Volker rules say US banks cannot run Asia operations, and they cannot invest using own monies. Somewhat vague, and market participants are not able to interpret. So who wants to try it ?
Literally the impression you get is that US monies are not welcome.
Not to mention, China to slap tax on US car imports. Meaning Gernal Motors, Volkswagen, Ford would have problem.

15 Dec Gold 1565

seems like somebody is keen to buy gold at 1565.
most recent low was 1532.

SPX is holding up well, dribbling away to say the least. 1180 may be a good buy if it gets to it. market waiting at that level.

otherwise it is just a rout to take profit off the table before Xmas.

Elliotician count this as wave 2 correction in a larger bull trend. If 1158 is violated, then it may be a bear trend. Then we may enter into the 3rd wave of a bear trend. Meanwhile, we are taking the stance of a correction, with target from 1180 to 1200.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 Dec GOD is found

in these passing years and months, humans have been forsaken. Squids rule, Anti-Christ has its days. Now GOD is found:


With the Higgs Boson particle confirmed, parallel universe exists. And you are living in mind.

God would rise and rule once more.

USD is on its way to test 81, if broken, we would see a parabolic rise towards 88. Something has to be the Catalyst, while we await it reveals itself.

Merkel denying a bigger Fund. not quite the catalyst.

Jon Corzine
now it is getting interesting. MF global employee testifies Corzine knew of the use of customer funds. And now the question is who is on the other side of the Trade ?
probably it would leads to who got the 1 Billion Dollar.
Now why is Timmy so adamant that Europe saves its bonds, in the November meeting before MF Global explodes.

Is NY Fed involved in the scheme of things ?
Who has the power to levitate the market on the Wed/Thurs/Fri after the MF blowout on Monday ?

Did Corzine and associates knowingly scheme off customer monies, knowing they would be protected ?

Is this congressional enquiry on Corzine just a Kabuki show ?

Before we know the answer, my pals have already extracted their funds from the brokers. As you know, the most abundant asset is now CASH. and the only way to skim off CASH is to rob.

Meanwhile, watching USD/HKD.
Latest, China stand pat on its housing control policy. Similar to Singapore's hike on stamp duty for foreign buyers. Sign that hot monies are not welcome.
How huge would this flight be ? we would soon know.
The Asians are pretty well composed, standing aside watching the Europe Kabuki show. Thin volumes, nobody is willing to sell. What if those watching are the ones being watched ?

Now, the US nuclear sub has moved into Syrian vacinity completing the formation with the aircraft carrier. The Russian has also deployed an aircraft carrier to the vacinity.
According to strategy thinktank, Europe/US may strike Iran first, so as to seed the uprising in Syria. US and Iran is already at war, with virus strike, bombing Iran depot, etc.

Watch 2008, when the CERN started to operate and now the Higgs Boson particle is found.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 Dec FOMC December 2011 -> QE3 ?


it is a one day affair today. So watch out.

Marc Faber has mentioned of QE4. Think the Europeans are also waiting for QE3.

we would expect Gold to zoom from 1666 to 1900 in short time. And SPX to retake 1400.
That is if QE3 happens.

Meanwhile Intel lowered forecast. Though the Taiwaneese (the whos and whos in the semiconductor industry with whom I spoke to, including Foxconn (subcon for IPAD, IPHONE) expect a stable outlook for next year. Though some industries are not doing as well. Companies like Applied Materials are facing margin squeeze with the move to 12 inch wafers.

China also having a 3 day policy meeting ending tomorrow.

RMB is now on a weakening track, breach the lower limits for 8 days in a row. While those NDF is squeezed.
Meanwhile, the bull markets in the world are RMB, agriculture land. Waiting to burst.

USD is on the verge of a breakup, meaning global assets selling to reverse to USD cash. Meanwhile some Asia banks are offloading their RMB to moms and pops, offering 15% return over 5 years deposit. The outflow of monies from China would be evident in days to come. Some would call it capital flight.(to the delight of China, so that they can chase away the Westerners).
Danone and Nestle are shutting their plants in China, citing competition from local brands. A bunch of well paid Chinese executives are going to lose their jobs.

Would Benny comes to the aid of China ? (bcos QE does nothing to America).

Meanwhile Obama is trying to imitate Rosevelt and lynch the banksters, lobbyist. And he is going to get on the toes of some people in the next 11 months.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Dec Update

the Southern Taiwan township of OuLuanPi is covered with cloud, no moon visible. The Lunar eclipse would be literally overwhelmed by the liquidity of clouds.

Meanwhile, Clinton has done it again, hoping a Russian Summer. Now Russians are protesting against Putin. Putin is no Gadaffi. We would soon see a emboldended Iran.

Thailand northern is still submerged. China Beijing is shrouded in Toxic fog.

The Bankers are hoping to ramp up world prices in order to sell their Trillions at good prices. News of Soros buying Europe distressed debt. Caldaro citing Europe indices in confirmed uptrend. (let me get my glasses). While Buttonwood wrote of Gloom. (widespread civil unrest coming in Europe).

Bernanke show next week, in view of positive data lately.

10 Dec Lunar Eclipse, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Today is the total Lunar Eclipse visible from most parts of Asia. It would not be seen for a few more years.


And luckily, I am in the Southern tip of Taiwan to witness this.

as you know this market is trader market. extreme selloff at end of day, and gap up the next morning.

however, even the market maker is feeling fatigure with the Merkozy nonsense and would be going on a early holiday like me, cooling breeze in a nice little town, sipping coffee.

Of course, New Year Eve has arrived, did you guys not watch New Year's Eve premiere on 9 Dec ?

In Taiwan, the volume is very thin, and funds are agitating for Government to intervene (so as to sell their stuck position to the government rescue fund, same for the moms and pops). However as Presidential election is coming in January, the Central Banker Mr Pang wreaks of siding the incumbent. Mr Pang was the one who defended the TWD against Soros assault.

Hence, I wish you guys a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, the Christmas rally usually starts after Xmas and end before New Year's Eve.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 Dec Xmas rally

yes, we are into wave 3, of this bull rally. targeting 1300. then 1400.
probably topping out mid of January.
gold should shoot past 1900 into 2000 again.
am travelling to Taiwan. good luck.