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Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Sept End of Month, Quarter

times are different, last year, stock rallies into every monthend, quarterend. Now it is fighting for life.
Blommberg TV has to invite Michael Pento (of Pento fund) to give a rub down of why Gold is dropping, reason Bernanke disappoints many.
Like Me who is expecting the 5th wave down, a lot of funds are thinking of making the quick buck. I guess the only viable trading idea in town. and a lot of funds are getting impatient.

Meanwhile, the massive Shell Petroleum refinery in Singapore suffered a major fire. The operation is expected to shut for a month. Diesel futures are already rising. Other refineries may need to draw on more Crude. WTI tested 77 and bounced into 81.
90 is OPEC standard for them to balance cost, and leave enough for stimulus to stave unrest. OPEC may soon make annoucement to cut productions in view of slowing economy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

29 Sept Ready, all swinging dicks in the field -> Alessio Rastani

The Germans has done it. Overwhleming endorsing enlarging the ESFS. The Europeans are showing Solidarity.
Now is the time for us, Americans, so we shall do our dues and push and push up and up. As General Paton once said, "get every swinging Dick in the field"

3 more minutes to market open, let us see ROCKETS !!!!

yes, we pay tribute to Alessio.

Keiser has joined us:

Banks crashing themselves, trading idea.

28 Sept Fooling the market

Martin Feldstein has an excellent piece:

think the politicians are fooling themselves that the economy would get better in 2 years time. So Default would happen anyway, as Deutsche Bank chief has threatened the world with a Euro crash and catastrophe.

So before that happens, it has to rise to the cliff edge. So Bernanke signalling a QE3 would just do that.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wallstreet is spreading, getting worldwide attention.
Philippine is getting Japan help to fortify its sea lanes, Vietnam Prime Minister is visiting fellow South East Asian countries. Essentially, Japan, Vietnam and Philippine is ringfencing China.

Gold now on its move towards completion of wave 5, towards 1500. Think the Anti-Gold are enjoying this. 200 dollars in a matter of hours. Nonetheless I always advocate shorting Silver instead.

Meanwhile SPX holding 1170. After the fake breakdown at 1160, if this holds, the next target is 1260, daunting indeed in current environment. Market waiting upon German Parliament and Bernanke speech today.
Companies should be doing some Window cleaning for Monthend, Quarterend.

The German company which setup the Gold Bar vending machine in Dubai, has sent another one to Beijing, in one of the private clubs. As you know after Monday crash, most of the buyers of the dip were Asians. Most notably, they were rushing to buy Physical Gold. This has depleted the physical stock in a way.

A Britsh sunken warship in the English Channel was uncovered with the largest load of Silver in history. The British was trying to squirrel their Silver away.

Those who short Gold better take profit before the Asian market opens tomorrow, and they rush into the market, seeing another buying opportunity. China printed 400 Billions dollars in their QE, easily 200b get off the books into the pockets of the officials. That explains China incessant lust for Gold, for paper monies.

Tomorrow, I am attending a EnergyRisk conference. Bye now.

Wednesday September 28,2011
Cleveland, Ohio
InterContinental Hotel
Cleveland Clinic’s Speaker Series
Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, will deliver a speech today in Cleveland, at Bank of America Conference Center InterContinental Hotel, for the Cleveland Clinic. At 5:00 PM ET, Mr. Bernanke will speak on “lessons from emerging market economies on sources of sustained growth.” There may be a press conference after, and perhaps, an announcement.

Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

28 Sept Harry and his China Currency Manipulation Bill

Harry may just get it this time. And China is staring at endless trade tariffs next yr, when the bill is passed.
That means dire strait for Dollars in a month time. So Uncle Sam better makes your Dollars run now.

Another congressman is introducing a bill to ban Timmy from lending to the Europe, or IMF.

Another congreeman trying to block any reduction in Defence bills when automated cut kicks in.

A entire circus on show. You better run away from US as far as possible ? Where to ?
A billion dollar (nope, no more DOllars) question.

at 9:45 ET, Gold stopped before 1681, the previous gap. it MAY continue its 5th wave completion into 1500.

March Faber says 1000 to 1100 for GOLD if 1500 does not hold. Another fellow from TRW on CNBC talks of 1300. So everybody is guessing the bottom.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

25 Sept F1 Grand Prix Singapore

Vettel of Redbull won the Singapore race. As expected.

Let ys lend support to the "Occupy Wallstreet Movement" and bring it to every Wallstreet in the world.

Meanwhile, some READERs (not my subscribers) email me on Gold and Silver.

All I got to say, is that Gold and Silver have been around for as long as humans have been trading, in Anglo-saxon, Chinese civilisation. Civilisations have even fought wars over Silver.
Bernanke using Operation Twist jack up short term rates to flush out those who borrow to trade commodities, crude, Gold and Silver. Not to mention the timely margin raise.

Bernanke needs a fresh platform to launch his QE3 for maximum effect (i.e. benefit to the bankers, nothing for the main street).

Readers ask where am I so sure there would be a 3 for QE ?
you know there is Threesome ? Trinity ? so a 3 would come.

Coming week, we should see completion of the current down move into 1000, 1065. So more room for Commodities to fall.
Silver is doing A-B-C correction, and Gold a 5 wave down. Now it makes sense. They are going to start from the same stage again in some near future.

Next week, German parliament would debate the Eurozone plan, and Benny speaking on Wednesday. With next FOMC in November. This is going to be a volatile market, fitting for the best trader. Think you better sign up my newletter for risk management.

Some bright trade ideas.
HKD and USD peg. There is a hedge fund Pearson making a huge bet on it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

24 Sept Brutal

Am in Singapore for the F1 Grand Prix,
Sign of times, Gold and Silver smashed like the car window above in Singapore.

The Royal Bank of Scotland German executive in Singapore was driving a Bentley !!!!
That explains why all the Bank jobs in Europe has gone to supporting their Asia operations, hiring expensive executives. Sometimes, just wonder what the Hack are all the Bank Unions doing in US and Europe. UK taxpayers sponsoring luxury car productions. Ingenious.

Hey, all traders out there, we need to take a closer look at RBS.

It is brutal indeed, Gold and Silver decimated. So much so that the website silverdoctors by the Silvertards have now disappeared. So another victory for the Anti-Precious Metal cartel.
However the hurriedness point to two things: either the funds are moving back into Equities, or they are positioning for a skyrocketing Gold prices.

so this mark the end of an era in Precious Metal, and the start of a period of exuberance.

Gold and silver would just enter into a period of consolidation, more downside to come though. Gold probably going into 1580, before launching for more agitations in Middle-East and South China Seas. To be frank, such levels are always attractive to the Asian Banks, long term investors. Wait for the signal. We would expect a couple of false up.

Despite of all the commotion and noise, SPX is still above 1111, and DAX above 5000.

A South Korean banker committed suicide.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

22 Sept Kama Sutra

Bernanke saying he has a repetoire of tools to deploy, is like saying he reads and practices Kama Sutra. May be there are 100 patterns, and he has ejaculated at the 3rd position, and his partner is running away.

we are seeing world markets going into the 3rd wave down, after the just completed 2nd wave correction. SPX futures now at 1133, think 1100 would give by Friday.

This is the last chance for SWF to rid of USD treasuries, and DXY has broken out from a valley. Expecting AUD to drop through its multi-months support, and Asian currencies to significantly weaken.

AUD rapidly decimated, now at 0.9895, those who deposited AUD at 4%, would see their AUD holdings deminised by quarter when the maturity is up.

The Global Reset is now on.
Next hanging is the Palestinian Veto, which may trigger wide spread Middle-East anger and sabotage.

Something which we can meditate on:
with Deflation coming, and USD losing its reserve status, what is the safest haven ?
US Treasuries ? Gold ?

22 Sept ABCD / Planking

well, it is thumb twisting time.

China US sparring over F16 A/B and C/D, besides Chicken

meanwhile, Gold Silver planking.

Palestinian vote, means little for Israel and Palestine, but a lot for Obama. The mark of failure of US middle-east policy. Jews forsaken by its friends, again.

Obama and the entire White House is a amateur team of beuracrat. And Bernnake is a amateur economist. Think he would retire and rewrite his Keynesian thesis.

UBS Gruebel meeting his maker, the Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund in Singapore amidst the F1 Grand Prix. This is how SWF deleverage, lost on investment and then celebrate with shoulder rubbings, and champagne, shaking hands with Michael Schumacher, models, etc. Thanx to the UBS Negro trader. We need always a rogue trader to kick off the next season.

Tibersi hedge fund founder talks of 1000 USD Gold, and Silver is amply supplied at current level. So all those rubbish talks of JPM selling shorts are just normal commercial ops.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21 Sept Gloom Doom Rally

despite all the gloom doom, SPX has been doing very high, AAPL made new high.
So expecting more of Rally post FOMC, into 1250 area.

Gold should take a beating back into 1700, while USD would rally upwards.

no matter what Benny says, the market would carry on its path.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

18 Sept Obama

yes, next week it is all about Obama, his Millionaire tax, tax on capitals gains, Dividend Yields. For those who are following "Buffet Rule" e.g. holding long position, it is most prudent to take profit before wondering if tax rate would be 15% or 35%.

Next would be Solyndra, Obama pet project with financing traced to Federal Financing Bank, chaired by Timmy. So may be GOP can grab hold on something to last into the Winter.

We are moving from Autumn into the winter of Witches.

So we would see the true color of Benny, if he is a Republican turncoat.

Not to mention the bickering in Poland between Timmy and ECB, and the Germans.

To be objective, US is in a much worse shape in terms of Debt level, economy, austerity measures. Not to mention US firms on average are at 20 PE, while Europe firms are at 12 PE.
There are a lot of room for reflections for US firms, 30 to 50%.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 Sept we need change


voters said after the NY congressional election:

"Unfortunately the Democrats have let us down lately," said Anne Lenihan, 65, of Queens, who said she supported the president in 2008. "I'm disappointed in the Democrats and we need change."

Mark Russell, 37, a Democrat, said he didn't vote because he could not get excited about supporting Weprin, despite numerous calls from the Democratic get-out-the-vote operation.

"In 2008 I voted for Obama, and I made a big mistake then," said Kelly Redmond, 47, who cited the economy and the president's policy toward Israel as reasons for supporting Turner.

Now the Democrats would be pondering how to cut Obama loose and propose an alternative candidate, who is highly critical of Obama.

So, we would have Democrat+Republic against One Obama. May be the godfathers should relent and let Obama be proven ineligible for American Citizenship.

Meanwhile, expecting to see more Strength in USD, much stronger than expected, before the final swoon comes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

14 Sept Geithner wants a TARP from ECB

yes, he rather have ECB doing the QE3, than the FED doing it.
WenJiaBao at the Economic forum in Dalian, basically says F**** off to any more Bailouts by China.
And the media attention is now turned on China, with Fitch threatening a downgrade of China. Reason: China banks raising capital, Credits hard to come by. Inflation rate at 6%, interest at 3%, China in negative interest rate. So a lot of companies, loan out at high rates, e.g, 10-25%, regardless of duration, in fact it is usually short period like 1 month, 3 months, for those in need to tide over.
Hence a Credit Bubble is forming in China.

Aljazeera just reported about the Wikileaks on China buying Gold.

So Timmy has only 5 more days to squeeze a TARP out from Trichet. Expect more violence. Euro to 1.3000.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13 Sept US would default on its national debt / Templars


flabbergasting. Pastor William Lindsey is a regular speaker on Doom, do note.
He mentioned Saudi Arabia.
The coming vote on Palestinian statehoold is going to bring Saudi Arabia to the forefront.

Muslim Brotherhoold is taking over Egypt and Libya, he said.

But one thing is true, I need to think of how to buy milk powder for my "Depression Era" daughter.

Little wonder why Iran is able to accomplish so much of its nuclear reactor in short time, thanx to Americans.
One American for 500,000 USD. A million USD goes a long way to hire some Russian expertise to advise on the nuclear reactors.
Think Michelle Obama might as well organise hiking trips for college students to Iran. That would easily net 100 million USD a quarter.

Meanwhile, Vatican is really mad with New World Order pestering Italian Debt. Think the German Pope, His Excellency would order the Templars once again to eradicate this class of speculators in no time. May be we would see some Bankers vanishing in airports.
Watch Ironclad to see how invincible are the Templars.

You play with the Pagans, Greek, ok,
you play with Vatican, no, no. Watch out for a Templar behind you.

The only way to save Europe now, is for a Pan Europe Congregation.

All the Kings, England King, Sweden King, Norwegian King, Dutch King, Spanish King, Luxembourg King, (hopefully Pipa Middleton would bring her nice butt along) and the Bishops of all countries and Pope Benedict congregate in Athens, to show allegiance to fend off the NWO. Jesus, the God Father and Holy Spiritis, Zeus and his sons Thor, are there to defend the great Europe continent against Evil invasion. And the Kings and the Church would declare that the Europe continent would stay closer instead of further, would assimilate instead of divergence, to share instead of hoarding, to prosper instead of demise.

Guess what you have for American, Obama, a Black African who is actually not qualified to be an American Citizen.

Monday, September 12, 2011

12 Sept Like a Virgin

it was just a glancing CME blow, giving Aurora and not much of anything else. Now Sun goes back to silence.
meanwhile INDU, SPX hugging the support, acting like a virgin or someone who has never stepped over a cliff.
Was at the banking center, met an old lay, whose portfolio went to 500K and now down to 365K. She asked for advice, I told her market is going to go down further, but she just have to hold on.
(she does not even know how to use a computer nor SMS).

Meanwhile, a Hollander was diagnosed with the Legionnaire's disease after visiting Guangzhou. Now in Quarantine care in HongKong. This is the 10th case in HK this year, and the 3rd foreign import case. Probably China GuangZhou is rife with the disease.
Common cause is dirty water, especially in China, with dirty pipes, lavatories.
Meanwhile, it has not been acknowledged by the HK health authority yet.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Sept Weekend Geomagnetic Storm

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A geomagnetic storm is in progress following the impact of a CME around 1130 UT on Sept. 9th. This could be the first of several hits from a series of CMEs expected to reach Earth during the weekend. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

"After the outbursts of sunspot 1283 hurled several CMEs toward Earth, we expected quite some auroras in the arctic part of Norway," Frank Olsen of Tromsø. "We were not disappointed." He snapped this picture just after local midnight on Sept. 10th:

This explains the widespread power outages in US and the EQ at Vancouver. We should see more of such over next 3 days. The entire US continent is in a mode of panic over the anniversary.

Meanwhile back to EURO, it can only be explained by "Sun Tsu Art of War":
"置于死地, 而后生" you have to near Death, inorder to LIVE.

It is a good short to 1.3000. conservative to 1.3300.

Meanwhile, China is rampant with credits loans among the people, people taking up loans from cooperations, or other individuals at exorbitant rates. The famour Wenzhou province is rift with such practice. A Sub-Prime crisis is brewing in China now.

HSBC in HK is cutting its workforce of 3000. And workers are angry, they stuff rubbish inside the mouths of the 2 Copper Lion statues outside the HSBC HQ (you can find their pictures in my past posts). The Copper Lion is almost sacred. (I used to stuff a beer can in their month back in 2008, and there went HSBC plunging (5.HK) Almost every HKers own some shares of HSBC.

Meanwhile, contrary to what some commentators said, Bernanke did mention the need to provide stimulus, he stopped short of saying what. That is why the market is punishing him. Hence the market may want to provide incentive for him to act, by plunging through 1100.

21 Sept Bernanke FOMC
29 Sept Merkel German election
26/27/28 Elenin
28/11 Gold settlement

This morning the crows were chirping and flying about my roof top non-stop. And sudden wind almost blew off my furniture. Am asking family to prepare haversacks.

The space scientist says it is a glancing blow to the Earth from the CME, that is if you trust them. My mobile was working intermittently, could not complete calls.

Went our to the mall, HSBC Bank was promoting deposit of 9 months with a slightly good rate. Banks with housing loans are now scrambling to cover their ass. Do not expect much retail buying in coming months.

Obama said Election is 13 months away, he is telling you 13 months of HELL coming.

The coming US election would be the election of race, The Blacks vs the Whites. with the Aisan, Hispanics voting accordingly to how white they are. While Europe is looking at the breakup of EURO, America is looking at the breakup of the Nation, with the spectres of 51 states clumbing into separate province. When US breaks up, what is going to happen to USD ? This is the last rally of USD.

All thank you to Ben Bernanke and his failed Princeton PHD thesis.

The agony for the Billionaires would be seeing their networth shrinking tremendously (despite whatever short trades they do). And possibly some SWF's PONZI scheme exposed.

"It would be some consolation for the feebleness of our selves and our works if all things should perish as slowly as they come into being; but as it is, increases are of sluggish growth, but the way to ruin is rapid."

Lucius Anneaus Seneca, Letters to Lucilius, n. 91

Friday, September 9, 2011

9 Sept 14 months

OMG, we got to wait 14 months before Obama get kicked out. BTW, Obama, what happened to the past 30 months ?

The threat to US on 911 anniversary seems serious, it is widely reported in international media. I think all of us can skip work on 911.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

8 Sept Rick Perry

yes, heard of people praising Rick for his candidness about the American situation.

Meanwhile, an Island state seems heading into unknown. Singapore, well known for its meritocratic rule and above average personal wealth, and a place with the most millionaires, is now having uncertainty overs its dominant ruling party leadership.


Working class Singaporean executives are resentful of the un-ebbing flow of Americans, Europeans into the island state to take up high paying posts in corporations. And also influx of immigrants from China and India, taking advantage of the government sponsored housing, and flipping them to make quick monies. The Island has one of the highest rental rates and per-square-foot property prices. Its banks are flooded with loans when the interest rate is virtually ZERO.

Singapore with a population of 4.5 millions, it has 2 millions of foreigners.

On national TV, Bank VP goes on media and says American Banks better capitalised than European Banks. Just wondering, it was FED who devoted most of the funds to saving European Banks. Eur now has a support via CHF. continuation in a range between 1.4000 and 1.45000. Somehow somebody has to give, meanwhile looking at the
public commentaries, fear-mongering of Eurozone breakup is intense.

If Euro was to break up, it would have broken up months ago, seems like a stalling tactics.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 Sept in a hurry

yes, somebody is trying to push Gold and Silver down mighty hard, with timed selling at time intervals, like 4am ET when Europe opens, etc.

When Gold is going to be part of the new international standard for Reserve Currency, and US debt is going to be devalued. US and ECB would want GOLD to be as high as possible, so that their Assets are valued higher.

this Gold correction is going to be like no others.

Meanwhile CME is expected to arrive late 9 Sept, 9911. And Germany election and Merkel fate on 29 Sept. 26/27/28 Sept we are seeing Elenin pass by.
In the run up to full moon on 12 Sept, a Monday, we should be seeing a Big EQ coming. Last one to strike was in Northen Sumatra, not far from the last tsunamis.

Me to the Bank traders.
I used to have a friend who earn half a million a year, he was always on the phone, cracking his brain. Eventually he got brain cancer, his wife has to downgrade the house.
So you F***ING pussy hairdresser like Traders, get the F*** and push it all the way, you are wasting your life, taking pussy steps.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 September GOLD

seems like GOLD is trying to stage a non-confirmation of the higher high, we a MACD divergence. At least that is what the Biggies is trying to convince us: To sell or short.

I am sure most Americans are asking Why Now ? the Obama Job stimulation program, with infrastructure building, etc. This only makes his TARP, etc a suspect, i.e. his primary objective then was to save the BANKERS. Instead of boosting his chances, Americans would increasingly felt deceived.

Now China is done in, when Western media reports Weapeons found in Tripoli has been supplied by China. There goes all of China's "investment" in Libya. China's oil dream is now a dream. With Conoco Philips closing off its China North Sea production, and the loss of the oil pipeline in Libya. China only chance is to divert its daily foreign reserving inflow into buying up Crude.

Gaddafi family entering Nigeria. Now revolution is moving into Africa heartland, and with Al Qaeda elements forming the next Libyan government, the entire African continent is now aflame. Arba Spring becomes Afro-Arab Summer.

Monday, September 5, 2011

5 September Three days of Darkness 26,27,28 September

now Elenin, the brown dwarf coming between Earth and Sun on these 3 days.
3 miles high tidal wave.


I do not want my site to be a doomsday cult or a Elenin fan site. But watch the dates, including 17 Oct and 11 Nov 2011 (111111).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

4 Sept The turning point has passed

Just finished my meditation, I have a water feature with a water sprouting Gold ball (symbolising the murky beginning of the universe). It enchances my deepness of probe of my middle brain. For some, one can probe into the Dinnosaur age.

Read into my galaxy tab, and saw Wikileaks leaks on China opinion of GOLD and the US/European manipulation to suppress gold price. This would fuel a mania in the public.

The obvious would become a reality. no contrarian about it. USD would plunge and lose it world reserve currency status, Greek would default and some of the PIIGS would leave the Euro. H1N1, H5N2, H5N1, or HxNy what have you would come back in the Northern Hemisphere winter, and in full force by April 2012. China and Vietnam/and or Philippine would have military skirmish next yr, meaning confration would rise soon.

Meanwhile, September is the month to watch Israeli.

So the turning point has past, and we are on the beginning of an acceleration down.


Meanwhile the Japanese companies, airlines, government is so eager to stave off the radiation scare, that they spondor all expenses paid trip to Japan. Above a group of young, healthy University students went to Japan earthquake zone in Sendai, so called "Youth Ambassador of Tohuku".

Meanwhile reports of worries over Children lunch using beef from radiation infested region, protests errupting in Tokyo, Fukushima young couples nose bleeding, radiated container arriving into Europe ports. Increase worries of Leukemia.

If some OTHER companies can sponsor a decade long study of the Health of these students and produce a report. World health is deteriorating. In a few years times, Japan government would be laden with DEBT, compensation to the world, when the world launches a CLASS action suit against the Japanese government for deliberately endangering the life of humans. Japan is in a century curse.

World Bank Zoelick is always scaring people, Alan Greenspan came out last week and scare Euro. Now Nouriel talks of recession in US, Europe default. So the Bilderberg course of actions has been decided upon. While traders commentaries suggest of range trading, Emerging Economies still strong, blah, blah, blah.

One of my ladies friends was skeptical of me, saying that I am too pessimistics. Well, Ying and Yang. When there is a pessimist, there is always a optimist. All you need to know is how much you lose when you are wrong. She quits her regular job and become property agent, bought a bungalow on mortgage, renting it out.