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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 August melting up


here is a reality check of Fukushima.

now everything is rallying, Gold, Silver, SPX, Crude....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

27 Aug There is a piece of Fukushima in you

Think, we better gather evidence and prepare to sue the Japanese government and TEPCO incase something untoward happened to us.

Friday, August 26, 2011

26 August Uncle Warren

Uncle Warren is a legend, he is Captain America, he gives 5 Big Ones to save Bank of America. Yet what is the deal ?

The deal is that this guys are looting American Taxpayers monies, by contributing a little hoping to get priority access to BoA Trillion Dollars assets.

Remember Berkshire was shorting the market back in 2008 ? While Mom and Pop upholds Buffet doctrine of buying at every drop.

Bank does need capital
Now Banks are turning to Uncle Warren, instead of Uncle Benny.

so Berkshire may end up in the same league as BoA, Citibank, in time to come.

Be patient.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

25 August Contagion

yes, Contagion is coming on 9 September 9911. If you have watched FD5, continue to watch Contagion. If you read the poster. It is GLOBAL.

Washington monument cracked, catederal cracked, and now Irene is coming to New York.

God is merciful, it always give you a chance to redeem yourself, grab it and then run.

The Londoners would be piling in soon, to carry on their unfinished business, pushing GOLD below 1700, and Silver below 37.
GOLD and SILVER, the twins of Father GOD. One shackled to the other, hating each other. Joint at the hip, wanting to wrestle apart, the urge get more intense now.

Twins parting ways, ever so stunning.

Update 21:30 AM ET

you know how things work in Jackson Hole. Bernanke would be reading from a prepared speech. Hence the script is probably prepared and tucked somewhere and given to his aides for vetting. and some super-sleuth may have laid their hands on the script. And their employers would be positioning for a big move. So we watch today for their positioning.

Hurricane is expected to make landfall in new York around Sunday 2am.

One of Biden objective to China is to call for synchronised bailout like the previous 400b in 2009, but this is not happening. He was so frustrated that he started to criticise China's one child policy. So this time round, no more boost engines. Bernanke is out on his own fighting this war. So he is either to lament or fake happiness tomorrow in Jackson Hole.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24 Aug Battle for Oil

it turns out that the swift victory of the Libyan rebel forces can be attributed to French, NATO special forces on the ground.

And now, China is announcing it is closing its Oil producing installations in Libya. Seems like China has lost all its oil interest (suffering huge losses) in Libya. And China would be starved of oil again.

In this battle, China by not deploying support for its allies, has lost.

Time for China to ponder, monies is not enough. It needs to rapidly ramp up its Aircraft carrier building program. Churning out at least 5 carriers within 3 years.

Sudan may be next.

China is in a predicament. Far oil fields grabbed by others faraway, near oil fields grabbed by its neighbours. Everyway, she goes, she is bogged down by moral constraints: "be a good friendly superpower", "respect others soverign rights", etc.

"Bite me" Biden was really in Beijing to tell the Chinese leaders, they have lost, Round 1.

Biden visited SzeChuan China in 22 August, the site of the major Earthquake in early 2008, then destroyed entire cities, and rocketed Crude to 147. And immediately we have a earthquake in Virginia on 23 August. Is the BEAST trying to cook us something .

Gold did not drop as much as Silver, again Silver is the best shorting candidate.
Good durables should lift stock past 1200 by Friday.

With US nuclear reactors shutdown and China oil contract in Libya uncertain (despite the rebels claim that they would uphold all openly tendered oil contracts)

We should see a scrable for crude to store for the coming Winter. Crude should go back to 100 shortly, weighing again on the oready weak economy.

Grab crude now before "Johny come lately" CNOCC and the US government come to replenish their SPR. You can buy USO or UNG for natural gas.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23 August The SUN

It is not the sun, nor the moon. It is Sun Tzu. Everybody knows Sun Tzu Art of War, but do you know the ancestors of Sun Tzu ?

Long time ago in China, there was the Master of Devil Abyss (鬼谷子) who hold retreat in some foresaken mountains in China. The master has 2 disciples: Mr PANG Juan (庞涓), and Mr SUN Bing (孙傧). PENG Juan descended the retreat earlier to join "Wei" one of the China nations of out eight as the Prime Minister. He won a couple of wars. Mr SUN stayed back and learnt the real tricks from the Master.
When Mr SUN descended and was invited to join "Wei". After a while, PENG was jealous of SUN, and had SUN's lower limbs chopped off. When SUN learnt of PENG intent, SUN feigned maddness and got himself escaped to "Qi" nation. SUN then led the army in "Qi" to fight "Wei".
SUN staged an assembly of soldiers on a plain, while PENG was observing from afar. PENG recognised that formation, as his master's design, but he does not know how to break it. Out of sudden, he was assaulted and fled and eventually died (庞涓观阵).
Then SUN disappeared. After many years, his Art descended onto SUN TZU.

So what is the morale of the STORY ?

We see now an assembly of Equities, Crude, Commodities, Gold, all behaving in certain patterns. And if you do not figure what is happening. You better get your fucking backside away from your seat, and run away as fast as you can.

Good luck. Sold my GOLD.
in 2008, I traded the short from 721 gold to 550, it was hell of a ride down.

TA, 3 push ups in wave 5.
this 5 of 5 has just ended on 23 August early morning US time.
the move up from 681 has just concluded.

so Equities peaked out at May, and then a retest of high in June. Silver top out in May and Gold now in August. so time to take vacations, my friends.

Monday, August 22, 2011

22 August Silver Bed

Holy Cow, saw a bed made of Silver Latex, that would kill Bacteria.
Imagine, sleeping on a bed of Silver.

In Beijing, Biden witness a basketball match where the Americans were bullied and slammed to the floor by the Chinese.

About 1 month ago, I saw on national TV, a hedge fund manager smugly declare that he had bought BAC. it was about 10 dollar, now it is 6.5 dollar. also my fren who bought Las Vegas Sands in 2009, and made a lot, also bought BAC earlier this yr. Now it seems like he is giving back what he made.

Strangely there is not much market attention paid to BAC. Deliberate ? would BAC drop to 1 dollar ?

Friday, August 19, 2011

19 Aug My Silver Rub

now Silver has penetrated 41. I am afraid I would have to pay more for my Silver Ion rub. IT is sweltering hot.

looking at the hard work to cap Silver, it melts blood.

Meanwhile, some analyst have urged people to ignore the current fall, saying it is just a lack of confidence, no bank has yet or going to go bankrupt.

Ok, so we turn our attention to:

Dr Helen Caldicott, the founding president of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a group that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985, is equally concerned about the health effects from Japan's nuclear disaster.

"Radioactive elements get into the testicles and ovaries, and these cause genetic disease like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and mental retardation," she told Al Jazeera. "There are 2,600 of these diseases that get into our genes and are passed from generation to generation, forever."

Seems like the Japanese would be a deteriorating race in the years to come.

19 August Singapore

Neber mind the dropping stock market and the futile visit of "Bite Me" Biden to China. One has to look at Singapore. Singapore is a modern day miracle, led by some of the most brilliant politicians and administrators, it morphs from a sleepy sea port into one of the most wealthy nation in the world.

China leaders consult the Singapore leaders when they need an opionion. Its Finance Minister is almost a candidate for IMF Chief. It owns one of the most prudent SWF in the world, Temasek Holding and Government Investment Corporation (GIC). Its soldiers regularly score as top cadet in Westpoint.

Its currency SGD has strengthened so much that it is making Chinese Yuan sweat. Yet its interest rate is virtually zero.

Its Singapore leaders fetch a salary of almost 4 millions USD a year each. Many times that of Obama. Fleets of Lamborghini, Ferrari zoom the streets. High rise condos has lift for cars to your living room. India mogul paid almost 30 million USD for a penthouse unit on a condo with only 99 years lease. It is the world best destination to live in according to a CNN poll.

It is the canary in the mine for Asia.

Indonesia, India and China corruption fugitives park their billions in Singapore, when the country diligently exercise anti-money laundering rules.

And now it is bracing itself for a storm, a storm never seen since its founding days in 1965. Its government has pumped up liquidity so much that its house and office prices eclipse that of Hong Kong, New York, Japan. It sites 2 casinos, one of which is Las Vegas Sand, and its casinos are earning in the hundred millions, so much so that Las Vegas Sand turn a huge profit. Singapore is on the verge of eclipsing Macau and Las Vegas to be the biggest grossing casinos venue in the world.

Nonetheless, the dark side has come. Lately corpse starts popping up everywhere, in the park, in the reservoirs, and now in the bush next to the Istana (Singapore's equivalent of the White House).

When the country has lost its soul, the evil would move in.

Read on:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

18 Aug Chavez Gold


Chavez on his sick bed is still keen on battling US, so the Morgue is going to rush to buy Gold or send those Tungsten bar to Venuzuela.

Seems like more and more people is getting to know that the banks are short of GOLD to deliver.
Would this trigger a crash ? so that more people can buy cheaper
A parabola ? so that more people would let go of their gold, and replenish the physical stock or reduce paper holdings.

Meanwhile news of Meltdown through the floor of Fukushima starts to surface, and the Fukushima pipes burst due to an Earthquake.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

17 Aug Euro Bond no Bond

no bond, and a futile meeting between Merkel and Sarkozy. Two world leaders who may not be around this time next yr.

Let the Londoners and New Yorkers meet and decide the next step.

As the Chinese proverb goes "Everything is ready except the Easterly Wind".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16 Aug Euro Bond vs T-Bill

this is as of last Thursday, a picture speaks a thousand words.

so it is a Fight between James Bond and Billy the kid. A shootout coming. and China has weighed in on James Bond.

Instead of rushing into T-Bills, Euro-Bond would be a nice hideout, in view of the coming Europe Fiscal Union.
And Soros has called for Portugal and Greece leaving bloc.

Meanwhile Gold trying to break 1777, Silver trying to break 40.

Silver is a good short at 40 to 41, have to confess, I use my Silver Ion rub every morning. I rub a cross on my nipples, my chest, my armpit and my neck to get rid of the summer odour.

Monday, August 15, 2011

15 Aug

titleness, awaiting market.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

11 Aug Rally begins for Final Destination

finally Corporate Monies are coming in, as demanded by Obama, to share buy back, that is how the final stash of cash in corporate America would be exhausted.
Government no monies, Corporate no monies, People no monies. No more buying, that is the End Game.
Meanwhile get ready for a rally in Equities. Gold rally has come to a halt meanwhile.

now CHF wants to peg to EURO. EURO+GBP+CHF, the biggest monetary union in human history, other than Silver.
no currencies can be trusted now.

If JPY announces peg to EUR at 105 to 115, then we have literally a Global Currency, then RMB would join in. USD would be an auxillary currency.

yes, the Final has begun.
Gold now at 1825,
SPX at 1173,
Silver at 38.48

listening to some melcholoy piano music. let's stay in silence and cry and enjoy the moment over some good wine or beer.

10:55 am

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 August Rest

All Bernanke has said is that something is coming, but no yet.
So this drop would takes time. meanwhile, rising to retest the breakdown level at 1220-1250.
so the bears got to take their last summer break, while the bulls got to work hard.

Meanwile Crude touched 78 and bounced into 83. OPEC standing by with hands fold.

GOLD is toppish, and Silver going nowhere. would stay out of Precious Metals and switch to Crude for the race towards 160.

Bolivian President Evo Morales visited China to discuss strategic Chinese investments in Bolivia, including large development projects meant to diversify Bolivia’s economy, Bolivian presidential spokesmen Carlos Romero said, AFP reported Aug. 9. Romero said the investments under discussion will involve iron core and lithium mining. Accompanying Morales on the trip to Beijing are Bolivian Planning Minister Viviana Caro and Economy and Finance Minister Luis Arce.

In case you did not get the message Bernnake was telegraphing, he is saying economy in a deflationary spiral for the next 2 years. So 2012 we would be the bottoming of the deflation cycle, right when Obama relection is right on.

So Obama has been done in by the Bankster team led by Timmy, and the Republican Trojan, Benny. Timmy is staying on to give his Slave President a fatal stab.

So the market pause take stock, and digest this telepgrahic message. We should be the major trend resume.

Update 11:11 AM China Military--------------

China GuangXi Military Zone is mobilising for a exercise, with participation with troops Northern part of China. Japan is complaining China sea probe.

North Korea fired blank shots in the direction of South Korean around the vacinity of Yong Peng, and South Korea returned fire.

Now somebody is spinning on CNBC that Gold is a measure of risk, not value.
Comex Gold spot at 1779.

Jamie Diamond coming on national TV taking question. He is said to be calm, controlled. Hi Jamie Silver.

London Right Wingers taking to the street to enforce order. The Yankees seem to have lost it.

It was Jerome at SocGen who sold billions of DAX futures in early 2008, then started the rout. Now it is SocGen again. Let us never doubt, the French are the mastermind. That explains why IMF Chief was DSK and now Lagrade.
Get ready yourself a French Cap.

Wanted to Rest, but the market not allowing, sigh......

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 August London Boulevard and Bolivia Silver

Interestingly, I picked up a DVD from my racks of cheap DVDs and it was "London Boulevard", by Colin Farrell.
Riots burn down moms and pops shops. That is despicable. They should go and burn those posh houses owned by the corrupt Chinese. Dun waste a fire, as they said.

Now waiting for Benny to speak. QE3 would come, it is a matter of how low Benny allows it to go.

Surveying Asian newspaper, all the business moguls and government officials rules out a second dip. Essentially the real selling has not come. The moms and pops are stunned to say the least.

Quote from the DVD "London Boulevard", "what you want and whar you dun want are 2 fucking business". Hear that Benny.

You know Pretcher once called a top in 2010 at 1118. Now he is awfully quiet. Pretcher Elliot Wave is a paid crony of the Vampire Squad. He is a Vampire junior.

You know why Jimmy Diamond shorts Silver like no tomorrow, because Silver bullets kill Vampires. The Vampires sell down Silver to collect the entire repository of Silver on Earth. So that there is no more Silver bullets to kill them.

And now Bolivia president is running to China, because the nationalised mines of Bolivia is haunted by troops of Vampires. He has no choice and asking for Chinese to station in his mine. The Vampires are going for his Silver.

The battles of the Vampires is on, under the command of the BEAST.

It just got started. Burn, burn, from London, Paris to New York, Los Angeles.


Obama blames it on Bush again. And says US is always a AAA country.

Meanwhile, a relief rally is coming after Bernanke.


Now Chinese are really pissed at hearing their government funding US spending.
Thanx to the children of the Communist Party leaders studying in New York, Stanford, Havard,etc. Time to round up all these overseas rascals living on corruption monies.

Word of Cation.
the target of the SPX head and shoulder at 1150 has been reached. SO a rebound in the cards.
however if it does not hold, then 1111.

now, hardly people talks about Rupert Murdoch. and the Scotland Yard and Cameron are now heroes. Pretty sure Murdoch would spend every nickels of his to make sure things never rest.

By the way, HSI 50 and 200 have crossed.

now the Muni, remember Meredith ?

My big interest is in Crude, would drop to 70, then the explosive up move when Israel flies to Iran.

List of countries of Public Debt by GDP, your next Billion Dollar trading idea.

Monday, August 8, 2011

1188 Stock Market Crash 8 August 2011

the game plan,
market makes a drop at open, not substantial,then recover towards noon. After 2pm, the go-to hell drop would begin.

trading idea:
other than the obvious trade of buying dip and selling impulsive high in equities,
go for the Gold\Silver arbitrage, Gold and Silver trapped in range of 42 to 44.

when ratio goes to 44, sell Gold, Buy Silver,
when ratio gors to 42, sell Silver, Buy Gold.

Bias towards selling the weakest Silver,
Long the stronger Gold.

Well, well, the President of S&P is a Indian gentleman, Devil Sherma. Well, Indians care shit about Americans welfare, the likes of Galleon Rajaratnam. Their lust for monies are ruthless. Look at the rampant corruption in India at all levels. This downgrade reeks of corrupt intent. Think the FBI better raid S&P office, before Moody and Fitch follows suit.

We are 6 more days towards full moon, look for some earth shattering EQ in the next few days. Volcanoes coming alive in Italy, Indonesia. A big one is coming. California ?

Bernanke is speaking tomorrow, meanwhile 1111 is a strong support. Can Timmy hold it there ? Would this be the correction that all of us are looking for before a new rally ? Would you be the Atlas to appear to hold 3 continents: US, Europe and China ?

We are approaching noon. The last flash crash happened in 2010 at about 2pm, after El Elrian has spoken earlier in the day.

This time round, Geithner as quoted on TV is saying that world governments have lots of room to move to prevent a double dip recession.
What room ? yes, like the Arab Spring, US is exporting instability.
Now, we know who are the disciples of the Anti-Christ.

The Ob and his two disiples: Timmy and Benny, wrecking havoc.

1188 Black Monday

Before I proceed to blah, blah, blah. Consolence to the 30 Navy Seals who perished in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan. I urge Obama to redouble the troop size, with a surge of 100,000 to safeguard American interests and life.

As I was walking to take my train, I pass by a lady who was reading a novel while walking. I am pretty amazed that people now learnt how to optimise their time. Had a glance at her novel,

Amazing, it was "Black Monday".

S&P announced on Friday market close, Geithner get back with a rebut, S&P corrected its calculation and the conclusion is the same, a downgrade to AA+.

And the G20 make a Dovish statement before Monday Asia open.

So what is the game ?

The game is that it was gamed sometime back, that the Downgrade would happen. And Bilderberg, Banksters, Soros and friends are all prepared for this moment. And as they say "dun waste a crisis". The tepid response at this Asia Market open is going to be dwarfed by what is going to happen when Europe opens.

Think the target is the Asia emerging economies (not emerging at all, if you look at Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, etc).

This time round, Hong Kong peg to the US dollar would come under immense stress, and probably that was why Soros has setup shop in HK, for this epochical moment.

China communist party is under immense stress, riots errupt on its western cities, storms, droughts are wrecking its harvest. Wide public disapproval of the 7.23 Train accident. In 2008, after the Beijing Olympics officially open on 8/8/8, Shanghai composite plunge into 1200. 3 years later, we are going to see the same.

The big funds, insitutional funds are not expecting something dramatic, as they see it as something that has been priced in. The retail are like a deer caught in a beam from an oncoming car, frozen.

So that is why it is going to be Black Monday.

Uptill now, the market has dodged the Galleon funds collapse, the Dubai crisis, the robo signing mortgages by banks, the GOM oil spill, the Arab Spring (more like Arab Hell, thanx to Obama), the Japan 3 in one disaster, and then the Debt Limit.

When it collapses, all these debt has to be repaid. Just like one has to pay its debt in its past life.

I would not trade on this, because the market can swing wildly in either way.

The horror would be when QE3 comes, it does not do anything lasting to the market. And that is the Horry movies.

Seems like FD5 on 13 August, means the road to Final Destination has begun.


As if this Debtmaggedon is not enough, we have the Solareggedon.

So it is "Geddon" galore.

Let us imagine that the Solar storm hits, and those HFT cannot stop, and keep selling, we may just have IBM at $1, Google at $1, wow!!! Get prepared.

Update 2am ET--------------
one of the most resilient market in Asia, Singapore, MSCI Singapore did a 4.5% drop.
now S&P has done it ? obviously a Republican bias.
who is more Democratic ? Fitch or Moody ?

By the way, China's Dagong downgraded US to A+.

Now Citigroup Orzag is saying Obama's economic forecast too optimistics. Alan Greenspan says that would be no US default, because FED can always print monies.

somebody citing somebody's forecast of GOLD at 1736.
Am surprised that such forecast are so close to current levels.

Asian currencies is significantly weaker, though USD is top of the news. Funds are pulling back from Asia.

Earthquake Watch California
there are 2 3.2 EQ near Los Angeles.

FOX carried an article accusing China Debt to GDP ratio is even worse than Portugal. I believe so, as the unofficial debt is even higher than official figures.
There are so many government, bank officials absconding with Bank deposits, counting hundred billions. These officials squander the monies in casinos, houses overseas in Canada, US, London, Singapore, etc.

So the world is now on the edge of accusing one another. Not to mention, China intention to occupy the South-china sea islands soon. Possibly to conincide with Israeli taking out Iran nuclear facilities. So that the Americans would be handtied.
Remember, the Chinese communist did rescused thousands of Israli and given them refuge in China during the holocaust.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 August Relief rally

it is really really oversold now. prepare for a relief rally, after NFP, like buy the rumour, sell the news.

Silver was an even better short than SPX, Dow. you can get 6% simple, 15% on leverage.

Asia hours, it is Tumble Dumble, largest single day drop in Asia since 2008.

as said, you short the Weakest, like Banks, GBP, Silver.

Meanwhile on a bus heard some Guru saying:
"Economic cycle getting shorter, it happens now every 2 years".
"the end of capitalism,..."

If you want to go long, buy Google, Apple for a relief rally.

2AM ET, and the Asia desk of the JP Morgue comes out to short Silver. looking at 37 from 39.

Look at Hang Sang Index, it was a big big GAP down. Those hardworking Asian Lackeys who allocate their savings into Equities, must be sitting worried in office.

Hong Kong has 2 big Morgues, the JP Morgue and Morgue Stanley, essentially sending the moms and pops to the morgues.

It is all a planned drop sanctioned by the Bilderberg party.

Nonetheless, pls be reminded that once HSI dropped 10,000 points and recovered 8000 points the next day, before proceeding onto the 2007 peak in October.

The Billionaires redeeming their hedge funds, a massive profit taking going on.

And Rumour has it:
Banks are charging interest on Interest !!!!. Monies now have to find alternatives ?
US Treasuries ? Euro bonds ? GOLD ? not enough, how about Silver ? ... Hmm, Crude. Yes. that is the answer.

Heard a colleague over the phone talking to her husband, "as you to sell you dun sell, now 2K missing"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 Aug Final Destination 5

Believe the selling would continue into next week. meanwhile, I met a friend who bought Las Vegas and sold it, telling me he is buying. Another friend I met in the canteen, saying buy.
And then when i drive to work in the morning, I hear radio DJ turn analyst talking about this golden buying opportunity, quoting some other traders, ProTrader, saying the Hard Trade is the Right Trade. and then shortly after, blurting out Buffet famous quote: Be greedy when others are Fearful.

Well, symptoms of too much monies around. So eventually all these monies have to be burned.

meanwhile, no opinion on Gold, too high for the taking. At least the culprit for the Gold support at 1600 is known, the KOREANS, who increased their GOLD 16 fold. Now I wonder, if they are preparing for WAR ?

Chatter abound about Israel strike Iran before UN vote on 13 September.
Once Palestine becomes a nation, Israel has to respect its right, and helmed in by a Iranian presence at its border.

The only chance that Obama can get re-elcted is through a war.

When is Bernanke going to do his last Tango ? Probably with this rising demand for treasuries, it compensated for absence of Fed buying.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 Aug SPX below 200 days moving average

this is serious, SPX below 200 days moving average.
meanwhile in this Hot Summer, bought a body rub that has Silver Ions. it just killed off the Bacteria. Silver spoons were used to detect poison.

now this is really crazy, somebody writing about Silver at 1500, 37 times current level. How can that be ? even so, it would take at least 37 years !!!.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Aug all thunder no rain

yes, it is all a show.
that includes the drop in S&P. It is a drop that would generate headline fear, and that is it. still holding on to 200days ma.

We should see a rally strong one, starting soon. Meanwhile, Iran is awfully quiet.

the radiation leak at Fukushima seems unstoppable, soon the Prime Minister head would be hung on a stick for deceiving the nation.


The Japanese government is exacting tyranny over its people, but hiding information. and realsing only bits of it now after 4 months. No wonder, Nikkei has the steepest jump after the US Debt deal. The biggies are now going to hound Japan and YEN, and more and more scary facts would be revealed: Tokyo is now inhabitable.

The Japanese should rise and prosecute their leaders.

Monday, August 1, 2011

1 Aug Holidays for the lawmakers

so now, the Kabuki show has ended. So our hardworking Lawmakers shall go for their well-deserved holiday, that makes a good environment for a rally.

Who has won ? both the Democrat and Republicans,
who lost ? Obama. The Kabuki shows how helpless is his leadership. Already WSJ can't wait to explain his weakness.

so finally, we are getting our long awaited rally. the 200 days MA saved the world.