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Thursday, July 28, 2011

28 July The rush out the door

Essentially behind all these Debt Limit thing, US is broke. It is a matter of time when somebody shout FIRE, while everybody is pretending nothing is happening.

Wonder what would be FED ability to stop the torrents, especially when they were so helpless in 2008.

start to see people posting charts showing similarity of 2007 drop and current pattern. I am still the camp to say that the rally is unfinished.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

27 July Kabuki, opps, sorry it is a Circus

A wellknown Japanese broadcaster laughing at the China train collision over the weekend. Laughing at the China imitation of Japan railway technology. This is going to be the Laugh that sank thousands ships.

Philippine Aqino want to bring the island dispute to the United Nation. Like Palestinian wanting to goto the UN.

well, the Kabuki show carries on. America is now the laughing stock of the world.
The Norway killings marks the onset of the White Extremist movement in Europe.

SPX is still holding up well. this shows its intention to move up.

Opps, Obama said it is a 3 ring Circus. AND he is the Ring Master.


The Republican strategy is working. Obama is now portrayed as an ineffective President. Better still, the Replicans with their friends on Wallstreet may make the farce that came out from Obama a reality.

Meanwhile, the market is well supported despite all the jitters. Somebody is buying. In an ranging condition, and nothing to suggest panic in the market. Geithner got the monies to spare, and have suggested today that he may has the monies to last beyond 2 Aug.

USDCHF is on the verge of 0.8, once broken, it is over the cliff, same goes for USD/JPY, and everything else. It would be the race for history.

Friday, July 22, 2011

22 July Gold Sail

3 billion pound GOLD yatch owned by a Malaysian.

What a sail.


The most wanted man of the China government is being released to be extradited back to China. And the turmoil shall begin, when he is going to reveal all the hideous deeds of past and present top ranking Chinese officials. Look forward to intense power struggle.

Meanwhile Bernanke and frens are heaping on shorts on Silver and Gold. And you know there is where the big monies is.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 July Clash of Debt giants

a head fake became of Bear Trap. that is what happened to Gold, Silver yesterday.

anyway, it is still perching on 1600 and 40. So no big deal.
Meanwhile you read about pple posting Gold confiscation, it is truly frustrating that when you push the market down, public starts coming in to nibble, and buy pieces.

Meanwhile rumour has it that 21 July, Greece is going to default, and US which is going to default and having some good signs.

So market is gunning for a big move. Stay away if you have no cardiac defribilators nearby.

Meanwhile, see like China has reached a truce with Asean, while Philippine senators step onto one of the disputed island. Now who is f***ing whose family ?

Crude looks compressed and a big move is coming. Look at Japan YEN, it is tiptoeing on the edge of the cliff, right about where the intervention post Fukushima comes in. Nikkei is hovering 10,000.
Asia is hunky dory, real estate prices keep climbing incessant. It cost 50K USD to get a certificate of entitlement to buy a car in Singapore.

Plosser says FED is doing some drills for incase a default comes.

So the suspense keeps going when everybody is expecting a last minute deal.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

20 July Wendi Deng

ok, so what is hot ? Wendi Deng, and her springing tigeress pounce on the attacker. You have to be amazed by her quick flex and thinking.
No wonder Rupert Murdock got her (or she got Murdock).

British government helpless and hapless in the face of the media mogul.

Or then that, the US government ploy to instil confidence in its bonds and US dollars, with the "gang of six" pushing through a 9 Trillion cut in 10 years.

So a deal is likely to happen. Market rejoiced as it did on Tuesday. Gold pulled back below 1600.

So is it a head fake for Gold above 1600 and Silver above 40 ?
Mindful of HKMEX opening its Silver Futures on Friday.

SPX is on its way towards 1400 after all the noise. So load up on Equities.

SPX is on its current 3rd wave up, a long climb up. Meanwhile Crude is also looking up. We are into a phase of "everything going up".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 Jul Crude

looks like Crude waiting for a breakout of the the Triangle formation.

Meanwhile to the delight of the silvertards, Hong Kong ME launching Silver Futures on 22 July, delivery to be taken in HK. HK has good warehousing for precious metals, besides Vintage wines.

This is an avenue for Asians to stockpile their PM, while switching out from pulp currencies.

Read in the newspaper that pple are not mindful of the high Gold price. They just buy when they need it for festive reasons. Like what ones' galfriends would say: "wait till I know you better".

Haha, when the public get to know Gold, it would be festive buying by the Chinese, Indians in Oct/Nov.

Meanwhile technicals show that Gold look stretched above 1600.

Ron Paul has said it correctly, Obama choose to threaten pensioners receiving social security cheque than his banksters friends.
This is going to cost Obama dearly in his next election bid. The democrats are doomed no matter what is the outcome.
It is not the ends that count, it is the means.

Monday, July 18, 2011

18 July a eventful week

How do we know that it is going to be a Eventful week ? just because Gold and Silver ramp up higher on Asia market open.
the sharp ramp up at market open, almost push Gold to 1600, but did not.

Usually Asia market moves are reversed in Europe and US market time.

Meanwhile Rumours are flying about a Europe Financial stability forum on 21 July. 072111. The day when Atlantis return. Possible outcome a Greek default. (come to think of it, Greece and Atlantis, what a coincidence)

So a trading opportunity exists to Short Euro for a steep steep drop and then recover in similar fashion. Reducing debt is actually bullish for the Currency.

And in US, there is the McConnel plan as fall-back, so the Republicans are giving the Tea-Party agenda a go this week. A real plan. Cut, Cut and Cut Big.

With all these Debt fear, likely Gold and Silver would continue the move. But 1600 and 40 are formidable targets, and good place to take profit. before a good down move and take position for the up move.

Meanwhile, HTC, a very successful Taiwan handphone maker is buying back shares to prop its share prices. As most companies have borrowed a lot, they have to sustain their borrowings with a strong share price. So we shold see companies exhausting their cashpiles, while the market is dropping. This time are the Corporates who are buying all the way down, by virtur of DEBT.

So in the end, the CORPORATEs are starved, the public are Cashless, and the Government are bankrupt. So this is how things are going to be for a long time, possibly a decade or more.

Update 1am ET-------------
Silver futures went on to 40.01, but Silver spot is at most 39.95, stingy fellow.
Look for the Londoners coming in to sell the market.
Silver break out is 39.30, it is always the best one to short, stay away from shorting gold, it is going nowhere.

Update 2:14 am ET
Silver made a stab at 40 and went through, if 40 is sustained, the next target is 45, otherwise, Silver rebound would be over and heading for 32.
As I am always suspicious of Monday Asia moves, would only take confirmation before going long on equities/gold/silver.

Likely sceniario, Wallstreet would return and sell down when market opens, back to square one, like this 40 stab never happened.
Any way spot Gold did not made it to 1600.
last 1599.87.

Interestingly, DXY also doing a rally. Meaning, Gold is getting more expensive across all currencies. it is an amplification of Hyperinflation.

Something must be boiling.

Obama making an annoucnement tomorrow Tuesday at rose garden, presumably a personal announcement. What would it be ?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 July indeed it ends

yes, Treasury annouces that it is no longer puting monies into the financial stabilisation fund, and
a cyclone with a snow core is heading towards Japan.

Friday, July 15, 2011

15 July IT ENDS

hi, the day has come !!!! Harry Potter death of the hallow.

Bernanke tried to retract when he told Senate when he attends the Congress hearing, talking about Inflation Targeting.
In 2007, right around the peak, Bernanke was also talking about inflation targetting when interest rate was around 4 to 5%.
Now it is only 0%, and what Inflation is he talking about ?

He is talking about the Future, we are on the threshold of an extended period of inflation.

Gold needs a rest before 1600, and Silver before 40. As usual, long the strongest, short the weakest. Silver 3% rise in a day, is stretched too far.
SPX is good buy.

The Debt ceiling Kabuki Theatre is really getting no where it seems, with Jamie Dimon, Geithner and Bernanke showing up.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

14 July Gold is not money

Bernake does it again, he said "GOLD is not Money". Read his lips, he is actually saying "Money is GOLD". no wonder GOLD is rallying.
While Silver, the poor cousin of GOLD, get all the bashing from angry Gold shorts.

In the early 1910-1920, the Western countries, Portugal, Spain, Britain, Dutch flocks to China to buy spices, porcelain, giving Silver in return.

When they ran out of Silver, they decided to export Opium to China, to get their Silver back. And when the Chinese realise their folly and decided to fight back, we have the famous Opium War, which China lost and had to return their silvers.

Silver is more lethal, it is war.

There is the Transformer Silver coin issued as legal tender by the Government of Tuvalu, it has Megatron, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime.
and then there is this Panda Gold coin. My favourite is the Panda 1kg Silver coin.

Mullen had a rough treat in Beijing, he thought he could wake up from a nice King size bed, from a puffy pillow, and then shake some hands, and earn his per diem. He was greated with strong rhetorics from China, on US-Taiwan weapon sales, spy craft flying close to China borders, US having joint naval exercise with Philippine and Vietnam.

Those Ratings bastards, now say would downgrade US debt from AAA to Aa. and China Dagong says US has defaulted. And look at Obama, the bastard threatening Americans with delaying social security checks, pensions payout, etc.
4 years and nothing has changed, except the Banksters running off with payouts.
and now Obama is working for his Treasury Secretary.

Ridiculous, but Enjoy........

Update 2:45 AM--------------
may be this Debt Limit is just a show ? for the Chinese,
may be Geithner does not want to pay interest on the Bonds owned by China.
may be US want to start a war in South China Sea and conveniently skip payment to China ?
may be all these is just a cloak with the dagger pointing to China ?

may be Bilderberg decided that a WAR is needed afterall ?

may be it all ends 15 July ?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July America Soap Opera

yes. The GOP debt talk with Obama is like a Soap Opera with twist and turns. Now Obama is given new powers to raise debt limit without need to consult Congress. As proposed by a Republican, dear Mitch McConnell.

Think America might as well do away with Congress or Senate, and better still, forget about 4 years election. Just let Obama stand for President till he wants to retire.

So, as expected, Market would rejoice over this Soap Opera.

Light this one, baby !!!

this Debt talk would end on 15 July, and everybody in Congress and Senate and Obama royal family can catch the Premiere of Harry Potter, the last dance.

Next Destination-> Final Destination.

QE3 is on the way, as what the FOMC reveal FED readiniess to implement more easing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

11 July China inflation and Italy

yes, China hits 6% inflation, while economy is slowing. It looks like a likely candidate for STAGFLATION. So China is on the doorstep of a couple of years of High Inflation. Taxis are raising prices, Statbuck, MacDonald in China raising prices.

While the Squids have shifted attention to Italy, member of the PIIGS union. Italian government first response is to identify the Short sellers. Somehow somebody is bent on destroying the Euro.

Probably more show, when US is on the verge of a Debt collapse. It is a Currency Battle in disguise. US proxies zooming in on Europe interests, such as staging the DSK debacle.

Mullen is in China. May be they are having a paper warefare, make out the moves in theory.

If Philippine and Vietnam relent, they would have to allow China petroleum companies access to the oil fields, and US companies like ConocoPhilips, Chevron would lose their interest in South China seas. Which is a no-no. And Houston interest may prompt US to take a more belligerant stand. It would become apparent after Mullen complete his business trip. All these people like to travel in style, spending tax payers monies to spend in Shangrila Beijing, St. Regis, etc, talking about talks.

Let us put this South China sea into perspective. It is like letting China walks into your house, sleep with your wife, though the house is still yours, and your wife is yours of course. All this talk about Restraint is bull-shit talk.

And China is going into political turmoil. With the recent debacle of false news of death of its ex-Chairman, and the coming change of power in 2012, and the incessant pressure for political reform, the certainty of the leadership post 2012 is in doubt.
(incidentally, my China and India business partners are in monies trouble.)

We are closer to the Full Moon, we last had the 7.6 EQ off Japan, another Big One may be coming in the next 2 days.

Obama looks like going for Plan B, letting Geithner take care of it, using his bags of tricks, robbing John to pay Paul. You know what, whatever gimmicks they have, it is the TAX PAYERS who pays.
so dun expect any big deal on 2 August. The event would just come and past. Like those TARP, bank stress test thing, lot of hot air, and just buy time.

Update 6 AM
every day at 8am, the biggies would come in and push up GOLD, Silver, Crude, etc.
Gold heldup, Silver was half failed, Crude was a total disaster.
Hence on the next down leg, Crude is the best candidate for shorting, next come Silver. stay out of Gold.
Monday, and Tuesday should be correction for SPX and Commodities alike. Bias towards shorting commodities.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 July it ends on 15 Jul

Well, it is like Bear galore, pple running article on Recession in 2012.
Achutan writing about it.

That means another rally coming, may be on Tue/Wed. It feels like the End has come, but it does not end yet.

As what Atlantis commander said "light it up one last time !!!"

Meanwhile,mass demonstration in Malaysia against the incumbent. Seems like Arab Spring has come to South East Asia.

Friday, July 8, 2011

8 July Planking on 5 mins chart !!!!

Yes, today is the launch of Atlantis, around noon time.
Meanwhile, SPX is poised to go up, may be for a quick dip at open.
Watch 38 for Silver for a good short, also Gold. But prefer to short Silver.

if you want a reason for the rally of Equities, possibly because market is pricing a halt in the rise of interest rate worldwide. China has seen its last hike for this year, ECB is done at 1.5%. in reaction to FED halting QE.

Implications for Commodities unclear, possibly in a penalty box, or a Planking of sort, range trading for a extended period of time.

Target for SPX would be conservatively at 1410-1430 before any substantial pullback.

We are seven more days into the next Full Moon, expect some severe Earthquake. Last was around New Zealand, 7.6, with a Tsunamis scare.

Update Asia open ----------------
you literally see everything planking on a 5 mins chart, Gold, Crude, etc. Something dreary is going to happen.
The Big Boys are convening over concalls to plan the next step.
Better stay away.

Even Harry Potter is saying GoodBye in a tearful way:

So guys get ready for the short of your lifetime. Meanwhile it is up.


Plan B is now out. Problably Mr Bonner, Rand Paul are better off, going for their summer holidays, and let Geithner work it out in his Department. Guideline, rippff the pensions plans, social security and pay those foreign bonholders. This is inline with Obama operation principles. F*** Amercia and Pay our China friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7711 Prep for Take Off

yes, it is 7 July 2011. Atlantis is prep for take off. Now, this is really the final one.

Meanwhile SPX taking a breather ahead of NFP, to let off some steam. NFP good, market rejoices, NFP bad, market rejoice more, because QE3 is coming.

Anyway it is up. Commodities wise trapped in range, same applies for Crude. Vitoil seems to have taken the summer off.

Raising the debt ceiling is inevitable.

Update 1:35 AM
Financial Times headline: Brussels fightback against Moody.

Yes, those rating agencies were invisible in the last bank crisis, offering no guidance, and now with the PIGGS, it is most willing to offer any advice to scare the market, and yet leaving the US alone.

So the world should infact ban Moody, S&P, Fitch and make them irrelevant. Obviously they are the tools of the vampire squids alike.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 July rows of Green Lanterns

yes, rows of Lanterns. with a spinning top on Tuesday. Dip and expect the rally to continue. Dip because of credit rating agencies warning on China debt and the Conservative Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund selling a chunk of China Bank shares.
While Morgan Stanley Asia encourages people to buy Asia.

Think the biggies is trying to draw attention to the Bad Debt on those China provincial governments. and the underestimated loans in the form of structured notes, etc.

So in short, China is a big pool of Debt.

Debt Galore. Debt everywhere.

Peter schiff wrote about the re-emergence of Barter Trade. And news had it that Goldman Sachs had hired warehouses to store industrial metals, e.g. Aluminium. And CocaCola is complaining that those warehouses are not releasing enough metals.

With the collapse of Fiat Monies, holding something concrete is safer.

If you watched Transformer III, the Sentinel wanted to move Cybertron, the autobot planet, to Earth to tap its resources. Probably Bernanke's pulp is useless to those guys.

I guess everybody out now looking for Hedges.

Gold. Newspaper wrote that the Thais rushed to buy GOLD after the opposition won the Thailand election, signs of power struggle with the military.

China continues to be agressive with Japan on its offshore island. China cannot goto International Arbitration, already it has lost. Its only chance now is to intimidate, and snatch literally. May be we would have a NKorean event, followed by a Vietnam incident.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4 July Independence Day

I decide to put up a picture of our national heroes on the 4 July. They were selected in 1996 to join NASA, and after 15 years, they got a shot to steer the Atlantis, and this is the last shuttle flight for the nation. Salute to our HEROES.
The shuttle would fly on 8 July and return on 20 July after 13 days.

I like to write on Independence Day, as my readership goes up.
We used to have a Independence Day movie, where Earth was attacked by Aliens.

Watched Transformer 3 over the weekend, Darkside of the Moon.

The HFT are definitely at work, incessantly pushing up the Indices bit and bit. you know what, Nikkei 225 went back up to 10,000 on Monday Asia open.

Those Silvertards are at work again, a blogger talked about dimishing Silver inventory at Comex, whcih would deplete by Dec 2011, at an logarithmic increasing rate.

Then another analyst type talks about Silver hitting 20 dollars, another says 22 dollars.

Another talked about Silver usage in Solar Panels.

So what is coming ? no so sure about Commodities or Precious Metals, or Euros. Euros seem to have loss its steam after Papa wretched another austerity package.
But SPX and friends APPL, GOOG are going for new heights. It may take a breather on Tuesday, but 1400 is the target.

So with the Green Lantern corps, Autobots around, surely you would not want to fight them. Atlantis is going to go for the last Space Shuttle launch in American history on 8 July. Final Destination 5 (watch it) would be reached on 12 August.

Update 4 July 1:20 AM ET------------------------
we seems to have a mini-rally going on this long weekend Monday in Asia hours. Usually the rally would reverse itself when Tuesday come, essentially back to where it started on a US Sunday night.
Opps. SPX futures hit 1334 and now down to 1329.
So the trend of rallying Indices would continue on Tuesday when market opens.

Also read somewhere, somebody talking about Crude makig a Big A-B-C move, and C is 170 in some undetermined near future.

Friday, July 1, 2011

1 Jul New Month new resolve

new month, SPX has new resolve, towards 1400 finally. we possibly have 6 to 7 weeks of rally ahead and SPX is now at 1330. Impressive.
Commodities, Crude are all lagging, all monies have now switched to Equities.

So buy the strongest of them, like Baidu, Google and Apple for the last dance, into stratosphere. It is safe. QE no QE, the rally is on.