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Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 June Monthend battle

yes, option protection, monthend dressing, keeping Gold above 1500, SPX above 1300.
DJ above 12000.
nobody is expecting a US default, everybody expecting a rise in debt limit.

Monday, June 27, 2011

27 June Lonely

yap, it is indeed lonely, when you see gloom and doom in all commentaries. People lambasting the IEA release of SPR, Crude going to 80, Commodities taking a dump, S&P to 400. It is all so depressing.

Meanwhile, China and US met at East-West Center in sunny Hawaii, and seems to reach a deal. The problem with China is that their claim of South China Sea is vague, while other nations: Vietnam, Philippine, Brunei have staked their claims based on solid demarkation, and submitted to the UN. Hence China has a problem on its own, when it faces any real scrutiny by international bodies. China is getting nowhere. China is relying on history, the conquest made by the Eunuch Sea Captain Zheng He based in 1800 to stakes its claim.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is sucking the seabed dry. So China may have no choice but to initiate some form of military strike to scare off those exploration vessels of Chevron, etc. While it is perfecting its subsea technologies.

looks like Crude break down 89 is imminent, possibly to 85-86, then 80.

Friday, June 24, 2011

24 June IEA

it has to take IEA to release its petroleum reserve, that crude falls below 90. and the volume is just 1 days of world consumption. the amount is insignificant.
nonetheless, it goes to signal a bottom for crude.

still expecting crude to touch 88 and go up. Summer driving season coming.

Congress going into recess soon. Some interim Debt limit should come forth in next few days. Greece has died down. Then market is set for another rally.

the rally would reflect a stronger 4Qtr. expecting 1400 to be challenged. So July is going to be a good month, and then comes final destination in August.

For my readers, they are already positioned and raring to go for their Summer vacation. We should see stunts and parkour on those volatile instruments, gap up, day after day, in low summer volume.

Meanwhile, China drumming up Vietnam bashing on national media, recounting Vietnam sufferage from US occupation and Agent Organge legacy.
Interestingly, there are also military exchange going on between the 2 naitons.

When China is the most humble at its ultimate, it is time for it to launch a strike.
I would refer to China Yi Jing 易经 地山谦
meaning the mountain is so humble that it hides in the center of the earth. And when it is humblest to the 6th degree, it is time to wage a war, and thou shall prevail.

Chevron has a great presence in Vietnam Spratlys island. Vietnam is already heavily exploiting the oil reserve there, which is equivalent to the whole of Middle-east.

Solving Vietnam, would make Philipine concede, and prepare itself for the Japan Eastern Sea.

Probably US would be surrounding China with 8 aircraft carriers, forming a blockade.

Meanwhile China has despatch a ship to test radiation off the coast of Fukushima.
Now with the massive storm over China, much radiation is now seeping into China soil.

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!“

Thursday, June 23, 2011

23 Jun flush

FD5 coming to a cinema near your house on 12 August (a Friday)

yes, the longs are being flushed. push, push, push, the Vampire Squid is squeezing the Bulls dry. Like the Parallax in Green Lantern.
Acknowledge your fear, and we will find on. Beware of our might, the Green Lantern light.

I use Crude to 88 as a benchmark for the bottom. Hence we still have some way to go down. Then up and up.

Gold is going to lose $50 in a day, not much action in Silver.
Gold target is 1370.
GBP is below 1.600 finally.

Short the weakest, long the strongest.

33 nuclear workers in Fukushima disappeared. Nebraska nuclear plant is flooded.
Vietnam China island dispute is quietly brewing.

Obama is withdrawing troops for the coming big fight with China, that would improve his chance of winning the election.

Wow, they are definitely in a hurry. Crude touch 89.50 and bounced. Should touch 88 tomorrow.

Benny is going to do stealth ops, getting inspiration from Obama Seal operations in Pakistan. so, we are going to get 2.x

Benny spoke of a better 4Qtr, of course, more temp hiring, holiday shopping. So he is going to give this some botox.

Monday, June 20, 2011

20 June Green is the colour of Will

Did you guys see Parallax ? the Octupus squid ? The Squid a.k.a. Blanky is spreading fear, and we, the Gree Lantern Corp shall fight it.

Get ready, my fellows Green Lantern, we shall fight fear and prevail.

Now news of brokerages banning trading of Gold Silver products from July onwards. Coutersy of Dodd-Frank rule.

Seems like that is going to be the battleground, they are so eager to flush out the retails.

Update 10am ET
usual Monday fake up. Short from high for ride down. Then load up BIG TIME.
The target is e.g. Crude for 88.

Friday, June 17, 2011

17 June What I saw on China Phoenix Channel

it was running its daily commentary on world geopolitics, it reported that 10 sets of surface-to-air missles was missing from Libyan military warehouse. Was reported it is on its way to 3rd country.

Then the news played in the background Obama, speaking, something like in the past months, we witness great change in the middleeast, .... I swear city by city, town by town,.....

and so the beginning is going to end.

17 June Red Moon Green Lantern

It is really colorful. Red moon, Green Lantern.
1260 tested.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

16 June get ready for GREEN LANTERN

yes, the last leg of this drop. Get ready to load up on SPX,

Monday, June 13, 2011

13 June getting close to full lunar eclipse

Yes, 3 more days. SPX should break 1260. and another rally ahead of option expiry.
whether the rally would sustain depends on how Bernanke pitch it on 21 June.
Too much monies floating around, no where to go, just buy the dips.

Roubini talking in Singapore about a China collapse in 2013.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 June 11611

well, readers made a bundle from this short. we should be getting to 11,600 in Dow before the bounce happens, meaning SPX 200 days moving average would be broken in next week Option Expiry. Green lantern on 15, bloody full moon on 16. this should be a good buy into August, a 2 months rally for this whole bounce from 666 to be complete.

What to buy ? I have recommended my subscribers a few good penny stock for the explosive ride. you just need a few. Crude as a good candidate for a meaningful trade. Soft commodities instead of metals.

Won't know the reason for this bounce, let the market squeeze out some news, like Lady Gaga laying an egg through her cunt, hebce a market reborn, something like that.

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 June Waiting for GREEN LANTERN

yes, we are eagerly waiting for the Green Lantern,
dialling to Bernie hot line for some dollars dropping helicopters.

watching 1260.

seems like the Funds have taken profit on China stocks, like Sina, and now shorting them hard.

Vietnam holding a live firing this weekend in protest to China blockade on its oil exploration ships. Japanese politicians seeking to inspect the island in dispute.

and power outages, drought, lack of credit, forcing small China companies into hardship. Radiation now dropped on tea leaves 100 km away from Fuku reactors. Australian scientist say Japan becomes inhabitable soon.

Who will come to save the Earth ?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June Failed OPEC meeting

OPEC meeting came to no conclusion. now OPEC control over oil is in doubt.

1260 is the 200 days moving average.

Meanwhile, Japan is contemplating shutting down the nuclear reactors, and the decision would be up to each province. Think we are now on the door step of rising crude and natgas prices. 147 is no longer the barrier.

After the China Defence Minister pledges "no war" in the Shangrila dialogue last week, yesterday 8 June, 8 Naval ships sailed through the Japan island chains into Western Pacific for their first Naval exercise in that area.

Some dumb story:
I went to a monastery, and there was Monk shouting at a a Nun. He accused the Nun for soliciting GOLD jewellery from the followers of the monastery. And accuse the Nun for having a gambling habbit.
GOLD is more of a reflection of human greed then anything else.

Monday, June 6, 2011

6 June Final Destination 5

we should see more weakness today to SPX 1290, Tuesday Bernanke is speaking at the IMF conference. One of the mandate for FED is to maintain employment.

I am in the camp that there would be another bout of QE whether in QE2.5 or QE3 form.

And possibly SPX would reach its final destination 5 on 12 August.
(the movie FD5 previewing in August).

More gyration this week, preparing for a Green Lantern (or GREEN candle for you bulltards) mid of next week. So mid June onwards, we see a march up towards 1400 and exceed it, depending on the nature of the additional stimulus.

Friday, June 3, 2011

3 June Green Lantern

" In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power ...."
yes, Green Lantern is previewing on 15 June.
We are going to have a RED moon on 16 June and week after is FOMC. You are strongly adviced to stay away from Trading if you have weak stomach.

This dip is going to continue for a while, no matter what the NFP shows up today.

It is more like the Rinse and Wash. Expect SPX to goto 1290. Gold to dip to 1430. Euro to revisit 1.330.

NFP disappoints,but beware the market is not trading in economic data. It is just flushing the weak hands for another rally. that explains why you do not see drastic plunge. The Funds are pushing it down to load up.
Meanwhile, monies have gone to EUROs. Wait for a top, and sell GBP/USD, Silver, etc.
You buy the strongest and sell the weakest.
This should bring you some pocket monies for this summer doldrums.

One reader asks me why they Silver had this recent bump. Well, it is because my traders sold Silver at 49 and bought the MTM AUDI R8 V10, the All silver model, launced in Geneva motorshow. That explains the sudden demand of Silver.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 June Solar Eclipse

yes, Solar Eclipse is coming.
and space shuttle Endeavour is back:


So watch for sudden dip.